Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Episode 4: Safe and Sound

Ann was walking on the central park on a day. The water falls there, birds flew around and kids, motherhood, people walk by. Ann just wearing jeans, boots, and nice clean white button shirts. Prada glasses and LV hand bag. She’s so natural. With leather bracelets and leather watch. Then pink jeans cap.

“Ann?” there’s Flynn. His best blue collar and a tie. Very formal.
“Hi, Flynn.” Ann strangely hugged him because that’s what assistant gesture always do.
Flynn brought the pink roses, “For you.”
Ann really loved pink roses, “Thank you.”
They end up to sit the edge of water falls stones because Ann didn’t want to be personal or private meeting.
“I miss you.” Said Flynn.
“Really?” Ann kept her black glasses, “How? You’re suppose to hate me.”
“No. I never hate you. I never.”
“Well, that’s a relieve.” Ann smiled behind that glasses, “So, how’s life?”
Flynn didn’t bring his engagement ring, “I work in Government Laboratorium about Earthquake.”
“I saw you on magazine credits.”
“ that’s how you found me?”
“Yes.” Said Flynn, “Well, how about you, Ann?”
“I’m moving on, Flynn. I’m with someone, now.” Said Ann.
“Is he a good man?” asked Flynn.
“Yes. Very great man.” Said Ann.
“I still love you, Ann.”                    
Ann was pause. Ann slidely got up from the stone and saying, “It is done. We don’t have to meet anymore. Goodbye, Flynn.”

As Ann walking fast away from the water falls, Flynn caught her wrist and turned her around, opened her glasses, threw it away and kissed her. It was really passionate kiss from Flynn which Ann was shocking as people seeing the scene. Then, Ann found her wrist was hurted by Flynn’s hand, Ann straightly slapped Flynn’s face. Flynn was hurted, he let go Ann’s wrist and Ann walk away fast, open her bag, took her smartphone and calling Jake. But, Jake didn’t answer.

A cab already park, so she jumped in and asked to straight to the office. Flynn was chasing her but too late. Flynn came back to get her glasses.
Ann was crying inside the cab.
“Where are we going, Miss?” The cab driver asked Ann as he found the passenger was crying, “Miss, are you okay?”
Ann just hummed.
“Well,” The cab driver believed the lady was rich so he didn’t worry about the money, “Do you want me to just keep going, don’t you?” The cab driver then just kept going.

It’s been a shocking morning, Ann seemed she heard a bell ringing from the front door but as she went to the outside she found nobody and it was just a note. The note was colored in pink and Ann was still on very blurred thought, so she just trying to look who might left that pink note. But, she didn’t find anyone and she back to house as a thought that it might just a dream. She then prepared the breakfast for Jake but Jake never return. So, Ann decided to go to work. Ann also didn’t find Jake. Ann came to Mrs Bright’s office only found the news she took Jake and Guinevere to spend the weeken to her private mansion on out of town uphill. Ann felt a little bit mood-down. But then, she found a florist came with the same flowers and a card.

This time it said, “Central Park. Lunch.
“But, Jake is out of... Who send this?”

“Mr Morgan. Flynn Morgan.”
Ann believed all the blooms feeling yesterday was all just a lie. That’s the whole reason for Ann to cry in the cab. Plus, she being kissed by Flynn Morgan.
“Excuse me,” suddenly Ann asking the cab driver but still in sob, “Can you bring me to near cinema theater?”
“Of course, Miss.”
“Thank you.”
She arrived. She came to find this three genres: drama, musical, and horror. She went to the locket.
“I would like to buy the horror one.”
“For how many seat?”
“Well, which spot would you like to sit?”
“The center, middle row.”
“Alright. Here you go, Miss.”
“Thank you.”
Ann straightly waited on couch near the studio door. Where she kept waited and then its simply like a normal people.
Ann changed when she’s in the screening room. She became herself. A personality she never shared from anyone else, not yet to Jake either. For Ann, movies are her best friends. Pete’s Dragon kind of thing.And also her boast up mood and inspiration.
She couldn’t find any place to make her happy than screening room.
The horror movie was great and entertaining. It’s not really a cult movie but entirely ghost so very horror. Ann forgot her sadness. Even, she forgave them.

Its not even Jake’s fault. He might tried to protect me from Flynn. And, and Flynn. Maybe, he’s really missed me. Why I even ran away from him?

She walked out from the place and decided to walk alone, it’s still afternoon. She chose to use MRT. Inside MRT, there’s the cab driver. He’s sitting right in front of Ann. He also surprised to see the woman again. Sadly, Ann didn’t recognize him. Ann just became dull with her mess hair. Later, the boy got a call. So, he answered it. It’s a flip-phone and Motorola.
As Ann day-dreaming got disturbed, she paid attention with what the young boy who called someone by the british accent. She listened and its about football games. Ann smiled a little bit.
From that young boy point of view who’s paying attention to Ann, glad to see her smiling. Both of them were guessing if they both gonna arrived the same destination.

While it’s the second evening Jake was staying out with Guinevere. The another party in the villa. Jake was already drunk while Guinevere enjoyed the jacuzzi with Mrs Bright’s supermodel squads.
“Are you dating that handsome photographer?” asked one of the girl.
“Isn’t he fantastic in bed?” asked another girl.
“Yes, he looks like James Bond. You said he’s your stepping stone?”
“Yes,” Guinevere grabbed her champagne and zipped it, “He’s...” Guinevere looked from far, “He’s like an angel to me.”
“Is he fantastic in bed?”
Guinevere drank the champagne bit more, knowing the world didn’t know her real-life yet.
“Is that your engagement ring?” asked the girl again.
“Oh, yes.”
The girl asked her hand so she gave it to her. Everyone’s looking at it.
“It’s from his mother. Bit odd but I don’t mind.”
“Very. Romantic.”
“Yes.” They let her hand go.
“Are you going to marry sooner?”
“No, not really.”
“Good.” Everyone’s agreed.
“Well, Dear, make sure you’re his only woman which worth to waiting for.”
“A man like that, many models like you gonna wait the line.”
“Sure do.”

Guinevere felt she went too far. The man she engaged with was Flynn. Not Jake. She then out from the jacuzzi, left them all and walked to the bath house to change. She went to find her dress and as she opened her suit, changing, Jake was out the bath hosue. Looking at the window. Jake saw everything and he found Guinevere was hard to finish the zipper on the back. Then, Jake just came in as Guinevere was in surprise.

“It’s me.” Jake closed the door. Guinevere’s black hair was still wet, her curly hair went down and she’s beautiful in Jake’s eyes, “You’re beautiful.” Jake came closer and helping Guinevere with the zipper.
As Guinevere turned around, she was driven by the emotions from jacuzzi chatted. She believed Jake was going to kiss her. Jake’s hand swept Guinevere’s hair to behind her ear.
“You’re beautiful,” he said again. Then Jake’s face came closer to her face.
Guinevere decided to closer her eyes, ready to be kissed. She’s waiting.
But then, Jake whispered to her ear, “You need beautiful earring for your ear, too.” Then, Jake walked away from her, “I have to go back to town, Guinevere. I am drunk so,” Jake gave his car-key, “Make friends and chanel for your good, will you? Just keep accompany Mr and Mrs Bright. You will be great.”
“Oh. Thank... thank you.” Said Guinevere as she held Jake’s car key.
“You’re welcome.” Jake walked out from the bath house. He greeted everyone until he came out from the house, his cab already arrived and he got in.

The temptation Jake felt, if he stayed that night, he would gone too far. He didn’t want to betray Ann. He loves her. But, he could feel a similarity of Ann and Guinevere.
“What’s happening to me?” He wondered.

Ann, herself, returned to her place. Flynn, also still there. Across the street, waiting on his car. Flynn saw Ann went to living room, read the whole letters, she then went to far from window, she arrived on bedroom, starting to change clothes. Then, she back to the living room, playing a music, using the same head-phone, then got lied down to the sofa. She’s reading.

Flynn kept looking at her. Until, that cab driver actually also there. He’s coming to Flynn’s window car, knocked it. Flynn was surprised and he decided to start the engine and drove away.

“HEY!” shouted the cab driver. He wondered who’s the man and he looked to the house. He knows that’s Ann’s house. He’s the neighbourhood.

“Barn!” shouted a woman from the house across Ann’s house but two houses left. The woman held a baby as the two children running inside the house. His house was really simple house where Ann’s house very modest, though they both in the same price.
“Yes!” shouted Barn. He walked back to his house.
“What is it?” asked the woman.
“It’s nothing,” said Barn.
The woman then walked away with the baby as Barn closed the door.
Just about three hours, Ann was sleeping on the couch. It’s alread 2 in the morning and a door-bell ringing.
Ann woke up and she opened the door. It’s Flynn.
Ann was frightened, “What are you doing here?!” Then, Flynn pushed her to go inside as the door went closed.
No screaming. No sounds.

A half hour later, Jake arrived. Drunk. He walked to the door and the door was opened.
“Ann?” He shouted her name. He found the furnitures went rough and a mess. “ANN!” He realized something’s wrong. Ann was not in home. He looked around and realized the back door also opened, “ANN!” He screamed.
On 3 o’clock, all the neighborhood out from their houses because the police sirenes paid their attentions. Also Barn’s house. Barn went outside.

“What is it, Barn?” Asked the woman.
“I don’t know. Wait here.” Said Barn. Barn getting closer and he realized it’s from Ann’s house. Barn saw Jake’s talking to the polices as he found Jake seemed scared and pale. Barn heard what they’re talking.
“Any suspect?” asked one of police.
“Yes. His name is Flynn. Flynn Morgan.” Said Jake.
While the police wrote it down, Jake looked to Barn.

Barn knew Ann was missing.


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