Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

For Some Reasons, We Met Once

For some reasons, I would like to put my favorite boys into one movie. Like what Steven Spielberg did for War Horse. Even though, no men can compare the war horse acting. That horse was an amazing actor! I was shocked that horse was not be something, I don't know, achieve something. It supposed to be funny. The dog from Air Bud, the gorilla from Mighty Joe Young, the dolphin from Dolphin Tale, or the Whale from Free Willy, and what else? This is frustrating. But anyways, let's jump into something else.
Well, I love to dream about movie called, "We Met Once." This is funny, because there are so many great actors and I need to put them together on one story plot. So, the story is about a little woman who has a thick glasses. The little woman goes around the world to find where she really belongs. She is a politician observer, loves to join lots of non-government international organizations, and hard to go to sleep. I think we could see her basic background. Everything about her is always late, because for some reasons, and the reasons were most of them because of she met those handsome actors, and for some reasons she felt guilty about herself but those people around her, the only thing that could make her smile.
Now, let's make the list of actors:
1. The man who's so firm body and attractive person. He was so charming and free spirit, kind of naive, he thought his mindset are more full of true and rebellious. He met once with the little woman for one long day trip to tea party. The man was with his girlfriend, yet the girlfriend was so cold and silent person. She thought her man was silly person that for some reasons, the little woman caught the scene they were on the corner and had an argument. The little woman was walk away but after that she found the man alone. They were chatting and debating about politics, and when the times up, the man decided to ask her for a dine together. They were chatting about their personal interests. The end of night, the man brought her home and the little woman decided not go home. She took him to the airport, they spend the whole night at the airport. Until the morning, and the man went to check in, his girlfriend show up and they both were hiding. That in the end, they learned that the girlfriend was kissing with his work partner. The man was got out from the hiding and things happened. The little woman knew she felt wrong with it, so she left them.
2. The man who's running every morning, a jogging, crossing the little woman's place. The little woman always have a habit, if she's not go out of town, she will stays sitting the front balcony, enjoying the sunrise and morning air, and the man was passing, for some reasons the little woman always never notice, while the man was jogging but stop a while to catch the little woman's smile when she receiving posts from a post man.
3. The man who always send posts to the little woman. I guess he's the only lucky man who always get several chances to join a breakfast with the little woman. No ones ever know about what they were talking about but, because the kitchen has a big window and it always be open, things being seen and later, people thought the post man might be the little woman boyfriend. But, the little woman stated the post man was already had a girlfriend.
4. The man of the little woman's boss. He's single and an entrepreneur. He's very bossy, he loves bullying. Especially to the little woman. The little woman was the only person who the man never thought what the little woman think about. So, he just so mad, he made several arguments, he made all up and people gone mad to the little woman, fake them all to follow the boss demands. For that always, the little woman never let herself being caught in front of the boss's face, except if she's being called. But, mostly she was being covered by her beloved friends.
5. The man who be the little woman's best friend. He's gay. People never thought he was gay, but he always set up the little woman with several handsome men. But, none of them were so into the little woman, because the little woman was not even a dream-girl type. She must be very not everyone first-choice.
6. The man who's being the little woman's father. A drinker, but also a workaholic. A loner.
7. The man who's being the little woman's uncle. He always brought groceries with his wife to his brother's place after they closed the grocery store every weekend.
8. The man who's being the little woman's sister lover. A German. 
9. The man who always staring at the little woman's best friend. He's gay.
10. The man who always got spoiled by the little woman at work. For some reasons, he's the only person who really mad at the little woman but always caught the little woman being in wrong situation and help her. People at work learned that both of relationship has turn into secret lover. It is being knowledge by the boss. And the boss, was trying to make them separate. That later, the man got fired. And that makes the little woman decides to resigns.
11. The little woman's ex-boyfriend. He knows better about everything that the little woman's like. For some reasons, the ex-boyfriend was never be in any relationship ever since. But, the little woman knew her heart will always be for him, it's just she later introduce him with the woman of his life.
12. The man who owns the bar where the little woman always drink alone. For some reasons, the man several times gave his drinks free for her.
13. The man who be the little woman's psychiatrist. The man looks very competence. But, he's already married and have 4 daughters. For some reasons, he looks so charming in front of women, most of them his patients, but when his beautiful wife came in, both of them show some horrifying fights. Turns out, all his patients, most of them are new patients just went off, except the beloved old patient of the man, the little woman.
14. The man who's being the little woman's mother new husband. He's 10 years younger than her mother, as we should know, the mother was a professor and the new husband was her mother's student.
15. The young man, the son of  prime minister a country. The young man was so evil personality, only the little woman who survived of one week with the ridiculous pranks from the young man. It must be the way of what the little woman have learned from her spoiled boss.
16. The old man, who always waiting the building of the little woman's work.
17. The man who be the cop in the movie plot. He asked the little woman several questions of things she see of one big political horrifying scene. That later, the man got shot and the little woman came to see him at the hospital.
18. The man who never gets up from his sleep at the hospital. The little woman looked at him and spend a moment with him.
19. The man who's going to hurt the little woman after the little woman told the whole true for the cop.
20. The man who records the wedding day of the little girl with the man she's going to marry. Later, that man will meet the woman of his life, the same looks like the little woman.

There you go. There might be around twenty or more a bit of actors. So, imagine all of your favorite actors play each man you want them to be. And the little woman. I might guess several, but it would be so #fangirling, right?


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