Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Dawn With Love: Chapter 3

“She’s getting fine and better, look,” said Lord Ernest to Henry. They’re all in Ernest estate and Ezra walking Aurora to get fresh air, “Ezra really such a nice man. He’s playing music, reading poems for Aurora and he has great future. He fits with Aurora. Do you think he loves her?”

“He...he indeed like her, Sir.” Henry felt something he wished to be his because he’s saving her from death.

“Good, good. Because I must to know. Someone’s asking to marry her.”

“Who, my lord?”

“Prince Benedict, Earl of Thomson.”

“What do you say about it, my lord?”

“He’s a great knight. He can surely protect Aurora from him. But Roland, they can’t.”

“What that can’t, my lord?”

“To protect Aurora. Many will run to chase her. Someone’s stronger and in power will keep her save.”

“Who will chase her, my lord?”

“Henry Monroe, I believe you’re going to be like your father, am I right?”

“Yes, my lord. I will be a doctor just like my father.”

“Thank you for saving my Celine. My granddaughter. You are really going to be better than your father.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

Lord Ernest back to inside of house without telling anything about who might hurt Aurora in the future.

While, as Fanny was knowing both Aurora and Ezra need some times alone, Aurora with her wheelchair and Ezra lie down on warm carpet, looking at his book, reading. But then, he looked to Aurora and she staring at him.

“What are you staring at?” asked Ezra.



“I need to know what’s your thought, now.”

“Well, my head is now full of thoughts from this book.”

“Is that really a good book?”

“Yes. They are love poems.”

“I can see. You always smile whenever you turn the page.”

“Because I’m excited to find another love poem.”

“Why don’t you read them to me?”

“Oh,” Ezra suddenly close the book, “For you, it’s not this book. This book is not for you.”

“Why? Am I not deserve love poems?” asked Aurora frankly.

“For you,” suddenly Ezra kissed her hand, “I will say it from my own thought, from my deep heart.”

“Oh, Lord Ezra,” Aurora was in blush.

Dear whisper back through the wounds

Healing by sincerity loose

Not from the start it flew

Yet another flower has bloom

Dear gently arms of cuddle

Let me be the one to catch her

To get her my heart of diamond

Collect to be hers as treasure

Dear tainted living

Is it now the dawn of feeling?

Where I must sure?

Is she the one who’ll spend rest of my life with?

Ezra kissed her hand again. Then Aurora couldn’t take it anymore.

“Henry! Henry!” Fanny running as really in hurry, of course Henry worried, “Come with me!” she shouted. Then where they arrived, they saw the two love birds kissing to one another, “How adorable they’re two.”

“I want to marry you, Aurora.”

“You do?”

“Will you marry me?”

“I do,” She cried and more to kiss him, “You do love me?”

“More than anything.”

But then, in the evening, Aurora was crying as Ezra didn’t accept whatever Lord Ernest said about him and his family, Ezra left the estate, with Henry and Fanny. While Ezra’s out, Valon slightly begging, “Please, my lord, you must understand.” But Ezra didn’t know what else to do, he decided to leave. While Henry who already knew what’s happening really in wonder.

“But grandfather, I love him!” cried Aurora.

“But you can’t protect him, Aurora.”

“What do you mean?”

Lord Ernest cried in front of Aurora and it put Aurora really sad, “Why, grandfather? Oh please, don’t cry. Please, grandfather.” She hugged him, “I will do everything as you say, grandfather.”

Outside of the room, Lady Ernest also cried and Valon saw everything. Lady Ernest didn’t hate Aurora, she just really hurt someone’s taking her beloved son. But, she realized how much her husband really loved Aurora just like their own child. They just don’t want to lose someone’s child anymore.

All the rumours flew quickly of the kingdom and they learned there will be a wedding of Princess Dante with Lord Ezra of Roland. As Aurora Celine heard as she now really in broken-heart, she cried in front of her mirror table, “You said I am your love.”

“What is wrong with you, son of Roland?” mad Henry.


“You lie to yourself. You didn’t love Dante!”

“I love her since we’re in childhood. She said yes when I asked her.”

“You’re pathetic. Of course she said yes. Prince Benedict decided to not marry Dante before you asked her. Benedict is after Aurora,now.”


“Why can’t you fight for your love to Aurora, Ezra, why?” cried Henry.

“I...I can’t protect her.” Ezra decided to leave Henry as Henry decided to stop Aurora made the same mistake for the rest of her life.

“My Lord!” Lord Ernest who’s with Prince Benedict in the living room got news, “She’s running away.”

Aurora Celine ran, she ran, she found Henry in the middle.

“Lord Henry,” cried Aurora.

“I will take you to him.” Henry took her to Ezra.

“Aurora!” Ezra looked at Aurora as he really want to kiss her again, “Why are you here?”

“I...I love you.” Said Aurora, “Do you love me?” Ezra couldn’t say it, “Please, tell me you are really love me so I can fight for it. I will fight for you. I will devote my heart for you,” but Ezra just looked at her, “Please, don’t do this. Say something.”

“Ezra!” Shouted Henry.

“I love you!” shouted Ezra, “I love you more than anything. I can’t breathe without you.”

“Then, stop pretending that you can. Because I can’t think of anything without you on my mind, Ezra.”

“Oh, Aurora,” As he hugged her and he finally kissed her, “Why I can’t have you?”

“You can. You can.” Cried Aurora.

“I can’t.”

“God, help me, Ezra,I want you, too.”

“We have to stop this stupid thing!” Ezra pushed her from him, “I don’t want to see you ever again. I am Princes Dante’s fiance and we’re going to marry. Go now. Take her, Henry, before I call the guards.”

“I will.” Said Henry as he calmed Aurora crying, “But here me out, Ezra. I love Aurora, too.”

Aurora was surprised as she looked to Henry’s face who straight looking at Ezra, his very finest friend.

“If I were you, I will swallon my own pride as I more to live the rest of my life with the one I ever love and spend the rest of my life make her happiest. If you can’t then I will.”

Henry took Aurora’s hand and they’re leaving as Ezra was mad as he threw all things around him. Henry get her back to Ernest’s estate.

“What are you doing, Henry?” asked Aurora.

“I know I might be not your first person to be loved, but I will show you how I as much worthy as whoever did say love to you and you love back in return. I will show you so I will be as worthy as his.”


They arrived at the Ernest’s estate as everyone also in shocked because Aurora back with Lord Henry Monroe.

“I challenge you,” said Henry to Prince Benedict.

Everyone gets more shocked.

“I accept.”


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