Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia


This is totally a draft. I put it so I can fix it. And well, it's the story of this group will face their own past. They were all stuck in one dimensional that they will find their own try to kill them and stop them to free from this place. But turns out, one girl named Maya Andrews suddenly appears out from nowhere to rescue these innocent people who just got in by the shadow play.

Maya first met Tina when Tina decided to kill herself jump from the bridge and Maya saved her. They become friends, what make things interesting, Maya ca do the Astral Project and even knowing someone's past or dream whenever she touched someone. It needs lots of practices but then, she decided to put all her efforts to save her friend. Maya then met Hans, Tina's boyfriend, who works in Wall Street. Hans has this insomnia problem, not because his job but because he always got the same horrifying dream. He afraids to go to sleep. Maya asked when that start to happen and Hans said about a year ago. Maya realized it's exactly a year when Maya saved Tina. So, then, Hans be treated by Maya's boyfriend, Brad Chaster. Things seem really great, until there's this invitation to join the reunion of the genk. Tina tought Maya about her genk and Maya seemed okay with it. 

Until, one day Hans went colapsed because he really needs to sleep, on his condition, he couldn't go to the reunion, said Brad. So then, Maya asked Hans about this dream. And Hans started to tell about these kids, playing with the old man, then suddenly the old man put them all in this classroom. One by one being taken, until it left him alone. Then the old man came to get him and showed him where the kids were, they all dead. The old man said that's the only way so he could live so he decided to kill the kid. They're on the upstairs, and the old man pushed him to the downstair, So, then Maya saved the kid, it's little Hans, crying to be saved. The old man seemed really angry so he also push Maya, and Maya holds little Hans with her other hand holds to the edge of the upstair floor, then she found the old man was Hans himself. "Kill him so I can be saved." He said. Maya then knew this kind of style loop dreams, so she said, "It's me, Maya." And, Hans realized so he saved both of them. Maya asked Hans to unite with the little Hans and Hans survived. Maya left alone inside Hans dream. Maya still wonder if its just a dream or something. So, she looked around and she surprised all these kids just died. Is it really Hans who kill them all? Maya then remember all the faces from the photos, and she really shocked, she went outside the building and she frightened because it's the place where they all gonna do the reunion.

Maya told Hans about her abbility and Hans was surprised. Maya asked Hans to not do the reunion and Hans said alright. Hans asked Tina and well, she also said yes. So, it being post-poned. The truth is, Hans now know how to handle that dream but the dream kept coming back, the question is why? Both Hans and Tina didn't remember anything at all. Hans started to hold the pain everytime he failed but then won that dream with being drunk. Tina also has a strain to kill herself. It just repetitive by near the same day when Maya met Tina. Maya on the third time, Tina wants to use the knife to kill herself so Maya asked what does she want and she said something strange like, "She told me to. She said it's something she should done if not I will kill someone." So, Maya realized that Tina also had the same dream. But the differences Tina didn't see it frequently instead, she had a phobia with a cheerleader or something. Things just went dizzy and its like not her again whenever she watched about cheering. Maya then asked, "And what about me? What about me who thinks you matters as now? I'll never met you if you're not as now." And, Maya touched Tina and she found the exact dream, kids playing and suddenly the old man put them all in the classroom. One by one being taken and Tina was the last kid before little Hans. She being taken and she seemed really happy. Until she realized some kind of blood are everywhere, so she ran. She ran out from the building and that's the time she saw little Hans screaming from the classroom window, and she kept running away, out from the gate. Until, she found a woman on the road and asking what's happening. Tina speaked to her and that woman hugged Tina, until suddenly the woman stabbed Tina's back. Tina was dying on the ground and asking what she did wrong and the woman said, "You left Hans alone." Then, Tina being asked to kill herself. She actually didn't do anything just die by losing much blood. Maya looked the woman walking and bring the litte Tina's body back to the place, and she saw that's the time little Hans also saw little Tina has being killed. Maya really frightened and she saw the old woman was actually Tina herself.

Maya awakes and Brad already next to her on ambulance. Both of them being taken to hospital. Maya realized its all about the place. Why they both had the same dream? And, after that day, it turns out Tina didn't remember anything at all. Maya then asked about the photo to Tina and Hans. Maya said it's all because this photo. So, Maya decided to end it, and helped them to do the plan. The plan is to do the whole reunion thing and knowing of what's happening exactly, meeting with other people who's in the photo. But, at first let Maya met all of them. So, unluckily two people couldn't make it and insted they ride straight to the place. But then, Maya met one of the person, named Ryo Jun. This Ryo Jun actually had different past and Maya just saw many shadows behind him. It's really scary and for some reasons Maya couldn't trust him. But then, everyone found the different strange from Ryo Jun, that he's not getting old at all. Maya then consider she put the wrong question to his dream, and they all flying to the place by Maya's private plane. While they all go to sleep, Brad put a hypnotize so as what their pasts will put them in danger, they being put to change their own story-line. But, when it comes to Ryo Jun, Maya asked, "When exactly you died?" Then, Maya found there's an accident about 5 years ago, Ryo Jun died and there's this ritual that made him survived. Maya awakes and she realized Brad aware of it. Brad asked and Maya told, "Ryo Jun has broken his own chains. But it doesn't mean the place will consume the new him. If he died in this place, he will continue the same circle. And, it seems like he's the one who suppose not to live. His soul was trapped." Brad asked what she's going to do with Ryo Jun and Maya said, "There's nothing we could do."

Then, when they already landed, Maya asked Brad to just straight back home and don't come back until the last day. So, the plane just straightly back home. Four of them walked around, this island and turns out its such rare people around. Then, it turns out they met Daisy and Ian who just arrived by the boat. The interesting thing, everyone was shock with Daisy's appearance. She changed a lot. So, well, they all went together to the place, and there she was, Eliza. 


So, REWIND will dig out the mystery of the island went an empty island. It's a ghost town. First night, Maya decided to walk around the building with her power. And what her see is not much. But when it comes to each room, she found an extraordinary powers: Ian with the lightnings around him, Daisy with these red room, Hans with this the chances of luck, Tina is more like dim lights and Maya kind of spend several times to be with Tina's dream, and then someone's like coming to Tina's room. Eliza is already doing her moves since first night but because Maya was there, Eliza couldn't got in. Instead, she's being out and it made Tina awakes. Maya left her alone, she wondered about what happened behind the outside room. Then, she saw nothing. In fact, it made her turn to Ryo Jun's room. And, she felt sick. She's being gathered by lots of shadows. Then, the shadows suddenly look at her goes to her, she awoke, a door shouting. Then, it's Tina. She said she's afraid like someone's watching her while she's asleep. So, they both sleep together until night. In the  morning, Hans and Daisy waking them up. A couple jokes that Tina chose Maya more than Hans. Daisy chatted with Maya. Maya learned the selfish from Daisy and while they're eating for breakfast, she looked at Eliza chatted with Ryo Jun. Then, it ends with the conversation of Ryo and Eliza about the headmaster being closed with him more than anyone. Then, Eliza said someone has been watch him secretly. Ryo looked into Maya and Maya caught staring at him. "She must curious about what are we talking about." Ryo then knew about this telepathy thingy, so he asked, "What is it?" But, nothing's answering. He kept asking and she just turned around.

Second act: Their planning for at least fix up the building. It ends with Maya would like to go with Ian, but she asked Tina to do it. Tina actually a smart girl and remembers everything. They will return tomorrow morning. It's the last time Tina will see Hans. Hans then be caught had an affair with Daisy. Daisy was suppose to be super nerd and now, she's super hot. Eliza saw it and acted not cool. Eliza was Tina's bestfriend and for some reasons they both bullied Daisy with her looks, bitterly because the three of them always plus one. Maya will back again with Daisy who smoking, and she just knew about the affair because she touched her. She went scared because the last thing she saw in dream was Eliza went to Hans. She search him and thank goodness, Hans with Ryo Jun. And, it went to prepare dinner. Ryo actually a chef. Then, he always can mix everything so right. Then, Daisy back to him and chat. Ryo said Hans told about the affair and he said Daisy suppose not to be like that. Daisy told it's kind of weird reunion, too. But, its actually to reveal her victory. Ryo smiled and she nailed it. Daisy replied, "Why you always good to everyone?" Then, there's a fight upstairs, Maya hugged Hans, seems like Hans went to the past. Maya said it must be just drunk vision. Until, Ryo suddenly touched Maya who actually want to know of what's the vision Hans see, and suddenly both of them went to this past. Because Hans and Ryo jad the same past, it made the scene really clear, and even more clear, he made Maya see all the ghosts. Ryo also frightened. Then, its just happened. Besides Daisy, these three people saw they're all dead.
The First Past: Hans went fever. He said he needs a doctor. Eliza wants to help but seems Maya asked everyone except Ryo help to take care Hans. In this, Daisy will be so angry and gossip with Eliza. And, then Eliza told something about she never told to Daisy because she's ugly. Then, back to Hans, it seems like Hans got a brain fever or something. Ryo then reveals about he knows Maya can get into Hans's head. So, Maya said, "The last time we went to Hans, it's your pasts, right? Why you're all died?" But Ryo didn't know exactly. The truth its because he's being ressurect, it's a new him, his past who died is going to the dark side. So, they went to Hans's head and Hans still in the dream. Something he wants to change from the past. Like a playgame. When, Hans didn't make it, suddenly things back to the first scene, again. It happened around the upstairs. "HELP ME!" The shouted being heard to the downstairs and Eliza wondered. Eliza went to upstairs, postponed to kill Daisy, and luckily Maya and Ryo already back to the reality. So, Ryo went very scared. And left Maya alone. But in the night, Maya telepathic with Ryo: Show me what you know. And they back to Hans's past, but this time, they hide. In here, the first thing they'll see, how they'll die. 
The Night We Die: So, the headmaster punishing all of them and they're being locked. One by one, they're being drag outside. One by one, the last couple were Hans and Tina. Turns out the headmaster taken Tina. Maya coudn't follow it, and that's the moment the headmaster back again and bring Hans outside. Just the exact moment Hans decided to fight while the headmaster being disturbed by the appearance of Ryo and Maya. And what Maya see was the devil. Hans wants to push the headmaster to the downstair but turns out as always, the headmaster even wrecked his head, but at the same time, Maya without hesitate, "Take Hans, Ryo!" and Maya push the headmaster to the downstairs. Ryo caught Hans and he glad he's survived this time. While Maya said, "This is how you ends!" The headmaster fell and Maya stuck. So, it turns out Eliza also in that dream. Ryo put Hans to the ground and Ryo helped Maya. Maya then was frightened with another Ryo so dark and hideous. Then, Maya just slipped and she fell. Ryo screaming, "MAYA! WAKE UP!"
Real Question: Why they not die? So, who's this headmaster? Hans awake but still weak. Hans awake and Ryo and maya said they will taking care of him. Which is really good. Ryo bring the food to Hans while Maya starts to call when they all will arrive, and asked to bring a doctor. "Hans is sick." Tina seems really worry but what more worries is if they back. But, it seems like Tina wants to back. Also, Ian. Kinda fail but turns out, the pilot is a medical. But anyway Tina brought this Hans doctor. 
New characters:
Brad Chaster: A pilot who came for Maya.
Wanston: he'll die first.
The tragedy: Its really fucked up between Maya and Eliza. She didn't believe her at all. 
so it will be like all Eliza's plan went fucked up because of Maya. Then Maya is getting the number one who will get killed. This time, Maya will found the real thing about the downtown. The whole people start to consume them. They don't know which reality and memories. 
So, it turns out, the only person who didn't being saved was Eliza. They lost her body but the whole other five bodies already being gathered on hospital. They all died. But, guess who saved them all? Maya. The future Maya actually the add up people who open the portal door. The truth, she's died since the first she's saving Hans.  So, turns out it will be like Amytvile House. Maya was actually fine until Eliza took Brad Chaster from her. Brad died on the airplane. Maya then, back to the house, open the gate and to defeat Eliza.
Last Rewind: Its even went very deep, because she's going to meet the dark shadow of Ryo Jun. He's being used. Maya couldn't save everyone so she decided to release the resurrection from Ryo and Ryo died. Now, Maya was all alone and she will see the murderer once again. This time, she decided to make everyone fight back by themselves. This time she decided to be the shadows like Ryo Jun. The question is where's Brad?
twist ending: the demon put Brad in charge.
: Maya killed the demon and Brad was saved with the whole five people.
: Maya killed the demon and everyone being killed, too, left Brad and Maya alone.


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