Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Classic Time 3: Extended (Unfinished)

This is my perfecting the last story of Classic Time 3. While the previous 1 and 2 already being perfect, but not the last one. I never thought it will be that great, as always, yet I’m learning.
So, here we go!

               In the forest. A prince, with his brave knights were on hunting event. A prince, with the Blondie hair, short-cut, no beards, and has a strong body, riding his black horse as both of them as one. The speed his running to catch what they’re hunting just so fast. It feels like he’s the charming prince, we ever know. Their riding then stopped. A prince just right away put his arrow to the bow, point it to the hunt target, his strong green eyes knows it and shoot, the lone wolf just died.
               The prince and his knights put away the wolf, while the prince listened a sound of water. They spotted a lake. The prince went to the water and cleaned his gloves from the dirt. He then walked a bit far and from the sack of greens, something went to come out. The prince be aware, his hand ready to open the sword from the place hanging. Suddenly, a woman just appeared. She looks hurt with the face has some fresh scars. She seems scared. The prince saw the woman’s hand with a combat knife, but the hand also shaken. Suddenly, a crowd sounds calling inside the forest, they both noticed. The prince knew the crowd was calling the woman’s name, “Princess Caroline! Princess Caroline!”
               “A princess?” whispered the prince. The prince tried to get near, “I also a prince.” He said. The princess still with her beware state, “I’m not going to hurt you.”
               “Stay away.” Asked the princess. Her hand just point out the knife to the prince, “You should not be here.” Said the princess. The crowd seems came near. “Go! Go away!” shouted her.
               “Who are they? Are they hurting you?” asked the prince.
               “No! I was lost and being hunted by a wolf.” Said the princess, “They are my people, looking for me.”
“Well, lucky you, Princess. Me and my knight were hunting and we killed that beast.” The prince showed the princess his kindness look and gave his hand, “Let me help you.” The princess for once worried but then, she took his hand and now, the prince could see her clearly. The princess had some bruises and wrecked coat. “Your cheek, is it going left a scar?”
“My prince, my lord, you should not be here.” Replied the princess.
               “You do know me?” Asked the prince.
               “No one not knows. A royal prince, the successor after the first lady, Princess Luciana. People are talking about you, people wants you to be the king, people also wants you to be killed.” Said the princess.
               “And which side is your kingdom?” asked the prince.
               “I am no side.” Said the princess. “But, there’s the truth I do believe to come true, that our prince from the North Kingdom shall take the throne of Royal Kingdom.” Said the princess. The prince got shocked. He started to beware. “I am Princess Caroline from the North.”
               “No prince or princess comes from the North. Such a liar!” shouted the prince.
               “I heard a lot about you, my lord. You are also a true prince, as I heard. The Charming Prince. For not let your royal family got suspect as treason, you let go your crown and give it to your woman cousin, Princess Luciana.”
               “As we know, the true heir, the daughter of King Gordon from the West and Royal Queen Shion.” Replied the prince. There suddenly the crowd recognized people near the lake. “They’re coming!”
               “You should go! If they see you, they will kill you!” Asked the princess. “I will go.” The princess started to walk into forest. But, suddenly the knights arrived. One of them blocked the princess’s way.
               “Bring her!” Said the prince. All knights protected the prince and caught the princess.
               “No! Wait! Don’t! Don’t take me, my lord! They will kill you before we arrive to the kingdom!” shouted the princess. The knight who held her hand just laughed. The princess knew no one listened to her. So, the princess whispered something. That one knight asked her and she said it again, “Tristan Madeline.” The knight knew that name. He stopped walk. He listened her whispers, “Save the king.”
               “What is it, knight?” The prince found the scene. Just the same time, an arrow shot the prince left arm. All knights be prepared. The prince left hand just weaken.
             “They see him.” Said the princess. “RUN! GO!” Shouted the princess to the knight. “SAVE HIM!” The prince heard the princess saying. The knight with no hesitate came to the prince and took him ride a horse, leaving the other knights behind. Knights that got left behind saw the scene, got confused. “Save yourself, lads.” Said the princess. Then, they knew the haunting event has changed as them became the preys. All knights just back to their horses and ran as well.
               “Caroline!” A man just came out from the forest, found his princess being wounded and dirty as well. That man hugged her. “Oh, Caroline!”
               “Prince Julian, my lord.” Princess Caroline felt the embracing from her future husband just the sweetness thing. The crowd also came out from the forest, telling there’s a group chasing the prince of Royal Kingdom and his knights. She never tell anyone about her conversation with them. It was a day of braveness from Princess Caroline.
               The hunting became the worst hunt day for the prince. His knights even fallen to save the prince. The arrow was poisoning. The chasers stop right after the horse of the knight which bring the prince came out from the forest. They made it back to the castle. The prince almost dying with the fever, but he survived at the morning. The mother cried next to his bed. His father was holding his hand all night long. The prince was their only beloved child. That’s the only reason the whole family decided never wants against the Royal Kingdom heir, because if they failed, they’ll turn into treason and being statement of death.
               “It’s very glad for us, you made the night, my son.” His father saying.
               “Father, are my knights also survive?” asked the prince.
               “Only one bravest knight, my son. The knight who ride you home.” Said the father. At the end of conversation, the prince asked the only knight to chat alone on the room. “I have lots of gratitude to you, Knight Wyden.”
               “It is my duty and to honor my beloved friends of knights.” Knight Wyden said.
               “I also give my condolences.” Said the prince, “That princess, do you still remember?”
               “Yes, my prince.”
               “She said something to you. I know. What did she said, my truthful knight?” asked him.
               “My prince, I will never be unfaithful to you. Also, this is the untold story that Royal Kingdom always keeps on secret. The same situation as you, my prince. There was a royal prince who should heir the Royal throne.” Said the Knight. Knight Wyden was older enough to be the prince’s uncle.
               “What story?” asked the prince.
               “The story of half-blood royal prince, Tristan Madeline. On the time of treason from Royal King Damion family.”
               “King Damion. The story of four brothers went away to forest people, wild, barbarian, and cannibal. Only King Damion lives pure as he asked for sanctuary to his fiancée’s Kingdom, West Kingdom. When the four brothers finally return to gain the thrones, three brothers had become half-blood.”
               “They’re marrying the barbarian people, my prince.”
               “But, I thought for the reason of the treason from three brothers, they were all defeated and no ones left.” Said the prince.
               “Yes, my lord. But King Damion was leaving his faithful brother, Lord Charles Madeline and the son, Tristan Madeline. Both of them saved King Damion from the treason attack, and even for the price, the barbarian wife, Tristan’s mother.”
               “A half-blood royal prince.” The prince wondered, “And, what happened?”
               “I have no sure, my prince. King Damion was having four daughters. Then, that’s the time he decided to put Tristan Madeline as the heir. But, suddenly there’s a treason. They said, it was from the still-behind barbarian people, or even half-blood children in the kingdom. People saw the execution of Charles Madeline and Tristan Madeline. The throne went to the last daughter who married my prince’s cousin family. Ever since, my prince family has become the royal family.”
               “Four daughters, none of them were being crown? That’s odd. But, why with the story, knight Wyden? They were dead.”
               “They were supposed to be dead, my prince. But, that woman, said, Tristan Madeline. Save the king. They are barbarians.”
               “That woman was a princess. Princess Caroline from the North.” Said the prince.
               “The North Kingdom, they know there will be a riot, the same happen as Tristan Madeline.”
               “I don’t believe her. She said she take no side. But there’s a prince from their North Kingdom will take the throne. North Kingdom, a prince and a princess? Where are they come from?”
               “I assume my prince wants to warn the Royal Kingdom for this treason from the North?”
               “I never want a war, my knight. This whole time, I better let someone earn the crown as long as they’re worthy to lead the people.”
               “And my prince, the worthy one see our princess Luciana, also the worthy one?”
               “In her, my beloved cousin Luciana,” the prince just laughed, “I don’t care.”
               “Pardon me, my prince?”
               Suddenly, the sound of big steps of people came right through the room. And, it just arrived, Princess Luciana and her servers. “My cousin, Cornelius!”
               “My dear cousin Luciana.”
             “Who did this to you? My side never do that to you. I would never want to kill my own cousin.”
               “It’s not even our people. It was a barbarian people from out land. I trespassed their land. That’s all. Just a very bad day to go for hunt, my dear Luciana.”
               “Well, now, that is true. And, you’re not going to spread wrong calls, aren't you?" asked the princess. The prince was showing his look to agree. "Well then, you are such a great ally. Do not worry, my cousin. I would co-operate with you. The day I become a queen, you'll be on the stage with the highest title as well."
              "It is such an honor, my princess." said the prince.
              "And you, the lone knight. The bravest man who saved my cousin. I also award you the highest medal of knight of Royal Kingdom. We all do condolences with the fallen knights, your beloved friends."
              "My princess." The knight bowed down to her. Later, the princess and all just back gone. It's only the prince and the knight rider. 
             "That princess. She had the wound by the wolf we killed on her cheek. She's not even scared for that wound left a scar. She was frightening but she kept brave in front of me. Princess Caroline from the North. Knight Wyden?" Asked the prince.
            "Yes, my lord?"
            "If the King asking, report everything that you just told me. But, leave the name of princess. Then, find the reaction. Come back to me and tell me all." The prince then took a rest while the knight Wyden bowed down and leave.
            In the forest. Across the great waterfalls, there's a hidden civilization. The North Kingdom. The hidden secret that Royal Kingdom never told. Once ago, the first Royal King, Royal King Farren, married South Kingdom princess, Princess Vivien. The Royal Kingdom has become the most powerful kingdom ever since, and under Royal King Farren leader, the kingdom has spread the wings, the royal friendship and trades, across to West Kingdom. The East Kingdom are maritime citizens, water lands, the family of Prince Cornelius. They never been so excited to get involve with Royal Kingdom Heirs, they learn from the past, they said. It was the Royal King Farren, the first son, a Royal Prince Farren II. The Royal Prince also married the princess from South Kingdom, but on his life of 27 years old, he died. He left a Royal Grandson, Prince Julian. Royal King Farren had two sisters, Royal Princess Olivian and Royal Princess Magnola. Royal Princess Olivian gave her life to live with a man from East Kingdom, and for that reason, that's the beginning of friendship between both kingdoms. But, the East Kingdom never believe on Royal Kingdom again after the incident of Prince Julian. 
            It was told the heir of the crown went to Prince Julian. Prince Julian never interest to be married until he was being crown and be Royal King. The four sons of Princess Magnola then spread the news, wrong calls, that Prince Julian had a love affair with the same genre. They said they have evidences and will ask for Royal King Julian let off his crown. But, Royal King Julian found the way first and sent out statement for the four sons were treason, also the whole family from Princess Magnola. And, then the four princes ran away from the castle. 
           "When the four princes finally returned to the castle, Royal King Julian disappeared himself. He went to the South Kingdom, his mother home, and ever since the South Kingdom never trust the Royal Kingdom with the further lead of four sons. Odd thing, The South Kingdom back to open the interest again with the Royal Kingdom after the marriage of Royal Princess and King Gordon from the West Kingdom. Which means, the Royal Kingdom now being combined rules from the West Kingdom, and the kingdom allows the Queen to be crown." Prince Julian said to Princess Caroline, "If Royal King Julian not left the Royal Kingdom, right now, the Royal Kingdom will still be rule by a Royal King."
            "The only pure blood, my lord, Prince Julian." Said the princess. 
            "Your future husband. And you are going to be The First Royal Queen of North Kingdom."
            "That's very alluring." The princess smiled, "I can see you as a king, my lord. I never wish nothing more to see the happiness in your face, right now. There's nothing to be worry about, my prince. There will be the time for the true will come."
            "Last night, I was worried when you're gone. Look at your face. I couldn't save you." He said.
            "Well, I'm aware. I was born in the wild life, and the princess outfit was not even right to me, my prince." The princess stood up, "Last night was not right to do the fitting. But, this morning is right to do the learning of your swords." She smiled and opened her sword from the leather suit. The prince got up and do the same. They both were playing a one round fight. That in the end, the princess just loosed her grip sword and the sword fell. But, the princess never stop to fight, she jumped behind the prince and she hit the hand so the prince also loose his sword, later they both fought with the combat style. In the end, the princess use her little knife as what she used yesterday. She could remember when she walked on the riverside of the North Kingdom alone, looking her new dress as the princess look. Suddenly, the guards shouted a wolf came to her and she fell to the river, with the wolf. The princess worked so hard to arrived to the other side, the forest. She ran because she knew the wolf also made it to the other side. She at the end was falling because of her new coat, she face to face with the wolf. The wolf almost eat her, until the arrow from Prince Cornelius strike kill it. The princess hid but she also be found by that charming prince. She still remembers his voice and his helping hand. Also, the wounded arm.
          "Caroline!" Prince Julian shouted. The princess already won the fight. Her one arm rounded his neck, but instead her little knife tried to stab the neck, the princess pointed the knife to the left arm. "You win." He said. The princess let go her hands. The knife also losed. "You might not good in sword, but you do smart."
            "Thank you, my prince." Said the princess.
            "That is why," the prince came closer to her, "the reason I came to the North Kingdom from the South. Our interest is to put me as the Royal King and within my hand, I power with two kingdoms. And by marrying you, me and you, we power three kingdoms." He smiled to her.
            "The North Kingdom is being told as enemies of the Royal Kingdom, my lord." She said, "like last night, we found people of Royal Kingdom and our rules, never let them alive." 
             "That is why, our marriage is the true sign of peace, we will bring to the Royal Kingdom and The Four Kingdoms. Princess Caroline," the prince touched her face, "the daughter of Madeline, half-blood Royal, which are the same as my family, my dear love. Our upcoming is to return our family good names."
            "Yes, my prince." Replied the princess.
         "Your smart and good-learning, that's how I learn from you. You are a true princess. This outfit is not the reason I'm falling in love with you. Don't need to let yourself too much."
            "I know." She smiled. 
            "The first time we met, Your father never allowed me to see you. To be with you, right now, I fight hard. And, I know it is worth it." He also smiled, "I love you." The moment the prince tried to kiss her, the princess's father came.
           "Prince Julian," He came with his soldiers, "The knights from the Royal Kingdom might had spy on the forest. We will try to guards the forest."
         "Father, isn't that too much?" The princess came to her father, "They must not think it was us. They must thought it's the barbarians. People of out lands."
          "People of out lands are no longer exists. We make them. And, that's how to protect the North Kingdom from Royal Kingdom. Never let them alive."
           "Father, we know that peace is the choice. What if Prince Julian finally made it with Royal plan, and the Royal see me as the princess of the North Kingdom. They don't want to see our bad records. They don't need to know of our half-blood records."
            "Then, what our pure-blood prince Julian have suggestion?" Asked the father, Kailin Madeline. And, that's the time of Prince Julian believes, the time of resurrection plan.

           Royal King Gordon, as Prince Cornelius expected, called Knight Wyden and Knight Wyden told the King everything, except the North Kingdom and Princess Caroline. The King was also coming to see Prince Cornelius. Prince Cornelius also said exactly like what Knight Wyden has said. Then, Queen Vivien learned from the King, "It was barbarians. They're still live and be our nemesis as long as this kingdom stay stand." Princess Luciana also listened. "My dear daughter, your coronation for the throne are going to be the most moment the whole kingdoms has been waiting. My beloved child, finally will be the leader of Royal Kingdom. It is our duty as your parents to keep the coronation day without any delays. Especially from people who wants stop it."
           "Be calm, my Queen." Said the King, "No ones going to stop Luciana take my throne. It is being settled."
          "I heard the South King has finally interest to be partnership again if I become the Queen. Is that true, Father?" Asked the princess.
         "Yes. That is why there's nothing to be worry about. When you be the Royal Queen, you are going to be the leader of Royal Kingdom, South Kingdom, West Kingdom, and East Kingdom. No Kings of Royal Kingdom have been on this stage. But the first Royal Queen will do. That is why no ones against the plan of Royal Kingdom for being lead by a woman successor." The King took the princess hand and lead her to the terrace. Both of them look the whole kingdom, "Come with me, my child. All of this shall be yours. If," The King looks into his daughter eyes, "If,you are worth it. You shall have people who wants to take the throne. You shall be prepare. Win all of people hearts. Show them the true power. A person they think they can trust you. Choose your alliance. Know your enemies." He kissed the princess's forehead. 
         "Yes, Father." The Royal Queen also came to terrace. Three of them were enjoying the view. But for the next day, the guard told to King that people from The South Kingdom has come. They were King Noverin, Julian's father, and Prince Julian himself. Also, the disguise knights from North Kingdom, included Kailin Madeline. The Royal family greeted them on the Royal Hall. 
         "May I present to you, my son, the future leader of South land, Prince Noverin." That's what they introduced Julian. On that day, Princess Luciana adored of how the prince look. Both kings chatted, also being listen by the disguise Kailin Madeline. While Princess Luciana walked with the prince around the Royal Kingdom. People find Princess Luciana and Prince Noverin are nice and fit to one another. Then, there were spreading a tale that both will tie a knot so the story will turn to be the second time South Kingdom join the Royal family. The story of King Julian return up to the air. The coming of South Kingdom was being investigated by Knight Wyden and Prince Cornelius.
          "The right thing to do is to keep our family issue go low in front of them." Said the father, "We are the picture of East Kingdom. No ones will harm us. As long as things go as plan." Prince Cornelius already be well. He walked with his father around the garden, "My son, have you met Prince Noverin?"
         "Yes, Father. He is such a gentleman but also keep up the competitive personal. As the news said he might will be throned with Princess. They seem on the same interests."
          "With the marriage of them both, Royal Kingdom will now finally rule the all kingdoms." Replied the father.
         "The all kingdoms, is it means there's no kingdom has left behind?" Asked the prince.
         "What do you mean by that, my son? The all kingdoms. West Kingdom, East Kingdom, and South Kingdom, and of course, Royal Kingdom."
         "I guess the North Kingdom, it means Royal Kingdom?"
         "What is in your mind?" Asked the father.
        "It's nothing, Father."
        "Speak is better than be silent."
        "Well," the prince looked down a bit, showing the gesture of wondering, "I always wondering what is behind the forest." The prince then look at the north wings kingdom's wall, "But then, it ends with the barbarians. Or is there something else?"
       "Don't let your wild mind of adventure make you lost, Cornelius." Said the Father, "The forest was already be true to you, a dangerous place that almost killed you. We found the history captured what they've done to Royal Kingdoms. The forbidden stays forbidden."
        "Don't you miss an adventure, Father?" Asked the prince, "They said before your grandfather accept to marry the last daughter of King Damion, you used to sail to the sea. I bet it still inside you."
          "No matter what, the sea is still our home. The marriage of my grandfather was unexpected. But, they all for one reason. The sea is still where I belong." The prince saw his father smiled, "But, we don't need to get involve to this matter, my son. Sooner or later, we will return to the East Kingdom. We just keep this peace situation until the Princess take the throne. We don't need to dig too much. Remember my son," The father put his hand to the son's shoulder, "To keep save the East Kingdom is the plan of our family. Once the Royal Kingdom has made the decision, the East Kingdom are already prepare and ready with the armies and friendship navys from out islands, another kingdoms. It is how to get our kingdom be free from the Royal Kingdom."
          "Yes, Father." Said the prince. The plan is simple, to let nobody sees the plan of East Kingdom try to be free from the Royal Kingdom. Then, Knight Wyden showed the signal from his hid. The prince end the conversation and apart from his father. He came to Knight Wyden, "What is it, knight?"
           "The soldiers from South Kingdom tried to kill their prince themselves."
           It made shock the whole kingdoms. Sooner there will be the execution for the soldiers. The prince was curious, so he and Knight Wyden sneaked out to the dungeon. The prince was greeting with one of the soldier. It seems like a formation, an old soldiers seemed more important and being rounded by others.
           "Tell me one good thing to not let us kill you!" Shouted the old soldier.
           "It is your prince is a true prince or you all soldiers have being fooled." Said the prince, "You are the barbarians. Barbarians almost killed me with their poisoned arrow. It hit my arm while i was gone with my knights hunting."
           "One horse survived." Said one of the soldier, "And, who are you?" 
           "Is it true, then, the barbarians still inside the forest? The cannibals."
           "We are different from them!" Said the other soldier.
           "Don't say anything!" Said the old soldier, "Kill them both!" knight Wyden was going to jump on his swords, but the prince stopped the fight by shouting,
            "Tristan Madeline! Save the king!" All soldiers heard and looked at them both. The prince said it once more, "Tristan Madeline. Save the king."
            "I am Madeline!" Shouted the old soldier, "And you are?"
            "Cornelius Maeveric. The prince of Royal Kingdom and East Kingdom." Replied the prince. "I have met your daughter, Caroline."
           "Where?" The king was worried, "Is she here?"
           "No. We will rescue you out from here for your daughter's sake. But, we would like to get the exchanges."
           "When did you meet my daughter?" The king didn't answer what the prince want.
           "I saved your daughter from the lone wolf on that night." Said the prince, "We killed the beast before it tried wreck your daughter's body.  And, she also saved both of us with the warning from your murdering. She saved me and my one knight. I have to save you, as my debt."
            The king and his soldiers surprised. Knight Wyden then let down his sword, as well as the all soldiers. "What the exchange?" Asked the king.
           "Your kingdom." Said the prince. It shocked all, includes Knight Wyden, "Your kingdom plan. Show me."
            "Do you want a war, my prince?" Asked the king. The prince didn't say anything, but he right away cut the chains of the king. Also Knight Wyden cut the chains of all soldiers. 
             "The war is already begin. You pick a wrong king. Now, go!" Knight Wyden helped them to get out from the dungeon as the prince followed them from behind. They came to the north wall of the kingdom. All th north side guards were the prince's side, and they helped them out.
             "You're not coming with us?" Asked the king, they were all will go with the wood boat, still raw wood. Made to not left the evidence.
             "When you've made your choice, which side to fight. Now, go!" He helped them to sail the raw wood boat to the river, which runs to the deep forest. As they left, the whole things be set as nothing happen. On the next morning, the Royal Kingdom and the South Kingdom were gone mad. While the Royal Kingdom accused the barbarians will ready to attack the kingdom, the South Kingdom was frightened more worse. The rescue plan from Prince Cornelius was nailed flawless. No ones accused. Not even the father himself. The prince and knight were chatted at the castle balcony.
           "All of your deductions, they were all true." Said the knight.
          "Caroline Madeline, the princess. They are the royal half-blood, Wyden." 
         "But they trusted the South Kingdom, my lord, as they've made something."
         "I also wonder, Wyden. The trust becomes the betrayal."
         "Which side is betraying?" Asked the knight.
         "Good question." Said the prince, "what is the plan? Which side is the right side?"
         "The most important thing is when they will comeback to us?" Replied the knight, "Should we trust them?"
         "No. That's not even really matter, Wyden." The prince looked at the down sides village, "The real important question is what does he wants?" Knight Wyden looked and found Prince Noverin was there.
        While Kailin Madeline and the soldiers arrived at the side of North Kingdom river by morning. They came through the wall gate with longer and anger face. The princess came out with another new dress of princess looks, gifts from South Kingdom to greet his father and she thought of his beloved prince will also be there. But, she only saw few people and not the prince. She went near to her father walk through with smile. But, from the other side,
          "Take off that dress! It's not suit with you!" Shouted the father. The princess couldn't guess what her father have been through. She just stood where she was and let her father walked to somewhere else. He came to the center of village, the stage. He shouted and gathered whole people, "Listen up, my people!" He shouted with take off his suits, his disguise suits, "Such an embarrassment," a servant brought him the honor suit as the leader of the kingdom. The father was wearing the suit and people waited for the speech. The princess stayed with the people and look into her father upon the stage. A servant gave her the dress coat to cover her 'not-suitable' dress as her father said.
          "You are still pretty without the suit, milady." Said the servant boy. He found the princess seemed not happy.
          "Thank you, Banwa." The princess whispered.
          "Here me say, people!" The speech has started, "I am Kailin Madeline and I give my life to serve the North as your leader. To protect you, to give you the prosperity. Our fair-long friendship with the South Kingdom, show us how much we've been far from the outside the Northland. We gain the knowledge, we get good things from their civilization. And, we were also grateful for the engagement between my daughter, Caroline Madeline and their prince, Prince Julian Noverin. But, here out what they've done to us." Suddenly the soldiers which be with him for that journey, walk to the stage and showing the iron chains. All people and the princess were shocked. "They have chained us and put us to the dungeon. And for more worse, they let us get the statement of death!" People started to sound riot.
         "It can't be." Whispered the princess.
         "The South Kingdom has betrayed us!" Shouted the king, "Brainwash our mind to think they are our friends. For worse, we let them come in to our wall gate! We don't need their civilization knowledge! We don't need all of things that came from them! Hear me out! Don't trust the South Kingdom!" All of those words got into the whole people, and there were also people of South around the citizens. They were all be kick out from the wall gate. The things came from the the South Kingdom were being burn out. The wall gate be close. And the princess was in broken heart.
         "Tell me, Father," the princess asked, "Tell me the truth!" It was the third day since the speech. The princess came with so angry, "You're the one who's the first trying to kill Julian! I found the words from the soldiers! That's not the plan! No doubt they put you in chains and be statement in death! What have you done? You think you did a right thing but you're wrong! The whole plan is ruined because of you!"
         "You want the truth? Julian is going to marry the Royal Princess Luciana!"
        "That's a lie!" She shouted.
      "He let that filthy Royals to kill me. He made us as an ally for make us as the slaves later. You would've be glad for what I've done is to not let him hurt my daughter more!"
         "He would never try to kill you. He will let you live! You didn't know that!"
         "Your father was going to be off his head and you think he will saves me? You're already being poisoned!" The father slapped his daughter. The daughter started crying and hid her face.
        "Well," the father showed her a disturbing movement and went rounding her, "I learned the whole kingdom said the prince is fit with the princess and there might be a wedding sooner." The princess was listening, "And I tried to know the truth, too. But, his father, Noverin and himself, they called Julian as 'Prince Noverin', they seemed having another hidden plan that they asked for us to wait. That was not our plan. They hide something from us! I knew the eyes of young man, so wishful, so greed to take what he wants. What does he wants from the start, Caroline?" The father faced his daughter and asked her. Caroline didn't answer. Her face was cold-facial, "You know. It's not even you."
      "I love him!" She shouted in front of his face, "Couldn't you just think about it before you made everything worse?"
     "He doesn't love you, young woman!" Her father replied back.
     "All of your scared thoughts or everything from the out lands are dangerous and nemesis, those things screw you! You made yourself the enemies! You're the one who make the war!"
     "What war?" Kailin Madeline's hand came to his daughter's neck. He choked her and drawn her to the wall. The daughter couldn't breathe. Her hands were reaching his father arms begging to stop. Kailin didn't stop. Until, Banwa came inside with suddenly. He saw the scene and he ran to Caroline. Banwa didn't attack his king, but he dragged Caroline to other side. He let himself face to face with the king.
     "My king," Said Banwa. Caroline's breathing was behind Banwa's neck. The father was back to his sense. 
     "Get out." He asked both of them. Banwa kept looking his king in case his king are going to attack his lady again. "OUT!" Banwa knew it's his time to drag the princess out. Caroline was in shocked. Her crying was being seen by all people walk through the road. 
    "Be quiet, princess." Whispered Banwa,"Your people don't need to see this." The princess heard the whispering and she started to get quiet. Banwa took her to her room when maids cared her. Banwa waited as he's trying to think positive of what will happen of the north land, his home.
    For Kailin Madeline, he remembered the words from a young prince who said the same thing as his daughter just said. The war was already began. As immediately, while the princess was mourning for her lover has gone, the peace she wishful is never be conquer, and her good thoughts of her father is already disappear. The sounds from the out wall gate came from Banwa.
    "It's Prince Julian." said Banwa,"And the gate be open."
    The princess was running from her room. All of her maids shouted that her hair was unravel. She ran as the wind flew her hair. Her cloth is even not in color, it's all just white-grey. She came out from the big house and let her bare feet be seen by the all men who ride with tehir horses. The king was also already face the guests. He saw her daughter,too. 
    What Princess Caroline saw was Prince Julian with the Royal suits, so bright as the differences can be define. The whole soldiers of north land was stand by. It turned very quiet because the citizen were frightened. The people came back to their houses, but others prepare for the attack. Prince Julian saw Caroline as he really miss her. In his eyes, Caroline is still the woman in his heart. Caroline is still beauty as the first time he look at her on the same place, the same look. The natural of her, that's what she ever love. But, for Caroline, that day was a tragedy. Prince Julian brought the Royal Princess Luciana, besides him. 
    Princess Caroline walked down the frozen stairs. She came near to her father. The King didn't distract. He kept his awareness. "Stand still, Caroline." whispered the King. The daughter let herself walk nearer. She walk through her King. The King was in shock, "Caroline." Caroline walked to Prince Julian's horse. She wished it's not true that he is no longer love her. If he loves her, he would also came to her. 
   Prince Julian was being look by Princess Luciana, "What is she doing?" asked the princess. Prince Julian aware. He also wants to jump out from his horse and embraced her. He missed her. The more closer she to his horse, the more he was worried. "Guards!" Shouted the princess. The princess was actually not alone. The forest was already being taken by the Royal Knights.
   "NO!" Shouted from behind the princess. The guards stopped their moves. Prince Julian stayed where he belong. While, that voice seemed jump out from the horse. It was a man, he came to where Caroline standing. Caroline knew that man. Caroline look to his face, "Milady." He then grabbed her hand and kissed it. "We are here in peace," he said, "We are the prince and princess of Royal Kingdom, West Kingdom, South Kingdom, and East Kingdom." Caroline didn't know what to reply. The prince for a moment look to Princess Luciana and then, the princess walked down from the horse. Princess Luciana also grab the hand, "Princess." She said.
    The man gave her a sign to reply it back. Princess Caroline for one second stole a sight of Prince Julian. The man knew the look, "It's our prince of the South Kingdom, Prince Noverin. For once, princess Caroline was strange with the name calling. The prince was jumping out from the horse. 
   "Princess," the prince also said. Prince Julian from then not even try to look at her sight. That broke Caroline's heart. 
   Princess Luciana was start of wondering. If Caroline didn't say anything, it became awkward. The man knew so he grabbed Caroline's hand tighter. Then, Caroline realized. She back to her conscious. "I am Princess Caroline of the North Kingdom. You are welcome here." She said.
    The King was notice that man look. The King gave a sign to the whole soldiers to put down the weapons. By the time, all citizens back out from their houses and welcome them. That night, there's a big ball. For each prince and princess introduce themselves. That man was Prince Cornelius. Because the North Kingdom was not even the real kingdom, the Big House was not suit for Princess Luciana. So, in front of people, she made the scene with Prince Julian, while Caroline was sitting next to her father and Banwa with longer face. Banwa saw it and he wondered of the King's gesture, and what he saw was the King chatted with old leaders of town. 
    "Milady, a prince is coming." Said Banwa. Caroline suddenly hid her look with smile, and it seems Prince Julian was looking that Prince Cornelius came to Caroline.
     "Princess, would you like a dance?" Asked him.
     "I'm not in mood for dancing." She replied. The King then pay attention of that scene.
     "I believe the mood can we aside for tonight and serve our guests as what they wants we please can do?" Said The King to his daughter. The daughter didn't know what his father think, in one night her feelings mixed. So many questions and so many holes. "Caroline." 
     "Yes, my Lord." Then, the princess got up from her chair. Let her hand be guided. No people watched because it seems doesn't matter. They made to the center of dance floor, and princess let go the prince hand.
      "Where are you going?" Asked the prince.
      "I can't dance when I feel not alright." She looked around and how everyone dancing so expressly with lots of fun and smile. 
      "The dance is not always about feel alright." He said. The princess wondered, "When you feel happy then you jump and shout or smile. But when you feel sad," the prince grabbed the lady's hand again," and you need someone to talk to," another hand lead the lady to put her hand into his shoulder, "or if it's just a shoulder to hold on to, there's also a dance like that." Their faces look to each other and Prince Cornelius smiled to her, "It's the first time your eyes finally look at me, Milady."
      "What's the dance called?" She asked.
      "I don't care?" He said. He started lead Caroline's body to swing, "We don't need to move fast but just enjoy the moment." He let Caroline's hand lay down at her shoulder with tight, looks too closer but around the crowded people, they seemed not being notice or even they careless for people around them. "What do you think?"
      "We didn't move, we just swing ourselves with hugging." She let herself smile, "It's my first time, so, it feels funny." She giggled, "Is this how you people dancing?"
      "Not really," the prince also smiled, "We also dance like everyone in here. But this, this is called improvising. Are you alright, now?"
       "I don't know what's really happening, suddenly my father let you and strangers came in and," suddenly Caroline's eyes caught Prince Julian look of her, "Princess Luciana came, too."
       "Don't speak too loud." Whispered the prince.
       "What?" Asked the lady.
       "They don't know if I know you. I mean, my people. We came here because of Prince Julian." He said, "You should thank of him. He was smart enough to clean your father mess up."
      "He did?" Her eyes was trying to search Prince Julian, "Then, why is he not coming to me?" 
      "He thinks that the best idea. He made all kingdoms knew there's another kingdom and southland also new with the news. Your father scene at the royal kingdom made Royal Family decide that you and your kingdom is representative of barbarians."
       "But, we're not." Replied the princess.
       "I don't trust you."
      "Tristan Madeline, half-blood prince." Said the prince.
      "Did they also know?" Asked the princess, she worried.
      "No. You are Princess Caroline of Northland. Your father, King Kailin of Northland. That's what your people also speak of."
      "Yes. But, people of Northland are not barbarians."
      "That's Prince Julian plan. We caught your people who hid on the forest and pretend to be barbarians, we let them speak and they're not barbarians."
      "We're all refuges from all of your kingdoms. We hide and then we found ourselves, the way to survive and now, we are a kingdom. Don't you see, we all do better alone."
      "Yes, indeed. But, is that what your father also want?" both of them were looking of the King. Caroline gave tired look. 
      "I don't know." She sighed.
     "Your people show the way and Royal Princess Luciana believes if she came, she will be known as the true worthy as the real first Royal Queen."
     "Why you come?" Caroline looked at his eyes. The prince smiled.
     "I have a good on strategy of war, milady. And, my father sent me to also come. Well, besides of all needs from each sides of kingdom, the reason I come is also to see you. It seems the scar will stick there." His eyes looked the cheek. The princess seems not comfortable with the look.
     "Are you great in battle?" She changed the subject.
     "Yes. I have been learned by greatest knights of Royal Kingdom, they are different from East Kingdom, always use power than mind."
     "But the last time we met, royal knights were deceased."
     "Yes. Your people have a great attacking strategy. That's what I learn from your people."
    "What they need is claiming the Northland for nothing. I was," Caroline finally found Prince Julian. He was looking at her while he's still cling to Princess Luciana, "blind to think there might be not wrong to follow the Southland side. But, I have no more intentions for that." Prince Julian caught her eyes, so she distracted herself. "I guess we're done here. By tomorrow morning, you all should leave. If we must fight for our land with war, there will be war." Princess was letting go her hands from the prince but the prince held them back. She was shocked. Both of them face to face.
    "Don't you know that all of people in the forest were already being captured and be in jail? If your people are not truly show us your certain of the power lead from Royal Kingdom, they were being sentenced of death. Not just that, Royal Kingdom was already prepared with the power from West Kingdom and South Kingdom."
     She looked mad, "Let go of my hand, please."
     "Let me help you." He asked.
     "My father doesn't trust you."
     "Well, that's not right. Why do you think he insisted you to dance with me?" "Let's make a round, again." He waited. Caroline just let go of his hand and walked out from the floor. He came to Banwa's stood. Prince Cornelius just looked at the princess get far from him. The Princess and the servant left the ball. He still smile. He returned to see Knight Wyden. 
     "I sent people before Prince Julian's did. Telling Prince Julian's plan to the King and seduce Northland's princess whom still effected with Prince Julian's love."
     "What is the better plan?" Knight Wyden asked.
     "And, that's why I came here. The plan to keep seduce the King if the lady won't work out."
     "I believe my lord didn't have any intention to aspect more from Princess of North Kingdom."
    "I know what were you thinking. You see, my knight, if we want the princess to come into our plan, we have to make sure if she's not on the wrong side. But, for right now we clear she's not our good ally, yet that's still good environment to disguise my dirty hand work from Royals or Southlands." The prince drank all of the drink on the glass, "Win, win!"
    "Prince Cornelius?" suddenly Prince Julian came out from nowhere.
      "Yes, my lord?" Cornelius showed his natural facial, "This is a good start as our plan. This ball."
      "And a good night, as I believe?" Knight Wyden knew he needs to leave, so he left. "The princess, is she alright?"
      "You're quiet interesting on her. The lady was alone yet I got a chance of one dance." Cornelius smiled.
      "Are you seducing her?" He asked.
      "Have you been watching me the whole night, my lord? Isn't that awkward? Or, perhaps is it a curiosity of Prince of South with Princess of North?"
     "No, that is good. A good idea." Said the prince. Cornelius was wondering, "If you can win her, at least we could build the Northland trust of outside world."
     "I believe that was not my used intention when I asked her a dance. I thought we're here for having some fun. To make sure that your plan is true. The North Kingdom is knowledge of South Kingdom and as allies." The prince showed his bored gesture. He tried to walk away but he got held.
     "And what did you find?" asked Prince Julian.
     "From one dance?" He gigled, "The princess was blindly in love with you. I'm impressed." Cornelius got off Julian's hand quickly, "We're knowing a little. Yet, I see so many secrets. I will watch you, South Prince. And if it's going to be stuffy, I am sure Luciana knows about it first." Cornelius showed himself out from Prince Julian's sight. He knew he did a great final touch. Knight Wyden waited him on the corner's side, "Did the King watch the scene?"
    "Yes, my lord." said Knight Wyden. Prince Cornelius turned around and found Prince Julian looked not comfortable, he returned to Princess Luciana. Prince Cornelius looked at the King and the King raised his glass to him, the prince got the glass from Knight Wyden and also raised his.       


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