Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

A Corridor

To go asleep by our favorite lullaby will make our dream be suck to our deepest scariest event we never want to be happen, which is our existance in our dream actually becomes a reality.
A sound of music, I put on my ears and I started to flow with the mood from it. A peaceful falling. I fall to a black screen. A screen started to buzz something and I wore black suit. A sound of music starts to find a piece of road between my feeling and my mood to sleep, a mood to think what a dream will I be? A good one or a bad one? Then, my heart took a smile of it because the song I listened was so beautiful. I might cry in my dream. My heartache, that's for sure. All these sensations between a peaceful mood but also a heartache inside of me turns me to awake other else. An else called fear. I fear for my dream will turn to be neither good nor bad but a communication to someone from reality. Its been common around my dream. I dream it and others find it. And, my heart tells me so.
I knew the sound of music leads my feet to this corridor but I told it, "No, don't do this. We've got to stop. I must to hide. This is how I hide! Please, don't let anyone see me here!"
Like, I can't control my own dream. The sound of music kept me to sneak out to this corridor. The corridor where the mirror was at other end. A woman with a bag on her back, look at the mirror, fixing her hair for being like a pony-tail tie. She looked into mirror.
Something I kinda know I literally present at there. And, she also there. A real time. Kinda.
Then, she turns around.
I start to panic. The panic leads me to run away from the woman's sight. I don't know if she clearly confirm if I was there.
But, I screamed so histerically inside my dream before she turned around, "
and I woke up.
The truth, I'm really scared if she realized my presence.
Thank even, it is like a lucid one.


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