Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Disclosure III: "The Vow"

Dean was going to leave Berlin. It was his last week to be with Lara. Dean and Lara was dating that last night. They were on the cafe and sitting in the corner, away from the crowds and their hands hold together under the table. They seemed not happy.

Lara said, "Our three months has gone. Do we need to be apart?"

Dean answered, "You are engaged, Lara. Do you love Josh or not?"

Lara looked to Dean, "I do love him. And, I do love you."

Dean resisted Lara looks, he stared another direction, but Lara's hand forbid him. Lara said, "Talk to me, Dean. What's in your mind?"

Dean answered, "I can't, Lara."

Lara replied, "What is that you can't?"

Dean touched Lara's face, "I love you. I can't for not being with you or not to say how much I love you, every day."

Lara smiled, "Then, marry me!"

Dean answered, "You're the one who's getting marry!"

Lara answered, "I want you to be my man, not Josh."

Dean asked, "Is that what you want?"

Lara answered, "Yes!"

Dean replied, "Let's go to the church."

Both of them found the near church, they were calling the priest and there were some citizens prayed. The priest allowed it. Then, while Dean would say his oath, suddenly one of citizen shouted, "He's the pianist with a child! Is she the mother of the child?"

Lara was shocked, "What was he saying?" 

Then, the priest stopped the ceremony. The priest asked Dean about the story. Dean kept silent.

Lara asked, "Please, Dean. Answer it."

Dean answered, "I'm not having a child, yet. She is 6 months pregnant."

Lara shocked, "Oh my dear Dean." Lara cried. She looked down her face, hid it with her standing hand on handrails of the wheelchair. The priest stopped everything and let the couple consoled.

Lara said she needs a phone and she called Josh to pick her up. Dean also cried. "I am sorry, Lara." Dean tried to touch Lara but Lara just threw his hands away from her, "Please, Lara. Can I just touch you?"

Lara screamed, "YOU LIAR!" Lara just punched Dean all over his face. Dean just let him being hurt, "SCREW YOU! SCREW YOU! SCREW EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU! YOU'RE A LIE! LIE!" 

Dean just shouted, "I am sorry, I am sorry."

Lara kept screaming, "WHO IS SHE? WHO'S THE WOMAN?" That suddenly she come quiet. Her face just so red and wet because of tears.

Dean just couldn't take it, "I don't know how to tell you, Lara," his voice just shaking, "I don't want to lose you, again."


Dean said, "But, you're not."


Dean cried, "But, you said you love me." He was standing right in front of Lara, "And, I love you, too."

Lara was weeping, "I can't marry you. I never can." She dropped herself out from the wheelchair and dropped to the church floor, seemed all her strengths have been washed away, "Why are you doing this to me, why?" Dean suddenly came to her and hugged her. 

Dean asked, "Let's get up, Lara. Let me put you up."

Lara the suddenly said, "I've already lose you before we met again, haven't I?"

Josh arrived and looked at the scene, asking what's happening. Lara just called his name and hugged Josh neck so tight with her arms. Josh lifted her up with his bare hands and took her away from Dean. People who just stared them from far away didn't know what to do. Suddenly, the church became so cold. Dean stood there alone watching Josh and Lara were leaving and gone.

Josh was riding the car while Lara took a nap on the back sit. They were back to the hotel and Josh right away call for early plane tickets for tomorrow morning. In that moment, he back to Lara who's in the bed, Josh sat next to her, "Lara, sugar, are you awake?"

Lara still wept but she turned around and look at Josh, "You knew it, didn't you?" Josh took a silent. Lara said then, "That's why you never worried of me leaving you."

Josh replied, "I can't make you choose me. It's all yours, Lara. I know you love him. That's why I couldn't ask you to marry me, before you find him back into your life."

Lara didn't know what's that mean, that suddenly Josh showed a little black box and opened it in front of her, who's still laying on bed, "Oh my God," she said.

Josh said, "These both are our wedding rings." Josh looked into Lara eyes, "We've been set the day, the fitting dress, the cake, the party, the whole trip of our honey moon, you were there when you prepared all of those things. You're so excited of marrying me. You smile, laugh, and mad at me, honestly, I'm in love with you, every day." Lara hands touched those rings, her hands were shaken. "But, I don't want to lie to you. I never meant to. Lara who I'm gonna marry is Lara with her smart talks, never give up, big laughs, and never stop believe in me. And now, the woman in front of me, right now, is she still the same girl?"

Josh left the little box with Lara and he slept on the living room. The plane was 9 AM and Josh just skipped. He woke up at 7.30 AM. The road to the airport need an hour, so he right away jumped out from the sofa and he walked to the bedroom. He found Lara was already dress up, standing in front of a mirror.

Lara asked, "Do you love me?" Her legs were shaking.

Josh just stood at the door room, he stared at Lara who's struggling, he's wondered for how long she's been awake early to dress up with that condition.

Lara asked, "Even when I was trying to marry the other man?"

Josh said, "Yes."

Lara asked, she looked into the mirror, "Do you think I'm pretty? Do you want to marry me?"

Josh said, "Yes."

Lara asked, "Do you want to marry me, and then saying those words? have and to hold, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and,"she lost her balance but her hands hanging to the mirror, Josh not even one step tried to help her. And, Lara knew it, she constantly breathe with return her balancing to stand. She made it, "and in love, cherish, until death do us apart..."

She started to talk again, but the Josh said, "I do." Lara looked to Josh, Josh said, "Since the first time I bumped to you." Josh wants to hold her but she asked to stay there. 

She started walking to him. She walked and saying, "I'm still me." Then she arrived hugging Josh.

Josh whispered, "Thank you, Lara. Thank you." He kissed her forehead, "Let's go back home."

Lara said, "Yes, let's go back home."

Later, Josh went out from the hotel room with Lara was in her arms, they get into the elevator. On the lobby, there's Dean standing, both Lara and Josh saw him, but Lara said, "Don't stop."

Josh said, "I won't."

She replied, "We still can do this."


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