Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Around Girl: Monolog

S U P E R H E R O is not instantly came up with miracle, it just made with process and timing.

YES! This is my first time made a superhero story.

"Around Girl" means our superhero is a girl and around means how things around her just so dangerous like 007 and Avengers that made her have to save another SUPERHERO.

#YEAHH!!! Isn't fresh? Superheroes got saved by someone who people see as ordinary person, ordinary girl.

The last words she will always said will be, "I will be around, just see."

Well, as a superhero, like batman or superman or catwoman, every superhero has a dark past. Also Around Girl. But, I mean, it doesn't have to be like Christopher Nolan's movies or KICK ASS.

It's just funny because it's her life just so in faith with saving people. She didn't expecting to saving Superheroes, but she had to. And, lots of superheroes. I mean, of course in critical ways. Those coincidence moments then made all superheroes wondered who's this special girl. What's her power and stuffs.

It's also drama because it's her journey to have dark past and being ordinary life. it's just her path she must endure. And, her lover was a bad person. The criminal. "Don't lie to me that you like me. It's not you. You can't even lie about being with me." She has to pick a side, to be with the man she love or to do the right thing.

The first scene starting like UP Disney's movie. It's like a short movie. A great big house with a rich family. A woman, so with fancy look prepared many dishes, much of desserts. We thought that woman might be The Around Girl. But, actually it's just a butler. The woman butler came to the dinner room, and there were rich and FAT, SO FAT family. Father, Mother, The Around Girl as the older sister in 7 years old and her young brother, 5 years old. They all just so fat. It's funny, isn't?

They used to be happily ever after. After, there's the holiday journey in Swedish for Sweet Traveling, culinary of desserts, all of them went together and, slightly, just slightly moment, Around Girl rolled out from the car. (WAHAHAHAHAHA). It's because Around Girl and her brother fight for the last special chocolate they got. She couldn't saved because she rolled down to the deep dark snowy cliff. What they didn't know, the abyss was full of humus soil, so she saved. Because she's fat, she survived from the snowy weather. She walked and puked because she didn't feel very well after eating lots of sweets and got fell from the cliff. Her head got hit so she got amnesia. She almost got a Hyperthermia. Until she arrived to the nearby village, she passed out and the village put her to the hospital center. She's announced be in sugar comma. She didn't wake up for 3 years. The hospital put her into the international news. But nobody's come to her.

For 3 years, she turned to be skinny. Her musscles might so jelly because lost fat, so they decided to give her the plastic surgery. Since she was 10 years old, she couldn't recognize herself anymore. Then, the surgery made her awake.

On the beautiful sunny morning, the nurse push aside the curtain in her room, and the girl just woke up. Her first words, said, "Flakes." since then, her name was, Snow Flakes, because they found her on the snow and her first word was flakes. She got amnesia but people knows she's not from there. Her mother language made her being put into the embassy's custody. She thought she could find her real family and her memories, but nobody's come to her, once more. She's survived with lots of iron sticks and screws to strength her bones until she's ready to stand alone. Snow lives back to her country as "Iron Girl". Very ironic, right? Well let's say she looks crippled. 

The only thing she remembered was that word, "Flakes" and she knew she was in sugar comma, for that reason she's no longer love sweets. She's very awkward girl, kids with her age should love sweets but not her. Even she had meal's diet. She just knew if there's sugar in any meals. Because of that reason, she knew she wants to be a Cook. She lives at the orphanage, and she learned many books about cooking. Especially about sweet stuffs. Even though she couldn't eat them or even taste them with joy, she just have to taste it, because of psychology therapy. 

The iron girl lives as what people called her. She exercised so hard so she could get her strength again, she did everything until she's very great in gymnastic and lose all those iron sticks around her. She becomes a very fit girl, great skill in cook and gymnastic. A modest family then adopted her. Snow Flakes or Iron Girl changed her name to be Day A. Glades. She loves that name because it made her praise for each day she wake in the morning. 

In her new life, new school, she found ballet was a great for her life. Its because the gymnastic level she had pass her to be the main role in Sleeping Beauty dance. In this dance, she met the Prince role, Kram. Kram was a blonde hair, really high length, and also fit boy. Kram asked Day if she used to be a ballerina before, seeing her daily meals and good in gymnastic, but Day just tell the truth, she first learner and she learn fast. In her class, she found to get the highest IQ. Kram really get into her. As the ballet performance first show wants to start, Kram asked her if the kiss up of the stage might be her first kiss and she said, "yes". And, so Kram told her, "This is mine, too." The play did great and both Day and Kram got invitations of scholarship for the future ballet professional. Day rejected it. She wants to be a Cook, and that's still be her wants. Day first kiss was with a ballet professional,Kram Thomas. She was 14 years old.

Her modest family, Mr and Mrs Glades actually an eccentric fan of arts. When they found Day bailed out the scholarship, they were very angry. So, Day must to lie to survive, she said she wants to be an artist. She was very bad in singing so she took an acting class. She learned many languages, such as France, Japanese, and Arabic. Her favorite subject in acting class was character building. She learned she can be anything, work as anything, and act as anything. As long as she knew the standard of each job or character. In this class, she met her first love, Jow Marlace. 

Jow Marlace has the same appearance like Kram. At first time, Day thought Jow was Kram but he's not. For Jow, Day was very an eccentric and nerd girl. The outfit her family put to her made Day looks like different from others, so Jow never liked her. Day found how Jow got many girlfriends and Day realized which girl that Jow likes. On the cocktail ball for the acting class members, Day made herself as the girl Jow  wants to be with. Jow enchanted by Day looks and asked her if she wants to be his girlfriend. But, Day realized how low manner Jow was, she rejected him, though she was in broken heart. But at same time, she learned about people she loves, her parents and her crush, or someday someone else, people has other sides, and she must learn them before she shown her own other side. She can't trust anyone.

So, in this case, Day lived as an actress. Her first commercial  was as a dancer. Kram saw that commercial. Since then, Kram was being Day fans from long distance. They both never seeing each other and Day might forgot about him, but Kram never forgets her. The best time was when Kram found Day became a host of cooking show. Kram decided to see Day as an audience each week. They both already in 20s. For Day, the show was a chance to find her family. In that ways, Day tried so hard to get the knews about her family, but nobody comes. Many great chefs around the world invite her to big events or galas, but they're all just not into her. Nobody's looking for her. But, she's survival, and then she realized she should make a biography book. She wrote it and made it published.

Her book was telling about her story with she hates sweets. How she became now and how she grateful for the kindness of her adoptive parents. Her carreer is her only chance to find her lost piece memory, "flakes" memory.

"Flakes Memory" was her book named, with chocolate flakes as the picture.

Kram bought the book and he wanted to help Day to find her parents. Kram was really a sweet person. But, seems Day never knew. Until one day, Kram heard the news, Day resigned from the carreer and cooking show early and she was just gone. Kram was shocked and went to her family neighborhood but her adoptive parents just cried and saying, "She was gone, she just left." From that moment, Day A. Glades was gone. As the book said, that was not even her real name. So, might be Kram was the only person who put Day, or the Snow Flakes in the mind and heart. Day was gone on Friday night, 4pm, the night Kram was on the plane, to tell her the news of her relatives.


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