Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

My Favorite Girl

Saoirse Ronan
"The first time I saw her in Atonement, she was so a beautiful girl and I believe she's going to be a charming woman. Indeed, she's beautiful on every angle. She is beautiful. I wonder who's the lucky man who will be her future?"
Rose Byrne
"I couldn't stop thinking about her ever since I watched her for the first time in Troy and Wicker Park. She is very special and I know she's going to get so many chances on every blockbuster movies. Until now, I still not find her perfect match. Because, everytime she acted with any actors as couple, they both fit. She is amazing."
Mia Wasikowska
"Her awkward acts enchanted me. But, whenever she's in her normal life, she's exactly like any other people, she is adorable. Dating Jesse Eisenberg shows me how wonderful they both together. I wish both of them The Doulbe movie together be ever in all fans favors."
Emily Browning
"I want to meet her. She is like a doll and so pretty. I do love horror, thriller, and action. I do love her in Ghost Ship, The Uninvited, and Sucker Punch. Suddenly she was being a cameo in The Host, I was amazed, she was in one movie with Saoirse Ronan and both of them are so princesses to me."
Sandra Bullock
"She taught me about loving action movies. She was so wonderful in Speed I and Speed II. Ever since I watched all of her movies. My favorites were While You Were Sleeping, 28 Days (I thought she was a zombie), The Lake House, Two Weeks Notice, The Blind Side, and A Time to Kill. She was amazing in drama movies, so flawless acting. I love her."
Jessica Chastain
"She was new and very new, right. The Help, Lawless, Zero Dark Thirty, and Mama. She's all new. Yet, her American accent, I couldn't stop thinking about it. Can't wait for her finally Oscar winning movie!"
Jessica Stroup
"I love her ever since 90210. I love 90210 the remake. From the first season, I thought she was a trouble maker of everything, full of stressful and mess up. Suddenly she became everyone's favorite. I couldn't stop waiting her next story for each episode of 90210, just like other characters. The remake was amazing, I don't know why people didn't like it. I mean, young-adults just so messed up like what in the show, but still they kept live on. And ever since the graduation, they all trying to find a job, fight for what they believe in, just so amazing. I cried to find the show was over. I love Jessica Stroup because, well all boys in the show love her, then why not me?"
Carey Mulligan
"She is amazing like a diamond. I didn't know she was in Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightley, I knew her from An Education, she looked like Audrey Hepburn style, she was so pretty. Then, I saw her in Never Let Me Go and I was breath-taking so deep. I adored her ever since."
Rooney Mara
"I'm very new fan of her. I saw her in Side Effects. Her black hair, just like a candy, she is so perfect in every angle. Well, in Side Effects and Her, she's like a free spirit but whenever came across the red carpet, she's like a queen from somewhere."
Anna Paquin
"I love her from Rogue X:Men, I didn't know she ever won an Oscar so young, and then she became Sookie in True Blood, my first ever favorite Vampire TV Series, seriously I never watch ful of episodes Buffy: The Vampire Slayer. So, then, she is amazing with Stephen Moyer. I adore her annoying acting in Margareth, then I realized she's already annoying since childhood, like in Fly Away Home, she's amazing with Jeff Daniels, I wish both of them can get a chance to be in reunion."
Emma Stone
"I love her ever since I saw her in , well not Superbad, but in The House Bunny. Then, she's so different and awesome to be in Zombieland. After then, I'm a fan of her. And she is not Mary Jane, I was haunted with The Amazing Spiderman without her. Well, I ever wish was Jessica Stroup could be consider to be Mary Jane, #teehee."
Kate Winslet
"She is my Rose. Well, many movies of her really adults so I still couldn't get that level of I shall critics her acting. I couldn't help myself to watch her movies, just like watching Anna Paquin in True Blood, it feels a guilty pleasure. My favorite movie was her drama comedy, like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and The Holiday. Her smile makes me knowledge her joy on acts. I adore her."
Emmy Rossum
"I knew her from Mystic River, The Day After Tomorrow, and The Phantom of The Opera. She can sing and acting like a pro, and dancing ballet, I couldn't stop thinking about her ever since. Well, I watched her next movies, like Poseidon, Dragonball Evolution, and Beautiful Creatures, they all seem not very succesful. But, not because of her, because of the directors. Her acting, her parts always stunning. That's why I love her."
Claire Danes
"She seems Anna Paquin, for me. Her acting ever since Romeo+Juliet, she is such a charming girl. Then, I found her on the latest TV Series Homeland, I want to shout her name to everyone telling to support the show. She and Hugh Dancy, just like a dream couple."
Keira Knightley
"I watched almost, almost her movies. My still on the list movie: Begin Again. I couldn't help myself to keep watch her movies. Her accent then her beauty, just so adorable. I envy of her."
Leelee Sobieski
"I love her in Glass House, ever since I no longer seen her. That's totally awkward. But she was so beautiful. I wish she could get another chance to be on blockbuster movie."
Zoe Kazan
"I knew her from Ruby Sparks. That movie made me cry for so timeless. I mean, I realized that love is that deep and will never be broken if that's true love. And, I still madly in love with her movies, such as The Pretty One and In Your Eyes. The ways of how she falls in love for the man first move, looks sweet. She's trying so hard for the man she loves, and that inspires me. I want more and more romance drama movies from Zoe!!!"
Jennifer Lawrence
"Well, this is very random. I love her because I randomly watched The Hunger Games and I didn't know why I was so emotional with this movie, and Jennifer Lawrence was so stunning. Ever since I fell in love with her next movies. My favorite was Like Crazy, she didn't talk too much, she just fell in love with Anton Yelchin and that's beautiful, how she became the person who's trying the best but later she got dumped. Her cameo on that movie made me realize she's going to become like Zoe Kazan, Sandra Bullock, or Dakota Fanning. Which means, I will watch all of her next movies without hesitates."
Kirsten Dunst
"I was so young and she was on all over my childhood movies, seems I have been growing up with her, then I realised she's about 10 years older than me. It turns not so many new movies right now from her, and I miss her so bad. So bad, like I could do marathon all of her movies."
Bryce Dallas Howard
"I was so into her. She's exactly like the woman that I couldn't stop looking if she's right in front of me. Rather let myself chasing her or ask her an autographs, I'll just stare at her until she's gone. Her acting is super cool. For some reasons I do hate his villain characters or second woman lead actress who's trying beats the first woman lead actress, but she's worth it. I mean whoever beats her, it was Kirsten Dunst. Then, whenever she's being a good girl, her acting inspires me. Watching her on her each movies seems watching all of inspirational Christian Bale movies. Modern and classic becomes together and brought to me by them. Like, in one moment you knew the story was so old stuffs/remake, but by these people, the movie was just different and sensational. I love you, Bryce Dallas Howard. Thank you to be in Jurassic World Casts!"
Dakota Fanning
"She is as same as Kirsten Dunst. But, I always being confused with her age for each movies she had. She's older than me, that's for sure. Well, her movies always breath-taking. Maybe, she acts like Anna Paquin, but because I don't know much about Anna Paquin, so I much spend lots of time with Dakota Fanning movies. Yes, they both pretty much the same enchanting actress since young and until now. I can't believe her new movie is going to be with Kevin Kline! I want to shout to the top of mountain like I'm fangirling so hard when I'm on cinema!"
Kristen Stewart
"She is like a Rock Star! She is gorgeous before Twilight. Little did people know and she got judgmental issue of poker face thing. Yet, she proof it in Snow White and The Huntsman. I used to be a fan od Twilight and the writer herself ruined them. Kristen Stewart needs to let herself make a movie with another man who's extremely handsome than Edward Cullen and her tittle of Bella just more quicker being drawn. Yes, because all fan girls are very easy to fall with new couple characters, desperately in love to each other or not (The Hunger Games/also Snow White and The Huntsman) for they both are beautiful creatures."
Radha Mitchell
"I knew her from Mozart and The Whale. It's really fun experience movie. It was giving me lots of inspirational ideas to write and ever since I found lots of her movies, pretty much always have twist ending. It was like I'm in adventureland or someplace of my imaginations. Such as: Silent Hill, Melinda and Melinda, Finding Neverland, Surrogates, and of course, Pitch Black! My last one was Olympus Has Fallen. Tha was more breath-taking life lesson than White House Down."
Marion Cotillard
"#AWWW It was the time when I searching of what kind the best love movie I've never watch before and new for me, came up Jeux d'enfants/Love Me If You Dare. And, it was amazing! I was new with her, and didn't know she won an Oscar for her movie biopic of Edith Piaf. I have no idea it was her until the ending credits. And I cried. I love crybaby movies like from South Korea things, but some of them just made me bored and lame. But, each Marion cries on movie she's in, I cry. Such as Inception, Two Days One Night, Public Enemies, Rust and Bone, and Big Fish. I want to put A Good Year as her good one, too. Don't forget TAXI, her funny ones. And her cameo in Anchorman 2? Next to Jim Carrey Canadian? It was not expecting. I forgot of her movie in Batman, don't think about it. And The Immigrant, I said what? I believe it was her short movie. But still, her accent melted me. Oh! Nine movie! Yeah!"
Rachel Weisz
"I want to be like her! An adventurer, an explorer, a Bond's truly wife, a thinker, a scientist,a Dreamer, a ghost, a fighter, a wicked witch, a mother, a lover, and a librarian! Nobody beats her! If one day I have kids, her all movies I will give them first. The Mummy, Oz, Agora, About A Boy, Lovely Bones, and Constantine. Well, later all of them! Because others, they were all adult caution movies. But, she also has many children genre movies, that makes her always young. She got everything as an actress and she won an Oscar? I stood up and applaud her amazing work. Amazing!"
Emily VanCamp
"I just knew all about her in her latest TV Series Revenge. And she's so beautiful, so tall, so villain, yet her real lifestyle pretty Punk! I'm all in to her! And she's Captain America's girl in Avengers! Super-Superb-Superhero! I'm going wondering right now about Wonder Woman character. I mean, Superman gets his Batman as the dark side, well Emily VanCamp might be the best match for Wonder Woman. I don't even care about Wonder Woman. I don't even care. Emily VanCamp! Please do many action scenes with Captain America!"
Olivia Wilde
"I love indie movies and she loves to be in it! Lots of her movies just came from nowhere and suddenly mixed up with comedian or action stars, turns out she is already in the middle of the spotlight! She's amazing! Her acting so mysterious, just like Rooney Mara but well, she is a version of fun side. She can do odd pretty girl and we caught be wonder of her acts, I mean why this girl could end up on this movie, that pretty much her existance was a diamond! A mean girl, a funny girl, a messed up person, a good student, and a Tron girl! It seems like, You need special seasoning for the movie, a fun twist? Put Olivia Wilde in it!"
Charlize Theron
"She is the most dangerous actress that could kill your expectations of any kind of movies. Like if she was in this new movie and she seems be a co-star, bust still a lead ones, and the title or the plot looks easy to take in a guess, well, it's Charlize Theron! You will never know the ending! She's one of strong candidate of being remember as the perfect actress for the next hundred years. She's freaking awesome! Especially the next Mad Max Fury, her look was so, so hard to explain. She's remarkable!"
Nicole Kidman
"I can't help falling in love with her, Moulin Rouge kills me! Ever since, her movies I shall and must watch! Bad or good! Weird or great! Awkward or clarity! Simple or hard! A cameo or not! Anything about her, we must watch!"
Mary Elizabeth Winstead
"Another my favorite indie girls! I didn't know she was in Tru Calling (Pushing Daisies kind a thing) but that TV Series enchanted me. Well, I knew the girl from The Ring Two, Sky High, Final Destination 3, Live Free or Die Hard, and Make It Happen! Not in love too much until I saw her in Scott Pilgrim. It was like I couldn't breathe! It was freaking awesome! Superpower came from nowhere and suddenly she's in the middle of it and totally nailed her character. The second stunning thing was The Thing. I know many critics gave bad reviews but for me, she made the movie happened. Without her, the movie might be nothing. Then, it was one of hell movie I would love to watch it alone. Just because of Mary Elizabeth Winstead! I also watched her Abraham Lincoln:Vampire Slayer. The make up was awful by the way. I love her, anyways. Then, there's her in The Spectacular Now. I don't know what is her role but her acting being a control freak was nailed! Favorite!"
Naomi Watts
"She was so pretty in Flirting and still pretty like now, like it was just simply got taller but still beauty, like fresh beauty. I knew her from The Ring remake. The japanese version was too hard to be follow, and american version, also came from the real director, gave the perfect finishing touch. And, I might not remember her movies, but I watched her several movies. Her King Kong with Peter Jackson, no doubt she got nominated two Oscars from 21 Grams and The Impossible. It's really hard to believe she still didn't win. Wish her all the best! Her acting is fresh, you know. From her young acts and now, she's a great artist. Like, so many actresses around her and she must be being remembered to be mention or must be in talk about. A stunning star!"
Scarlett Johannsson
"Her eyes, I mean her facial acting, it feels so calm. My first enchanted from her was The Nanny Diaries, but I already watched all of her movies before that. Well, thank you HBO random movies. But, I've seen her in Lost in Translation, but it was after the Nanny Diaries. My confession. She's so cool like Keira Knightley. I can't help wonder the movie she's there. Like now, I need to watch Chef and Lucy. Avengers is really helping. I love her in drama romantic movie. Many people see her as a beautiful and gorgeous actress, which she is. But, I have something that she's really a great actress. Rather seeing her body and so on, I mean I'm woman of course, I'm not girl-lover, but I knew when there's outside-inside beautiful, gorgeous actress. And, she is."
Anna Faris
"Funny, extra-ordinary, and amazing. I just hate her mocking Martin Freeman as British. That's kind of not right. But, she's amazing. She should do more great funny or drama movies, as we see her husband is one of Guardians of The Galaxy! BEST COUPLE EVER! WILL MESSING UP MY NEXT 50 YEAR MY LIFETIME!" 
This is it. My beloved Hollywood actresses. I wish all actors/actresses that I mention has all the best great things! @2014


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