Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Troubles Lovin' Her (Draft) Ep.5

Choi Tae Jun is staring at Kim Soo Joo as if Kim Soo Joo must hide of something. Kim Soo Joo then laughed, "What are you looking at?" Choi Tae Jun was startled like he is being caught. So Choi Tae Jun replied quickly, "It's nothing. It's just a foolish sight. Like your look remember me of someone." Choi Tae Jun quickly turn off the tape. Kim Soo Joo back just staring at Choi Tae Jun.  Choi Tae Jun back to drive. Choi Tae Jun drove Kim Soo Joo to the apartment. Choi Tae Jun asked if that's the household and Kim Soo Joo said yes, even she said, "It's even my first time to bring a man drive me home." Choi Tae Jun was surprised. Kim Soo Joo asked if Choi Tae Jun wants to come for a moment. But, Choi Tae Jun said, no. Choi Tae Jun waited Kim Soo Joo gets into the apartment but Choi Tae Jun then asked, "I never tell anyone about how I ... we talk about it. I don't even know why I can suddenly talk honestly with you." Kim Soo Joo just replied, "I'm sure I can keep our chats alone. Thank you for everything, Choi Tae Jun ssi." Kim Soo Joo gets in to the apartment and Choi Tae Jun drive himself home.

Park Dong Ha and Song Han Seul were still talking around the puppet festival. Song Han Seul asked how come Moon Na Ra can easily attached to Park Dong Ha. Park Dong Ha explained that Moon Na Ra is not what he thought, an easy girl, in fact Moon Na Ra is a smart woman and very intelligent. Park Dong Ha came because of Choi Tae Wook invites him to the Moon's party event. That's the first time Park Dong Ha met Choi Seung Yeon. Choi Seung Yeon was very impressed with Park Dong Ha's footage with Kim Seo Jeon about the book and evidence for the secret conference. As Choi Seung Yeon talks, Moon's family come and the first thing Moon Na Ra said to him was about Park Dong Ha could be in Kim Seo Jeon's side or double agent. Moon Na Ra was her father's secretary, anything the party things, she organized them all. Moon Na Ra was so great in spying, digging, and thinks if he's really a double agent. Moon Na Ra then made herself wonder into Park Dong Ha, who's nothing to hide. Park Dong Ha said to Song Han Seul, "I told her I'm friend with you and her ex, Choi Tae Jun. Then, she came with kind of surprise, she never found a man who hides nothing." Song Han Seul asked if there's nothing Park Dong Ha really hides. And, Park Dong Ha smiles saying there's nothing he hides. Song Han Seul very in hope if their plan is going made it. Song Han Seul explained, "The plan to find the truth behind Kim Seul Bi's death." Park Dong Ha then remember about Song Han Seul rejected Moon Na Ra's engagement so he asked if Song Han Seul is still in love with Kim Seul Bi. Song Han Seul replied, "Look this festival. If I don't love her, I wouldn't be here. She was my first love." Park Dong Ha also still has affection to Kim Seul Bi because the singing, remind him about his mother. After all, Park Dong Ha couldn't defeat the first love of Song Han Seul. In fact, Park Dong Ha's mind disturbed by Kim Soo Joo. The scene he found Kim Soo Joo's grabbing Choi Tae Jun's hand or Kim Soo Joo went home with Choi Tae Jun. Song Han Seul asked if it's okay if Park Dong Ha gets close to Moon Na Ra. Song Han Seul was concern if Park Dong Ha might have someone he likes, a girl. Park Dong Ha smiled by saying, "Don't worry about me, lad. I believe what I have chose to do."

Moon Na Ra gets home with his father to the home. Moon Na Ra tells about everything for tomorrow schedule. Her father starts saying, "You can clear your schedule with me. I can see you have interest with the young man, Park Dong Ha. Why don't you ask him if he can spend more time with you, tomorrow. The publicity really ask for both of you relationship if it's true." Moon Na Ra then smiles and as his father goes in to the house, Moon Na Ra makes text to Park Dong Ha. Park Dong Ha was driving home. He got the text in car, the car speaks and Park Dong Ha rather replying back, he calls Moon Na Ra. Moon Na Ra was surprised. She answered, "Well, I never thought you will answer it, right away." Moon Na Ra was pretty sure Park Dong Ha will reject him just like Song Han Seul because of he is a friend of Song Han Seul very closely. But, Park Dong Ha really answered, "I have times after work. I will pick you." And, after the calling, Moon Na Ra seems really hapy, while Park Dong Ha seems pretending to be happy.

Tomorrow morning, PD comes to Kim Soo Joo's desk, they're talking about Kim Soo Joo first to be an editor, "Well, Kim Soo Joo. Choi Tae Wook really wonders about your skill to find great fiction. For this month, you will become an editor, your goal is to publish a new novel from a new writer. So many people in our nation try to publish their novel, so many drafts always being sent to our publisher company. But, not everyone is lucky. Can you do it?" Of course, Kim Soo Joo said yes to PD Yeoh To Da. Then, all the three partners came to Kim Soo Joo's desk.
First, Mamoru:
"The first time I got this task, it was really horrible. I got 18 drafts from the first week like I thought I have to read all of these drafts, for each has 300 pages. And worst, none of them were good. So, I tried again on the second week, none of them were even better. So, I've read 50 drafts by two weeks and none of them, none of them. Until, I said to myself if I can try to seek one of my writer friend who never publish the book, so I came to my old college, find my junior, he has the draft. I like it, he made it. So, sometimes if you in a dead end, a relative can be the way out."
Then, Ciel:
"If you want to publish your own book, you can."
The last was Nal Da Rim:
"It's just one of your lifetime. So, make sure the story is really what you really want to be in publish. The consequence if it's not good, you're wasting papers. Recycling, you know. Go green. You had one job. Mamoru did publish his junior novel and it's not bad, but after that hi junior gain popularity to becometh a critic in national newspaper. Ciel, he published his own novel, and he's now a successful writer. While, I'm... I'm the one who failed. But, I learned. After I failed, I found one of drafts in Ciel's desk. I asked PD Yeoh to publish the novel and he impressed. A month might not be the troubles for you, Kim Soo Joo ssi, don't worry. Take your time."
Kim Soo Joo got the lesson, so she tried to read about 20 drafts in a week, that turns out, in 3 days, she done 20 drafts. Kim Soo Joo then even in the 4th day, she brought those drafts to home. She drown to her job. While on her way out from the building, she accidentally drop those drafts before she reached to the lobby door, but then, because she was in the side of the corner, no ones really see it, until she found Park Dong Ha is going out and meet Moon Na Ra outside the building. They said it's been official about their both relationship. Just as the couple went out from the building, someone's appear, "Let me help you, Kim Soo Joo ssi." It's Choi Tae Jun. Kim Soo Joo was surprised but she found both Park Dong Ha and Moon Na Ra have gone. Choi Tae Jun asked if Kim Soo Joo needs help that he's free so he would love to drive her home. Kim Soo Joo really needs help so she couldn't reject it. Choi Tae Jun even really take those drafts alone so Kim Soo Joo can walk right. Choi Tae Jun walks to outside the building and thought both couple has gone, they're not. They're waiting for their car. Kim Soo Joo was really in bad looking, she just look down. That's the first time Moon Na Ra met Kim Soo Joo.

Moon Na Ra was asking, "You've finally moving on." Choi Tae Jun didn't want to say anything so he just asking Kim Soo Joo to enter the car. Even, their car was not yet arrived. Kim Soo Joo took a glimpse of sight to Park Dong Ha, as always, she adored him from far and looking at Moon Na Ra, Kim Soo Joo couldn't believe the man he adores fell to the enemy of Kim's family. And, Park Dong Ha for a moment can find the upset from Kim Soo Joo. It made him shows his sad face, too. Choi Tae Jun and Kim Soo Joo left and Park Dong Ha's car came.
In Choi Tae Jun car, Choi Tae Jun chatted, "Your previous lover really is something. I don't think I can handle it even in a minute. He even looks like an important person in this company. He was just less a year to be in this place. Thanks to my grandfather." Kim Soo Joo a.k.a. Kim Seul Bi really intersted with the topic. So, rather ask him to bring her home, she asked him if he can drop him to her grandmother's book shop. Choi Tae Jun suprised that Kim Soo Joo had a grandmother. Kim Soo Joo said, "All I have are my roommates and my grandmother." So, they arrived in the old books market. Choi Tae Jun arrived in the book shop and the grandmother was thought that Choi Tae Jun is Kim Soo Joo's boyfriend, she said, "She's never bring any men to this shop. So, you must be her boyfriend." Kim Soo Joo denied but the way Kim Soo Joo looks blushed made Choi Tae Jun didn't help to defense the issue. He's really great to  respect old men attitudes. Choi Tae Jun helped the grandmother to tidy some bookshelves while Kim Soo Joo reads drafts. 

Choi Tae Jun then chatted there's one book, he found. 
"1987, Toni Morrison, Beloved. I read this book. Very long ago. The story of post-traumatic after slavery, relationship between a mother and a daughter. The depression to repressing all the horrible past made someone turns to lost their own identities. The most horrified situation for a character to live. And yet, it made me realize how much pain for a parent couldn't bond with her children for circumstances. Hardly to say, the dramatic ending made me couldn't see if the hero character can deserve a better ending if the youngest daughter can do something else, fight for her mother."
The grandmother replied, "Yes, it was such dramatic end. For a woman who was so much in pain."
Choi Tae Jun replied, "For a parent who desperate to be bond with her lost children."
Kim Soo Joo was surprised with what book Choi Tae Jun chose, "It won Pulitzer Price for Fiction in 1988. A parent and the child relationship. Yes, it is."
Then, Kim Soo Joo remembered about what Nal Da Rim said that to make sure it is the story that she really wants to made in publish. Kim Soo Joo was extremely enchanted with the enlightenment Choi Tae Jun gave. 
In fact, Choi Tae Jun also got another enlightenment, "Who doesn't like for senior writers reunion?"
And he decided for making the book fair with reunion with old writer, "And this market for old books is really match with the theme of the event. By the end of the month, I would like to make this happen."

The feedback from senior writers of the nation, they really give positive feedback. The market is even gets lots of visitors. All departments from KaYu Books Publisher  is really in busy. But, it gives really great excitement for the whole nation. Choi Tae Jun's name is rising, and for once he made himself busy without in thought of Moon Na Ra. While Choi Tae Jun suddenly stole the public attention insted the relationship between her and Park Dong Ha, it made Moon Na Ra in absurd. But, anyways, Park Dong Ha actually found the place of the market, it was the favorite place for Song Han Seul and Kim Seul Bi search for old books. 
Song Han Seul also found the footage, it was hard to resist. All the memories came back to his head. He wish for Kim Seul Bi is still alive. While, Park Dong Ha found Kim Soo Joo was in one of footage where Choi Tae Jun was working at the scene. 
The very next day, Park Dong Ha met Kim Soo Joo on the building. Park Dong Ha started the conversation, "Can we talk?" and well, Kim Soo Joo was going to bathroom, so he waited Kim Soo Joo outside of the toilet, then they both talk. Park Dong Ha bought her a coffee which Kim Soo Joo didn't drink, yet she pretends to just hold it.
"I saw you on TV, last day."
"Yes, I help Choi Tae Jun for the book festival."
"So you're getting close with Choi Tae Jun, now."
"It's your goal, isn't?"
"It is not. Do you mean I'm just like you to Moon Na Ra?"
"All this time, I always thought the weird thing about you. There's about that other agenda. I don't have it. Then you think I'm like you?"
 "I don't think you should be with Choi Tae Jun."
"What is it with the nonsense?"
"I warn you, Kim Soo Joo ssi."
"What is your agenda, Park Dong Ha?"
"To reveal the truth of three years ago, the death of Kim Seo Jeon's daughter, Kim Seul Bi."
"Kim Seul Bi..."
"Choi's family might involved in the tragedy."
"How do you know about Kim Seul Bi... how do you... who are you?"
"Kim Soo Joo, I knew you help me to get in to this company. Surely, I owe you, one. But, not with your feeling. I guess, I have to pay it back by telling the truth. The truth about Choi's family. You chouldn't get involve with any of those people, or even any feelings to them."
"Did you reject my feeling because you also is one of them?"
"You must grow a feeling to Choi Tae Jun, didn't you? Stop it. I'm trying to help you."
"I know. I respect your warning. But, it is my own feeling you talk about. I know who's mine deserve to share with. Just like you, give it to someone who deserves it."
Kim Soo Joo started to leave, but turns out, the last words from her made Park Dong Ha moves to stop her. He grabbed Kim Soo Joo's hand.
"I am sorry."
"You don't be."
"I want you to know, I never expect to you be involve."
"I have no idea what are you talking about."
"You don't need, to."
He let her go. He even walk out first. But, then, from behind, Kim Soo Joo hug him from behind.
"You do like me, don't you? That's why you warn me."
In Kim Soo Joo's head, how on earth someone she never know, suddenly seems really care for a dead girl, Kim Seul Bi. Who's this man, she wants to know.
"I know, from the beginning I see you. Please, give me a chance. I don't like Choi Tae Jun. He's just a friend of mine."
Then, Park Dong Ha turn around, he said, "I would like to try." He hug her back.
Kim Soo Joo a.k.a. Kim Seul Bi was surprised. It's her first time experience to express her love to a man and finally she received what she really wants.
Then, they run away from the building. 
They actually skip the work.

They went to the park and Kim Soo Joo actually didn't know what to say, but she smiles always for she gets Park Dong Ha by her side. They arrived in park.
"I don't know what to say, exactly." Said Park Dong Ha, "Do you want to play any of these vehicles?"
"Well, no. But, we can eat for lunch."
So, they start by eating in lunch. It is the first time Kim Soo Joo spend lunch with Park Dong Ha. So she started the conversation,
"Every time in a cafeteria, I always looking at you from far, now you're eating in the same table."
"I always know you looking at me."
"That's a relieve to hear that."
"Why do you like me?"
"Well, as I said, you look like Lee Gak from the comic book. I have this crazy imagination that Lee Gak was real and I can finally greet him. And, I did, right in front of me. I have no idea how I can find the real Lee Gak, and for a moment of stubbornness, I want you more than anything in this world, like fangirling. I might be your most first fan."
"That's funny."
"Do you think I'm fat? I mean..."
"Yes, you are. Not really fat but, I thought you used to be slim."
"Yes, I was."
"I don't judge people by their look."
"Thank you."
"It feels like... blind dating. I don't know what I'm doing here."
"Why not get to know one to another?"
"Alright. Who's first?"
"You. I wonder if you're really are Lee Gak."
"No, I'm not."
"Then, tell me about it."
"I'm Park Dong Ha. From department of Politic Books. I'm from seashore, my parents, the father is a fisherman and the mother is working at the local pub. They only have one son and the son is dreaming to be the great editor."
"Extremely far from Lee Gak, who's living in mountain."
"Yes. How about you?"
"I'm Kim Seul...Soo Joo. Who loves reading book and comic. She has nobody but her friends, brothers and sisters from orphanage."
"Excuse me?"
"Yes, I have nobody in family. But, she loves book. That's how this dream begin."
"What happened?"
"I was death. An accident. Then, someone found me alive. No one comes to get me, and I knew they're no longer...I realize I just have to move on."
"You don't remember?"
"I remember everything."
"I just thought I should keep going on, am I right?"
"Seashore? I like the beach."
"You like fishing?"
"I'm a patience girl."
"Good to know."
"It's great to know one to another."
"Yes, it is."
"A man like you, you must have been chasing by girls."
"I did."
"So, I'm actually not new thing for you."
"Indeed not."
"So, why you choose me?"
"As I said, I owe you one."
"If this blind date not success, let's say you have paid your debt."
"So, how about Moon Na Ra to you?"
"She's really an intelligent woman. She's perfect woman."
"She's not the devil?"
"Well, she's not...why you said..."
"The last time I saw her, she's really a spoiled brat."
"She's not really a good girl. She broke Choi Tae Jun's heart."
"Yes, she was."
"For what? For politic matters."
"Kim Soo Joo ssi..."
"I can do better."
"Kim Soo Joo ssi..."
"If you want to know, when she's in high school..."
"She's not even that good in test, I mean she might have cheat."
"How did you know?"
"Well, I'm..."
She almost saying if she knew Moon Na Ra from long ago.
"Well, I'm just in this level of jealousy to her. That you... must have really like her, or something."
"No, no, I don't."
"You don't?"
"I must say, I never like her. I'm not playing her, either. I just, I only need a pass to get involve to their party."
"Moon's party."
"And the involvement of Choi Seung Yeon."
"Choi Tae Jun's grandfather."
"For Kim Seul Bi."
"What is it about you and Kim Seo Jeon's daughter. Is it about that book?"
"Well, you can say so."
"So, Kim Seo Jeon chatted with you about his daughter?"
"What did he say to you?"
"I guess about how wonderful his daughter."
"His daughter died by accident on the little island. Before that, he tried to hide his daughter from the public because her illness. No one really can assure what's the illness. Only people who've met and chat with her, of course, know exactly about her. But, the day she died, it was extremely full of questions."
"So, you want to know about it?"
"Yes. I will get the answer and reveal the truth."
"You must be adore Kim Seo Jeon so much."
"No, no. His daughter actually..."
"What about her? Have you met her?"
"Well, yes. And, also no. She never met me. I used to see her from far away."
"I'm ...well it's nothing. I don't know how to tell the story."
Kim Soo Joo even frightened.
"I also don't want to know it, anyway." Even though she really wants to know.
"She's actually might have something similar with you."
Kim Soo Joo found Park Dong Ha looking at her.
"What's you think that I have similarity?"
"You love the book market."
Suddenly, Choi Tae Jun was calling. Kim Soo Joo decided to answer.
"Where are you?"
"I'm skipping the office."
"I know. Where are you? You're suppose to help me. Can you make it to the book market? Grandma ask you to come."
"You didn't mad because I skip the work."
"No. But PD Yeoh will know if you didn't come. Where are you? So loud place on there."
"I'm in the street, of course they're loud."
"You're lying. Your first lie, well come here, I wait for 30 minutes, Kim Soo Joo."
The phone's hang up.
"You're not lying to him?" asked Park Dong Ha. Both of them were laughing, "Of course, he's our boss after all. I will drive you there."
"You're not afraid if people will see us?"
"No one really see us together."
"Choi Tae Jun knows."
"I told him. As I said, he's one of my friend."
"Are you both making a deserted partner club or something?" They both laughed again.
"No. But, maybe."
"Well, at least, let me drive you until we find the nearest stop bus to go to the book market."

They drove and still chats in the car until they found the nearest bus stop to go to the book market. Kim Soo Joo asked how's the date and what Park Dong Ha said, "I want to get to know you, more." Kim Soo Joo replied, "Of course. I will make you like me." Both of them were laughing and Kim Soo Joo went out to the bus, she started to go to the book market, while Park Dong Ha seems laugh about himself, "I must be gone mad." Then, there's Moon Na Ra's calling. For once, Park Dong Ha didn't answer it, "I must really gone mad." He started his car and following the bus. It was the most romantic one, then later Kim Soo Joo arrived. Park Dong Ha even parked his car and look at Kim Soo Joo from far. Then, he saw Choi Tae Jun.
Kim Soo Joo looked into Choi Tae Jun eyes,
"I was wondering what's happening if I'm not with you, here."
"Where were you?"
"I'm with someone."
"Well, if this someone worth to be with rather your job?"
Kim Soo Joo couldn't answer. And, it glimpse to Choi Tae Jun's mind if that someone was Park Dong Ha. Then, suddenly the grandmother called Kim Soo Joo.
"Just go." said Choi Tae Jun. 
It was less five days before the event. PD Yeoh really came to the book market.It was really hard to tell. But seems like Choi Tae Jun report the behaviour to PD Yeoh.
"Have you find the right draft?"
"No, Sir."
"Is it hard for you to do that?"
"No, Sir. But, I believe there must be one draft that I will give you my best."
"I hope so, but without this behavior, again, will you?"
"Yes, Sir."
"Choi Tae Jun said it is your idea to make this amazing event. It will be spectacular, I believe. I let you go for this one."
"Thank you, Sir."
"Make sure the draft will be on my desk on Monday."
"Yes, Sir."
As PD Yeoh go, Nal Da Rim, Mamoru, and Ciel join with Kim Soo Joo to be eating with Grandmother's supper. 
It's really delicious, but weird thing, Kim Soo Joo didn't eat anything. Choi Tae Jun actually join the supper. It made him feel odd, too, "You should eat something." Kim Soo Joo couldn't let herself but she beg the grandmother to help her find the reason. But, grandmother actually really hope Kim Soo Joo can let go this one. Until Choi Tae Jun asked, "Do you have an allergy or something?" Kim Soo Joo just didn't say anything, "You're lying again. For second time. How's that impossible?" Mamoru asked, "How do you know if Kim Soo Joo lied, Choi Tae Jun ssi?" Choi Tae Jun laughed, "Well, Kim Soo Joo is the most right person I've even known, she never brake the rules. Not, until today. He's trying to skip the work." Grandmother even worried, "What's wrong, Kim Soo Joo?" Kim Soo Joo replied, "I have to be with someone at someplace. It is important, and it's just for once. I will not do it, again." Ciel then asked, "Then, rather we keep asking about the reason she's skipping, who's this someone she really dare to skip the work,then?" Everyone wondered, until Nal Da Rim said, "Kim Soo Joo got a boy?" Everyone were surprised. "Who's the guy?" Nal Da Rim look into Kim Soo Joo, "I hate to say but because she skipped the work, it must be not the worked on our company." And, Kim Soo Joo asking, "Please, stop. You guys were talking things not make sense." Then, they were all going to home, it suppose to be like Choi Tae Jun will bring everyone's home, but turns out Ciel also bring the car. Kim Soo Joo decided to  stay with Grandmother. So all of them were leaving. Then, Grandmother chatted with Kim Soo Joo in evening.
"I never thought today will be a long day, Grandma."
"You're really find the man you love."
"What... a very odd thing, it needs great in waiting."
"Lady in a waiting." She smiled, "I'm really grateful for you friend, Choi Tae Jun visited my place. This is what my husband really want, when the old books matter and people love to come. He seems really serious about this event."
"For just that one book, Grandma, Beloved."
"Yes, that reminds me. On the day, I want to give the book to him. Will you help me to make a wrap for this old book? Of course." And, they're saying good night.  Kim Soo Joo actually read the several chapters inside of the book. She had read the book. It's just, she had one special thing whoever touched with the book, "Choi Tae Jun..."
She back remember when she's with the car with Choi Tae Jun and Choi Tae Jun had the tape of Kim Seul Bi's singing. And, there's Park Dong Ha, she barely knew him as Kim Seul Bi, but the man is really care about Kim Seul Bi. Kim Seul Bi was hard to digest about the reality there are two men who she barely know but care about her as Kim Seul Bi.

And, there comes the day. Choi Tae Jun made the speech where so many great writers in the nation also cometh. Each book market design their own shop with different theme. It's really great. The writers, even the book club, then comic artists, the actors and actresses, it's really a big event that no ones thought people really excited about it. It's just a small book market. For Kim Soo Joo, it was extraordinary.
Song Han Seul also cometh with his parents, it was all true, the family loves to go to book market. Then, at the end Song Han Seul really relieved, "I have no idea, Kim Seul Bi, this place is rock."
From another side, Kim Soo Joo also realized, there must be Song Han Seul in this place, they said Song Han Seul and his family has arrived. Kim Soo Joo was trying to search Song Han Seul, they're really close at that time. In the eye of Kim Soo Joo, it was wonderful to see the smile of Song Han Seul. He's really handsome. Song Han Seul is walking and he realized he's seeing Kim Seul Bi. "It must be just..." He's seeing Kim Soo Joo, "It can't be." He walks to where he sees Kim Soo Joo, but no one's there, and he keeps searching. Until he arrived in front of Grandma's shop. He smiled, "It's so silly." He gets in to the shop, and Grandma was surprised, "My dear lovely boy. You came." Song Han Seul greetings the Grandma. Kim Soo Joo was actually hiding inside the shop, she was surprised Song Han Seul will following her. She was surprised that it made her shaken if Song Han Seul found it. Even Grandma said, "Do you want to meet my granddaughter? She's the one who makes this event." Song Han Seul surprised, "She's from KaYu Books Publisher?" and the grandmother said yes. Song Han Seul asked, "Then, she must be close with Choi Tae Jun?" and the grandmother said yes, again. Song Han Seul expects he can meet her, until he heard Choi Tae Jun in front of the shop was talking with Kim Soo Joo who's sneaking to run away, "Where are you going?" and Kim Soo Joo said, "I have something for you and I will bring it. Just, I have to go." She ran away.  The grandmother apologized that it made Song Han Seul said, "It's alright." Choi Tae Jun greetings both of them, "You know each other? Have you met Kim Soo Joo?" Then Song Han Seul said, he's not yet. Well, Choi Tae Jun just wondered. So, Choi Tae Jun looks into Kim Soo Joo. 
Kim Soo Joo was hiding in one of the shop, try to read and stuffs, Choi Tae Jun asked, "Why you hide?" Kim Soo Joo surprised. "I am not hiding." Choi Tae Jun just staring at her.
"Well, this is your day, Kim Soo Joo. You should celebrate for it. Don't you think?" Then Kim Soo Joo answered, "I don't like a spotlight, or camera. It made me anxious." Choi Tae Jun understands. "I have something for you." She gives a purple box with yellow ribbon, Choi Tae Jun opened it, "Wow, I thought you're going to give me that Beloved novel." Kim Soo Joo replied, "You already read it then must be you already had it. So I give you the movie Driving Miss Daisy, 1989." Choi Tae Jun replied, "I never watch it." Kim Soo Joo replied, "That's fine." Choi Tae Jun asked, "What's the story about?" Kim Soo Joo answered, "Same theme, racism, but in comedy. And, relationship from driving a friend." Choi Tae Jun smiled, "Just like you and me?" Kim Soo Joo said, "Well, yes. I didn't have any idea how the story can represent about us. I randomly search it, and turns out it must be good. The play was winning Pulitzer Award for Drama in the same year as Beloved." Choi Tae Jun wondered, "Well, that's amazing random. Do you want to watch it together, next Sunday?" Kim Soo Joo asked, "Where?" Choi Tae Jun answered, "I'll ask my team about it. We can play it on after party." Kim Soo Joo agreed, "Yes. Have you watch Beloved movie?" and Choi Tae Jun answered, "Yes. I also thought you will give me that movie. Thank goodness you're not. It's really scary." Kim Soo Joo agreed, "Yes. Very scary. I don't want to give scary movie to my boss." Both of them were laughing.

"What you guys laughing about?" Suddenly there's Park Dong Ha. Both of them were staring because they knew if Park Dong Ha was there, then there must be Moon Na Ra. Moon Na Ra appeared and she was surprised with a woman next to Park Dong Ha, that looks very, very not slimmy. Yet, Kim Soo Joo looks really not like the slim Kim Seul Bi, Moon Na Ra who always envy with how Kim Seul Bi look really couldn't recognize Kim Seul Bi as Kim Soo Joo. Even she just straightly saying, "Good afternoon, I believe you're Choi Tae Jun partner?" Kim Soo Joo look straight to her, "Yes, I am." Choi Tae Jun just quickly asked Moon Na Ra, "It's nice to see you, Moon Na Ra." But Moon Na Ra kept look at Kim Soo Joo, "You should lose some weights." Both Park Dong Ha and Choi Tae Jun were so offended.  Then, Park Dong Ha said, "You can't say things like that."  Park Dong Ha look into Kim Soo Joo and Kim Soo Joo gave smile to him, "I must have some weights, you know to have some fun about it. Like I can eat anything." Choi Tae Jun defensing, "Don't talk to my partner like that. She's beautiful as she is." Moon Na Ra startled and Kim Soo Joo also look into Choi Tae Jun, kind of in blush, Choi Tae Jun look back into Kim Soo Joo, "There's someone I want you to meet, do you mind?" Kim Soo Joo said, "No, of course not." Choi Tae Jun and Kim Soo Joo left the place, where Kim Soo Joo and Park Dong Ha staring eyes to each other.
Kim Soo Joo then asked to Choi Tae Jun, "Who's the one that we will meet?" and Choi Tae Jun said, "Song Han Seul." Kim Soo Joo suddenly stop, "I can't, I can't meet him." Choi Tae Jun asked, "Why?" Kim Soo Joo tried to explain, "It's not like I can't but I just can't." Choi Tae Jun asked, "You knew him?" Kim Soo Joo answered, "I didn't know him, never met him before." Choi Tae Jun still listening. "You know what, Choi Tae Jun, let's meet him." Choi Tae Jun then replied, "Yes, lets meet him." Both of them walk through the event, people greetings Choi Tae Jun, while Kim Soo Joo really tried to hide her face, that made Choi Tae Jun remembered how Kim Soo Joo hates camera and stuffs, so Choi Tae Jun opened his jacket and he seems like showing his great look with shirt to the camera while he throw his jacket to Kim Soo Joo's face, that makes Kim Soo Joo can use it to hide her own face. Which is kind of cool. Kim Soo Joo's right away went to other walks and waits for Choi Tae Jun.

Song Han Seul is going out from Grandmother's place, and again, he found Kim Soo Joo with make fun Choi Tae Jun's jacket. It's a very summer day, so Kim Soo Joo just kind of in hot situation, she tried to wipe her own sweats. "Seul Bi..." The way Kim Seul Bi wipe her own sweat is extremely different, she will always using a very specific way to wipe the sweats, use a white handkerchief, using both two hands to wipe all over her face, and throw the handkerchief away. Then, there comes Choi Tae Jun, "You're sweating? Let me help you." Choi Tae Jun using his handkerchief and try to convince he's cleaning Kim Soo Joo's face, which make Kim Soo Joo asked if Choi Tae Jun needs the handkerchief back, and he said, "No?" And, Kim Soo Joo threw the handkerchief away. "Why you do that?" Kim Soo Joo replied, "To teach me not to sweat." Choi Tae Jun replied back, "You're fat. You have sweat problems." Kim Soo Joo was in shock, "You hurt my feeling." Choi Tae Jun said, "Well, friend will always telling the truth. But, you're fat in a beautiful way. Come on!" Kim Soo Joo said, "Are you serious judging my look?" Choi Tae Jun look into Kim Soo Joo eyes, "No. I'm kidding. But, it's biology approval research. I also read science. I know you have eating problem. That's not healthy." They're walking to Song Han Seul. Song Han Seul hides, Choi Tae Jun kept asking, "Why you choosing careful for the food you'll eat?" Kim Soo Joo replied, "Because I'm fat?" Choi Tae Jun replied, "Is that a mad talk or your real answer?" Kim Soo Joo said, "I'm on diet?" Choi Tae Jun replied back, "Maybe you're really mad. I never seeing you mad." Kim Soo Joo keeps moving fast, "I'm getting sweaty. I hate it." Choi Tae Jun follows her. 

Song Han Seul knew the same gesture, phrase, Kim Seul Bi hates being sweaty.

Song Han Seul ran away to follow them, and turns out, there's Park Dong Ha came to them, first. In Song Han Seul's head, "Park Dong Ha knew?" 
Park Dong Ha came to see Kim Soo Joo while Moon Na Ra not around. Choi Tae Jun asked Park Dong Ha, "Where's Moon Na Ra?" and Park Dong Ha said, "His father come with your father and grandfather. I would like to come with her, but she asked me if I can find you. She said something about you really don't want to dissapoint your grandfather?" Kim Soo Joo look into Choi Tae Jun and his face turns to serious. He asked to leave. Kim Soo Joo just staring at Choi Tae Jun who really left.
Park Dong Ha looks into Kim Soo Joo, "Are you alright?" Kim Soo Joo back to Park Dong Ha, "Yes, I'm fine." Park Dong Ha realized, "Do you want to walk?" Kim Soo Joo said, yes. Song Han Seul was so in anger, he's running to get Kim Soo Joo and Park Dong Ha. Then, he was realized that Kim Soo Joo was the granddaughter of the grandma in the book market. "She works in KaYu Books Publisher?"

Choi Tae Jun found Moon Na Ra, "You're arrived on time." Choi Tae Jun asked, "Where are they?" Moon Na Ra said, "About one minute to arrive. Your grandfather will be proud of you." Choi Tae Jun looked into Moon Na Ra, "You still care about me." Moon Na Ra just didn't reply anything. Choi Tae Jun smiled. And, there comes Moon Won Do, Choi Tae Wook, and Choi Seung Yeon. Choi Tae Jun and Moon Na Ra greets them like they're really important persons. Choi Seung Yeon even greetings senior writers really full of charisma. Choi Tae Jun really glad to hear positive words how proud Choi Seung Yeon to Choi Tae Jun, and yet Choi Tae Jun couldn't find one single words from Choi Tae Wook, his father, as always, the cold person. It's all because the incident of Kim's family. Choi Tae Wook was accused for the incident and ever since KaYu Books Publisher decided to put Choi Seung Yeon as the represent of the company, not Choi Tae Wook himself. For some reasons, inside Choi Tae Jun's head, "Is everything in this company, his own building company a torture for him?" Choi Tae Wook, after the press, they were all walking around the fair. Choi Tae Wook still with the cold face. Then, Choi Tae Jun tried to chat with his father, "Kim Soo Joo's grandmother is one of the shop in this market. I knew you have great interest on her. She's really a smart woman." Choi Tae Wook look into Choi Tae Jun and asked, "Do you mind if I ask you where the shop might be?" Choi Tae Jun really glad to showing the shop. Then, Choi Tae Jun such a glimpse found Song Han Seul walks to somewhere alone dragging himself far from the shop, but he realized he's following a couple, Kim Soo Joo and Park Dong Ha. Choi Tae Jun look into Moon Na Ra and Moon Na Ra is really busy with her father. Choi Tae Jun remembered about the thing about Kim Soo Joo's skipping day on work, the same day Park Dong Ha skipping the day. It was all make sense. He knew about Park Dong Ha's skip the day because Moon Na Ra was coming to the building company, right before Choi Tae Jun left to the book market to prepare the event. 
Now, Choi Tae Jun wants to sneak too, but Moon Na Ra caught him, "Where do you go?" So, Choi Tae Jun look into Moon Na Ra and he realized, it's actually win-win solution, if actually Kim Soo Joo and Park Dong Ha relationship is working out, and he found that Moon Na Ra actually still care about him, there's nothing he wants to do except be next with Moon Na Ra, "I'm going to nowhere." He stayed. Moon Na Ra just gave a whatever look, but Choi Tae Jun's heart said, "Should I thank you to Kim Soo Joo, later?"

We're back to Song Han Seul following both of the couple together. Kim Soo Joo asked about how's work with Politic book and Park Dong Ha said, "Never better. How's your editor job in fiction?" Kim Soo Joo replied, "I have to publish one draft tomorrow Monday. But, I have nothing that really what fits with what I want." Park Dong Ha smiled, "What do you want? An adventure or fantasy? Mystery and murderer?" Kim Soo Joo just laughed, too, "I hate to tell you this, but I can't really tell you." Park Dong Ha replied, "Alright, suit yourself." Kim Soo Joo look around and she wondered if there are people seeing both of them, Song Han Seul hid himself carefully. Park Dong Ha said, "What are you afraid of?" Kim Soo Joo suddenly turn around and Park Dong Ha standing really close to her, "If we standing close like this, is it means suddenly Park Dong Ha having an affair with his colleague in workplace?" Kim Soo Joo replied, "It's just an accident, a timing." Kim Soo Joo stayed back. Park Dong Ha laughed, "I'm just teasing." Kim Soo Joo went blushed. "This event was so great, Kim Soo Joo." Kim Soo Joo said thank for coming here, "Do you think Kim Seo Jeon will come?" Park Dong Ha said that Kim Seo Jeon would never come to book fair, he is being famous for not really a fan of literature and arts. Even though he is really knowledge for it. Kim Soo Joo realized her father never change. Park Dong Ha smiled to Kim Soo Joo, "I thought you're going to mad for what Moon Na Ra said to you." Kim Soo Joo replied, "What is wrong for having some weights?" Park Dong Ha smiled about it. Park Dong Ha replied, "You look chubby." Kim Soo Joo back said, "That is true." Kim Soo Joo then start to ask, "Kim Seul Bi's friend, Song Han Seul, he came." Park Dong Ha replied, "Yes. He was very happy of this event. He wishes if it can be an annual event." Kim Soo Joo replied, "I would love that idea, too." Park Dong Ha smiled to Kim Soo Joo, "Escort me around the event." Park Dong Ha ask her hand. Kim Soo Joo didn't move. Then, suddenly Park Dong Ha look a wild little white flowers on the ground, near Kim Soo Joo's feet, he took it, and knitted becometh a ring. Park Dong Ha took Kim Soo Joo's hand and put the ring to Kim Soo Joo's hand, "How do you know my size?" Park Dong Ha smiled, "I paid attention of you." Kim Soo Joo just look into her own hand. "Just, let's go." Both of them were walking back to the center of the book fair. As, Song Han Seul was coming out fro his hiding.

"What is happening?"
Song Han Seul was running to reach Kim Soo Joo, so many people or crowd, but he didn't care at all. Song Han Seul kept running. Until, when he found both Kim Soo Joo and Park Dong Ha were stopping and chat, like if Kim Seul Bi has changed and meant to be someone else, and to be with someone else.

"Song Han Seul!" Suddenly PD Yeoh To Da just catched him. Song Han Seul didn't know what to say, "Uncle Yeoh!" PD Yeoh replied, "It's very glad to see you. You've never visit the Fiction Department since you arrive in Seoul!" Song Han Seul being asked to walk together, and he really didn't want it, "I was going to..." Then PD Yeoh replied, "You said you want to publish a novel." Song Han Seul asked, "How did you know?" and PD Yeoh asnwered, "The letter from your professor, he said that you have finished a great story that he wants to make sure any publisher in this country didn't waste that draft, at all." Song Han Seul laughed, "I just still not sure with which publisher should I give." PD Yeoh replied, "So, its true. There's a draft and what's genre?" Song Han Seul look into him, "Fiction." PD Yeoh asked, "What's the story about?" Song Han Seul look into where Kim Soo Joo was standing. "It's about her." PD Yeoh asked, "Who?"
"Her, do you know her?"
"Ah, that's our rookie from Fiction Department. Kim Soo Joo."
"Kim Soo Joo...what is she doing in Fiction Department?"
"Being an editor. This month is her first time to get one of new writer to publish the book."
"Oh, have she settle with any draft?"
"Actually, no. She's actually an ideal person. She's waiting until the last due. She said she still not yet find any draft that fit for her to publish."
"A very picky one, doesn't she?"
"Yes, indeed."
"Is she alright?"
"Alright... Yes, I believe."
"Is she in hard time?"
"Last month, yes. There's an accident."
"What accident?"
"Harry S. did you know the accident? Kim Soo Joo was the victim."
"For goodness sake, Uncle! He's a very dangerous person!"
"Yes, yes, yes, but that guy, Park Dong Ha saved her."
"Park Dong Ha?"
"Yes, impressively he's on the right time to save her."
"So, she's fine?"
"She's already fine. This, this event is her."
"She is friend of Choi Tae Jun."
"Yes. They both are close. I don't even know how Kim Soo Joo can suddenly manage a great relationship with not just the son of the company but also the owner, Choi Tae Wook. Kim Soo Joo is a very special kid. Intelligent, hiddenly."
"Choi Tae Wook... knew about her?"
"Yes, he's the one who hire her."
"Choi Tae Wook?"
"She's really amazing so fast run to the top. Yet, no one really recognize her. Like this event, whoever really knows that it's from her was just few people. Like me and her closed friends. But the press bring up people that matters."

Kim Soo Joo and Park Dong Ha starts to walk somewhere.
Song Han Seul didn't know what to do, his head is like trying to blow up. Is that true, is that Kim Seul Bi, three years a girl that of course it's been a long years but three years didn't make him stupid to not recognize the woman he loves for the rest of his life. Even if she's turning to have some more weights than three years ago.

Song Han Seul waited the fair until gone, and from far, he found Kim Soo Joo and Choi Tae Jun going home together. Song Han Seul followed them until Kim Soo Joo arrived in front of her apartment building. As Choi Tae Jun's leaving, Song Han Seul staying in his car, looking until Kim Soo Joo got in.

In fact, he stayed out all night, there. He was drinking in the car until he's fell asleep.
In the morning, suddenly someone knocking his car door. Song Han Seul was really got a neck ache. But, he woke up and open the car's window, "Yes? Good morning." It's Kang Ji Hwan, "Who are you, a neighborhood?" Kang Ji Hwan was going out after buying some milk and snacks. Song Han Seul with a puffy face answered, "I was here for just... parking. I was  very drunk and tired, I couldn't drive." Kang Ji Hwan understood, "Oh, alright. I can see your puffy face. Seems like I knew you." Song Han Seul realize of course someone knew him, he's starting the engine. Kang Ji Hwan asked, "You're going, now? Well, I think you need this." Song Han Seul was surprised Kang Ji Hwan gives him a milk, "You need it to make fresh driving." Song Han Seul said, "Thank you." Then, he drove away.

Lee Ga In went out and ready to go to the studio, "Who's that?" Kang Ji Hwan came in, "A drunk driver, slept in front of the building last night. I think I knew him. His face seems familiar except the puffy face." Lee Ga In couldn't bother because she's very late, and suddenly Kim Soo Joo also appeared, "Onnie, can you give me a lift to the near bus station? I need to go to the office." Lee Ga In was shocked, "Are you sure? It's Sunday. There could be a class in Sunday, but  You just made a big event last night, and you're still have to go to work, in suppose to be a holiday, but what are you doing on Sunday at the office?" Kim Soo Joo bring lots of drafts, "You need to do what?" Kim Soo Joo just got in to the office, "Make sure I choose the right draft  to pick for Monday. I'll get back in afternoon." Kang Ji Hwan actually back question, "When will you come home, Lee Ga In?" Le Ga In asked, "Why?" Kang Ji Hwan just asked, "Well, I just want to cook something." Both Lee Ga In and Kim Soo Joo were suprised, "Don't you know? Today is my birthday." Lee Ga In and Kim Soo Joo actually really, really, really forgot.
"You said you're going to cook, of course, of course, what time do you want me back to home?" asked Lee Ga In.
"4 p.m.?"
"So soon. Okay." Said Lee Ga In.
"I actually having after party with my collegues. It's still not settle, but do you think it's okay if..."
"That's alright." Smiled Kang Ji Hwan.
"I'll skip the party. Don't worry."
"Well, we got to go, Ji Hwan. Take care."
Both of them leaving without saying happy birthday.
Kang Ji Hwan just wonderfully so calm and go back to the apartment.

"Why we always forgot about his birthday?" asked Lee Ga In in the car.
"We always forgot about each other birthday." said Kim Soo Joo.
"No, no, we're never wrong on this one. We used to being reminded by Dean Madam Ji in orphanage. That everyday could be a birthday for some kids. It's just we've been here about a year. I mean, that's why we forgot. We can get use to it."
I think Kang Ji Hwan Oppa really great about remembering someone's birthday."
"Yeah, right. Every month."
"That's right."
"Are you going to buy him something?" asked Lee Ga In.
"Yes, of course." said Kim Soo Joo.
"What is it?"
"I don't know."
"Well, he doesn't like any games because he pretty sure already have it. Just buy him some new clothes, he's barely going out from the apartment."
"Alright, Unnie. What's your going to buy?"
They arrived in the next bus stop.
"Well, I also wants to think about it."
"Alright, Unnie. Thanks for the lift."

In the car Lee Ga In was extremely pretends that she's going to work this day. She's going to the mall. She really remember about Kang Ji Hwan's birthday. She's searching for his birthday and make over herself, that we will see the beauty of Lee Ga In ssi. In one of the shop, Lee Ga In realized she wants to buy Kang Ji Hwan a perfume. When she's arrived in one of the perfume shop, a young man greeted her to serve her, "Can I help you?" It was Yoosung. She's extremely surprised. "How here?" Yoosung replied, "Pardon?" But, then Lee Ga In just realized, "Oh, it's nothing." Later, they both were chatted about what perfume is best for Kang Ji Hwan, "I need a perfume which really can bring someone wants to wear it so he can go out. Like, for lazy person so he can not be lazy anymore." Yoosung was surprised with that explanation. But, Yoosung, the handsome young man actually saying, "Well, for something special, I can give you. I will bring it to you." Yoosung gets inside the office. While he's away, Lee Ga In look into the mirror and saying, "This must be my lucky day." Suddenly, Mamoru appears, "Why today is your lucky day?" Lee Ga In was in shock, "Omoo... oh, how are you?" Mamoru smiled, "You're going to buy a perfume, too?" Lee Ga In is really feminimen that makes Mamoru impressed, "The last time we met, you're really more masculine. You are really, different." Lee Ga In said thanks, but turns out Mamoru kept saying, "A beautiful girl like you, are you really not like me, now?" Lee Ga In asked, "Excuse me?" Mamoru said, "The last time we met, you're really not into me." Lee Ga In started to get annoying, "Not anyone really into you." Mamoru surprised, "It makes me feel something about you, like a challenge." Lee Ga In asked him to leave her alone. Yoosung appears, "Miss, is this man disturb you?" When Mamoru look into Yoosung, it's extremely like both of handsome boys staring to one another. Lee Ga In was in the middle of them and she's extremely confused. Mamoru asked, "I'm not sure why you ask that, but it's not your concern. We're acquintence." But, Yoosung replied back to Lee Ga In, "Is this guy disturbing you, Miss?" Lee Ga In look into both of them, "Well, I can say." Kim Soo Joo suddenly called her, "Kim Soo Joo, what is it?" And, for once Yoosung was surprised Kim Soo Joo's name was came out from Lee Ga In. "Oh, if you want it, okay." Then, they hang up. Mamoru asked, "Kim Soo Joo called you for what?" Yoosung even more surprised, "Well, she said she wants to buy a birthday cake." Mamoru asked, "It's someone birthday? I thought it will be an after party." Lee Ga In explained, "It's our older brother. We're going to celebrate his birthday this evening in our home." Yoosung was even surprised that Lee Ga In saying home, means Lee Ga In and Kim Soo Joo lives together. Mamoru asked, "So, it's a perfume for your older brother?" Lee Ga In said, "Not really a brother, just we're growing up together, you know and share apartment together." Mamoru gets it, "Of course. Well, then, I can help you to find a good perfume for your brother." Suddenly Yoosung disturbed, "In fact, Sir, I bring the right perfume for a gift." Lee Ga In come back exciting to listen Yoosung thoughts. Mamoru was really disturbing with Yoosung appearance. So, let's leave them talking to each other makes Mamory talk to himself, "What's wrong with this kid?"

Park Dong Ha was waiting in front of the house of Song Han Seul. Song Han Seul arrived and he's still in mixed feeling. "You're not at home?" Park Dong Ha asked where's Song Han Seul last night. Park Dong Ha didn't get the answer, Song Han Seul just right away walkthrough him, "What is happening?" Song Han Seul then said, "I don't know." Park Dong Ha stopped him, "You were drunk." Song Han Seul then push Park Dong to one of the gate wall, "Park Dong Ha, are you hiding something from me?" Park Dong Ha replied, "What? No." Song Han Seul replied, "You lied!" Park Dong Ha asked, "What is it, Han Seul? Why are you asking me that?" Song Han Seul gets angry, "She's not dead, is she?" Park Dong Ha was confused, "Who? Kim Seul Bi?" Song Han Seul replied, "Answer me! She's not dead, is she?" Park Dong Ha was in shock, so he pushes Song Han Seul back and it's now Song Han Seul who's being pushed to the gate wall, "Get to your senses! Kim Seul Bi is dead! She's already die three years ago!" Song Han Seul asking back, "THEN WHO IS SHE?!" Park Dong Ha asked, "Who's who?" Song Han Seul look into Park Dong Ha's eyes, "You lied." Park Dong Ha replied, "Wake up, Song Han Seul! She is dead!"
"Get off from me!"
Park Dong Ha let him go.
"I know you're lying to me. Like yesterday, you're hitting on a woman, not Moon Na Ra. See, you're a stranger that I couldn't even trust."
"Kim Soo Joo? That's her name, why? Yes, I love her."
Song Han Seul was in shock.
"I don't like Moon Na Ra. You asked me if it's alright if I let myself to be a bite. I realized I have to follow my heart. I never like her. Until I met Kim Soo Joo. She's a nice girl."
Song Han Seul punch his face.
"No, let's stop it. Don't you dare come near to our house!"
Park Dong Ha didn't get it, so he left.

Suddenly Moon Na Ra called him, while's he's driving. Park Dong Ha hates it, so do you know what he's doing, "It's useless!" He threw his phone to the road. *It was the most impulsive thing to do.* "I don't care about what's with the mystery or all of these stuffs." But, suddenly there's a phone ringing inside the car. So, there's another phone in this car. It's different phone. He look into it and it's his mother, "Hi, Mom."
"Don't forget to buy a birthday cake to your father, okay. Your father wants specifically a Black Forest."
"Yes, Mom."
"Are you alright?"
"I'm fine."
"Okay. Sounds you're just angry."
"I know."
"See you by 5, honey. Take care."
He hang up the phone, "Let's get over it later. Now, a birthday cake."

Eventually, Moon Na Ra was really frustrating, "I never been got rejected by phonecalls." She wants to have a great Sunday together with Park Dong Ha. Then suddenly she got a phone call, "Choi Tae Jun?" She takes the phone, "What do you want?" Choi Tae Jun said, "Can we meet?"

AND, Choi Tae Jun and Moon Na Ra came to the same shopping mall where Lee Ga In, Mamoru, and Yoosung were there. Lee Ga In walked out from the shop with Yoosung, that of course Lee Ga In chose Yoosung's perfume choices, where Mamoru was behind them, kind of not being involved. Suddenly, Mamoru said, "Is that Choi Tae Jun with Moon Na Ra?" Lee Ga In look into the couple, "Kim Soo Joo's boss?" Yoosung look them both, too, "They're not suppose to be together." Lee Ga In asked, "Why?" Mamoru answered, "Don't you know? That's Park Dong Ha's girlfriend." Lee Ga In replied, "Kim Soo Joo's savior?" Mamoru agreed, "Yes, but Moon Na Ra is actually Choi Tae Jun ex-fiance." Lee Ga In impressed, "So, there's something fishy about this meeting, right?" Mamoru agreed. And, Yoosung asked, "How's Park Dong Ha became Kim Soo Joo's savior?" Mamoru answered, "Well, you know Park Dong Ha saved Kim Soo Joo from the last incident of Harry S hurting his editor. The editor was Kim Soo Joo." Yoosung remembered about the name was a file that once Kim Soo Joo crying about, "Is that Park Dong Ha?"

Suddenly, Park Dong Ha called over Moon Na Ra, and Lee Ga In and Mamoru also saw it, "It's Park Dong Ha." Mamoru said to Lee Ga In, "Are we going to see a drama, here?" Both of them were impressed with Yoosung. So, Park Dong Ha bought his father's cake in that shopping mall.
Park Dong Ha came to both of the couple and Moon Na Ra was trying to explain. But, Choi Tae Jun suddenly make a guard of Moon Na Ra to Park Dong Ha, and they're kind of argue about something and suddenly there's Kim Soo Joo, suddenly appear behind of Park Dong Ha.
Both Mamoru and Lee Ga In were in shock, "OMOO!!!"
Yoosung asked, "Are they all in square love?"
Both Mamoru and Lee Ga In back impressed to Yoosung, "Daebak!"

Kim Soo Joo came in to three of them. Moon Na Ra was in shock, "Is it true, Dong Ha ssi, you're with her?" Kim Soo Joo also brought a cake, the same bakery shop with what Park Dong Ha brought. Choi Tae Jun look into Kim Soo Joo, because it seems like Choi Tae Jun told the things between Park Dong Ha and Kim Soo Joo in book fair, yesterday *Choi Tae Jun's kind of a back-stabbing friend*. Kim Soo Joo didn't answer anything, she staring at Park Dong Ha, and he's really frustrating.
"It's just a misunderstanding. I... I love you."
"He lied." said Choi Tae Jun.
Park Dong Ha hates the word, even though this time was a real lie he tell.
"Shut your mouth!" Park Dong Ha grabbed Choi Tae Jun's shirt.
"Cut the crap, Park Dong Ha. There's Kim Soo Joo here. You both came together, too, right?"
"No. We just met at the same bakery shop."
Kim Soo Joo helped, "It's true. We're just at the same bakery shop."
Choi Tae Jun couldn't believe it. In his head, he's trying to help Kim Soo Joo be real to her own feeling to Park Dong Ha.
"Let me go!" said Choi Tae Jun. Park Dong Ha let him go. "It proves nothing. I saw both of you together, hitting one another in the book fair."
"Stop the non-sense, Tae Jun!" Said Moon Na Ra, "Don't make yourself like a foolish!"
"I'm not lying, Na Ra!"
"It's the same thing like what we did, meeting together. Park Dong Ha can assume other thing. I believe in you, Park Dong Ha."
"I always believe in you, it's fine."
It makes Choi Tae Jun's face in mad.
"Alright, then. Then, you both will not get bother if I do this."

And, Choi Tae Jun grab Kim Soo Joo's hand, he drags Kim Soo Joo's body to get near to him, later:
"OH NO!" Lee Ga In, Mamoru, and Yoosung were surprised.
Choi Tae Jun kissed Kim Soo Joo.

It is, frankly, Kim Soo Joo a.k.a. Kim Seul Bi's first kiss.
Both Moon Na Ra and Park Dong Ha were in shock.


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