Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Ho Sun and July

It's a ballad story. Too dramatic. Beyond normal people will go to have experience. So, bear with it.

July *me* is putting the smartphone in front of her.
Ho Sun just dribbles the basketball around the field. He plays it very well.
July captured Ho Sun looks while he playin'. Ho Sun knew July captured his moves.
Ho Sun came to her and July suddenly stopped her doing.
"Why you taking pictures?"
"No one believes me that you're really good on pictures."
"What is that suppose to mean?"
"One day, you're going to be a famous athlete and all girls being your fans. Me, I'll be the one who sits in front of my living room sofa and glad, we've several pictures together."
Ho Sun then laughed.
"Well, let's take pictures, together."
July face is blushing. They both take pictures together.
"Huaah... I look so handsome."
"I told you."
"You look so pretty, too."
"I'm not."
"Why you saying that? You hesitate of the words from the person who handsome as you said?"
"Well, in case you didn't know, I'm easy to love. Like if you say that, I already falling to you."
"So, I make my space."
"Why? Do you think I don't love you?"
"Can you?"
"I better never want you to become famous, too. It means all boys will want you."
"Yeah, sure. Believe me, if that happens, I already married with another guy."
Ho Sun surprises.
"I won't let you marry the wrong guy."
"That's a relieve."
July jump to the field.
"Pass me the ball."
Ho Sun gives it.
"Remember this time, Ho Sun. This ball is like our time, right now. Our time is like a ticking bomb."
"What about it?"
July dribbling it.
"Ho Sun, Ho Sun, Ho Sun, Ho Sun."
Then, July stops the dribble.
"July, July, July, July."
And, July throws the ball back to Ho Sun.
"What's happening?"
"We're going to blow up and one of us will just get the step down."
"I don't know. Might be you or me."
Ho Sun jumps to the field.
"I know if I'm getting mad or when you stop talking, like we never meant to be together."
"We fight, we hurt one another. That's the worst, right?"
"You don't have courage to be with me?"
"Ho Sun ~a, it's not like we're ready right now."
July takes the ball from his hand, but Ho Sun holds it.
"Long distance relationship never really works."
"Unless we both are hopeless romantic. And, we are."
"For how long should I wait?"
Ho Sun let go his strength from the ball.
"See, so easy gets trembling."
Ho Sun then, take away the ball from July's hand and throw it far away.
"Ah...what are you doing?"
"Defuse the bomb."
"Really... It seems like we not defuse it but we let it blow, just far away."
"Yes. You know, because when we're fight, we hurt one another, we make scars. No one can help it. And even it's a long trip, far distance, give me a chance to proof you wrong."
"About what?"
"I'm faithful man."
July closed her eyes.
"I don't want to hear it, anymore, Ho Sun."
"Why you close your eyes?
"When the bomb is ticking and it blown up, it's really a fast way to not feel the pain. When it happen, I like to embrace it, close my eyes."
Ho Sun shake July's shoulder.
"Look at me! July, look at me!"
July opens her eyes.
"It's frustrating!"
"You blow up the bomb, so let's end this."
"I don't want it."
"Let's break up! I'm okay if we break up."
Ho Sun hugs her.
"If we break up, I will hate you very much."
"Of course."
"Why you make me want to do it, so bad?"
"I don't want to be with you. Get over me."
July pushes Ho Sun away.
"You make me hate you all the time and I still want you. Now, you break up with me. Is it even fair?"
"When bomb got blown up, it never be fair. Just like car crash or airplane went down. Nothing's will be fair, Ho Sun ~a."
"That's right. Nor you! I will not give of what you want."
July went silent, again.
"I will be the best athlete in Korea, I will be a famous and have so many fans. And, you are still my girl. We won't break up."
"How can I stop you?"
"Kill me, then."
July cried. Ho Sun didn't know how to react for her crying. But, he still urge about it.
"Kill me then and you can be free. But, until then, you won't love anybody except me..."
"I can't love someone that never know when he might make it to return!"
"How you say such things?"
"I heard it. There will be war and to make it at peace, this international game will give the chance for peace. But, you are all won't return. For this peace decision will disgrace Korea. That's why, they choose all great athletes without the related members around."
"And, you're the daughter of the nation."
"Do you think I will wait for you?"
Ho Sun stops to answer. He let July be alone. He walks to the basketball. He back to July's place with dribble it. 
"For what your father decision and you will follow him?"
July already washed her tears.
"Like that ball, Ho Sun ~a. It's all your fault. Why you take it into the team?"
"I will return. I will back for you."
He dribbles the ball in front of her.
"Listen this sound when the ball touch the surface and there the sound of steel ringing. Remember this sound. That's how to make you keep believe I will return to you."
"For how long?"
"If you return, they will shoot you."
"They will shoot wrong person, but I will come back to you."
"I will not endure it. Goodbye, Ho Sun ~a."
July then turned around, she started to walk away.
"In seventh month, seven years and if at that time I didn't return, don't hesitate to stop waiting me."
July stopped to walk. Ho Sun keeps shouting.
"Please, wait for me."
Ho Sun let go the ball, and the ball just walk away, while Ho Sun walks to July. He arrived and hug her from behind.
"Let me go."
July with slightly remove his hug from behind and run.
Ho Sun starts to cry. His last sight seeing from July was her back who never turn around to him.

Suddenly, there's a phone ringing behind him. Ho Sun realized it was July's ringtone. He found her smartphone left. "July..." He started to grab the phone and wants to run follow her.
But, when he look to the screen, he stop. It was someone, Ho Sun surely decided to pick it up. And that man's voice starts to talk,
"July, where are you?"
Ho Sun found it so funny.
"Why are you even care, Hyungnim?"
The man's voice silent for seconds.
"Ho Sun?"
"Why you have July's phone? How do you know her? You both know each other all this time?"
"Ho Sun, is it really you? Where's July?"
"Do you think I will tell you where is she?"
"If she's with you, she might be in danger, Ho Sun."
"His father will come and get you, you will be send earlier. If he sees you with July, July will be send back to the facility."
Ho Sun struggles. Suddenly, there's the cars arrived and lots of men in black arrived and around the field.
"For your sake, Ho Sun."
Then, Ho Sun hang up. As this old man walks closer, Ho Sun turned off the phone and hides it in his jeans pocket.
"Good day, Jo Ho Sun."
Ho Sun bow down to the man.
"Are you playing here, alone?"
"Yes, Sir."
"Well, thankfully."
"Why you come here, Sir?"
"We will send you early, this evening."
"This evening?"
"Any doubts?"
"Why, Sir?"
"Just precaution. You're the leader of the team, our nation depending on you. We will support you with our best facilities and coach, they're already being prepared."
"Thank you, Sir."
"It's not like we're really worry, but to see you here train yourself, alone, I'm touch."
Suddenly the old man hugs him.
"I'm proud of you, Son."

From behind, July comes back.
Ho Sun was in shocked.
July who runs so fast, she surprised and from far she stop. She knows that old man is her father.
"You are really just like my own son, if I had one."
"If you have a son, he also must be proud to you, Sir."
The old man releasing Ho Sun. His hand still left on Ho Sun's left shoulder.
"A brilliant left-handed basket player. Such an honor. Well, let's go."
The old man starts to leave Ho Sun, and he talks not far, with one of the men in black.

Ho Sun and July staring each other from far. Without movements.
"Is she left the phone on purpose?"

From far, July starts crying, again.
"Now, you know how much I really want it ends, Ho Sun ~a?"

The old man back to Ho Sun. With quickly, July hides herself at the bushes near her.
"What is it, Ho Sun? What are you looking at?"
"Nothing, Sir."

In bushes, July felt so guilty.
"To love you so much, that's my fault. If only ever we never met."


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