Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Around Girl: Fun

Kram was a ballet professional in royal house, people just adored him. He was 28 years old. Just one night, his partner seduced him while he was drunk,and just a slide vision, it's been long time since Day left from home and never return, Kram decided to let her go, but this one slide vision, Day was standing in front of the bed saying, "Help." And Kram just got sober and he left that place, he returned to the hometown of Day parents place.

Day parents, adoptive ones, just got an invitation from Day used manager. The manager was the person who Day requited and made her to be successful. Day last wish was to always give her adoptive parents chances to enjoy the life in art-business. As Kram visited the town, he also got the invitation.

It was Tony Stark party. Tony was with Hulk. It's just a normal Awesome party. The party was at Tony Stark main-building. Then, Loki's and his Idle Soldiers came to absorb the power of Hulk. They fought and the party was a mess, Kram tried to protect Day parents. He looked how Loki made absorbing Hulk's power. Kram then look how Hulk floating on the sky and passed out, as human, fell to the ground. There's one time Tony was trying to catch human-Hulk but suddenly Loki use the stone, absorb the stone power and hit Tony hard to the ground like it came from Hulk's power. Loki thought he won, but suddenly, a great stones just fell from above the building, hit Loki's head (Hahaaha! #coincidence) Loki was not in his steady, it took a while but Iron Man came back to flew and took the absorbing-stone away from Loki, and saved the human Hulk fell to the ground. Avengers suddenly arrived and saved the day. They kept Loki on jail.

In the morning, the news came out from Press Conference. Tony Stark said, "I am very grateful for the girl who fixed my suit before Hulk fell down." Kram wondered who's the girl.

 Now, it's starting to be a mysterious another super-power girl. 

Loki put on a jail. He didn't want to give the secret of how to bring back Hulk's power. The absorbing machine actually just a stone. It used to shine like emerald color but now, it's as river stone. Avengers gave to Hulk that anyway Hulk felt relieved. But he couldn't do anything, now. So, from then, Hulk helping Tony Stark as a human-scientist.

Until one day, it came to Thor's girlfriend, Jane. She was abducted. Thor asking Loki but Loki didn't know. Avengers trying to searching, and actually the rival was a serial killer. The serial killer was going to push down Jane from the fire bridge. Under of the bridge there was a fire ship. The ship full of passengers who need help. Jane wore a bomb-vest. Thor was very desperate, he asked Loki to help him. Loki was came out and he vanished all the fire. The serial killer just so mad that he decided to get a suicide with pull the timing bomb on the vest, but Natasha was hit him until he passed out. But, nobody can save Jane because the bomb-vest has being activated. To keep everyone's alive, they need to sterilized the area to 1000 miles. Thor decided to be with his woman. Loki was very mad because he thinks the only thing that could made Thor die is him not anything or anyone. Loki was so angry but all Avengers respected Thor's decision. 

The moment the bomb was blew out, everyone was on a grief, but suddenly, it took a while, Thor and Jane appeared from nowhere and survived. Jane said, "There was a girl, she wore a police suit, the bomb fighter, she deactivated the bomb, she said it was off. We walked but suddenly she jumped to the river and the bomb just blew out. We were..." and she cried. Loki said no ones died, he had a vision. Also the police said there was no police out there. 

Kram again, watch the news. He was preparing the recital on the town. While on the break, he watched the news. He got the call of Day parents, they asked him about the ticket for his show. Kram said the show will open on Day's birthday.

Avengers then decided to search who was that girl. The serial killer's boss just very mad and also wants to find the girl. Now, it's time for Hawkeye first-world problems. 

Hawkeye hates Loki so much, so when there was another  attack from the serial killer's boss trying to find this mysterious girl but blaming all to Avengers, both of them need to work together. Hawkeye couldn't believe Loki at all. Both of them did work together but suddenly there's a scene when Loki being asked by the rivals return to their side, Loki wants, too, so Hawkeye stop him, it's like a portal message, so Loki was still on the process to join to the other side. Hawkeye took a fight with Loki and for once, he decided to kill him. But just exact time, Loki knew arrows came from, he just simply get away. Hawkeye was very mad like he was so mad until he couldn't explain it. 

Avengers was on the way to split and stop their fight, but Hulk recently informed, "The stone of my power was missing." They put the missing stone to the betrayal Loki. Thor kept saying to not kill Loki. When they finally arrived to stop Hawkeye killed Thor's brother, Hawkeye was already standing in front of Loki. Hawkeye seemed confused and Loki was dropped to the ground. Hawkeye said, "I got hit by someone, and when I woke up, this happened." Loki said, "It was that girl."

No ones could explained. Natasha thought the girl might one of S.H.I.E.L.D or mutant. But, no ones can give the answer. Loki said the stones just very rarest, and it came from the rival itself, the serial killer's boss, THE BOSS. So, they thought the girl was from the rival.

 But, Hulk kept a secret to Captain America, "That girl gave me a life that I've been missed. She saved Hawkeye to kill Loki. She can't be the bad person." Hulk showed that the missing-stone just  returned that night and nothing's change. Inside of the stone was just Hulk's power. There's no CCTV footage of the girl, "She is a great on technology-hack," Iron Man commented. Now, everyone knows. Hulk still hid the post message he found that wrote, "I'm sorry."

And the last one, was Captain America himself. It was the huge fight and he was so tired. The rival shot him with the super-power bullet. Captain America fell to the great hole, and Avengers thought he died. The great hole was on the ground of the ocean (like it was Pacific Rim's portal but nothing's there just empty. It made by BOSS's stone. He could get the power from mutant's power). They were very mad for seeing that and fought to the last. The girl was there and she saved Captain America from the great hole (it was like a black hole in star trek). She hugged him and she had Loki's stone. She used it to transporting and traveled to Loki's jail. Loki was the only person who sees her actual look. She asked Loki to saved the Captain America. As the return, she giving back his power. Loki got his power back, the jail just suddenly opened from inside and she ran away from the place. Loki was amazed. "It's worth it." said to himself and cured Captain America. When Captain America woke up, Sharon was next to him, so he didn't remember anything. Loki just kept the secret. Nobody believes on Loki anymore, but Thor and Captain America had a deal to keep him as ally, at least alive.

Captain America later knew Loki already got back his power. He thanks to Loki but Loki said, "It wasn't me."  Loki visited Hulk, Hulk got all controls of his emotions, so Loki also didn't want to get smash again. He was just asking if the girl also came to him. Hulk just saying, "I don't know what are you talking about." Loki just wondered, "So, do you like who you are as normal human? I will pass your regards thanks to her." And Loki left him with Hulk-human staring in front the mirror.

Until, there's a moment. The rival came again. Now, Loki didn't want to join them, the rival just mad and he absorbing Loki's power. Hawkeye and Natasha saw and decided to save him before Loki's power all gone. Loki thanks to them, but well, they didn't buy it. Loki said, "The problem was that stone more powerful than others. It's mimicking power." So the BOSS had Loki's power to do superpower hypnotize humans. Humans now like zombies and fight the Avengers. The Avengers just so tired because they can not kill the hypnotized humans. Loki didn't help at all because he has no mercy to human. Hulk was trying so hard to find the cure. But, he knew the only way to stop the invasion was to kill the rival itself. So, Hulk was asking Loki, who being pull back from the field by Thor, he said, "NO MORE, LOKI!" Loki was mad in front of Hulk, that suddenly, Hulk realized and said to Loki, "Can you find her?"

Then, Loki search the humans and one of the hypnotized-human was that girl. She was being hypnotized. Loki came to her and he never thought that the girl could defeat him. He even failed to get her. She got more aggressive, she even jumped out to other humans that trying to defeat Loki and she fought Loki alone. (It's kind of Resident Evil powerful thing, I guess. Scary, right?) Loki had no chance to defense, so he hit her so hard. She was bleeding all over her body. But, the girl won't stop. The only thing to stop her was to kill her.

Kram was looking on the news because he was just returned to the foreigner country. Kram was worried and called Day-adoptive parents. He remembered once again his last vision of Day asking for help and Kram just not far away from the blocks, he knew something was not right. He ran to that place. 

Then suddenly, Captain America captured Loki was still on the field and fought a human. Captain America knew that girl. He stopped Loki and the bleeding girl came to Captain America. Kram was there, just across the building, people around them seem not conscious and walked directly and blindly to Avenger's point place. "She's bleeding!" Kram heard Loki's scream from not far, Kram saw Captain America and a body on his shoulder. Captain America suddenly flew to the sky. Just a seconds, the girl was looking at Kram from across the street, it's awaken her. While, Kram just saw a blitz of movement and Loki suddenly vanished like a ghost. Kram got called by someone who's hiding around him. Kram helped the survivals on the field.

So Captain took her alone with his strength, the girl was shouting but she was crying.

Captain America gave the girl to Loki and Loki took her to Hulk. In the laboratory, the girl was being held. Loki got into her mind and broke the hypnotize chains inside her mind. It's also gave Loki the mind of the BOSS, the rival. The girl couldn't stand Loki's intervention in her head because it's hurting her so her true-self reflected pushed him aside. Loki said, "You owe me, Girl." The girl was weak. Hulk asked her about to release the power from the stone. Loki said, "She's the only one who can release the power from the stone."

And, it's simply after the girl be herself, she showed how to release the power from the stone. The girl touched the stone and break the stone in front of Hulk. Just suddenly, Hulk being himself and Loki portal power send Hulk to the rival's place just like the information he got from access the girl's mind. Just like what happened to Loki in first Avengers movie, Hulk just hit the boss, specifically he smashed the absorbing-stones which broke the power and all humans saved. There was three stones, one of Loki's, then one's Hulk's, and the last one was the mimicking power from someone superpower. (Haahaahaha so three of them are the same stone, just absorbing stone.)

The ending was the Girl left alone with Loki, while the all Avengers being on the war field. Loki asked her name and she said her name. She said something and asked him, "Can you promise?" Loki said he promised. He cured the girl right away. "You can call me anything. I didn't know why even I should do all of these." She escaped and gone. Loki yelled about the owe thing she still has for him. When the Avengers came and asked Loki where she was, he said, "She'll be around." 

Which means, the girl said to Loki about "...I didn't know why even I should do all of these." were:
The moment she saved Tony was she actually a staff of high-technology Stark Enterprise (think about S.H.I.E.L.D doube agent kind of thing). And, Tony while he lost the machine engine after the hit, the girl was walking on the side street and she found Iron Man in front of her, so she helped him. It only took seconds, like F-1 crews. So, Tony had no chance to recognize her and he also had a chance to hit Loki with the big stone before he grabbed the Hulk's power stone and made reach Hulk from fell to the ground.

The moment she knew about the stone was exactly when she is really didn't know she's on the rival side. She was working on The Boss's Institute, for the whole this time, and she graduated then being asked to work to Stark Enterprise. The moment she saved the bomb was when she decided to got out from rival's side. She didn't know that The Boss's Institute had the corrupt and villain sides. And the bomb was actually being controlled from far place and she, the high-technology expert just change the channel so the controller also got the self-destruction. But, she needs just a little minutes to get away from the bomb, because it also will blown up so she jumped to the bridge. She survived with a little bits of her experiences hung on the bridge. The ship already being moved long ago.

The moment she saved Loki was when she was decided to keep as a shadow for the BOSS fight, so the BOSS didn't questions her. She was on that fight place. She's actually trying to help humans around the war field. When she found the rival wants to take Loki's power, and there's a fight between Loki and Hawkeye. But, Loki was more powerful and she found from the portal, BOSS was going to shoot Hawkeye from the blind side. So she decided to hit Hawkeye until he passed out and hid him somewhere, she prevented Hawkeye from killing Loki before Avengers could done it. Well, of course the consequence was the rival got Loki's power. She persuaded the BOSS that Loki was useless. But she better put Hawkeye in the safest place to look like she still in the rival's team.

The moment she saved Captain America was because she watched from far about that fight. She promised to herself she didn't want to get involve again, but, that moment, Captain America just fought so hard and watching her fell, she decided to risk her life to save him. The rival got mad because they found Loki's stone being stolen. In front of BOSS people, she used Loki's power to do Naruto thing, and people watched her got killed. She did it to saved Captain America. She used the portal power and get Captain America out from the black hole, closed the black hole gate with absorbing the whole Loki's power and let the stone went to the black hole, suddenly the stone absorbing the portal. It was drown to the deep of ocean.

The moment of the end was the moment the rival just so mad with what the girl did. But because nobody knows who's the girl except Loki, the rival just put all blames to Avengers. Then, that's the moment she also got hypnotized, again. BOSS found that she still alive so he made her pay. If Hulk didn't asking Loki, she might be forever being hypnotized. And, the girl's strength just very smart, smarter than Loki. That's why Loki couldn't caught her but Captain America just simply abducted her. Just like Hawkeye, she hates being hypnotized and Hulk knew how get rid that rival, and Hulk asked the girl to release the power from the stone. 

It's just simple. The needs from the owner itself to get their power again. But it also needs the command of the last giver of the stone. In both Loki and Hulk stones, the stones were being stolen by the girl. Hulk's stone being absorbing by Loki. But, it was being stolen one night by the girl. The girl absorbing, maybe, and put it back to the stone, so the girl has the key to break the absorbing stone. Loki's stone being stolen from the rival to save Captain America and the girl also absorbed alll. The girl gave it all to Loki. and Hulk's stone being stolen from Hulk at the laboratory. She said, "Before they could take it while the Avengers busy to protect the stone, I hid it for my support." She became so powerful than Loki as the zombified girl, because she had the little power from Hulk's stone. But, after the power being released from the stone, she became normal girl.

The mysterious girl, that's what the Avengers know, except maybe Loki.

When the Avengers got a party for themselves, the girl was sitting at the royal house, watching Kram's play. They said it's all charity to public service for what just happened on the city. On the party night, Loki was sitting on the corner, watching the girl was also mixed with the crowd, hiding and look Kram with her parents from far away. Day's father knew someone's watching him from far, he looked around a bit and Day was there, smiled at him. Day's father smiled at her back. Just across several people in front of his side, Day was gone. Loki also giggled, stole kind of food, then walk away.


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