Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia


This account had become my achievements to be on movie and music department.
No wonder, all of my tweets on this account was amazing.
I thought, "There must be people who really appreciated with my tweet because for almost 6 years, I have 298 followers in the end of my time.
I don't know anything like this, but it would be the most treasure ever.
I won't forget.
Well, then, it must our ends, too.
I'm not a person who will work around movie or music industry, that's the whole reason why I should deactivate it.
I'm not going to, either.
#hwaaahhh even to tell these words, my heart was aching. I couldn't even cry.
Many people think that it's only a hobby or nearer those thoughts.
It's not. It's my wish to come true.
I want to work on movie and music industry.
But, I couldn't achieve them because all I have was my knowledge.
No tools or experience. Just skills without supports.
So, then, well it must ends, right here, right now.
I work so hard to keep this big thing, but no one would tell me to run or reach it.
What will you do if you're on relationship but people around you never support them?
True love will fight for it, right?
I did, too.
But, I'm not really that tough.
Even now, all I could do just being silent when people asking about movies with me.
In my head, I would say, "Why should I care about those questions? It's not going to be mean something for me."
(Oh, I cried)
And, whenever I giving up of something, I won't look back.
I hate to see those beautiful memories.
I'm going to destruct those things from my head.
Maybe one day, people will brag me like, "Are you stupid? Why you giving up, so easily?"
I know. It's better than never moving on.
He asked me, "What do you want?"
All I want
All I need
is something that no one could ever support it.
Those whole going around the world, that's what I can still in hope.
I've become someone that so coward.
I hate it.
Just because I couldn't reach my own dream.
Let's end this.
So many teardrops have been dropped for this post.
I would like to thank you to all my cinematography friends, movie fans like me, and even they now got their dreams.
While, I'm stuck.
It's not like I really did stuck. The opportunities are so many.
I just, don't have any guts.
It's all my faults and as I said, I surely might regret it.
Just because I'm a coward.
I can't be a coward anymore.
"If I can't reach this my ultimate dream, doesn't mean I have to keep become coward. Let's be realistic."
Ah, reality, they said, "You are smart and become anything."
I will. I will become somebody.
My achievement: Not coward.
He asked me, "What do you want?"

#nowplaying Kodaline - All I Want

All I want- Kodaline


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