Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

The Last Tower

"The town was so dark.  And, if someone have visited, then you're not alone.... find me at the last tower."

My experience might started at the mall of the town.
The Mall Maze

There's one a mall, lots of labyrinth elevators that makes you want to find a lift for just to go up or down to another level of the mall. But, it turns out, the lift you found was the scariest lift you've ever lifted in. It lifts so fast and makes people and you frightened.

It's more like bigger than this one, but yes, no doors.

There way out from the mall was the right wing of the mall, but you need to get out from the are of the mall with walk to the front gate, the front mall. All the way you walk to the front gate, you will crossing The Memoirs of Childhood Garden.

The Memoirs of Childhood Garden.

Or, if you just so tired to find the right wing because of the labyrinth you should walk through, then you can get the exit door in any level. But, it leads you to the parking lot building. You still need find the way to the basement, because that's the only way out from the building. You will get out from the back gate, and that gate was the most busy place you will ever see, the local market was there. If you want to get the vehicle, you will stuck with the traffic. Then, you can just walk and enjoy the market, most of them selling old books, vegetables, fishes, old junks, traditional snacks, and black market goods. That last thing, you should be careful. People are watching. And, the worst part is the dark and rainy.

Dark and Rainy, the back gate.

So, I guess it's better you just take the front gate, because even you take the whole devastated labyrinth inside the mall and need to walk through your memoirs of childhood at the garden, the front gate is sunny and warm. It's very empty road which if you get the vehicle, you'll just find your home right away.

The Sunny Dau, the front gate.

Well, beware with the left and right side of gates, they also have the gate to let you out, but the weather always storm and thunder, sometimes you'll just get another labyrinth of time that will take you to this Empty Parking Lot. Lots of vehicles there, but you feel it's empty out from nowhere feeling. SO, just be careful.

a parking lot sometimes be a creepy place.

This mall was with several levels and buildings. My favorite level was the penthouse, that after you get out from the scary lift, you'll enjoy the best treatment from this penthouse experience. People inside the penthouse were young adults. And, actually you don't need to worry any dark or devastated labyrinth around here, because there will be none. Things you should be worry was the people inside the penthouse, each of them gives you some relationship issues.

It suppose to be fun, but not at all.

Under the penthouse level, there's this Two Sides level, one for the Cinema, another for the Adventureland/Timezone. My first time on this level was get to the Cinema, there's about three studios, I guess, and I went one of them. The screen just like IMAX, so big and lots of audiences, but looks like a demolition place. I didn't remember the movie I watch either, but it's about a plane crash or something, something adventure. I then walked out from the studio and it's basically a road to the another side of that level, the Adventureland/Timezone.

Just like this color place.

It looks like a zoo and full of traps. I found lots of great machines to play, but for several times I came, I always hate the Niagara Game. You get into this one boat that flow with the rush river and suddenly the boat just turn around, and I should swim with the rush water that push me through, at the end I end up around the mud, so devastating. No doubt the Adventureland/Timezone had a few passengers, I barely found people long the way around that place. Then, I'll just back to the penthouse and slept. But, because the devastated day always give me bad dreams.

Under the Two Sides level, there's the escalator right away went to Food Court. At night, it was the most romantic place, candles and the breezes, but on the daylight, only A&W that open, I wondered.

Under the Food Court, there's Store Department level. It's getting darker, but this place I most enjoy, first time I got in, many things I want to buy. At the first time I thought this place will be great, but suddenly it always asked me to right away finish my shopping time. My last time was there's the midnight sale, I'm with someone I dear, but he was sick, I should be happy with that midnight sale, but he was dropped and all I could do just asking for help and hugged him to comfort him. Well, let's see any enjoyment with the mall?  I bet so.

as messy as all of these food.

Under the Department Store, there's the Bookstore, very complete one. And under the Bookstore level, I mean, there's also this special round ring stairs to go the under level, that you don't need any lift or labyrinth elevator,  well, and finally to the last ground level, the Stores Level. Most of them Branded Stores. And, that's all.

The place was almost like a real place, called Lello Bookshop,Porto, Portugal.

The vehicles of town, local transports like taxi and bus, but my favorite is the train. The train will take you so fast around the whole town. But beware for the time tracks. This town has four seasons. My latest time to the town, I was with the train, with some people I dears. Though fast, we all take the town of Winter Season.

Snowpiercer Train.

I was fought with one of my dear, that made us lost the time track of the train. So, we all took the bus. And, well, if you know, there's the cliff sides through the beach and the seas.

Yupp, the breeze just so comforting.

I once came to see boats and ships at night, and they all wonderful.

sweet and calm.

I still know not better about this town, but what I want you to know is my last time was there's this a horrified disaster happened to this town. As I knew, a few were survived. Me and my dears survived. It came from the sea sides, a float. A tsunamis.


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