Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Contrary Perspectives

Phoenix Andrea was in the living room. It was big room. She sat in the couch and Ferris Pauls lie down his head on her lap. Their one hand held together. Another hand of Phoenix messing with Ferris's hair.
"It's nice you here tonight, Phoenix."
"It's nice to hear that,too. But, I still hate you, kid."
"It's okay."
"I'm not joking."
"I can see you smile."
"Well, I like messing with your hair."
"Why you hate children?"
"They're cry-baby and want new toys every week."
"Yeah, I do still crying and that's great idea, Phoenix. New toys every week. My mother never allowed it."
"I'm not your mother."
"I know. But, you know how to handle me. Just like my mother."
"Really, like what?"
"This month. You're the most expressive woman I've ever met. You look like a model, but,"
"I'm not a model."
"Yes, you are. Your style and your heels. But, the way you treat me, that's comfort me."
"Aren't you tired?"
"Uncle Gy was so lucky meeting you."
"You love him, don't you?"
"I do."
"Why you always saying the truth, Phoenix? You seem an open book. I even have no questions."
Suddenly Ferris hugged her body, "I wish you all the goodness."
"Hey, Ferris. Don't you think it's too much?"
"I like you, Aunt Phoenix."
"Aunt? Wow..." Phoenix right away let off Ferris hug. "I'm not that old."
"If you marry my uncle, you're gonna be my aunt."
"Silly!" Phoenix back messed with Ferris hair.
Then, Geoffrey Rouge came in to the room. Phoenix smiled because he looked really handsome, as always. Thin and stylish. He asked Ferris say goodnight to Phoenix. Phoenix just waved her hands while Ferris walked and smiled to her. Ferris went to his room alone. Geoffrey sat right next to Phoenix. They both chatted with looking to the fireplace.
"I'm going to Japan, tomorrow."
"He knew. That's why he wants you spent the whole day with us."
"Yeah, he's a good kid."
"He likes you."
"He's wondering if I one day gonna be his aunt."
"I'm sorry."
"Don't be. Don't you think we've made it? Everyone's now believe you're straight."
"You're the one who made this happened."
"I forgot."
"It's always in my pocket the whole day, here."
"What's this box?"
"A ring."
"Oh, that February ring. It's really beautiful. I totally forgot to ask you."
"Yes. I keep it until this day would come. I'm sorry."
"I even forgot about it. Don't worry. He likes you, too, you know. He never felt jealous."
"That man must patience waiting you."
"He is. Do you want see him?"
"Look. It's him, with his garden. He loves gardening."
"So, his name is Dennis John. His hair looks like me."
"Your hair is red."
"What, don't you remember? It's colored."
"Oh, I forgot. You should long your hair. And get your real color back."
"Do you want me to look like a girl?"
"Yeah. That guy in Japan must want you to look great with kimono."
"You want to see him?"
"Here's his profile picture."
"He's not good."
"That's mean."
"Yes, he looks cold face."
"What, no. You're mean."
"I'm sorry. I didn't mean that. I mean, can you give me the picture when he smiles?"
"Well, this is the all I got. I'm not like you. You seem have lots of his pictures."
"I'm kind of stalker."
"You're a journalist. Will you tell me who's he?"
"Dennis, he's a mixologist. Alcohol expert. I once have to interview the nightlife issue and he came to our office. He's like my dream comes true."
"Yes. You know, love at the first sight. The night after the interview, I came to his bar. He was there, did lots of attractions as bartender. People likes him."
"That's good. Then, he kissed another woman?"
"Yes. I don't know if he's actually okay with that."
"You forgive him?"
"I always forgive him. It's not his fault if he's not like me."
"So, he's not... gay?"
"No. Of course, not."
"But you're in relationship with him, four, five years?"
"He knows how I look at him different than any men. He knows how I feel about him. He let me. He said it's okay."
"Then, after four, five years, you didn't know he actually loves woman?"
"Isn't that sad?"
"You gave me a chance to move on from Copper. Then, you let yourself drown back to this guy that not even better than Copper."
"Don't say that."
"Gy. Is he the one?"
"That night, when we met on the night club. He was there. After you gone, I followed your advice. Karaoke."
"You did? That's funny."
"And I sang his song."
"So romantic."
"Then, we're seeing each other again."
"Ever you guess he might think that you could've like me, too? You saw him with a girl. And, he's bisexsual. He's okay for everything you choose. Then, you show people that you're straight with me. He sees it, too."
"You know what?" Phoenix looked at the ring, " You should give the ring and tell him about the truth. Anyway, it's our end, right?"
"Once you run to Japan."
"Alright. Then, things will be normal after I back from Japan. I'm straight and you're gay."
"How long you'll be gone?"
"Seven months."
"Ferris will miss you."
"You can take him to Japan a day or two."
"Yes, sure."
"It's nice to have a great partner like you."
"It's nice to spend the night with you."
They both chatted until the morning and Ferris found both of them sleeping on the couch. He took the picture and keep it. He even not woke them up so they're late. Ferris meant it. Three of them ran with a small car. Ferris sat in the back and he recorded the video how lovely Phoenix ran mad to Geoffrey because she's going to late. But, at the end, she's finally made it. She got a kiss from Ferris and when it comes to Geoffrey. She never meant to do anything. But, Geoffrey wanted to see it to his nephew, a real thing. So, he kissed her.

Is it too much? This must be the goodbye.

In Japan, there's this guy waiting with a bucket of fresh flower. His glasses got dewy and he opened it. Suddenly he heard her voice. Fastly, he put his glasses back and that voice came near to him and embraced him. She actually cried. He didn't know that he means a lot to her. He wiped those tears and smiled. Seven months must not that long. He always wish this day would come. Ever since in university, there's no chance for him getting close to her because Copper was there, always. Before anyone else, he's the only one who sees the beautiful of Phoenix. But, when Copper's with her, it seems like Phoenix changed from caterpillar to be butterfly. He thanked for it. Now, it's his turn.

Tsubasa Tanaka. Two months Phoenix came to Japan, they're neighborhood in one apartment. Tsubasa always goes to work at 5 am. He back to the place at 7 pm. Phoenix was doing a side jobs, like a cashier on supermarket, delivery, then her best part was join the volcano club, it's investigating the earth materials around the volcano. They both seemed a great couple. They always give time to be together every day. Whether it's rain or storm or even nothing's going on. Ever since Phoenix came, Tsubasa always smile in his profile picture. Of course, with Phoenix right next to him. It's such a happy thing. But, what he didn't know was Phoenix stuck with the memory of Geoffrey kissed her. She never asked what was the kiss for. Was he know how she felt about him? Did he made it up? Or, maybe he actually likes her?
Tsubasa Tanaka. Three months Phoenix came to Japan, he found Phoenix hair got longer. Her yellow hair came out and the red hair started to pulled down. Tsubasa asked her if she wants to get a haircut then Phoenix said she wants to get the longer hair. One day, Phoenix asked Tsubasa, while they're in dining, if she could met one of his gay friends. Tsubasa once told her about the neighborhood who were gay couple. Tsubasa wondered but he let her met the couple.
They lived in third level of the apartment. They both were Japanese models. The both were handsome and have great bodies. Even, seemed Phoenix really shocked that they both were gays. Their names were Gonsuke and Hide. Tsubasa and Phoenix brought them a sake and Phoenix pizza home-made bake, then they both chatted and eat together. Tsubasa quiet uncomfortable with the look how Gonsuke and Hide looked intimate to one another. While Phoenix looks very comforting. There's a time when Phoenix loved to show Hide several things about Phoenix foreign country. So, they both came to her apartment. Hide found Phoenix and Tsubasa not lived together and it looked weird. But, Phoenix just didn't answer that thing and continued to show Hide her photos when she was in homeland. They both chatted in the living room.
"Who's he?"
"My ex-boyfriend. Copper."
"You both just broke up?"
"No. It's already a year. Or may longer."
"How about this guy with a child?"
"That's my," She wanted to say a gay friend but it should be a secret, "I used to date with him, too. It's his nephew. We're kind of friend and foe."
"He's handsome."
"Yes, he is."
"Ah, you both look good together."
"Andrea-san, why you came to Japan?"
"Me and Tanaka, we're longed friends ever since in high school. Then, he knew I break up with Copper. He's my everything. Tanaka gave me a chance to get a new chapter of my life."
"Do you still love him? This Copper boy?"
"Hmm." But, her eyes got focus to Geoffrey's picture with Ferris. "He's the only man that changed my perspective."
"You seemed worry."
"I mean, I was thinking about Tanaka."
"Did you really tell him how you feel about... I don't know. I might too much involved."
"Tell me about you and Gonsuke-san."
"What do you want to know?"
"How and when exactly the world's end?"
"I was joking."
"Just tell me anything."
"We're gays."
"Since the beginning you guys met?"
"Yeah. Gon was born to be this backstage and art family. He found gay people ever since he's a kid."
"And you?"
"I've been dating with many girls. Then, it was a stage play, I sat next to my girl. He played as a samurai. He's handsome."
"It's such a silly thing, right?"
"I'm sorry. So, you saw Gonsuke-san as handsome? You mean you as the girl-side?"
"No. Not in that way."
"So, who's being a man and who's being a woman?"
"That's inappropriate question for gays."
"But you're not gay. Are you bisexual?"
"That's also inappropriate."
"Hmmm. Are you?"
"I used to."
"Then, now?"
"You know, relationship means commitment. And, I learn that from Gon. He's fighting for me."
"But was it enough?"
"I don't want to hurt him. You know, trust is fragile. And, I was bisex, while he stood for me. I can't break this great thing, you know."
"You're a good man, Hide-san."
"I might lose him in a second. In the world of guys like us, Gon will just get another replacement."
"Even people like you have some blues thought."
"You don't say?"
"Love is odd."
Hide then saw a bliss-side of Phoenix sighed.
"Is it about someone else?"
"Someone's like you both."
"What happen to him?"
"Nothing's happen. Its just he might be a man like Gon. Choose to be a gay from the start. I never try to get more deep about his different interest, but the more I close my eyes about it, the more I lied to myself. Like, I just accept him as his-half, not complete of him."
"You don't shut your eyes to not accept someone's gay, Andrea-san. You want something else."
"I, yes. If it's what I wish, I want him to change. I wish he's normal. You know, because you're bisex. That's the reality, the right thing.You've been there."
"So,  you think I also have gotta change?"
Phoenix didn't answer anything. She just looked at him, silently. Phoenix then get up from her sitting and how Hide out from her apartment. Hide never felt bad about it. Phoenix also said sorry about the cross of line questions she just did. Hide last said, "No. I can see you curious. You should hang out with us, often."
Tsubasa found Hide return back alone while he and Gonsuke played PS5. Tsubasa returned and knocked Phoenix place, he heard Phoenix cried. The last time he saw her crying was that first day in Japan. Tsubasa found Phoenix didn't lock the door. Tsubasa came in and he found Phoenix cried with cutting onions. Tsubasa giggled but he knows Phoenix really cried. Tsubasa sat on the chair kitchen table and dragging a tissue to her. Phoenix thanked for it. Tsubasa walked around the living room and he saw those pictures. Her with Copper. Tsubasa thought it could be about Copper. She might missing him, again. Phoenix wished someone in her living room was, she didn't want to know anymore.
Tsubasa and Phoenix having a date to Sakura Festival. Phoenix wore a cherry blossoms kimono. Her hair gets yellow and yellow but still there's red at the end of the hair. Tsubasa also wore kimono, and they both looked so good together. Phoenix always love goes to the historic places, it's romantic. They went to Nagoya Castle.
It was a great evening. That, by morning, they both kind of hangover and didn't know that they woke up late on Sunday morning. Phoenix woke up and went to nearby supermarket to buy honey dew. Then, she watched the television on that market, the gardenist, a well-known, Dennis John was in Japan. He showed the art of arranging flowers. He has a firm body, his hair brown-short and has a strong eyebrows. But, his hands and his smile so disturbing enchanted. And, that's she saw the ring. It's all true, the ring was perfect for his hand. A feminine ring in masculine hand.
A day after that, Phoenix secretly came to Dennis hotel. She enjoyed the cafe and there he was, sitting alone, enjoyed his break lunch tea. Phoenix wished she could be with Geoffrey. But, no one came. Several people asked him to back to schedule agenda. It's wasted time. Phoenix back to her life. For a week, she looked interest with arranging flowers channel. That's what Tsubasa ever thought. Dennis back home without noticed Phoenix was around her.

Tsubasa Tanaka, five months Phoenix in Japan. It was a daylight and there comes 5 scala richter volcano earthquake. Everyone's in panic. Tsubasa was in office and he watched the news of a volcano group team warned the government a night ago that this thing could happened, and it happened. Unfortunately, the group team was lost contact, include Phoenix in it. Tsubasa called her parents and brought them to Japan. They waited for the news. The news had being spread through the whole world.
It was Tuesday night. Ferris was back from his study tour of a week-boy scout camping. He wondered how to be an explorer like Phoenix. That turns out, he found the news not from Geoffrey himself, but from the maids in house. He was in shock and asking his uncle.  Geoffrey, on the other hand, was moving on. he simply embraced the return of Dennis from Japan. He forgot about Phoenix. He only remembered about that ring. That ring made him finally having Dennis completely. That ring is a symbol of how their love finally survived. But, Geoffrey forgot about Phoenix. That night, they both were dining in Dennis place. It's homemade peach pie.
"You always great in cooking, Dennis."
"I know lots of recipes."
"Most of them from your used-to girlfriends?"
"They love how man great in cooking sweet stuffs."
"That makes me more jealous."
"Or, when they found a man really good on accompany them in the shopping."
"Most gay does."
"And how a man can listen their troubles of beauty knowledge."
"Such a perfect pair."
"Spend the night here, Geof."
"I wish I could."
"I guess this is the time. We need to tell Ferris."
"It can't be easy."
"It doesn't matter. If he finds out the truth by himself, it will hurt him more. And, it can make he hates Phoenix."
"Phoenix was really good to him. It will breaks his heart. Every choices we make, can it makes Ferris stay by my side?"
"I don't know."
"I love you, Dennis."
"I love you, too."
"Just, please wait. Phoenix will return two months from now and she met this guy from Japan, they both seems great couple. Ferris will understand on that time."
"I saw her in Japan."
"You met her?"
"She came for several occassions. But, we never talk to each other. We never talk, officially. She's more feminine. Her hair turns yellow and longer, dress, ribbon."
"Yeah. I saw several photos from her and his social media."
"Such a journalist."
"I need some compatible informations so I can share to Ferris."
"What? Why not just call her?"
"That's our deal, Dennis. No contact allowed. Because, when she came back, she will turned me down, like it's breakup. Because she has a new guy. Then, me, I will learn about myself, having a psychiatrist report, that I choose to be gay. And proud."
"And Ferris?"
"He sure choose me. That's a deal with Phoenix."
"You seem trust her so much."
"You should've trust her, too. For us, Dennis. It's for us."
"I never doubt about her. She seems normal."
"So normal. And, we're not."
"That's what I'm worry about."
"That we're not? Dennis, we're perfect."
"That's not it."
"Then, what is it?"
"Well, it's already five months and she's normal. It's nothing."
"What is it? You can tell me."
"I don't know. She might care about you."
"I do care about her, too."
"You do?"
"It's impossible not care about her. She's really a decent girl. She never cheating, she always keep her first love. She's trying so hard to be by herself. She always telling the truth. But, she knows how to tell me without hurts me. Like, as long as I knowledge the truth, she will be fine."
"Like what?"
"Gay is wrong. Bisexual is wrong. Not telling the truth about we're gays to Ferris also wrong."
"So, she's a preacher?"
"A saint. That's why I wonder, to be a saint, denying flesh desires, she kind of made it."
"But, she never fail to accompany you as girlfriend?"
"No. She's a good friend. To me and Ferris."
"You do care about her."
"Yes. But, it never pop out on my head before. Until now. I never thought how much I care about her, actually."
"Maybe you see her as Alice."
"Yes. It must be. Ferris said that thing once. For several times, I wonder about she's actually hiding her real feelings about things in this world. Just like Alice."
"She's truly a noble person. So, she's still with this feeling with her ex-boyfriend."
"Yes. That's why she needs to get a new man. That man from Japan."
"That's good, then."
"You worry she might in love with me?"
"I never say that."
"You jealous. Admit it. For all this time, you're actually jealous with her."
"She's pretty. Geof, I'm sorry."
"You're in love with her?"
"What? No! I just thought you might turn into me-used-to."
"Bisexual. I get it."
"Do you?"
"No. I love you from the beginning we met, while Phoenix around, and until she's gone, there's no one else. You're the only one."
"Such a moron."
"You angry? It's true. Actually, after she be gone to Japan, I didn't think about her this much. It's just when Ferris ask about her, I said a thing or two from her social media. That's all. You made her topic pop out for tonight."
"Yes, yes. I'm jealous with her."
"Hey, let's not talk about her. You know what, I guess I'll spend the night, here."
"You do?"
"See, you're the one who's truly moron."
"Well, maybe I am."
It was a long night for them both. Geoffrey turned off the phone and no one could reach him. In the morning, both of them went to Starbucks and they separated. Geoffrey came back to Ferris house. That's when he found the ambulance. He ran inside the house and found Ferris was bed-resting. The prime-maid said Ferris was in shock since last night and he's now in stable condition. Geoffrey asked what happened. All of them were saying it's all on the news and they did inform him last night. When, Geoffrey saw it, he wished it can't be true. He waited to Ferris awake and they chatted. It's  the third day until Phoenix lost, already noon.
"Is she dead?"
"Why you're saying that?"
"Mom and Dad died."
"Ferris, we can't let those thoughts still in our head."
"Where were you?"
"I was spend the night with co-workers."
"You try to find her, too, right?"
"Of course."
"It's all on the news, they said. You are a journalist."
"Ferris, she's going to be fine. She will be fine."
"You also said that when Mom and Dad were still lost."
"It was true. But, we have to keep the faith. No matter what."
"I was dreaming about them. I was in this bedroom, woke up and went to the living room. There they were. Mom and Dad. I came to them. I missed them. Then, they talked to someone behind me, and Phoenix was there. She wore the hiking suit. I hugged her and asked her to return."
"That's good, Ferris. You let her find her way back."
"Uncle Gy, you need to go to Japan."
"It's not necessary."
"She needs you."
"I can't leave you like this."
"You're a journalist! You have to work in field!"
"Don't be ridiculous, Ferris!"
"Bring Phoenix back! Bring her back!"
"I will bring her back. You need to calm down, Ferris."
"Bring her back, now! It's your fault! It's your fault!"
"What? No."
"It's your fault to let her went to Japan! Bring her back, now!"
The doctor right away put Ferris into stable condition. The lawyer came, because it's still his under protection.
"What is it about?"
"He's in shock. Phoenix was one of the lost victim in Japan. Volcano earthquake."
"That's terrible. She's really a great woman."
"Yes, she was."
"You have my condolences."
"Wait. She's not dead."
"She's not?"
"She's lost. Not yet be found. It's still three days. You made things even worse."
"I'm sorry. But, it must be very hard for you. You need a hug."
"Not yet." He really hugged Geoffrey, "You also can cry on my shoulder."
"You could've marry her. And, then get the guardian's right."
"What do you mean, marry her?"
"We just knew each other about a month."
"Yeah, and she flew to Japan for seven months. Long distance relationship also deep and romantic. You both skype or line, give each other stickers. Or sharing deep-behind curtains videos."
"Very details."
"It makes me more crying." He actually shed a tear.
"Hey, that makes me feel bad, not to cry."
"Yeah, I'm truly sorry. I should've not to cry when you're trying to be a tough guy."
"That's alright."
"It's just. I've always mistaken about you. Then she came and you're straight. You're totally straight. She will live. She's fine."
"She's fine. She will be fine. We love her."
"I don't want to make you nervous. What if she died?"
"What, no, no."
"It's been three days. Where would they go? What if?"
"What if." It's so sad how he saying the words with Ferris unconscious.
"You need to pick her from Japan. Show the world that you're truly love her."
"I need to be with my nephew. He's sick."
"But, your girlfriend needs you more. She could be gone, forever."
"Forever is really a very long time."
"Yes. At least you try. It's just what I'm saying, boy."
Geoffrey replied as 'Of course'. So, he did see Ferris condition right in front of him. He wants him get better. So, he grabbed his journalist ID and book a flight to Japan, an hour later. He went to family from the victims waiting place, he saw that man. The man from the profile picture, right next to Phoenix parents. Tsubasa Tanaka. He came near and three of them recognised him. They're asking if he came to report the news and he said he came there to make sure Phoenix return. Tsubasa asked Geoffrey to join a coffee break. They chatted.
"I came here because my nephew, he's really worry about Phoenix."
"She never tell anything about you. I was hoping Copper would come."
"That's also, not what I expected. Copper was a bad guy."
"He was. He made Phoenix cry for some nights."
"She cried?"
"Like a month ago. Are you his good friend?"
"Yeah, sure."
"You should've know what Copper did to her."
"He cheated on her."
"I already knew about that."
"Of course."
"So, she close with your nephew."
"Yes. we were dating for a month. Suddenly she's already steal my nephew's heart."
"She hates kid."
"Yes. She never stopped saying that to Ferris, my nephew. Yet, she has a great personality. And, maybe that's how she mastering about. Adapt."
"Adapt. That's nice of word."
"She can survive. She adapts."
"Yes. It's just... I guess it's my fault. I asked her to take the job. Geologist."
"No, don't say that. I was there when she decided to take the job. She's excited. She wanted it. And, she wanted to be with you."
"She did?"
"I am alone. I have nobody. She's the only person that I want. And, she's gone. Do you know how it feels when you're all alone in this world and this one person, stranger, suddenly appears and be there for you. It's like a miracle. I had a crush on her when we're in university. But, Copper got her, first. If you knew her long ago, she's such a nerd. Then, with Copper she changed to be like a beauty. I never asked her to change but I once thought Copper was great for her. I loved her."
"She, she will return, Tanaka-san."
"It's been four days."
"Don't losing hope."
"Her mother cried, her father cried."
"I know. My nephew, he's also not well accept it."
"What about you? You seem like a good brother to her."
"Yes, I also," Geoffrey suddenly looked at the news, and, "They found them!" Everyone who's in the room were so happy, "That's Phoenix! That's her! She's alive!" And, there's tears went down from Geoffrey eyes. "Thank God. She's alive. God, I want to run to her, say something about Ferris, embrace her." They were all gathered on the hospital. But, Geoffrey chose to not get there. He saw how happy both of parents and also Tsubasa Tanaka. But, turned out no ones want to hide that Geoffrey came, too. So, Geoffrey joined them into the room. He stood there, far a bit from the bed. But, seems like they let them both to be alone.
"It's peaceful."
"You look pale."
"Are you kidding? I was almost killed by the hot clouds and volcano ash."
"I'm sorry. I heard two of your friends didn't make it. I am sorry."
"Why are you standing there?"
"It's about our deal. I break it, thou."
"You shouldn't."
"You're not suppose to be almost killed,too."
"I know."
"But, I am glad I was here. May I hold your hand?"
"You're going break another one."
"Okay. I just, for one second, when I saw you're alive with the rescue team on news, for just a second, I realised I almost lost you."
"Tsubasa told me you're the one who never giving up."
"I was coming here about a night. I still have this spirit, you know. I mean, if you still not be find for more three days, I also gonna worry."
"How's Ferris?"
"He got a heart attack."
"No. Is he fine?"
"Yes. I check up about him every three hours."
"Do you think I can talk to him?"
He called by video call. And, Ferris was so glad. They chatted and stuffs but there's no reason to look so romantic. She remembered about Dennis and the ring. She found it's not healthy for her. She asked Geoffrey to let Tsubasa came in. Then, she introduced Tsubasa as her new boyfriend. Which is a lie. Phoenix said, "I hope we can still seeing each other, Ferris." Ferris replied, "I thought it was real, Phoenix." He cried. Phoenix also cried, when she tried to say something, Ferris plugged off.
"This is for the best."
"I know."
"It's nice to have you here with me, Gy."
"I guess this is goodbye."
"We don't need to."
"Well, at least I can hold your hands, now?"
Appears eyes of Phoenix was changing.
"Is that a joke?"
"I was thinking. We also don't need that."
"I...I am very sorry for everything, Phoenix. I've made you separated from Ferris. I wish I can change that."
"If you do that, I will be hurt more."
"I'm sorry."
"You didn't do anything wrong. Why you keep saying sorry?"
"Why you did this to me? I almost lost you."
"Now, I'm back."
"It doesn't matter if it has to be two months more, Phoenix."
"You know what, Gy? It matters for me."
"I thought it will be a right thing to come here."
"It is a right thing. The sooner, the better."
"Yes, of course."
"I don't mean to hurt you, Gy."
"You are suppose to be my best friend."
"I'm not better to be in that title. Ferris also not worth to deserve me."
"I don't get it, Phoenix. Is there something in your mind?"
"Say something."
"I wish, I wish you better go home."
"Alright. If you say so." Geoffrey really wanted to hug her but she dragged herself away. It's uncomfortable for him. So, he left the room with Tsubasa Tanaka. He took a walk with Geoffrey to out from the hospital.
"This is a very short trip."
"You were dating with Phoenix for your nephew?"
"Yes. He's the only family I've got. That month I need to introduce a girl to him, and Phoenix was the perfect one for him. But, it surely just a short-time relationship. You don't needbto worry about. I only kissed her once."
"So, you did like her or still like her?"
"A girl like that, I wish I can hate her."
"I know."
"Even if she hates me, I knew she's trying to help me. And, I appreciate that. I still like her."
"You're her last relationship."
"Yes. We have this deal. To keep her out from Copper."
"She, then, could be hurt, by you."
It was out of hospital, the moment Tsubasa stopped his walk. He stood behind Geoffrey. Geoffrey heard what he was just saying. He had the feeling about it but that's not suppose to be true because Phoenix knows he's gay. People might think he broke a girl's heart but from the start, Phoenix knew he's gay. He thought it can't be possible. Phoenix would never accidentally in love with him.
"What? Wait. I never, we never meant to be..."
"It's you all along!"
And, Tsubasa punched him on the face. Which is very hard and bleed Geoffrey's nose. Tsubasa then came back inside the hospital and left Geoffrey alone. Geoffrey decided not to return and he took the cab and to the airport. He flew back. When, he returned, he found Ferris waited on him in front of the house and then, hugged him.
The hardest part was after two months, Geoffrey decided to keep his relationship with Dennis in secret. But, their still in idea of psychiatrist thing. The psychiatrist respectful with Geoffrey's interest, but to give a win-win solution, it's impossible. Geoffrey would still loss the custody and Ferris will be taken by a family from Ferris's father side.
After two months, Geoffrey heard that Phoenix back to the country. Phoenix made so many  change of looks. Her hair long and straight, and yellow. Skinnier, and became her used to. He met her at one party night. It's a party of jewelery WV company. When Geoffrey saw her, she's all alone. He was wondering why she was all alone, and then, someone came near to her, and even kissed her. Copper M. Phoenix smiled at the man and they both sitting together, holding hands, laugh and chats together. It was hard for even look by Geoffrey. In matter a fact, Geoffrey learned Copper in last seven months was still a man with debts from his past business. He might didn't know about the man private's life and he also losing contact of Phoenix ever since Japan. But, where's Tsubasa Tanaka? 
There was a chance for Geoffrey came to Phoenix when Copper went far from her.
"I need to talk with you."
"Why you come here?"
"You knew I'm here all along. I got the invitation."
"No. Why you come here to me? I guess we have no longer further relationship, Mr Rouge."
"You still angry with me. Why?"
"I believe I won't answer or speak any words to you."
"And, you back with Copper. Where's Tanaka-san? You just arrived a day ago and you kissing Copper."
"Stay out of it."
"I need to know why? Last time I saw you, you told Ferris about you and Tanaka-san were together."
"I didn't say it was settle."
"Then, you lied to Ferris."
"It's all for the better."
"And, you lied to me. You said you already move on but you're not."
"I can lie to anyone I want. To you, to Ferris, to my family, and even to myself."
"And to Tanaka-san?"
"He's the one that lie to himself. I went back seven months as our deal. I no longer be accepted to your house, as we're all expected. I'm back with Copper. Isn't that more convincing?"
"Why are you change, Phoenix?"
"This is who I am. I helped you. It's done. I didn't do anything wrong."
"But, I don't want to be like this. Like you made us to be in the different pages."
"Well, what kind of woman who still be linger with her exes? Except, if he wants her back."
Then, Copper returned. He greeted Geoffrey and asking of how were him and his nephew. Geoffey said alright. Then, Copper, bravely saying, "I heard you two breakup and I didn't mean to use the situation. But, I do love her. I wish you have a gentleman heart, Rouge." Phoenix heard that, too. Which means Phoenix was still keep his secret. No one accused him to be a gay because Copper also whispered, "I jealous with you when you're with her. I don't know why you both breakup but, from now on, no ones gonna make her hurt again." He came to Phoenix and said, "This my second chance. And you won't regret it." He kissed her and she smiled.

They both left Geoffrey alone in the crowd. He had no idea what's inside Phoenix mind. Or, what was exactly happening with Phoenix in the last two months. But, he remembered about what she just said several minutes ago. It was true. She helped him. She made to convince the whole world that he is not gay.
"But, this is not the result deal I was looking for."


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