Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Episode 2: Stepping Stone

Ann is waking up, forget everything while Jake took care of her for the whole weekend.
On the next Friday, Jake on his desk found Guinevere port folio. He chose her for his project to Ann’s column.
Ann also loved Guinevere. Guinevere was so relieved she got big stepping stone from Jake and Ann. Entirely Ann said it’s all about marketing, for later Jake and Ann will publish their fashion blog website. So, the plan is to make a newcomer rising star. Then for the reply, they will gain fame from Hype Fab Magazine and ask them to spread positive vibes for their name. Guinevere said, sure.
Things went pretty great for the whole a week and they shooting in Hype Fab office. People saw the beauty of Guinevere and how she representing faces of people behind the work tables of Hype Fab. Even the Fashion Editor greeted her. It was all great.
On fourth day, Flynn was making a surprise dating dinner on their place and Guinevere was so glad. It ended on great romantic bedtime. Until suddenly as they slept it’s even on 9 p.m., so they just really too early to sleep. Because they’re tired. A phone call from Guinevere. Flynn was getting it because Guinevere already slept.
“Hello?” asked sleepy Flynn.
“Oh, sorry.” Never change. The voice that never change.
“Ann?” reflects him.
“Yes....okay, who’s this?” asked Ann. She’s in front of Jake on table eating together their salads.
“It’s me...” then he heard Ann got tickled and there’s the man’s voice. Ann said something like stop playing around on dine time, which means she got distracted, “...his fiance.”
“Oh, gosh... I am so sorry. You both must be busy. Just want to tell her a good news, we got jewel endorsement from Tifanny. So, she really love it. Just want to cheer her, that’s all.”
“Yes, sure.” Said Flynn.
“Well, please tell her that. I’ll just hang up..” before Flynn said wait , the call already hung up.
He jumped out from bed and splashed his own face. He needs to see her.
On the next day, Guinevere was surprised and came to the office with so happy. Jake and Ann agreed Guinevere was so pretty when she’s smiling. They now doing a vine for Tifanny with Guinevere.
While Ann looking at the shooting, Ann got a message from Flynn, strange how he knew her phone number. Ann decided to tell the story with anonymous ex-boyfriend name to Guinevere and Guinevere, because she really looks like Ann, Jake really saw both chatted together, he shot the picture. While Jake realized found a strange face on Ann. Jake came to Ann and Ann showed the message. It was very good day but they took the time over early. Jake and Ann returning Tifanny jewels together on the afternoon and then, they end up on their favorite yoghurt shop.
“You never told me,” said Jake.
“It was 7 years ago and it was a shame story. I cheated on him.” Said Ann.
“Well, why you cheated on him?” asked Jake.
“I really had a crush with that junior...what’s his name...Hiddy, but anyway, he came to me on graduation party and we end up, you know, teenage mistake.”
“Silly, you mean?”
“Yeah! And, and, Flynn saw me wtih that boy, I even never met the boy anymore. Though, we’re friends of facebook.”
“Then, how about Flynn?”
“It was my fault. Everyone saw the scene, so I guess, I might be the black list for him. I never look for him. And...I never really fall in love again, until I found you.”
Jake was seriously looking at Ann and smoking, “I don’t trust you.”
Ann really in nervous. When she nervous, she went silent and sweat hand, “I learned my mistake and I never cheat on you.”
“Then, how about that guy on dance-floor?” asked Jake.
“I...was...drunk....I just danced.”
Jake knew Ann telling the truth because she really didn’t deny anything. That’s how much Jake really love Ann. She never stop to show the truth of her.
“Before I met you, I had sex with random girls on night club, sometimes model agents, models, then producers, even gays.” Said Jake.
Then, Ann was shocked. And, here’s another truth. The honest touch from Ann hands, she straightly holding Jake hand on table, and Ann didn’t say anything. Like, she’s ready for him. Just for him. Ann never judge the past of Jake Webb.
And, that’s what Jake is doing, now.
“...and I love you, Ann. I will always love you.” Said Jake.
A tear quickly down from Ann eyes. One of her hand wiped the tears, and she suddenly showed her sob face, “I love you more, Jake.”
Everyone is looking them both. Jake hugged her and light out his cigarrette. He kissed her head so many times, whispering and smiling. For a reason, he tear, too. Because he was moved.
Their love is getting stronger. They only met for about three months. Three months ago, they both were in same task, photo-shoot on mountain. Jake really angry to see all those crybaby and spoiled supermodels, and it’s just a catch of how Ann Amber could stop their crying, keep their in good shape even in face. Then, when they back to the city, Jake drove her to her place. And, from there, until now.
They are in love.


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