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~Aurora Esterlia

Fear The Walking Dead Review: Season 1 Episode 5 "Cobalt"

The moment I post this, I've done watched the finale, episode 6 "The Good Man" and well, let me give a farewell statement for this first season of Fear The Walking Dead. Alright.

"Hello, Everyone who read this.

To be honest, this was my first time to put my own face on youtube and even review tv series by video. It's kind of risk my identity out from the world. And, the truth, I just had an amazing journey and fascinating experiences, things to learn around this social media were incredible. I am such an innocent fan of The Walking Dead series. If you guys want to know (if not, then, just move on to next paragraph), the reason I following all these The Walking Dead stuffs, it all started by The Dawn of The Dead, it was my first zombie movie that I watch on cinema. Since then, I never stop thinking of how extraordinary this horror weirdo sickness that made dead back to alive and eating brains. Seriously, at first they talked about voodoo stuffs, then I learn there's a real sickness about it, like Rabies. I know its one of horror science-fiction stuff, but I never get it over from my head to find more movies like zombies. Tho, I must really careful to find great movies, sometimes I just end up on this silly/brutal/stupid/porno zombie movies. Well, I didn't follow The Walking Dead comics and I'm the big fan of its cinematic universe on its tv series. I'm a movie observer so I kind of can find the news of my favorite upcoming genre movies. And, I learn this The Walking Dead before since the announcement. People around me actually not saw it or care, but I said, "This genre, if it's going to be a very serious, mature, and great tv series, it will be phenomenal. The writers must think hard to keep this tv series more suspense and hurt you very,very bad. Every moment of the episode will always unpredictable and scary-jumps." And, it just happened. Now, it's getting to 6 seasons, I even kept their web-series. And, it's done made the spin-off tv series even when The Walking Dead TV Series still keep rolling, you see? It's very phenomenal and so succesful! AND, wait for it, they both are so rich in cinematography, writings, and all the casts. Perfect, just perfect. I also followed The Walking Dead gameplay, its even the first time around the gameplay to make a game with multiple choices and multiple endings, made by TellTale Game. It's amazing! And, I did read the comicbook, later on, but I didn't want much spoilers, so I just like to skip and postponed kinda thing. The review for this comic book even they're making a very serious comic book and heavy materials, I must say.e

I didn't know that people out there who also big fans of  #FearTWD came to youtube and search for some videos which review and... predict of what's going to happen on the next episode. All I did was just try to give it all my effort as movie observer, that's all. My favorite part actually to keep original with my own feeling while I watched each episode. True to your heart. And, the comments, YES! The comments of my videos were treasures. I learn that they really interest with my observe results. I wonder what did I just say, really? I said I thank for all #FearTWD writers and the directors of each eps, all crews, all zombies stunts, and of course the characters, the actors and actresses! They were all amazing to deliver an epic story of pre-apocalypse of The Walking Dead TV Series that never be revealed, not even in comic book. And, they nailed it. Fascinating.

And, they even make another spin off of the spin off, its actually a web series like we always got from the amc websites. Like first web-series about the first zombie on first episode of The Walking Dead, second about two brother-sister *I forgot* and the third was Josh Stewart *My favorite actor from The Collector and The Collection! You guys should watch them! So suspense but also smart!* And then it's nothing anymore that turns out they're making this #FearTWD project! And, then, they return the webseries with 16 part *WOW, 16? Last times they just gave us mostly 4 parts* and its about Flight 462, that they said the ending will put the survivor of the flight joining second season of #FearTWD! *FREAKING CRAZY AMAZING*

I always dreaming of this moment. Like when I really into with this True Blood TV Series and yes, it's worldwide loved. Now, this The Walking Dead. AMC is really...really something.

So, that's it, Everyone. That finale review of mine I will reveal what I'm going to do next! Adieu!"


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