Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

One Night Car

I am not sure
I'm sitting in front of my desk
I hope a happy end comes true
A black hair and tall
Smile and branding style
Watch me from far sunset
Telling me we gotta go

I am not sure
I'm sitting on back-seat
He is driving listening
Watch me spionage
A fat lady goes funny
A nice chatter went negotiate
Telling him about money and family

I am not sure
I'm sitting on back-seat
Arrived at hospital lobby
I felt this not for me
I let elevator pick me
He's gone for a longer parking
Telling me all pasts chasing me

I am not sure
I'm standing inside the lift
A corner I must not being seen
Curious elder staring at me
Both messaging of threats notice
She's out leaving a fright scene
Telling her I have to start running

I am not sure
I'm running in every hallway
Searching for a sanctuary
He never appears to help me
Busy schedule until Monday
They caught me anyway
Telling me he's not for me

I am not sure
I'm standing alone at a lobby
They said she's coming
It scared the hell out of me
Disguise won't spare me
Pair of shoes left back at me
Telling her a miserable memory

I am not sure
I just want to leave this place
A little train stopping at lobby
So I said, "Yes, hop me in."
The drivers strangers but nicer
But he appears with black sweater and backpacker
Telling me he's now coming for me

I am not sure
We both driving on a road
He remembered about money and family
How my sister is behind all these
Telling him you're same as tricky
Never loves me

I am not sure
It's not like I'm too a free-spirit
Or he's too similar with me
Since we both playing and singing
He is still sweet and charming
Telling me he knows I'm the favourite
I think I can handle it

I am not sure
I'm writing a mind speaking
Write him a letter of who ends the deeds
A failure encounter of final meeting
He's busy so I ask him to leave
Maybe this relationship is grieving
Telling him I don't have to be greed


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