Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Aurora 2015

It's already on September and I thought, I should at least be grateful or anything. This year was the second hardest part of my life. They kept telling me it's my fault and I have no doubt either about it.

Cinema world seemed very curious about me.

It's all start with my idea to read 35 books for the year in *something made me I shouldn't do that!*
But, I pretty much explore so many science-fiction books that I can read along. One of them was Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. So, I decided to read the book in 2015, 6th January.And, Steven Spielberg signed on to direct in March 2015. It's Steven Spielberg, so I was like in absolute happy.
Then, I kind of forgot and stuffs, along the months I really obsessed with Gene Wilder. I mean, it all started with I wonder who's Mel Brooks in February 2015 (*read my post: ) and after that I found his movie with Gene Wilder in Young Frankenstein (1974), it was the most funny spin-off. But, I realized I never really watch Gene Wilder movies *because obviously I love Willy Wonka's version from Johnny Depp, sorry* so I watched his Willy Wonka, The Producers *damn, even I watched and never forgot Matthew Broderick and Uma Thurman version*, The Frisco Kid, and The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother. It was insanely funny! Those movies became my obsession of weekend movie marathon because I don't know, I just want to watch them again and again! And, it just happened when Steven Spielberg made a rumor or an announcement or just a thought to lure Gene Wilder out form his retirement and play in his movie.

Second was three movies using my name, and these three movies gave me a great genre and plot in their trailers:

1. AURORA (science-fiction), director: Robert Kouba

2. Aurora (drama), director: Rodrigo SepĂșlveda

3. Borealis (comedy-drama), director: Jonas Chernick

this one was I'm not expected. I changed my twitter profile like this, long before the trailer came out and I meant that because I thought about Luna Lovegood.

and this is me:

and turns out, there's this documentary from Joshua Oppenheimer about my country in 1965, The Look of Silence:

and then, there's this truly a movie with my name on it: 

4. Aurora Teagarden, from Charleene Harris (mystery-detective novel series), they made two books into movies: A Bone to Pick and Real Murders.

dame, this was Charleene Harris first book and she's my no.1 vampire novel genre writer, True Blood!

Not just cinema but also music.

I'm not saying that I'm obsessed with James Bond. I just love Daniel Craig as James Bond. So, this SPECTRE upcoming sequel is really one of thing that I can't wait to see it, especially for Ben Whishaw in it as Q. It was the most surprising cast when I watched Skyfall. Ben Whishaw was my favorite actor. But, his gadgets in Skyfall were ridiculous, I must admit. *OH! I LOVE BEN WHISHAW SO MUCH!* And, I really found Sam Smith as best artist of the year. The minute people asking who's going to replace Adele for James Bond soundtrack, of course we really want Sam Smith to be in it. He denied it so fast. But, turned out he put this twitter announcement, wore a ring with SPECTRE symbol. *We all being fooled!*
But, dame, my dream came true. "TO THE OSCAR AND BEYOND!"

my favorite jazz group in my country, Maliq & d'essentials, their new single bonus song: Aurora.

and it's about calling me back home...



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