Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

why I not a fan of Thor?

1. Because before Thor, I'm a fan of Spiderman. I don't know Thor.
2. Because I'm also a fan of Batman, DC comic.
3. I have no idea of Avengers, all I know is X-Men.
4. Because surely I'm a fan of Captain America than Thor. (And The Hulk)
5. Because I'm a fan of The Lord of The Rings. Thor was a god character that living with middle-earth style, right? So, I don't buy that character at all. "He looks like a greedy king. The Ring shall kill him, right away!" Even Loki looks like Grima Wormtongue, but with handsome ways.
6. Because I'm a fan of One Piece. Where there's a group of awesome Narcissistic persons and can do battle, won all battles, being titled as the most dangerous group of pirate in their world but secretly the heroes for most of worlds. Then, when I watched Thor/Thor 2, I was like, "Bunch of Narcissistic royal kids who wants to show off rather spread peace to their enemies." Thor's leadership is mad and full of warrior spirits but not as good as Captain Monkey D. Luffy. Thor ally, they're not even as strong as Straw Hat Pirates crews. Even if they were all god and goddess of Asgard. #ohright Straw Hat Pirates have won against so many gods in One Piece World. #nailed!
7. I'm totally with One Piece on this one! We know Thor's father is Odin, badass powerful god from Asgard, while Luffy's father is Monkey D. Dragon, badass super villain man on One Piece World. And, Thor has step younger brother, who is Loki, badass son from King of Frost Giants. While Luffy has step older brother, Portgas D. Ace, son of Pirate King, Gol D. Roger. Let's see, is this kind of swap characters or something? That Luffy could be the alternate-life for Loki being as hero. Now, I have more reasons to love Luffy! #yeah
8. I love Loki. He's the only person in Asgard, who's being loved by the most powerful god on Marvel Universe, and easily gave a heart-attack to Odin. If only Loki knew what he just did was making an old man got a heart attack. Instead, Loki also was shocked and called guards. "CALL 911!" And, that's not how to handle those awesome things. Luffy fought his grandfather and still be awesome villain pirate who against the government, while secretly everyone knows Luffy is a hero.
9. Loki and Thor friendship couldn't beat Luffy and Ace friendship. Ace as we know also two-sided characters, just like Loki. Luffy also has a great characteristic of bromance, just like Thor. So, it gives me a courage that this is totally a swap-characters thing! #AHA Thor is the worst prince ever! While Luffy can be a super villain man but bring peace to all over the world. Imagine, that!
10. If only those directors of Marvel worlds read One Piece.

11. As we know that Loki is Odin, now *Thor 2*, so that's the best decision for everything had happened on Thor's world. Loki is the best diplomat I've ever seen (second before Star Trek!). We saw from Thor movie, Loki knew how Thor was not ready for being the king before everyone knew, including Odin or Thor himself. Loki knew how control himself and he's magician, the best silver tongue, he has great mind of tactic planner until Thor 2 movie. He's like the best! I bet if Loki is real, he could make the best strategy or diplomacy ways to keep peace on our earth. Loki really needs to read One Piece, wait, maybe don't! He could choose the other sides, bad sides. Let him be Odin. "But, I want him to be like Luffy!"

*wait! To proof, if I have a nerve about this, see these memes!*

This is BOA, #1 fan of Luffy, she's kind freak pretty awesome snake lady.

She's too beautiful to point someone/argue something, so, she pose like this:
it's the cosplay. but, that's her pose. #originally

Now, I found this! LOKI's KNEEL STYLE! #hahaha

and, Bonus: Thranduil, because he's awesome! :D


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