Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Around Girl, Encounter Dusk: Part 2

As Loki across the gate, there's an eartquake and people went scream but it took about 3 seconds and back to normal. Aegir out from nowhere shouting that everything's fine and calm all the people. The music is back on and he found Loki was there, 
"You made it," he said. 
Loki grettings him, "You not get a trouble at the gate?" asked him.
Loki lied, "No. Why would I be on trouble at the gate?" 
Then Aegir just rolling his eyes and said that it didn't matter, "The point now is you're here. I like your suit, by the way." 

Loki said it's from the room's wardrobe. And, as they walking around this club place, these people are entirely the human-gods. They just not important gods or subjects. He kept walking and searching for this next door to get into The Hall. Aegir kept saying non-sense topics to talk with him like where's he come from, what's his plan around this place, why he wants to go to London. Then Loki just laughed, "Well, this must be a really cheap for you. I want to chase the woman of my life." 
Aegir was even shocked, "That's very cheesy. And, you don't have money?" 
Loki replied, "I don't need it. I have my power. But, now, I just can't use my power because I'm here." 
Aegir kept asking, "The big question is why you a stranger very brave to ask another stranger some money? That's the actually what I care about you." 
Loki replied, "You're the host of the feast, you usually helping the random people inside your feast to make them satisfied along the party. I know that's just one of you habit. So, when I asked you it's actually a very commmon thing. You don't even care if I'm a bad or good person. You just knew if someone at your party is worthy to got help from you." Aegir was in shock because the last thing Loki said, "The one thing you really need to worry now as the big question why you think I'm someone that deserve the help and even, the invitation from the first place." 
Aegir, "Because I think you're related with that woman from last year incident. You reminds me of someone close, actually." 
Loki replied, "Who, Jow Marlace?" Then, suddenly Loki just found the door to The Hall because Ran just got out from there and calling Aegir. Aegir was going to say yes, but Loki suddenly came to Ran and hug her, "It's very nice to see you again, Madam." 
Ran actually surprised because Loki looks very stylish and cool, "You made it." Loki just straight walk to that door and Ran stopped him, "Wait, where are you going?" 
Loki said, "I'm going to that door." Ran said, "You can't. Only our family and chosen people can get enter to the Hall." 
Loki laughed and look back to Aegir, "Your husband chose me to be here. Am I not chosen?" 
Ran said, "Well, we have problems here. If you're really the chosen you suppose to be the native people around this hometown. But, you're a stranger, not even has our nationality. There's a problem with those facts. You're going to get a brain-loss memory, once you enter The Hall. That's why this place is sacred." 
Loki then replied, "Trust me, I  will be fine. You don't know me but I know you. You're the wife who just love to do bad things around you. That's how you teach your nine children, right? You're the one who almost kill that woman from last year incident." 
Ran's face turned into pale. "What a very straight accusation, here?" 
Aegir went mad, "How dare you to accuse my wife of such things."  
Loki knew it just will always happen so Aegir pushes him back and here he fell to someone's person who just walking back of him.  A lady with black brown braided hair. She caught his back and Loki turned around. It's Sigyn human-god. Loki realized her because he just knew the woman of his life. 
"Are you alright? she asked. 
Loki just slightly turned back from her and walked away asking to Aegir, "Where's the bathroom?" and Aegir pointed the other door, he just straightly went to that door, "Excuse me."

He went to the bathroom. He splashed some waters from the sink. The weakness of him is actually Sigyn.  He remembered the days he's being imprisoned and Sigyn was there. 
*flashback while Loki in the dungeon and Odin came. 
"What do you want, father? Worry about me?" 
Odin replied, "Of course I'm worry about you. I know how all this mess started, its about the human girl, isn't? Why you not stop, Loki? You only put her in a danger." 
Loki laughed, "You saw everything, father. It was not me who put Day in a danger. And Day never afraids of danger." 
Odin replied, "You almost killed her." 
Loki went into silent. Then, he started brag the fence of dungeon, "You the one who almost killed her! You asked your god and goddess to kill her!"
 Odin asked, "Stay calm, my son. Why you care so much of this human-girl?" 
Loki replied, "Why only Thor, your beloved son can do mess things with human-girl, but not me?" 
Odin replied, "It must be came from your heart. You want to be with her?" 
Loki just looked straight to Odin, until someone appeared from behind and it was Sigyn, his beloved wife. Sigyn smiled at him. Loki couldn't resist that smile, the innocent heart, the pure light who really loves him. "Was Sigyn not enough for you?"
 Sigyn touched the fence, "I miss you, Loki." Sigyn then touched his face, 
and Loki started saying, "You are not suppose to be here. I will come out soon."
 Sigyn smiled, "I know." Odin said, "She's the only one who can let you out from this dungeon. If you stop looking for her, that human girl and back to live as a normal asgard gods, I will release you." Sigyn begged for Loki to agree.
 Suddenly Loki started laughing, "Never!" Just at exact time Sigyn was shocking and running cry, went out from the dungeon. It hurted Loki. Odin just saw it and he also left the dungeon. The last time Loki saw Sigyn. Their relationship can be called, "Strange-Wife". Loki was too busy with his evil plans to conquer the Asgards and the whole nine realms. While Sigyn was never really around. Loki barely touched her, even the wedding was like a blind-date experience, but Sigyn always there. When Loki got punished, being mocked, feeling blue, she always there. Loki loves to talk so he let them out to Sigyn and Sigyn said things to comfort him. Then, Loki back again to his habit. It hurts for the first time at Loki's heart. How he even failure to fall in love.*

Loki back outside the toilet, he knows he just have to get in to the hall. Then suddenly he went through the door. Everyone's staring at him. They all were eating dinner. "GET HIM!" Loki without his power around these human gods easily got caught. But then, he knew something's strange feeling around this meeting. Its the greek gods around them. "You've made the wrong mistake! You opened another realm!" Said Loki. Loki saw an old man, very old and he knew he's the human-god Odin. Right next to him there's Hades and Hermes. "Stop it!" Loki suddenly being dragged out from the hall by the two bodyguards. One of the bodyguard was so big and the other bodyguard leaving Loki with the big guy. The big guy bring Loki walk out to the beach, a very dark place and no ones there, far from the crowd. The big guy started to punch Loki. Loki not get used with the fight without the power. He's really out of number. It's the most hard to see. The big guy wants to kill Loki. Until suddenly, it's just went to Loki's head, The killing a human. That's not hard for Loki since Loki is a villain.

And, he killed a man.
Suddenly a thunder went to the sand near him, Thor came again.
"There's a human blood in your hand, Loki."
"And I have to back to dungeon?"
"Loki, you killed a human."
"I will kill the entire human existance if I have to. They all weak and stubborn. A liar and ungrateful."
"Where are you going?"
"I'm going back in to the Hall. They're doing a trade with the greek gods."
Thor really holds Loki's hand to stop him.
"Did you know that your wife, Sif, also in there?"
"Sif was not my wife."
"Yes, not Sif because of Jane. Now, she wants to change the world so you can end with her."
"That's stupid."
"I know right."
Loki just walk back to the party. The other bodyguard saw him but now, Thor was behind of Loki. That man was shocked because he saw a real Thor from Avengers. Then, he realized he just saw a real Loki. Loki kept walking and brag the door of the Hall. His first saw was Dionysus sitting next to Sigyn human-god. The first Loki do is kicking his ass. Sigyn was shocking but suddenly Loki hugged her, *you know like in drama stuff*. Eigna who's right in the center of the table with the old man Odin went mad, but again everyone's surprised with the appearance of Thor from Avengers. It's true, Sif was there.
"What are you doing here, Sif?" asked Thor.
"Why you came here, Thor? The human gods shoudn't meet up with the gods."
"And what about you?"
"You chose Jane from the beginning, things has changed in human god. There's no my human god in this world. Its more easier."
"And you told them about us?"
Loki asked her, "Whats with the whole greek gods here?" Loki still hugged Sigyn human god.
"They called us." Said Hermes as he grabbed a kind of pen and paper.
"What's that?"
"What's wrong with the long face, Loki?" Asked Hades. Hades went to Eigna, "Tell him, my dear."
"We signed to be free from being human-gods," said Eigna.
"Mother..." said Thor.
"I know you'll call me that because I have the same face as Frigg. But, I'm not her."
"Please, my dear friends. We don't have to brag everything here. Its suppose to be a nice evening supper, right? For a big family?" Said Hades, "We're done our business then lets enjoy the meals and the mead!" Hades sitting right next of that old man. Loki realized there's no Freya human god in here.
"This is wrong, I will tell Father about it." Thor decided to back to Asgard. Now, Loki's alone. Dionysus also sitting on Sigyn's sit, right next to Sif and Skadi human god.
"I better leave, now," Said Sif but Dionysus preventing her. So she sat down.
"Please joining us, my son..." Asked the old man. His eyes seemed very sleepy, so old, "My daughter, Nancy." That's her name, Nancy, Sigyn human-god, "Comeback eat the dinner."
"Yes, Father." Nancy let go Loki's hand.
"There's the chair, sit on it." The empty chair right next to Dionysus. He didn't sit yet, Loki just stand up, "I'm here to find where's the falcon's cloak."
"Its still here." Said Hermes.
"Is that the price?" Asked Loki, "Sif?" Loki's eyes still looking straight to Hermes.
"Yes, Loki." said Sif.
"Why you need it?"
"Good question. We just love all gold magic stuffs. Golden ring, goldern necklace, and Athena's golden robe. See, nothing's wrong with having golden cloak. Also, I still need one more that elves cloak from the shoemaker. I heard you know where is it. You want to trade?" asked Hermes.
"With what?" asked Loki
"I can see it's not your real matter. This falcon's cloak. And, it's not all your fault as we see Sif's the one who stole it from your court of gods. I mean it doesn't matter anymore, right?" said Hermes. Right next to Hermes, there's Tyr human-god, "How's your hand, it seems like broken?" asked Hermes.
"Yes. Accident." said Tyr human-god.
"Bitten by the wolf?"
"Yes. Bitten by the wolf."
"Where's the wolf, now?"
"Protected by national forest community."
"Of New Zealand?"
"Yes. Of New Zealand."
"I thought it was the dog." Tyr human-god caught being lied. Suddenly, Hermes pushed Tyr's seat to through the wall like a wind from his shoes, and Tyr human-god knocked flat.
"Tio!" Screamed Nancy. Nancy straight running to Tio. As Loki can see.
"Where's your human-god, Loki?" Asked Hades.
"I was going to ask about it." Replied Loki, "Why you on upper world, Hades? Did Zeus know?" Then suddeny Hades throwing fire to Loki. Because its god not human-god, Loki can use his power to Hades. *Loki killed that bodyguard with his bare hand and showing his dark side, kinda thing.*  Fire couldn't hurt Loki. Everyone was frightened, especially Eigna.
"Don't mess up with human world, that's what my father always told to their children." said Loki, "Have you heard about domino's effect? You mess up with one thing, others will follow."
Hades laughed, "I'm a wrecking god. I can do whatever I want to ruin this world."
"What you gave to these people will end our world. You open the portal of multiverse, isn't? That's what you want, right, Sif?" asked Loki.
"You also want this. The nine realms..."
Then, the thunder comes back and there are Thor, Odin, Zeus, and Hera.
Its so fast, suddenly Zeus took that old man's life. Everyone's screaming, especially Eigna.
"You killed him!" screaming Eigna.
While Zeus put Hades back to the underworld. Hera took Dionysus out to nowhere and Hermes already begin to running away but Thor with Mjorlnir threw it to Hermes's foot and Hermes went down. Suddenly Freya also appeared right in front of Hermes, "Give me back my cloak."
Hermes smiled, "That's not how it works. The agreement already being sealed. It's mine, now, for a certain time." Then Hermes looked to the old man, "Well, that old man was dead. Only him could broke it. Now, all the right will go to the heir of him."
"Who?" Asked Freya.
"Jow Marlace." Said Loki, "Thor never has the human-god because he owned Mjorlnir. Their first son is Jow Marlace."
"Your human-god? How it still has to be you?" Freya gets more angry.
"Father," Loki came to Odin, "I will bring the cloak back to the court of gods."
"What do you want?"
"Allow me to approach him." said Loki.
"Then, you must." Odin let him, "But you can't see the girl."
"What is that even means?"
"She will not see you."
"Or let Thor takes the falcon's cloak."
Loki went silent.
"Get the cloak and back to your wife." said Odin, "This world has become ungrateful. Thor." Odin was going to back to the Asgard until suddenly a big black-hole appears. Everyone's frightened. Thor and Odin prepared for the upcoming. It's actually just getting bigger and a wind flew out from it, like an electric electrocuted or something. The lights goes power-down.

And, its over. Aegir said it's all fine, again. The power back again.
"Freya!" asked Odin, "Bring Sif back to the Asgard."
"Yes, Odin." Freya went to Sif and both of them just dissapeared.
"What is happening, Father?" asked Thor.
"Its the beginning of multiverse."
Hermes laughed and he ready to running with his shoes, "Catch you guys, later." And he's gone.
"What kind of universe you asking?" asked Loki to Eigna.
Then, suddenly, its like a Superman and Diana wrecked the hall. Superman with his laser-eyes fighting with Odin. Diana with her whip took Thor's Mjorlnir, just because she can. Thor's hand got hurt. Diana almost grabbing the Mjorlnir, but then Loki use his magic and Mjorlnir becomes multiply. Diana grabbbed a wrong Mjorlnir when Thor quickly grab the real one and he step aside from Diana's sight.
"YOU!" screamed Diana. Her whip went to Loki's neck and she pulls him closer, "You knew about her." Loki coudn't breathe, "You puny god. Where is she?"
"What do you want from her?"
"To stop this multiverse."
"You...mean...Sif? She...just straight back to Asgard." Loki laughed but he still hardly breathing.
"Take me to the Asgard."
"Then stop choking me. father...stop killing him...."
Diana let him go and asked Superman to stop fight with Odin.
While Odin, knew there's a chance for hit Superman back, and he just did it anyway. Then suddenly Superman knocked Odin flat, but Thor came to him and swing his hammer to Superman until Superman flew far outside the hall. Thor right away take Odin, "Loki!" Loki joined them back to the Asgard.

Later, the Justice League ensembled. Superman wants to follow them but Diana said, "They're not our problems, now. Batman." Diana calling Batman. From outside, Batman prepared with his cables or something. He's the one who made the power went down. He's stealing the power. "Are you ready?"
Superman also heard it and he holds Diana's body and both of them flew through the roof. Superman then said, "Bomb it."
Later, Batman push the button and the whole building burned down.

All the screaming, running, people got burning and they died. The Justice League: The Flash prepared to keep the fire so the fire stayed just for that one place. Shazam, he put a lightning to every single one who's trying to run away from it. Cyborg, he's the one who open the portal. And, Green Lantern, he builded the dome to make sure no ones could asking for help from outside.

It's a really bad Justice League. Or isn't?

Loki, Thor, and Odin arrived at Bifrost. Heimdall helped them. Loki asked, "What's going on? Who are they?"
"They are being called as Justice League fromt he other universe when we're not there." said Heimdall.
"Where's Sif?" asked Loki.
"The court of gods." said Heimdall.
They're ready to go to see Sif but Odin stopped Loki, "I need you to go and take the cloak from that human god of you. Thor, accompany him and call your Avengers."
"Yes, Father." Thor and Loki ready to back to earth as Heimdall send them right away, to London.

"We just can't walk around through this human island and wear this. We must do blend." said Loki.
"Of course. Jane teach me how."
They end up on the little town's bar.
"ONE MORE!!!!" screamed Thor. He's drunk. The bartender was really worried because Thor kept smashing the glasses around. Loki just calling from someone's phone to Tony Stark, "It's an emergency. Asgard needs your help."
"This is the first time I really want to trust you." said Stark from the phone, "I'm actually fighting this guy with green suit and green things showed up from his hand, he put a ring on it. Kinda busy."
"So, should I ask Thor to go there, too?"
"No. They kept searching both of you or people of Asgard. Better not come here. We'll take care of it. Besides Scarlet brought some friends, they called them X-Men. We're good."
"LOKI! WHO ARE YOU CALLING?" Thor came to Loki and grabbed the phone call, "JANE?!"
"What the fu*#!" Replied Stark.
"Language!" Replied Captain America.
"Oh, come on, Roger!" Said Stark, "Gotta go."
"Thor, I need you to stay low. We'll handle this. As soon as things get over, we'll contact you." Captain America hang up the phone and Thor thinks the phone was a glass, "ONE MORE!" And he smashed it to the floor.
"MY 6S!" Cried the owner.
Loki then gave him the pure gold to his hand and he stop crying. Loki brought Thor out from the bar and decided to teleport to the nearest motel. Loki disguised both him and Thor looks. Because Loki looks thinner than Thor it seems like he prefers to disguised as a man's woman. Funny thing was the lobby front desk thought both of them are lovers. 

So, they end up in one couple bed room, as Thor went to sleep, Loki looked to the terrace. "If Heimdall brought us here, Marlace must be near here. There's no time." So, he left Thor's alone and made the protection shield around the room so no ones can ever find it. *I don't know how Loki works to find people but he just knew and he teleported himself to where Jow Marlace might be*. As he arrived at this house, "ah... so this house." Its really not far from the motel. He changed his look as his normal be, even with his god-suit, to terrifyJow Marlace. As he walked to the front door, he could see someone from the window inside. But, he keeps walking and as he gets near to the door, he changed his look and wearing a human suit with nice coat. He changed his mind. Then, he rang the bell.

He rang the bell, again.
"I GOT IT!" A woman's voice.
The door opened and its Day.
Eyes to eyes, face to face, Loki even smiled because she looks great than the last time he saw on the operation room.
"You're alive," he said.

But then, Day started to look to another sights. She couldn't see her.
"Who is it, Day?" Asked someone got near. Its Kram.
"I don't know." Day looked back, "Someone made fun of our doorbell, I think."
In Kram's eyes, there's a man.
"Who?" Kram gets closer and Day could see Kram seems see someone, she back to look again and she sees nothing, even when Loki is standing right in front of her. Because Loki knew Kram could see him, he changes back his look and becomes Loki's outlook. Kram suddenly surprised and shocked but Loki slightly makes a sign with his finger, "Ssshh..." then he vanished.

"What is it, Kram? What?" Day hugged Kram's wrist, "I see nothing...Kram?" Asked Day.
"You don't see?" Kram's face looked so pale. "Lets just...just close the door." Kram left the hug and closed the door.
"What is it?" Asked Day, "Are you seeing a ghost?"
"Don't play with me, silly!"
"I think its really a ghost."
"BOO!" Shouted Kram.
"Don't do that!"
Both of them were laughing.
"It's really not cool for people playing wih our doorbell." Said Kram.
"I know right!"
"Lets just back to prepare the dinner, please." Asked Kram, "I'm so hungry, Chef!"
"Right-O!" Day rushed to the kitchen as Kram back to look again the door. He knew that was Loki.

Loki teleports not far from the house, its someone's building rooftop *typical hero/anti-hero hangout*. "Day is with Kram. But, where's Jow Marlace?" Then he found a similar car he knew, from New Zealand, its Jow's car right in front of the house. 
"What's that?" Jow saw it. He saw a man that suddenly vanished right in front of that house. "I think... I just have to go, see tomorrow...right." Jow turned on the wheels and left.
As in the radio, Jow played it, he heard the news of New Zealand attack by Justice League, "No one was survived." Jow was shocked. He started to call his mother, others, and he knew everyone's dead. Loki already right next to his car, Loki said, "You're alone now. I know how that feel." Both of them drove away.

Back to Kram and Day. They eating chicken honey and some juicy lamb. Then, they now eating muffin ice cream. But Day prefer fruit apple crumbles plain yoghurt.
"I don't know why I become a sweet tooth right now." Said Kram happy eating ice cream.
"You should beware with your diet. You're getting fat." 
"I hate you."
"You're a dancer!"
Both of them were laughing.
"I don't see why I shouldn't eat."
"Okay. I know you're my biggest fan."
"Oui, Chef!"
"Then, let say you like one of the model. But you love to eat."
"Oui, Chef!"
"I banished you to never follow me again."
"Begone!" Day swings her yoghurt spoon.
"Akhhhh! Magic!" Kram stood up and pretends to fell to the kitchen's floor with ballet death style.
"Siegfried!" Day ran to Kram with her yoghurt.
"No...Tony, my dear." Said Kram.
"West Side Story?"
"West Side Story."
"Okat, wait." Day eats some yoghurts, then she put the yoghurt on the floor, put Kram's head on her lap. She started to sing Somewhere. Then, she kissed Kram's forehead.
"I love you." Kram's open his eyes and smiled.
"You're alive."
Kram got up, "Your true love's kiss has awaken me." Both of them stared each other and Kram decided to make a move. 
But, Day then back to her yoghurt and stands up.
Kram smiled with that kinda thing and he back to stand up, "Did you know I was going to kiss you?"
"Hate to kiss after eating greasy and sweets on your mouth."
"Oh, you're blaming your food?"
"What, no..." Day laughed. Both of them standing side by side on the table, "Okay, come here." Day brings a napkin and clean Kram's mouth gently, then she kissed him, fastly, "Muaach!"
"Love you." Kram smiled. He back to eat that ice cream but Day took the plate.
"A!a!a!" Day said, "Diet."
Kram laughed. He back to drink his wine. "Its really nice dinner."
"Of course."
"Day, are you still not remembering about past years..."
"No." Day stopped everything.
"How about.... Avengers?"
" Lock...It? A brand?"
"He's one of the wanted list of alien that attack ing earth, past years. His alien brother actually took our side as one of Avengers."
"Is this somekind of japanese superheroes tv show??"
"You...don't know Avengers?"
Day laughed, "I...I'm joking! Of course, I knew! I'm rooting for Captain America than Iron Man."
"Akh! I knew it! Iron Man has everything. The power, money, technology, and Stark Industries!"
"Captain America always chose a right decision. That's what matters."
"Spider Man?"
Day went silent.
Kram went silent.
"I love him."
"Me, too! If I'm gay, I prefer him, too."
"What? KRAM!" Day punched Kram, "Don't be gay!"
Both of them were laughing.
Day finished clean up the dishes on the sink and she started to search Kram on living room. Kram was watchig TV.
"What are you watching? Action?" Asked Day.
Its actually a live report from New Zealand. A big green dome and things burning on the inside of dome. Avengers fighting bunch of aliens, as the news said. Its the famous night club, near the beach. Kram then look to Day, "This is the place where you got bitten, Day."
"Its Jow Marlace's family mansion." Day was shocked, "What is happening?" Day went to the phone and start calling Jow. But it went busy. "I need to find him."
"Well, he must be already flew to New Zealand, Day."
"We should get the ticket, too!"
"Calm down, Day."
"Did you see that? That thing absolutely just attacking Jow's family. And, that headline! No one survived? What's even Avengers doing?"
"That's a war field. Even flight won't come there!"
"I just want to find Jow."
"Then, lets go to his place, will that be fine?"
"You said he must already gone to New Zealand."
"I don't know! I just thought!"
"I'll drive you."
Both of them drove to Jow's place. 

Jow was going to airport road but then Loki appeared himself, "Pull aside." Jow heard the voice and he was shocked, he almost got an accident but then he safely parked on the side road. Jow was shocked there's someone next to his front seat, "You...was there..."
Loki smiled, "You see me, finally."
"Who are you?"
"Don't you know? I'"
Jow still shocked, "Am I....dead?"
"No. Your family is human-god of Asgard. You are my human-god, me, Loki."
"Your family is already dead. Its purely genocide of human-god by Justice League, they called."
"No! What do you want from me?" Jow decided to attack Loki, but then Loki showed his strength with his hand and put Jow choked  near the car window, ""
"Please, I'm not a good god so I would love to kill you, if I want to." Loki smiled and Jow tried to breathe, "You have something from Asgard that I need to return it back to its owner. Its falcon's cloak."
"Of course you didn't know. It just happened very quickly, actually....but there someone who can help you find that cloak. She's Day A. Glades."
"She used to bring back that cloak and it leads me to you. Now, we found who stole it. The point is now, you're the holder of falcon's cloak. But your, human-god could not see it just because. And, Day can."
"You! Have! To obey! Me!" Shouted Loki, "I don't want to kill human anymore."
"Yes...yes! Please...I can't....breathe..."
Loki let him go. Jow coughed and starts to breathe.
"There's nothing you can do with things in New Zealand. Those people want to find us. People of Asgard couldn't be seen on earth. Find the cloak. I will be always watching you."
Then Loki vanished.

Jow was shocked. He started to look everywhere make sure that Loki not there. He tried to assure himself if he wants to go to airport or back as Loki said. But then, Loki suddenly appeared right in front of the car and Jow was startled. Loki smiled and then he gone. Jow started his engine and drove back home. Jow parked to front door, he found some people there, paparazi and bodyguards ready to come to him. The manager walked straight with the bodyguards to save Jow out from the paparazi with shouting, "No comment."
Jow and The Manager finally made it to be inside of house.
"Are you alright, Jow?"
Jow knew there someone else in his house, he saw that car. He ran to the living room, "Day." Day was sitting next to Kram but Day actually ran to Jow and she hugged him so tight. They didn't say nothing and Jow cried on Day's shoulder.

Does Loki sees it?
Yes, he's around the corner of room where no ones could see him.
The last he cried was when his step-mother died. Even Sigyn was not there.

Jow was lie down on Day’s lap on living room’s sofa. Kram and the Manager chatted from far. “He lost everything in one night. What’s these aliens problems, anyway?” asked Kram.
“He didn’t lose everything. He’s now the richest of his family. Marlace’s family has lots of savings around the whole world. I learned that ever since his mother used take care everything for him, and pick me as his manager.”
“Don’t you have feeling? Of course I mean his family,” said Kram.
“That’s a good question.” Said the Manager.
“Anyway, did you know anything about these aliens?” asked Kram.
“I learned something about they’re from another realm. They said something about someone needs to lead them to Asgard.”
“Thor and Loki realm?”
“Yeah, those Gods of Asgards. Why its even a problem to earth? Don’t you think they have responsible to Jow’s family death?”
“Yes, I agreed.” Then Kram realized about he just saw Loki on the house’s door, just couple hours ago, “What does he wants?” he asked to himself.

Day was holding Jow’s hand, “I always be with you, Jow.” Jow’s crying all night, like just pouring tears, “Just go rest.” Day saw all those tears and she wiped them. Day realized how’s that felt suddenly. A glimpse of memories about #OnceUponATime moments. But it just a second and then she felt like a daydreaming. Kram went near and set up more woods to fireplace. Day looked into Kram and both of them were smiling.
The relationship between Day, Kram and Jow were so epic. Since Day and Kram flew to London to make Day gets better after the accident, Jow followed them. He felt sorry for everything that happen in New Zealand. Since then, Day awakes and first thing she awakes, she remember nothing. Kram and Day’s step-parents took care of them after Day had lost for most years. Day remembered Jow as his childhood friend but she didn’t remember anything about New Zealand. Until one day, Thor brought Captain America and Hullk to visit Day on rehab hospital. Jow knew now, Day’s one of people who knows Avengers. Jow couldn’t get involved with the conversation as Thor’s request. Kram sitting right next to Day while Thor started to speak. “On behalf of Asgard, I do apology.”
“Who are you?” asked Day.
“I am Thor, son of Odin, Prince of Asgard.”
“Why are you apologizing?” asked Day.
“The Asgard has relation with what happen on your condition.”
“These sharks bites?” asked Day, “It’s fine, actually. I didn’t feel anything. I can’t hurt.”
Kram tried to explain Day’s condition. Then, it all made everyone felt even more sorry to Day. Captain America loved to help her remember things, “You’ve done a great thing to us, Avengers. You saved me, you saved Bruce, and Thor’s girlfriend, Jane. You even saved Iron Man and Hawkeye though they’re not here. Thor mentioned about you and we found your file. Bruce remembered about you, Jane, and Iron Man.... do you remember about Loki?”
“Who’s Loki?” asked Day.
“My half-brother.” Said Thor.
“Oh.... is he nice?” asked Day.
“No.” Said Bruce. Day smiled listened to it. “We will protect you as the regards from us.”
Bruce then explained, “There’s a reason you lost your memory, Day. You’ve attached with Avengers. People who attached with Avengers physically, adoring, or any related, and go to New Zealand, possibly will get the random losing memories. New Zealand is a land of human-gods of Asgards. When the last of your memory after you’re awake?”
“Not much. I remembered I’m still a cook for my own tv show.”
“What TV Show?”
“A cook TV Show.”
“I am sorry.”
“That’s fine. Kram even told me that I’ve been away from him. I’m the one who shoud be sorry. Did I do some kind of troubles?”
“No, no. Your records doing fine.”
“I was looking for my real parents.” Said Day, everyone’s listening, “I remembered everything about my childhood. I put it on a book. Sometimes I imagined myself as Hansel and Gretel. My family loved cakes, chocolates, and sweet stuffs. Until on one trip, my brother too much greedy to get one more chocolate. And,” Day stopped, “I don’t think my records were fine. I still a bit of remember that I went to this one particular college, a scholarship, an engineering.”
“Yes, it’s one of Stark’s.”
“I was wondering why even I decided to go to the college. I’m a chef and turned to be an illegal engineer. I might become a terrorist.”
“No, no, you’re not.” Said Bruce, “You almost on that specific area but you’re saving us. You’re a genius kid, as the record said, that’s how you got entered to the college. You managed to remember the pack of Iron Man suit.”
“I didn’t remember it.”
“I know.”
“I didn’t remember anything after some days...or so.”
“Then, it must be the days when you found the Avengers.”
“I was worried. I knew this early alzheimers, you know.” Said Day.
“No, you’re not, Day,” said Kram.
“Yes, that possible only on movies,” said Bruce. It seems like Captain American and Thor found Bruce watched movies.
“There’s one question, I like to ask.” Asked Day.
“Please,” said Thor.
“You’re not the only superpower people, right? The Avengers?”
“Why?” Asked Bruce.
“There are people out there, I remembered, they called themselves as X-Men.” Everyone went silent, its their first time heard that, “I think I’ve met them.”
“Was it before you went to college?”
“I don’t think so....”
“Loki must knew something about it.” Said Thor.
“Who?” asked Day. They didn't reply anything, but then its time for them to leave.
“It’s fine, Miss Glades.” Said Captain America, “Thank you for everything.”
“Don’t mention it.” Said Day, “Thank you for coming. Feels like I have some friends or something.”
“It’s very nice too, Miss Glades.” Said Bruce. Three of them went out from the room with Kram, then Jow Marlace came to them. Kram just heard.
“Mr Marlace,” greetings from Captain America, “I’m Steve Rogers. Here are my friends, Bruce Banner and Thor.”
“I know him,” said Jow, “Father used to tell bedtime stories about you."
"Its nice to know. Actually, you look exactly like him. Everything. Like mirror."
"Hmm..." Captain America also think the same.
"Guys, please." said Banner.
They off and Kram listened everything about it.
Loki's face look exactly like him. Jow Marlace.

The night was over. Thor awakes and he found Loki slept on the couch. Thor just went to the bathroom. After that Thor awoke Loki, "Brother, you want to go to breakfast?" So they went to hotel's restaurant. As they drank... I don't know, like they pretend to be normal humans.
"My head's spinning."
"Of course. You drank lots of gallons."
"Did I?" Thor laughed, "You took care of me, Loki. I'm glad."
"You're my burden."
"Akh... hurts. But I can live with it." Thor smiled, "Does it always cloudy in the morning of London?"
"Thor, she could see you. You can approach her and directly ask about the falcon's cloak."
"Day A. Glades?"
"Sure. Let's go."
"We better do the teleport. Lots of press outside his house." Loki touched Thor and both of them already inside of the house.
"Where is she?"
"Behind that door." 
Thor knocked the door.
"Yes. Come in." Thor opened and Day was surprised, "Thor!" Loki also standing next to Thor but she not seeing him, "I thought its Kram."
"Apology, Miss Glades. But, its an emergency."
"How's Jow Marlace's family?"
Thor was silent at moment because he didn't know, he was drunk last night, "Tell her they all dead." Said Loki.
Thor said it, "They died."
"Oh my goodness." Day seems need to digest the news. Thor couldn't do anything and Loki can say everything, "I hate this Day version, she seems boring." *as we know, Loki is a villain character, he pushed any of strange feelings that he used not to approach* "
"Miss." said Thor, Day listened, "There's real thing which Asgard involved for this chaos."
"So Asgard made this to happen?"
"It's my brother's fault."
"My fault?" Loki screamed.
"Who?" asked Day.
"Who Loki?"
"Loki is..." as Thor wants to explain, Loki held Thor and asked Thor not to do that in front of him. For a reason, Thor could see something personal with that issue in Loki's eyes. So, Thor just started a different way to explain, "My brother was your friend, Miss Glades, the time when you with the Avengers."
"Your brother?"
"Yes, my brother." Thor walks more closer, "He had once put interest on you, Miss Glades. He would like to know about your past, who are you, Miss Glades. You're one of the random point that once Ragnarok didn't happen."
"The day when you saved us, The Avengers, the points of Ragnarok was coming. Maybe its over or maybe its post-poned but its because of you. Now, as the prophecy, Ragnarok is still coming."
"How do you know?" asked Day.
"Because it's all started by my brother. Everything lead by my brother will end to Ragnarok."
"And, now is coming?"
"It could be. We don't know yet."
"You must certain about that." Rushed Day, "Jow's family being killed like genocide for no reason, someone should explain about it. I mean, I kept thinking about it all night, especially the relation with what happened to me, the brain-washing after I went to New Zealand, I mean that's very disturbing thing to keep happening, how many people out there who turns out like me? But then, there's this bunch of aliens put their own solutions to end that miserable path as if human souls as nothing? That's also wrong!"
"They called themselves as Justice League."
"Yes and that name! So far with what they have done to Jow! For humanity! And you know what? I also hate your genk's name! Avengers!"
"A genk's name..." Loki laughed by himself.
"Avengers, Miss?" asked Thor.
"Yes, Avengers! Avenge! Its like take revenge! That's a negative word to be spread around the world! Like, oh my god! We need help! We need Avengers! We need to take revenge?" Day lose her temper, "I'm so mad because the losing memory of me could be a sign that this thing could be happen. And, I didn't see it! The reason why Jow kept chasing me, I don't know. I don't remember anything about me with Jow on New Zealand. And, I came to London, thinking I have to put my life back together with my family and Kram. Then, this Jow suddenly showed up. I kept disturbing with me, my lost memory, and The Avengers. And now, I know why!"
"Why, Miss?" asked Thor.
"Because I don't know! I don't know why it's bothering me, I don't know! I know nothing! I keep this idea that I must know something and people around me think that I know about something, but the truth, I know nothing. I should've realize it sooner! If I just realized I know nothing, I just brave enough to ask Jow stay away from me, this might not happen! Jow will be still with his family has normal life and I'm with Kram, happily ever after."
"But, Miss, it's not about you, either." said Thor, "It's about the falcon's cloak. It's been lost and you're there with my brother at that time, looking for it."
"Oh god, I know nothing! Let's just put that fact as the headline! Even if I have to dig my lost memories, why don't you ask your brother? I would like to know, too, about my memories. Then, I even didn't know about where am I come from! Don't you read my book? I wrote it clear, I'm an orphan."
"Tell her, around that lost memory, I helped her to find her real family." said Loki.
"My brother helped you to find your real family around your lost memory sequence." said Thor.
"What...?" Day startled, "And what happened?"
"Tell her, they already gone."
"You both found they're already gone." said Thor.
"I'm sorry..." Day walked to the near wall, "I thought... No... I still believe they're still alive. I knew. I just knew."
"Tell her she's wrong," said Loki.
Thor didn't say anything.
"TELL HER!" screamed Loki.
Thor kept silent. He knew its too much for Day to take it at once. Loki then came to Day and wants to squeeze her arms but then, he couldn't touch her, like he's a transparent ghost. He's freaked out. Thor also saw it. Its Loki first encounter to touch Day after Odin put stated Day will never sees Loki. Loki was so shocked he let himself out from the building and vanished.
It's now only Thor and Day.
" many questions?" Day sat down to the floor and hid her face.
"Asgard needs the falcon's cloak to return. The cloak is now in Greek's gods hand. The reason I come here, Miss Glades, you always there to prevent things could happen from destruction. As you know, I have an answer for what happened in New Zealand. The humans-god were suppose not meant to be exist. We, the Asgards made a mistake. We put two worlds in a hand of one idea of life. Two worlds has their own path and Asgards should not mess up with the earth world. And this is the consequence. You, Miss Glades just in the middle of it, the one who has to see it."
"What do you want from me?" asked Day, she showed her face and her face was red. Maybe because she trying to hold his mad or trying to hold her cry.
"You're the only person who can see of it. You know what to do."
Suddenly, a door's open and Jow's coming. Thor's gone. "Day?" Jow is coming to her.
"No! Stay away from me! Stay away from me!" She screaming. Kram also coming. "Kram!"
"Yes, Day. What is it?" Kram hugged her. Day didn't say anything. Kram just looked into Jow and Jow also wondered. From outside the building Thor said to Loki, "There's nothing we can do, Loki. We should find the falcon's cloak by ourselves. We don't have to give the burden to human anymore."
"Just go back to Jane! You also put Jane in danger for be with her!" said Loki.
"Yes. I put her in danger. Yes, the best way to put her save is to keep stay away from her. That's what I do, Brother. That's what you also do to Sigyn, right? You put her away from your madness plan so she didn't have to get hurt."
The words, she didn't have to get hurt stop Loki to debate.
"Come, Brother, we must chase the Hermes."
"The Olympus is in America, the Empire State Building. You don't need to chase him."
"Then you already knew it, why you put Miss Glades in the middle of it?"
"Because she's right. Her family is still out there."
"You lied to her?"
"No. It's also true, her family already gone and I knew I suppose to be happy about it. I was there and seen everything. Now, She doesn't know what she is. Then, yes, you also right, I made the mistake, I'm the god of destruction, I thought she must be one of human-god of Asgard. And guess what, she's also right, my curiosity of her lead us to Sif, the true criminal. But guess what? I was there when that aliens attacking, so it must be my magnet of destruction. If I go to Olympus, I might put the gods of Olympus gone mad."
"What's your point, Brother?"
"Because I was there, things gone wrong. I suppose to like the truth of see things in wrecking, fallen, or chaos. But, I..."
"Why you care about her so much, Loki?" asked Thor in the end.
"I...I don't know." Loki step away from Thor, "Why you asked me that?" His appearance comes to vanish, "If you want to go to Olympus, go by yourself." Then Loki has vanished.
"Brother." Thor looks to the sky, "Does it always cloudy in the morning of London?" Then he brought thunder with his Mjorlnir and he's also vanished.

*Percy Jackson time!*

Annabeth saying to Percy, "Don't we all have something to say?" Both of them dating like crazy couple who just eating their lunch. Suddenly a big thunder shouting on the sky right above them and they thought its Zeus.
"What is it, now?" Percy and Annabeth aware.
"Is it because we're just talking about Thalia?"
"But you're eating these cheeseburgers together! Can't I be jealous?"
Suddenly Thor arrived. Everyone panicked, saying that guy is one of the avengers.
"You're the one of avengers," said Annabeth.
"Greetings, children of greek human-gods. Percy son of Poseidon and Annabeth daughter of Athena."
"Thor! Son of Odin, from Asgards! Wow!" Percy was so excited, "Nice to meet you, Sir!" He shaken hands with Thor.
"You, too." Said Thor.
"So basically are you also son of Zeus?" Asked Annabeth.
"No." Said Thor.
" relation between greek gods and norse gods?" Asked Annabeth.
Thor was in silent. *actually norse came first then the history said that greek followed them so they all suppose to be the same but not the same. And btw, these gods were made by human and nothing I can do about it.*
"You're good handy with the hammer, right?" Thor smiled, he actually knows about demigods and quite fond to follow their adventures. He must admit since he fell in love with the earth, he found how the history really knows about everything like Asgards and this Olympus. He wondered and searched about it and found the people, Avengers keep call them as methahuman and some of them joining X-Men but it turns out there are some of them related with Olympus and they are demigods. He also interested with the issue because he has a plan to build a family with Jane. It means he's trying to make a good proposal to his Father Odin with demigods references.
"Yes, Sir. I used to fight monsters by mortal hammer. My mother taught me."
"And you, Percy. So many things has accomplished from you. The true hero of the Olympians."
"I accomplished them all with my best friends."
"Your gods parents must be so proud of you." Said Thor again. Both of them were blushing. "I need your help. Can you lead me to the God of Messenger, Hermes?"
They nodded and say its not far, they went to Hermes Express.
"But we have a problem. We don't have any dharma." Said Percy.
"Don't worry. I have much better." Said Thor.

Day looking for falcon's cloak on internet. She kept looking when Loki's word there but its just she couldn't read it. She also read about asgards and greek gods. There's nothing connection with falcon's cloak. Until she found the hint by this marathon contest on London. that whoever has to keep things in greek gods is Hermes. So, the way to find Hermes, she keep in this delivery, postman, and some big post delivery companies. She found strange company, "Hermes Express". She decided to buy the ticket to America, alone.

Loki back to see Jow that day. Jow was trying to search that falcon's cloak too, but he seems not good at it. Loki found The Manager try to explain where exactly the falcon's cloak on living room,
"You said you asking where the past years Day had been. She's been around Europe. She actually the lost child of Sweet Company. She had a father, a passed away mother, and a young mother."
"So, she's rich?"
"The Sweet Company now is handed to Cindy Ridley. She made an accusation with this fashion line, HERMES."
"That's it! We have fashion line too in Paris!"
"Yes. We funding Norse Project."
"Awesome. Ask man from Norse Project to get contact with HERMES saying Jow Marlace wants to meet Cindy Ridley."
"Why don't we ask Miss Glades?"
"It has nothing to do with her. Lets leave her alone. Its so much more than you think."
"What's it all about?"
"Well, just ask that Jow Marlace would like to do a model or something. Making a design for men clothes or perfume?"
"That's brilliant, Sir. But what about Cindy Ridley?"
"I don't know yet. When you said HERMES, it hit me."
Loki was there, he's the one who revealed that gut. The manager left and Jow back to see Loki, "I hope you know what you're doing. That's sad. We could just ask Day about that Cindy."
"I was there. She won't remember it," said Loki, "Odin, my father, erased everything or blocked everything about me and it blinds her."
"What did you do to her?"
Loki laughed, "What did I do? We both have the same fate, Jow Marlace. You just can't deny it."
Jow went silent because The Manager returned, "Sir, we already have the schedule to go to Paris five more hours. Also, to inform Miss Glades went to America, this morning."
Loki got a hit, "She knew about Olympus? That's impossible."
Jow then said, "Thank you." The Manager left again, "What's in America?" Asked Jow to Loki.
"Nothing. The less you know the better. I will leave you to find the cloak from Cindy Ridley."
"Where are you going?"
"To Hades. An old friend." Then Loki vanished.

Hades didn't have the cloak. The different with other gods, Loki or like the doom gods very invited to underworld. Loki easily find the door, of course he's rich god and bribe to get to sail on the soul's river. So many people dead screaming and Loki put a smile on hos face, he talked to the sailor, even though the sailor just keep turning its dive, "It feels so at peace. I never thought how I miss this place. How I need to see the souls bow to me and screaming my name. Begging for mercy. How weird its been a very long time." The sailor didn't say anything and they kept going. At arrived, Loki asked, "Tell me, am I still worthy to be the king of the underworld?"
"You are, my lord."
"I just bribe you. How do I know if that's the true answer?"
The sailor smiled for the first time and bow to him. Quietly. Loki then left. He met the three faces of dog.
"My child." Like puppies, but giant weird-strange-horrible puppies, "I also miss him. Is he here?" Those faces barking and loved to show Loki the way. Loki followed them. Then he met her, the lady for Hades. Loki likes her. She is wild princess and even rebel rhan Sigyn. 
"Princess," the princess just chatted with Nicholas and she seemed surprise.
"Are you looking for your son?"
"That's my second reason. But, yes."
"Who is it?" Asked Nicholas.
"An old friend, my dear child."
"A half-blood?" Loki smiled at Nicholas, "Hades son. You can inherit the underworld alone and you're still a child. Wait, you also can earn the power of chosen, just like Zeus's daughter. But, both of you turn it down and leave it to this, a hero, son of Poseidon. And you, decided to living here. While, your father, desperately... desperately wants to live up there. The shining throne in Olympus."
The princess back up Nicholas, "He's my good friend. Don't talk to him like that!"
"Forgive me. I just want to tell him, if he asking for help, it will be my pleasure to help him. As you see, from my world, we are the same."
"How?" Asked Nicholas.
"We have the magnet to start the destruction. The world of doom."
"I am a good boy. I promise to my friends that I won't let that happen."
Loki smiled again, "It seems like we chose different decision."
"Leave him, Loki!" Said the princess, "Just straight to your own business."
"Where is he?"
"Your son?"
"So that's why? Is it about another plan to bring a doomsday to the earth?"
"Its even further than my work hands." Loki smiled.
Things went pretty intense but the princess shows the door. Loki walks alone while that three-faces dog went to call Loki's son.
"I have nothing to say." Said Hades, sitting on his throne and re-watching Game of Thrones season 3.
"You, old friend, didn't know what you just did."
"I know. I just opened the portal to another realm because I didn't know its freaking hard to tell. I hate being here. All the sounds are irritating me!"
"Then you can tell me the truth why you need the falcon's cloak?" Asked Loki.
"What else?" Hades giggled, "You the Asgards need to stop to ruin humans. Stop involve and think you can rule the world. Now  the falcon's cloak will put a trigger so your father will meet my brother Zeus and we're going to see the best gladiator fight in the whole universe!"
"Which means the end of the world."
"Yes! The riot! The destruction! Our victory, Loki!" Hades excited, "Now we can start to recruit those humans, give them protections from the whole destructions and let us to be their protectors!"
"Manipulating." Said Loki. 
"What is wrong with you, God of Mischievous?"
"You put Day Glades in danger!"
"That woman! "
"Ah! The pawn! It's not hard anyway to put one little human as the trigger of everything. It's like from all the world's history, one man can change everything. Why? Why with that face? She's just a mortal. Just like any other woman I could have picked instead of her."
"She is mine."
"Well, that's interesting."
"Why the greek gods need the falcon's cloak?"
"Well, maybe because we're greedy?"
"You are not answering my answer."
"Or the mortals had despised their norse gods and turned to us?"
Loki couldn't take his attitude anymore, suddenly he changed into his one of kind and let out the beast as he suddenly froze Hades feet.
"AAAKHHH!" Hades shouted, his feet turned into stone of glass, "HAHAHAHA!" He bitter.
"For gods, it's not really hard to kill one to another because you all have power to rebirth. Just like monsters. We are monsters." Loki kept going to freeze Hades feet to his legs, "What would the underworld be without it's king? Isn't this your really wish? Too bored in the underworld and it better to be not at this hell at least for a while?"
"Zeus...won't let you, Loki."
"The same thing like Thor, believe me, he's just going to mourn for a while and then back to find your replacement."
"OH..." The stone cold has come to Hades hands, "Do you really want to do this?!" He's a little bit panic.
"Tell me your all plan!"
"Okay, stop!" begged Hades. Loki stopped, "It's all started by me. I just want to seek out from the underworld. to get a fresh air. Then, I sort of heard Zeus with all gods talking on meeting, that they got premonition that one girl, a mortal woman, would bring the end of the world, so powerful that will kill all of us the greek gods. Not just to kill, but we all might never back again. Then, I learned that they did kill her along with her family when she's young but then she's survived. Then she found the way to collide the world to be stronger and seem no need us, the gods. Until later, Zeus found you, the norse gods, claiming that the earth realm is bow down to your Asgard. And, she asking protection to your gods. That's how the bridge had built. Zeus allowed me to ruin the world. Actually, it's improvising with that Justice League."
"How to stop them?"
"Well, there's nothing you can do. They brought this thunder waves all around the world and our world is changing. Zeus and all gods now training their demi-gods the children to up against them."
"What they want?"
"Well, the wish from Thor's suppose to be his wife was simple. How to kill The Avengers."
"And what about Day Glades? Why are they hunting her?"
"Zeus's wish. If the gods can't kill her, then let the monster do."


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