Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia


It's a very big white room.
July stands alone.
Jaesung comes to her and kiss her forehead.
July smiles.
Choyun stands from far with a sad face.
In front of him there's his young brother, died, lie down, already in blue.
A slide memory, his young brother wants to jump off the cliff.
Choyun screams, "Sunju!" and he jumped with his young brother.
July and Jaesung found another side of the room, Choyun's the one who became the cold body.
Sunju cried, "I am sorry, Hyung! Hyung, wake up! Please, come back!"
Then, there's a big mirror behind of Sunju, and when it comes inside the mirror, it was Choyun who cried for Sunju's death.
Choyun look to both of couple and point out somewhere else.

Seuhan suddenly appears and pulls the trigger.
In front of him there's July *me*.
Seuhan asked, "Do you want to die?"
July looked into Seuhan with in shock, and there's a big mirror behind Seuhan.
A slide memory, Seuhan and July were married, have a wedding cake, together.
Jaesung was the one who standing behind the happy couple, with angry face.
July back to Seuhan with sad face.
Choyun from far still sobbing with asking his young brother's dead body, "Let's die, together."
A slide memory, July and Seuhan were in car, suddenly another car accidentally hit them.
Seuhan screamed. July closed her eyes, waiting.
After the accident, July was trapped inside the car while Seuhan looks terrified with bleeding body.
Someone out from nowhere, came to Seuhan and in front of July, the mysterious man shot Seuhan's head.
July was hysterical. That someone comes near. He got a peek, it was Jaesung.
While July being point with the gun from Seuhan, behind her, there's Jaesung.
Jaesung was so frightened.
A slide memory, Jaesung was smiling and ready to shoot July, too.

When alternate life gives you the same options but with opposite roles.
Which one will you choose better?

1. The reason they're arrived on the looping's life is because they need to find the reason they died
2. The looping's life will give a different condition, looks like an alternative life, but it's actually the same life, the same situation, the same tragedy, the same scripts.
3. Preventing the tragedy won't stop for the tragedy undo unless someone else becomes the substitute for the tragedy.
5. Once they knew the reason they died, they have to die exactly the way they once died.
6. The looping's life results will change the life memories they've been departed from. Indeed, they have died.

"Suppermassive black hole...that's what these people sing about."
"Bermuda Triangle... I thought that's where anomaly place nowadays!"
"They said it's the abyss, comes when we wouldn't know."

The Interview

Choyun really knows about it, "Surely, it is a glass. Like a glass and it's cold. It's like a thin sharp cold glass, I couldn't take it, I thought I'm dead if I went through it."
But, then July said, "It's like a bullet went into your head. A big heat starting on your forehead, then there's like a knife went through you head into two. Just then, hurt of the whole body but because how great the pain you must endure, you don't know anymore if that's your body or someone's body anymore."
"Is that how you feel the moment you jump into another world?"
Choyun confirms, "That's right. I was jumped to save Sujun, and we both fell to the sea. The water is really cold, I think that's where the thin sharp and cold glass feeling came from."
But, then July said, "Jaesung is not like that. He would never hate me that way. I believe it was all just a dream. I love Jaesung, we're going to marry this December. The one that I'm worry about was Seuhan. Why he acts like me and him as a couple?"
"So, the alternate life's people will remember about their past life, right?"
Choyun starts crying, "I'll never forget the moment I couldn't save my Sunju. My little brother just died and lied at the shore, and I'm the one who still alive. I couldn't save him, I couldn't save him. So, when suddenly I found myself in the future, I was so frightened but the truth is things around me happened exactly the same. I'm still Sunju's brother, and the cliff was still there."
July explained, "I know about Seuhan. He's a wonderful person, the first person who saved my life. But, then, Jaesung said he was my fiancĂ©, before I lost my memory. So, that might be true because everyone confirmed about it, even Seuhan. It's not like I never feel anything with Seuhan but I'm pretty sure, now, the relationship of me and Seuhan were just a dream. A bad, joseon era, and sad dream, that's all. It's really like historical drama, right? Now, I'm really very happy with me and Jaesung. He's everything to me."
"So, they said if you finished the puzzle, there will be a way to coming back."
Choyun accepting, "I know. I will return, but my young brother won't be live, right?"
July got confused, "Come back, puzzle? What are you guys talking about?"
"Don't you guys know, whatever choices you make, they will end the same?"
Choyun replied, "No, it's not the same. In here, I'll make sure our Sunju won't suicide."
July asked, "If I choose Jaesung, then Seuhan will kill me?" 
"What will you do if it's the same result, I mean, what if it's still the same?"
Choyun smiled, "Then, I must be the one who do the sacrifice, right?"
"What about you, July?"
July then asked, "What exactly am I doing wrong?"
"Don't you know?"
July confused, "I didn't know. I thought, there must be a thing that someone really wants me to die, right? I mean, if my dream was real, then why Jaesung wants to kill me? And, if it will be the same situation gonna happen, why Seuhan wants to kill me?"
"I'm not sure, July. Could it be blind-love?"
July laughed, "That's insane. There's still such thing?"
Choyun told her, "My young brother was in very depression, he's insane. That's why I need to save him."
"I think this is my last question. Why then the reason you're being sent to the alternate life?"
Choyun simply saying, "Because I'm already dead. I believe, this is simply just an unfinished business matter. To let the heroic character die in peace, right?"
"Yes. It must be."
July was in woe, "If the dream was real? Well, my answer is because there's love, true love. They said, true love won't lose even with death."
"Then, if your dream was real, why in the alternate life, you choose to be with someone else, the one who suppose to kill you?"
July smiled, "Well, if the dream was real and what you guys saying it's true. I guess, I'll just have to keep alive."
Choyun looked into July, "You're going to live, July."
July smiled, "Of course. I'm going to live. I will show this blackhole whatever this anomaly thing, we're going to let it down and let us be at peace."
"At peace... Well, that's comforting. Thank you, then, for the interview."


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