Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Disclosure: Part I "The Relationship"

Dean and Lara were the couple, in case the title needed. So, basically it's not even "No Strings Attached". They were  just simply a man and a woman who being a couple by accident since first time they were met. People thought they both were couple, Both Dean and Lara have the same common things that made people found they both romantic to be together. But, none of them notice the feeling, even people around them never telling.

So, this story, starts with Dean was attending his high school reunion, while Lara was the Event Organizer of the reunion. Dean was an attractive local known-musician. That night, he was presenting his playing with piano. People are amazed. In that time, the inviting-artist to play right after Dean's performing was cancelled. Lara was got a phone call in front of Dean and she cried. Dean comforted her, while people around them asking if Lara is Dean's girlfriend. That night, Dean helped Lara to be not-payed artist the whole night for the event. 

Ever since that day, both of them exchange their phone numbers. As the Event Organizer, Lara got called by Dean's manager if there's any great events so Dean could get into it. Lara helped him, and since then both of them kind of partners in work. Well, with Dean's being famous and Lara became a socialite woman, people knowledge both of them were close and fit to be together. Both Dean and Lara always got the same invitation of event and both of them bumped the whole night event to chat and laugh together. People never distracted them, because they thought Dean and Lara were just madly in love couple.

One day, Lara was walking in the morning, on the road talking with phone, chat with Dean, they both were going to have a breakfast together. Suddenly, Lara bumped with a man shoulder, that's when she fell in love at the first sight, with an executive entrepreneur, Josh. Josh was one of most people who knows the relationship between Dean and Lara, at that local town, which means nobody didn't know about Dean and Lara, the most favorite couple on socialite life. Sadly, Lara didn't know about Josh. The bump made Lara's phone call got crashed and Josh asked so he could replace the new one. Sadly, with the little conversation, Lara was actually already across the breakfast place, Dean saw the scene so he just right away came out to get her. Dean was such a nice person, so he greeted Josh and stuffs, but so quick, like for a moment Lara forgot her first sight love with Josh and just follow Dean's gesture to end the conversation. Dean was a very attractive person, a heart-stealing. He knows how to treat a woman. So, Lara just totally into Dean forgot about Josh. 

That night, there's another socialite event, and Josh seeing Dean and Lara. People were talking about both of them, how they're just not like any socialites, they always spend the moment to be together, like there's nothing between them. Whenever they both were in the same conversation with a group, both of their speech complementary to one another, they looks like a married couple. On that night, Josh saw Lara already got a new phone. Josh seemed drink with a lot of thoughts. While Dean was gone, Josh came to Lara. Then suddenly, for the first time, people found another attractive person who's with Lara. As an executive entrepreneur, Josh was from a capital city, and continuing the family effort.
Josh told Lara, "I think I should ask you on a date, sometimes."
Lara was falling in love,again. She said, "I'm not kind of a date person. I mean, we can get the breakfast, lunch, and dinner together. But, on a date, well, I don't know."
Josh was surprised, he said, "I'll show you. I mean, I know some romantic places of this little town. Have you ever spend at those places with Dean?"
Lara said, "Oh, we're actually never like romantic date places. We thought we will never beat those madly in love couples while me and Dean, we're just hang out."
Both of them were laughing together and Josh last conversation was, "If I know you're not with Dean, I should ask you long time ago."
Lara said, "I'm with Dean, we're kind of, well, I guess."
Josh said, "Just this one time date. You won't regret it."
Lara smiled, "Alright."
While Dean was walking back to Lara, he found that scene, he's jealous.

When Dean drove Lara home, it was their first time on fight. Lara told Dean that she could just got home later with Josh but Dean said it's his responsibility for his partner came back home save just the exact time before they went to the event. Then, Lara started asking the reason Dean bought her the new phone and Dean said that both of them already talked about it this afternoon, but Lara then telling the truth that it's not his responsibility to be good for everything to her. Dean was so angry until he pull aside the car and get out. Lara came out and asked Dean, "Are we on relationship or something?" Lara eyes looked just cried, but she smiled at him and saying she was sorry starting the fight first. "Please, could we just make up our mind, honestly?"

Dean started to talk, "I never found a friendship with any woman, the way you did. The way that you always be honest with your thoughts, how you let me be who I am in front of you or the way I like to be around of the people, you never asking me to be someone else. And, the way you always trying for me, I mean for real, I just helped you once the first time we met, then suddenly it looks like I've been using you for all the time. My career, has been successful since you help my manager, then not even once you ask something in return, just this little gesture, the way you want to be with me, to be around me, and chat with me, and I realized how wonderful and cool this woman. I am the most lucky man on the earth. Then suddenly, I saw you with another man, it felt something different. For all this time, maybe those little gestures you've done to me actually the really meaning of our relationship. Nothing special."

Lara answered, "I don't know what to say, Dean. For all this time, I simply do what I feel good. To be with you also the greatest time I've ever have. What then, do you want? What is it? What do you want me to be?"

Dean said, "I don't want you to be anything, I want you to tell me what to do."

Lara said, "We're not in the relationship or anything. And, you're not owe me anything. If this phone is the way how you look of our relationship, I'll throw it away." Lara gave up that new phone and it crashed. "See, you don't owe me anything. Don't do that anymore. I love to be who I am while I'm with you, not because the works or socialite. Not ever..."

Dean hugged her, "What are we, now?" Then, both of them took a silent. Lara and Dean never do "No Strings Attached" so, basically their relationship just being best friends. "I think we better get home." He said. He waited until Lara got into the car, then he get into the car. "Let me help you with the seatbelt." He said. 

Lara asked, "Do you think our relationship will be work out?"

Dean said, "I don't know. I think we better not seeing each other, first." 

Lara was surprised. Then, she just took in silent. Dean just put the seatbelt to Lara and himself, he started the car and back to the road. Lara started to cry, Dean, at this time, not comforting her again. Lara just took some tissues from her pouch and hid those cries. She even didn't know what to do, so she started to let her hand turn on the cd player, Dean's second album, the year of working with Lara. 

At the time, suddenly Dean's hand held Lara's hand. Dean then said, "Please, stop crying."

Lara asked, "If that's what you want." Lara pulled her hand away from his hand.

Dean looked into Lara, "I'm really sorry... LARA!!!"

That's the real accident came, the big-empty local bus, the driver fell asleep and got crossing the other road. The first hit was Lara's side. Their car got crushed and it's just so quick, both of them fainted. 


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