Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Episode 5: Witness

Jake was looking at the house with so many polices and investigators went in and out. He’s holding his phone. He didn’t know who might he had to call. He not know yet who’s Ann’s parents. Or even, when he’s so sad, if he has to call someone?
“Sir,what’s happening?” Barn actually brave enough to come forward to Jake.
“Wha...” Jake realized Barn was not familiar.
“Did something happen to Miss Ann Amber?” Barn asked.
“Yes.” Said Jake briefly, “Someone broke her house and all the furnitures were wrecked. Something happened. Ann was not in home.”
“I am sorry.” Suddenly an investigator came to them and asking Barn, “Who are you?”
“I’m Miss Ann Amber’s neighbor. I saw someone. I didn’t know if that someone could do such a thing.”
“You saw someone?” asked the investigator.
“Since yesterday. It’s an old VW. The car kept waiting in front of her house. I followed him.”
“How he looks?” asked Jake.
Barn was there since the first evening Flynn’s car arrived across Ann’s house. Barn was not really aware of it. He came home, had dinner with children. One of children, loved to play mini car on the window, and the child said it was very odd car to be around in 2016. Barn looked at it and he saw the man out from the car and just staring at Ann’s house for a long time. Barn kept looking at it and aware the man had been watching Ann’s house all along evening. Barn awoken on the next morning and found the man with the car was still there. Then, Barn was going to go outside and came to him but suddenly the man went to the front door, bell the ring and then just left so quick. Barn held himself to get involve and saw Ann out from her house, took something on the floor and her face looked very awkward, she looked outside her house seemed trying to find anything but nothing. Later, Ann back inside. Then, Barn decided to just let it go and back to work. Oddly, that day Barn found Ann on the central park and crying on the street. Ann stopped his cab and Barn would love to take him. Then, the train meet cute also just coincidence. In fact, Barn and Ann were chatted along the way to home. Ann didn’t realize the cab driver from the cab she took was Barn. They both chatted until back home and Barn realized Ann mentioned about why she’s crying on the central park. Barn remembered it was because she was just shocked. Ann didn’t really telling what thing made her shock. Barn back home and the car just came back again. This time, Barn decided to encounter him.
“Thank you for your cooperation, Mr Jones.” The investigator walked away from Barn and Jake.
“Thank you,” Jake shoke Barn’s hand.
“I hope I can help much, Mr Webb.”
“Yes.” Later Jake opened his pocket and gave Barn his card, “Please call me if you need anything.”
“Yes, sure.” Said Barn.
Jake went back to the house while Barn walked back to his house. It’s still dawn. Barn walked as he looked into that card. He realized Webb was never Jake’s surname. Barn saw the title and it surprised Barn.
“What is it, Barn?” asked the woman in the house.
“Ann was gone, Jupe.” Said Barn.
“Oh my God.”
“Are the children awoke?”
“No. They’re sleeping safe and sound.”
“Are you alright?”
“Yes, I’m fine.”
“Well, let’s go back to sleep.”
“Sure.” Barn closed the door.
Barn back to sleep and turns out he slept in different bedroom with Jupe.
As Jake was inside of the house and the investigator asked Jake for a while spend the night in hotel or any relatives. Jake then asked to get things. Jake went to the closet and took several clothes and toothbrush. While he trying to grab the toothbrush, Jake realized Ann’s toothbrush was gone. Then, Jake realized behind the glass of toothbrushes, there’s the oil-paper pack fell. Jake took it. It was like tissue pack and a flip paper cover, Jake opened it, then there’s the written blue paper with a barely seen note. Jake realized it was a message. It was like a sketch from a sharp tool. Because, the pack was still new and the thick flat base made the written easily made. Jake read the note, “Lane.
Jake was hoping it would be something hopeful but its not. The word reminded him of what he just saw just hours ago, a naked Guinevere on bath house. Changing cloth and then he was going to be with her but he chose not to.
“Mr Webb?” one of the policeman waited him outside the closet, “Are you done there?”

“Yes, yes.” Jake took that oil paper pack and put it on his suit. He came out from the closet and also from the house. The investigator knew he was still drunk so he asked one of policeman to drive him to place where Jake would like to stay and Jake said, “Ritz.”


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