Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Episode 1: The Night Club

Ann was drunk with her friends but she chose to home with her own smart car, alone. Drunk and drove car really against all the odds, she didn’t end up at her place, she ended in front of another night club. Ann Amber was very easy to cut the line and got in to the night club. She’s pretty, always using update-stuffs and jewellery, tho she’s not well-known person. She just one of great woman who works hard, have lots of money, and use it really for shopaholic. Because, she’s still single and party madness.
Mistakenly, she just not aware that night club, there’s her ex-boyfriend with his fiance. Ann was drunk and she didn’t notice him. It was 7 years ago relationship and they broke up really in bad ways. Ann was graduated from high school and her ex-boyfriend, Flynn Morgan was finished his 4 years grad-school in Geology major. Ann found spooning with this junior football player, Hiddy everyone called him, it’s already long ago. Flynn was caught it and he was going to congratulate her graduation but turned to be his own worst back-fire. Flynn decided to leave Ann while Ann realized how strange Flynn really, and Ann actually found Flynn chose even across the country from Brooklyn to Europe, got his master degree scholarship.
Now, it’s already 7 years later, Ann is working in fashion-assistant of Hype Fab Magazine’s Fashion Editor. Ann has good eyes to great stuffs and match-making wardrobe. Ann now learning video blogging of runways, catwalks, and her tips for fashion. Ann even seeing a photographer, Jake Webb.
That night, Jake Webb was worrying about Ann not yet back to her place, their place. Seeing means they already shared place together. Jake called Ann hangout friends, they told them about last time they saw her was ‘that’ night club.
Jake Webb came to the night club. Sadly, there’s a problem in allowed to get in. Jake Webb is very popular photographer known as, “The Leather Mess”. He wore stuffs very cowboy-ish minus the hat. Very mainstream. So, he has to wait.
Inside the club, Ann went to the dance-floor. Where Flynn decided to stay with his fiance, Guinevere Elle on bar. Ann was so different from the last time Flynn saw her 7 years ago. Ann used to have black big messy hair and nerd. Now, she colored her hair to red-head and glitterly on her skins which sweats and shone by the dancefloor lights. Then, Flynn looked at Guinevere. A black hair, just like Ann used to be, short mess hair, but she’s beautiful in her way because Guinevere is France supermodel. Now, Flynn is 29 years old where Guinevere is 21 years old. And, Flynn looked at Ann, a mature woman there, she’s 25 years old.
Flynn decided to let go Guinevere and dance to the floor. He’s getting closer and closer and closer to Ann. Ann was drunk and all she could saw with her bare eyes were the disco light and spinning all around her. Many men around her, came to her, touched strangely their hands over her body, she didn’t mind, yet she just stayed on the floor, aware no one would drag her away from it. Then, Flynn slidely came and found a spot to be in front of Ann.
Just a second, he’s already in front of her. It’s something which pumping all his heart-blood. He needs her. It was her mistake. She never really fought for him. He wished what if he could get his hand linger on her waist. So, he did. Ann awared so, she looked how great body the man in front of her, she lingered her hands on his arms.
“You’re handsome,” she said. She didn’t see his face at all.
“You remember me?” asked Flynn.
She didn’t say anything, she enjoyed her dance and music. Flynn found a glimpse of smile from Ann. Thinking she might remembered him. So, they both enjoyed the beat. Dirty beats.
Guinevere later aware Flynn has gone. Flynn was in dance floor, dancing with this red-head woman. Guinevere realize she’s a well-known assistant from Hype Fab Magazine. Guinevere kept seeing it with jealousy because she couldn’t brag her. Hype Fab Magazine is every supermodel’s dream. Have a little problem with anything about Hype Fab, it will turned her to be the B-list, forever. Or, luckily, A-list but very very down last pick A-list. She tried to search on website if Ann has any relationship with anyone. And, for once, she found Jake Webb. Guinevere felt relieved. Then, there crossed people who just got in to the club. She heard they talked about there’s Jake Webb’s out there begging to get in. Guinevere realized he must be trying to pick Ann. So, Guinevere went out and met Jake Webb for the first time. The first time Jake Webb saw Guinever, he thought he met Ann Amber’s sister.
“He’s with me, boy.” Said Guinevere. Seconds later, Jake already walked behind Guinevere. Then, they stopped on the edge floor, Guinevere straightly point at Ann, “She might be drunk.”
Jake saw that man enjoyed touch Ann’s body and he straightly came to the dancefloor. Guinevere followed him, and stopped him, “What?!” said Jake.
“That’s my fiance. He might also drunk, please!” asked her.
Jake tried to look the whole Guinevere. She’s really beautiful, just beautiful like Ann. But, Jake only met Ann as Ann, now. Already red-head and very glamour. Just like Guinevere now. Jake was obsessed to see Ann with her true hair, black and mess, like Guinevere. The more Jake looked at Guinevere, the more he drawn into her because people dancing around them and push both of them to get closer, but Jake straightly walk away. Guinevere followed him again.
Jake aware about what Guinevere saying, so he shouted at that man, “HEY!” from behind Ann. Flynn looked at Jake, “That’s my girl!” shouted him again. Jake straightly pulled Flynn’s hands away from Ann and looked to Ann, “Ann?”
“Jake?” Then, Ann straightly kissed his lips, “So good to see you!” She smiled.
“I’ll get you home, baby.” Jake leading Ann out from dancefloor. And both of them crossing Guinevere who her sight caught by Jake, both look to one another. Then, they both left. Where Guinevere looked at Flynn.
“Baby?” asked Guinevere. Flynn eyes stayed where Ann walked and dissapeared. He missed her, “Baby...”
“Yes?” said Flynn.
“Dance with me.” Said Guinevere.
Flynn realized his woman asked him to dance with him, “Of course.” Then, he dance again. Now, it gets wilder with the more dirtier beats from the DJ.
Flynn was in France for the international meetings of Geology community, two years ago. Then, he went to this museum of paintings, where he met Guinevere, doing like pantonim, pause modeling. And, its just a very long stare, Flynn worshipped her. So, here, he dance with his goddess.
“I love you,” whispered Guinevere.

“Me, too.” Said Flynn. He french-tounge her and they both hugged. Flynn straightly back to the line where Ann just have left. A straight eyes of desire.


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