Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

In Backstage

A great stadium facing a theater stage.
And me was in the backstage.
Behind the curtain waiting for show time.
I turned, look back to find a sit down.
sitting with my team, try to keep calm.
Later, I found someone I've met once.

It's Abbott.
He's here.
I was over-joy.
Abbott didn't recognize as I never want him to.
Then, there's next to me, Tamara.
Abbott knows her.

Maybe she's another cousin?
Of course not. Tamara is Ted Jr.'s cousin.

I'm with Ted Jr.
Ted convinced me to join the show.
Me like: "Heck, I'm not singer or artist. I'm just your all manager."
I'm their manager for this show time.

Well, Suddenly, Abbott came to Tamara.
Hiding myself and drawn to close to Ted.
Ted is rehearsal singing a score.
So, I decided to hymn the notes.
"You're so not good."
Ted ruined my disguise.

Well, Tamara laughed by over-heard it.
Then,me and Abbott caught to one another.

I didn't know what to do.
I just smiled to him.
I couldn't read his reaction.
I never good with judging emotions.

Then,our show time was up.
Everyone's lining up and out from the curtains.
Spotlights and loud noises.
Cheers and disturbances.

I was so glad.

I back turn around.
Found Abbott sat on the couch.
Alone and drinking a shot.
He knew I was there.
He smiled while he zip his shot.

He's still handsome with that curly black hair.
I was going to approach him.
As he decided to ask me to join him.

Then, the back door opened.
I had been here before.
The stadium was from another tale.
I was running away from a man.
I ended to this stadium for sanctuary.
Later the stadium brought me to his house.

This man.
Tall and wore long jacket.
I think it's light-brown.
He saw me.
Abbott saw him.

It felt like I shared one private secret to Abbott as he saw him. 

I couldn't look back to Abbott.
I walked out with the man, then.


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