Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Episode 3: Anonymous

Ann and Jake became closer and closer as they open up about their attraction to one another. Ann and Jake, that’s such a nice things if it puts on wedding invitation. Ann’s best friend, Dame, she works as freelancer, 23 years old. Dame was from mathematic major and she just got a wrong place to work. That’s what people said but not for Dame herself. Dame has great in graphic design. Dame always got inspiration from Ann’s blog. Dame was the one who put that idea. Marrying Jake Webb.

“You’re 25 years old, Ann. I mean what’s waiting you?” said Dame, “Pardon my brag but it’s logic.”
“And how about you?” asked Ann. They both were in Dame’s desk, Dame can do a multi-task as she designed a template for main article of this month issue. Pink and blue pastel. Ann helped Dame with sometimes Dame put too large font size. She’s not even from journalist major.
“Right, right. I’m not interest with man,” it shocked Ann, she started to drag her rolling-chair away from Dame, but Dame turned around, “yet.” With her facial looks so calm, “I choose to be single. It was in your blog. A career is our boyfriend because sometimes, it wants the whole of you but it still hurt you.”
“Well, yeah...” Ann was drinking her green-latte.
“But, now, the career has changed into your child. You’re having a child and you need it’s father. That’s also in your blog. Valentine’s issue, film analysis.”
“You remember that?” asked Ann because she didn’t remember, “Oh wait... yeah, was that from Waitress?”
“Uhuhhh,” said Dame.
“Okay.” Ann got up, “But, it’s not my decide. It’s Jake.”
“I know.” Dame kept going doing her job.
Ann started to walk away but she turned back again, “It’s not like I cold-heart or barely could see his feeling for me..”
“I know.” Said Dame again. Ann then back walk again.
“And we still getting to know each other. That’s the important thing in relationship!” Ann back stop and told Dame.

Her voice bit louder and people near the desk looked at Ann. Dame stopped with her doing and turned around. She didn’t say nothing. She just smiled. Ann straightly run back to her office.
Her heart pounding because she’s blushing. She didn’t realize sooner, there’s a bucket of pink flowers on her desk. She was smiling to see it and thinking it might be from Jake. She giggled by herself until a voice from her back, Jake’s behind her.
“Jake?” She surprised but Jake could see the blush on her cheeks.
“You’re busy?” asked Jake.
“I don’t know. Mrs Bright not yet calling me from her meeting.”
“You’re not invited?”
“No, no. It’s finance meeting with accountants and lawyers.”
“Oh, right. Not you major?” asked Jake.
“What?” Ann smiled awkwardly, “Well, I don’t know.”
“You don’t know?” asked Jake. He’s joking.
“How...,” it’s always like that. Ann always late to realize a joke chat, “Oh! You’re joking, right?”
Jake nodded and laughed, “You still in work mode, I know.”
“I’m sorry.” Ann was shy about it.
“Don’t be sorry.”
“Are you here just for me?” asked Ann.
“No, I just check in.”
“Right! Yes,” Ann pointed the desk, “I got your flowers!” Jake looked at it. Ann walked to the desk and grabbed it. She smelled it as she back to Jake, “It’s my favorite flowers. Pink Dahlias.”
“ it?” asked Jake.
“Do I love it? No. I. Lo.V. E. You.” Ann kissed Jake in cheek, “Thank you, Jake.” She smiled.
Jake even smiled brighter.
“Oh, there’s the card, here.” She looked at Jake, “What’s the writing on it?” asked Ann as she grab it. But, Jake already took it, first and hid it on his back pocket-jeans. “What? What is it?”
“No, it’s nothing. It’s just... I’m embarrassed, that’s all. I mean, I should tell you instead write it on the card.”
Ann was starting to think about what she just talked about with Dame. Ann’s heart back pumping.
“What... what is it?” asked her.
“Well, it’s...” Jake stared at Ann, “Its...,” He rolled his eyes. Inside Ann’s head, he might be really-really nervous or he changed his mind or it could be he just want to not talk about it?
“Jake?” said Ann.
“Yes?” Jake replied.
“It’s fine, it’s fine if you don’t want to say it.” Said Ann.
Jake went silent. He realized the mood was going to meltdown. So, he kissed her lips, deeply as he put his hand on her waist. It’s really passionate kiss and all the workmates saw it. There’s the awe and wow, noisy louder voices. Ann was really blushed, so she stopped. Their eyes look to one another.

“Why you do that?” asked Ann.
Jake smiled bright, “It was all written in card.”
“Okay.” She said. She really couldn’t think anything like she needs a moment. All her work mood has gone. She then giggled because she looked around and Dame also stared at her from far, she then laughed. She’s happily laughed.
“Are you happy?” Jake also laughed.
“Yes, yes, I am happy.” All the goosebumps on Ann skins made her laugh in tear. Jake was surprised by the warm-heart of Ann. 

Everyone’s clapping hands for both of them.

“Alright, alright,” The Editor, Carol Bright walked out from the meeting room, walking with all accountants and lawyers behind her, “Chop, chop! Whoever it is, happy birthday!” She didn’t see. She walked and stop in front of Ann with the pink flower and Jake, “Amber? Is today your birthday?”
“Miss Bright. No, it’s not.”
“Jake Webb.” Greetings Mrs Bright.
“How’s the meeting, Carol?”
“It’s not your business but I loved you photo shoots with this young model you pick.”
“Oh, Guinevere Elle.”
“Yes. Guinevere. Maybe you can introduce me to her?”
“Oh, yes. She’s in the studio if you like to meet her, now.”
“Sure.” Jake and Ann looked to one another again to say goodbye by eyes. Then Ann just left alone with people back to their own matters. She still smiled and smelled the flowers.

As Jake and Miss Bright arrived at the studio, Jake saw Guinevere’s fiance just took left from the room very fast, like a shadow. So then, as Miss Bright embraced Guinevere and how Guinevere really was surprised and adored Miss Carol Bright so much, as they both were busy chatting and adoring, Jake looked to the way Guinevere's fiance kept walking and then by the end of the corner, he left.
Jake was still stare at it, but then he remembered about the card he put on the pocket. He walked bit far from Mrs Bright and Guinevere, then he opened the card.
It said, “114. Ritz.” And a real anger came into Jake’s head. It didn’t say his initial or anything. Just three numbers and surely that’s a hotel name.
 It must be him, Flynn Morgan.
“Are you busy in the corner there, Webb?” asked Mrs Bright. She done with Guinevere.
“Right, Carol.” He put it back to his pocket and came to Mrs Bright, “What is it?” he asked.
“Guinevere’s fiance is out of town and this evening, she need company to join my husband’s exhibition party. Would you like to be her couple for tonight. Include I forbid from this time to leave her alone. You both pick your suit and dressed on Armani’s. Here’s the catch.” She gave a card to Jake, “Don’t be late.” Then, Mrs Bright left.

Jake had to admit he missed the way to catch this Flynn Morgan. But Jake looked at Guinevere’s happiness. He knows he has to let go this silly jealousy. In fact, Ann also didn’t get the message. Ann won’t be going to that Ritz Hotel room 114.

Ann got the call from Jake and she thought she could went home together with Jake, “Alright,” she said. She hung up the call and her wildest mind with full of romantic ideas to reply Jake’s flowers was still there. Then, she wondered the party must be went late even Jake might came home until the morning. Ann was thinking until the worst plan, so she came home alone.

She really still in love with Jake at this moment, she wore the pajamas, and she read a novel, then drank a tea. She still couldn’t get over it. She looked at time. She still up late. It’s now 11 p.m.
“Oh! I was right! He’s back home tomorrow!” Ann jumped to the bed and punched several pillows. She then stopped and just lie down, looking at the ceiling, she still smiling. She’s just so happy right now and she couldn’t sleep. She didn’t get the proposal or anything but the kiss told everything and in front of everyone.
“My mind is going to blow up!” She shouted. She up above the bed and took a bluetooth headphone and the remote, she played her iPod and Apple speaker. She playing Black Eyed Peas tracks.
She danced and kept dancing above the bed.

From outside the building, Flynn Morgan decided to parked across the street and watched Ann’s place from the outside. He didn’t realize Ann would stayed late. But, anyway he just laughed to find that big window from main bed-room was light on, and showed the bright behind the yellow curtain and Ann’s shadow dancing was there.

Flynn was waited on lobby of Ritz Carlton, he waited if Ann would come. He waited and waited but she never came. He realized it might Ann choice to not come. Then, at 6 p.m., a man came to the receptionist and asked about Flynn Morgan. Flynn was paid attention of it so then he flew before the receptionist in fact brought the man to his table in the lobby. Flynn believed he could being followed. But, after an hour he’s trying to to be just around the city, he knew it was just his paranoia. So, he was going to back home and he realized Guinevere didn’t pick up her call. So, then, Flynn came at this place, across the street, in front of Ann’s place. Flynn just there all night. Then, he saw that moment.

Ann never thought Flynn would be outside. She didn’t know Flynn still looking at her from the first place. She just really bloomed by the mistaken blooms.

While Jake and Guinevere. There something about them both. They both looked amazing and everyone spot them both. Handsome and beautiful. God and Goddess. Though, they both just went into silent and blend with their own friends, but they kept looked to one another, peek a time to look, if one of them still paid attention.
Guinevere must admit, for the whole weekend, how Jake treated her like she’s the most beautiful model Jake ever met was melt her heart down.

For Jake, he found the eye, the body, the hair, the face, the legs, and the hands, similar with Ann. He believes Guinevere Elle was the alter-person from Ann Amber he wished to meet. And he found her. Inside of Jake’s head, “Why? Why she suddenly appeared?” The Armani gold-evening gown was really fit with Guinevere now styled mess short black hair of Guinevere.

Jake found several men came to Guinevere, trying to flirt with her. Guinevere was still young and Jake decided to back to Guinevere, put his hand to her waist, “Come on, Dear. There’s someone who’d like to meet you. Excuse us, Gentlemen,” he said.
Guinevere was so pumped-up. Jake looks super hot with his different attitude and his different suit-style. Let’s admit it, he’s a mess but now, he’s changed.

Mrs Carol Bright along with the Fashion Designer, Leonard Bright, her husband, greeted both of them.
“I should give you lots of those VIP card so you can be like this forever, Jake Webb,” said Mrs Bright, “And you , Miss Elle. You look fantastic.”
“Thank you, Mrs Bright.” Guinevere smiled.
Mrs Bright introduced his husband and of course they asked about the exhibition. Mr Bright is custome designer for movie/tv series/entertainment production. Several movie customes were in that exhibition along with his design on broadway.
“I wish Ann would be here. She’s a moviegoers.” Said Jake.
“Believe me, Mr Webb,” said Mr Bright, “I’ve met her and I’ve showed her all my collection and she remembered all the filmography I’ve joined with.”
“Ann Amber is first big fan of my hubby,” said Mrs Bright, “Well, she really has a great taste. Ann already saw all these collections. She wouldn’t mind. In fact, she would became our child and everyone’s thinking if she is our child.”
“That’s her, Honey. Our child,” said Mr Bright.
“Let’s stop there.” Mrs Bright insisted, “Let’s hear what Miss Elle think about this exhibition. Miss Elle?”
“Well, I always love the museum et exhibition. I used to be a mannequin for exhibitions in Paris.”
“Wow,” Mr Bright amazed, “That would be hard and exhausting. How the longest time you had to become a mannequin?”
“Six hours.”
Jake was stunning. That’s why, he realized, everytime he asked her to pause, Guinevere really nailed all the angles and never ever complained if the pauses were hard or too long. She’d been in that situation ever worse.

Jake was amazed as the whole evening all Jake could do is be a really charming prince for the young star model Guinevere Elle. And Guinevere to Jake Webb.

Nothing has really changed.
Its just they were all happy by their own terms.


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