Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

July & Greg: Third Season

So, the opening won’t be with dream but with reality. July came and sat across of Greg.  I mean that will be so fresh start. As we thought July showed up in front of Greg was not a dream. 
Greg couldn’t handle the truth that he really missed her and that night he really wished he could forgive her.
They’re making love that night but in middle of night, Greg woke up and didn’t dream anything. So, he just realized things would gone different.
July came back because of Dame’s news. July went to see Dame and she never thought someone actually could put this demon into its place. Dame responded as she was missing her, too. Yet, July said all this time she had researched alone about Dame’s past and she finally gets closer to the key. Dame was triggered but she challenged July if she has bravery to do it.
July had decided to get better and took a different path.  She promised to Greg. Somehow Greg gave her a second chance. The moment July back, Sarah was really happy. But we all know, things changed on Tom.
Tom was in dilemma because he didn’t know where his feeling stood. He came by and visited Dame secretly and somehow he seeing the opportunity to free her. So, he had a plan, he dig July’s past to catch her fault. Yet, Tom still in doubt to Dame so he worked alone.
The moment he decided to dig July’s past, Tom started to get the dream. It’s a dream of he and a woman on the beach house. So peaceful. As it’s not just weird, he thought she’s Dame, but later she’s July. The way Sarah loved July put Tom felt in dilemma. While Tom realized he only could get in touch with Dame behind the bars. But, in dream and in real life, both July are the same, and put Tom also bloomed.
While Greg tried to fix his trust with July like where had she been before, put July in doubt if Greg did forgive her. The more Greg hurt her, the more Tom had chances to get closer with her.
Greg realized later and realized July was with Tom. Greg decided to let them both on distance if it’s better.
Meanwhile Tom’s dream went further to the way like why it was July on his dream not Dame, well, suddenly they went to beach and found Sarah who’s waiting for them. It looks like really beautiful life.
While July didn’t understand what was she doing with Tom until she realized it was a mistake to be with Tom.
Then the dream went further again where Tom saw July was screaming as she saw Sarah was drowning. Tom turned around as he could only standing seeing Sarah’s drowning. Then he saw what July's did. She's saving Sarah.
At the same time, July was really messed up and she drove a car and she got a car crash. Then, she got her own dream.
So, in the middle of season, there will be two worlds, as July in her own dream and the real life where July was in ICU.
Greg saw July’s ghost. I think the idea of Greg’s seeing ghost would get great explore on third season. It was not a dream but on his reality and it will very intense because it will be exactly like in first season where he kept seeing July's ghost randomly back there when he never met her. And, the world of seeing ghosts by Greg we used to learn on first season now is revealed.
Greg went to ICU as his world turned to be surrounded by ghosts. Horrible, sad, and dark ghosts. And, July was never awake until Tom and Sarah visited her at one day. It supposed to be normal day, but  Greg saw July’s ghost appeared.
Then, things became like his dream, Greg followed July’s ghost every day to an old building, exactly like the house in Greg’s dream and July’s meeting with her parents. And, somehow Greg went inside the building he jumped into the past, or was he just imagining because when his vision would always ended by the time of sunset, it was like a dream but sleep walking-dream.
Well, July’s ghost used to chat with Greg as a new acquaintance and walked together on the past time. Greg day by day learned July’s ghost was with someone else and she had a dilemma. At the end, he saw by himself, he thought it was her who did the fire, but it was Tom. Greg not just seeing Tom but also Dame. After knowing about everything from the past, Greg realized the answer of his visions. Then, the last time, Greg told July’s ghost about her real life time now. He exposed her forgotten memories and she suddenly on her car and Greg saw everything on that car accident memory. July came to Tom and things happened. July left as Tom was showing real of him, he was the one who hit July’s car. Then, as he realized things around July started to disappearing. Greg realized he’s the whole reason July had been holding up to wake up. Then, Greg gave the real confession about his love to her. Then, July’s ghost learned how much she’s going to miss Greg. Then, her ghost disappeared. Greg was shocked as he ran back to hospital. And, he got July’s awake. Well, the ending is Greg and July seeing Tom and Sarah together. But, it’s like a very gray motion pictures as if Tom would do anything to kill Sarah, for Dame. 


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