Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

I Choose The Light

I'm with someone else on the sunny day.
I knew him, well I just forgot about his name. We both were on the way home and talked about his 'girlfriend', something's happened and she need to face trial. I thought I was her or his legal counsel. Then, it felt like it's very a new thing for me. A new life and work. Then, I met many new people, but on that time, I just knew all of them. Well, I'm with my best friend and we're both happy around this place. There's also the time I found some places from my bad dreams, but they looked not scary anymore because they were all so bright and sunny, warm and comfort.

On the way home, that someone else took me back home first. The sun just so warm and I never want to waste this moment of my life, so I asked him to stop a moment at city park. There was this place to sit, in front the big gate of the park, we sat there. And, I fallen a sleep. The sun warmth my skin but not sweating me. I enjoyed this dream, for the first time. The place where I think should be a bad dream, but not because of the sunny day.

Later, another person walked across the city park and found me with him. I woke up and that person asked me to leave him. On this moment, I should take choices. I mean, for a second thought, I was glad that person also in my dream, I never be with him on the sunny day dream, never. So, I got his hand pull me to his side, but later, that someone else, the one who's with me from the beginning said something. 

I didn't remember. But, his words moved me. It moved me to fight back and get away from that person. I said, "This is my dream. I have my own choices of who I want to spend my great dream's with." I left that person and hugged someone else's. In front of him, for the first time. I regret nothing. 

I woke up, I regret nothing. For the first time.


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