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Overview Honest Review: Oh My Ghostess (2015)

It's amazing.

My most favorite moment was when after I watched the whole last so fun-honest-romantic 8 episodes, there's this scene of really scary evil came out from Im Ju Hwan's character and it felt, the build-up anger and honesty on the scene, and the intense sound, it's all about Im Ju Hwan. 
His character was different. It's hard to deliver a very good person but turns out to be the bad one, because not all audiences love noir/thriller-mystery genre, yet Im Ju Hwan took it. This Oh My Ghostess drama series rolling the same months with I Remember You drama, played by Seo In Guk (the guy who made appearance in this drama, too) and Jang Na Ra. If Im Ju Hwan's character was in I Remember You, it being delivered by three characters *if you watched I Remember You*. And seriously, Oh My Ghostess just gave us Im Ju Hwan and his solo performance was exceptional, I cried for that scene because that's the scariest scene from all episodes in this ghost drama and I felt miserable-pity to Im Ju Hwan's character. I mean, that's scary! That evil was really scary! But, the whole scene was so enchanted. All the undescribe emotions just delivered in front of your face. The idea to bring the evil came out from the body and back to the body to see the different upcoming situation was so experimental stage-theatrical. It felt like Shakespeare of Hamlet. Also, there's this 3 years ago scene about what really happened. Im Ju Hwan was in mix emotion, he started to be a stalker and cried with anger, then he made a scene then he scared about it. But, it's just a second he looked to another direction, one shot scene, and he changed his mood. AND THAT'S APPRECIATION ACTING FOR IM JU HWAN'S PERFORMANCE.

The second moment I really love of this drama was because we all got this really simple romance story, we, the audiences never thought it gave us great action sequences and deep-thought smart moments. How can I put this? So, I'm really happy and satisfied for the ending. This was the best ending korean drama in 2015 since Pinnochio from SBS and Kill Me, Heal Me from MBC. So, third best drama of 2015 so far is Oh My Ghostess from tvN. Several dramas in 2015 also I adored such as Sensory Couple from SBS, Who Are You (School 2015), and I Remember You from KBS2 but so far their ending disturbed me a lot and they could done it better for a great plot they had. If I can put a chart, Oh My Ghostess is No.1, *we're not yet getting to Reply 1988, we're all expecting that to be awesomeness!* Well, of course, the question is why it's my No.1?

As I said before, people behind the curtains of this drama Oh My Ghostess were really professional and concern about the idea to put the black goat around the sheeps. What I really love about the plot it flew like a rush-water and straight to the target. So focus and so rich for the idea that it's just a romantic-drama, a simple thing of two lovers try to reach their mind-set to one another and feels like we just found another We Got Married couple of Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun, delivered by Jo Jung Seok and Park Bo Young. *Like we know they're acting but they mature enough to deliver an honest one of the kind acting they got*. 
But, the truth was how we captured the whole characters in just 16 episodes drama very deep. We learn so many things in just 16 episodes. Even if there's this policewoman, I bet it's just to make the whole story make sense, we caught her personality very deep. Which is very smart, they're using the idea of conversation between two characters to define another character's personality. It makes they're all need one another. And I really appreciate the whole writer's doing of this drama because everyone's important, *for some reasons, I think Shin Soon-Ae's brother kind of a little bit left behind* but not a single one person didn't involve in every episode. This drama has a dream team casts! Which is amazing and great chemistry, in camera, even if it's just for deliver some situations explanation, it's really great. Each scene has meaning for the next scene and really cool! The writer, Yang Hee-Seung is a brilliant.

One of my favorite scene of romance in this drama was the moment Jo Jung Seok's character walked up to the stairs and meet up with Park Bo Young's character in the middle and the camera decided to just shot their feet met up. IT WAS SO ENCHANTED. I got goose-bumps because the situation of their characters were pretty intense. The idea of losing someone is open-door if you see that tremendous sweetness scene. Maybe I'm the one who's too feel too much, but not any dramas in 2015 really delivered such a great directing by Yoo Je-Won like this one drama. It feels like they're all making a movie instead of drama. It's one damn serious project, I guess. They put everything so simple but still details. In details, I mean full of thoughts and neat. This is what I want. They're not there to be unforgettable, they want to be a sensational drama of the year. I said, they made it.

It's different then any other drama, like let's see our other strong dramas: Pinnochio and Kill Me, Heal Me. Both of them were hardcore for the year. Amazing plot, amazing casts, and very smart. Kill Me, Heal Me is my No.2 for this year. If Ji Sung didn't get any appreciation for his genius acting, it will be so stupid. Then, Pinnochio, it had the same intrique for the villain with Oh My Ghostess, right? But the lack of both of them are that triangle love, which is of course very juicy and everyone's favorite. I can forgive Kill Me, Heal Me since it can explain the triangle love very clear and fresh. The only problem of this Kill Me, Heal Me drama was the chemistry of two main lovers. They gave their best efforts and it just didn't work out for me, though I cried, a lot. Pinnochio for such great plot of vengeance, the triangle love in there turned to be so cheesy and too-forced. So, there's a lack of their tremendous drama. And, here, Oh My Ghostess, it was a very normal drama, like we never thought anything except maybe this drama will be just another drama, but each episode, we becometh enchanted with Park Bo Young's acting to be two personalities in one and she's the star of this drama. She has gone for so long from drama and works in movies, she already being noticed by her performance worldwide from A Werewolf Boy with Song Joong-Ki, I mean this young woman is serious actress, like think about Jennifer Lawrence. I can compare her with Shim-Eun Kyung and Jun Ji-Hyun. I bet she's the muse of this drama. One of her final scene that the best closing for the impact was that street/road chasing scene. Her character was suppose to be afraid and weak, even annoyed me, like I hope she better be not her character and being possesed. Her character was so boring and cry-baby, then it came to this impact of the plot, that street/road chasing scene executed very devine to make things clear of her improving-character. *See, it's very deep drama than others* because if I kept review other characters *that so many* in this just 16 eps drama, it will be a very long review. In  Pinnochio  and Kill Me, Heal Me, we also found the changing of each character from time to time, but seriously as they found their end, it just end, like we just never get it why they're there. But, in Oh My Ghostess, their last episode, even full of surprises and my point, though they're all comes to an end, they're never change, they just who they are and so honest, I might say it felt like Aaron Sorkin's Newsroom casts when we all attracted to all characters of the story.

So, that's it. 
Oh My Ghostess deserved to win some awards. For me, it's like Misaeng.
Overview score: A.


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