Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Dawn with Love: Chapter 1

The night was truly cold and that night as Prince Kyle and Valon found Bridget inside the cottege, she’s lying near the fireplace side floor and so much blood around her legs and her white gown, she closed her eyes as she asleep.She held with her arm, full of blood, a crying out loud baby girl. The cord was still entach with the baby but it’s already being cut from the mother. It was a nightmare for both of them. Valon ran and cried in grief, kissing the cold skin of the mother of that baby while the baby being held and warmed by Kyle who was crying, too. They were too late.
The father of that baby was not Bridget’s husband, Knight Juan who died on front line of battle. He was Kyle’s older brother, Royal Prince James and it was Royal Prince James who commanded Knight Juan to be on front line of battle. It was never meant for good. At the time the baby was born, Royal Prince James has married with Royal Lady Wellen. Prince Kyle and Valon brought the baby to Knight Juan’s father, Lord Ernest. Lord Ernest knew everything and he was the one who decided to not care of Bridget and put her in cottege. He looked at the baby and he felt guilty, he felt so sorry and he profess undying love as grandfather to the baby girl. Afterall the baby girl still has blue blood in her, as a bastard daughter of Royal Prince James.
Prince Kyle decided to be the godfather. Prince Kyle decided to protect this baby girl, they named her Aurora Celine.
Aurora Celine raised by Lord Ernest as the heir of Ernest Estate. She has pretty green eyes, exactly like Royal Prince James eyes. But somehow, the girl earned his deceased’s son personalily, a brave, tough, but quiet intelligent. It’s like a natural movement that Aurora Celine meant to be Ernest’s heir. Her hair just exactly like his father but her face almost nearly like Bridget, her mother. She’s now 16 years old. She’s going to be introduced to the government’s ball and hope she will get a partner for dance. She’s excited. Mostly because she got a great evening gown present from his godfather, Prince Kyle. Her relationship with his godfather was just extraordinary. Until now, she believed Prince Kyle surely his father’s best friend. Prince Kyle has married with a daughter of france’s merchant, Lady Blue, Aurora called her, they both not have any children but they are so happy. It seemed like Lady Blue knew her very well and even Aurora already felt both Prince Kyle and Lady Blue are like her parents. Secretly, of course Prince Kyle told everything to Lady Blue about who’s Aurora Celine.
The only person who never really open with Aurora was Lady Ernest, Lord Ernest’s wife, her grandmother. She really hated her deceased mother and said her mother was the reason her father died on battlefield. Aurora until now is still trying to get her heart.
On that evening, Aurora was so pretty. She’s like a shining star. Lord Ernest was proud of how a great lady already shining out from his granddaughter. Aurora held her grandfather and she’s ready to the ball.
Valon is still The Royal King and Queen’s butler and they’re already in the hall with all the guests were dancing. Of course there are Royal Prince James and Lady Wellen. The couple has five children with one is stillborn. All girls and they’re waiting for a grandson. The oldest came to the ball, named Princess Dante. Princess Dante got all the beauty from her mother and all the firm cheekbones from her father. She got her partner that evening, Lord Ezra of Roland. Lord Ezra is the Roland’s Heir, his father is Earl of Roland. He’s the only child of the family and now he’s 25 years old. He’s still energic and love music and art. He could play violin and piano as well, even a harp. He’s very talented. Sadly he’s not as tough to be a soldier. He wished but he has a weak body. Princess Dante and Lord Ezra already friends since childhood and Lord Ezra has intention to marry Dante, but seemed like there’s someone else inside the ball which Dante always looking, Prince Benedict. Prince Benedict is a soldier, he’s Earl of Thomson, he’s 30 years old and still not married. His father died two months ago caused unknown and now Prince Benedict has invited as the title of his father. But, Prince Benedict doesn’t put any interest to Princess Dante. Princess Dante was a spoiled girl for him. Afterall everyone knows the trouble of Royal Prince James about financial. That’s why Prince Kyle and Lady Blue doesn’t live in the castle and prefer to buy a great royal house bought by Lady Blue’s parents. And of course Princess Dante is looking for his charm and powerful richness.
Then, Lord Ernest entered with Aurora Celine and suddenly Royal Prince James stood up and shocked as he saw Bridget once more. Lady Wellen found her husband’s pale face. James know the girl is the heir of Ernest’s Estate and of course the girl is the son of Knight Juan and Bridget. Yet, the resemblance is just uncanny. It’s exactly the reaction of Prince Benedict, the first time Aurora entered the hall and he couldn’t stop to look at her. It put Princess Dante in attention and wondered where Prince Benedict had been looking and she saw Aurora Celine. Well said, the close of Aurora Celine with Prince Kyle truly put the society to think Aurora Celine might has relation with Royal Family. For Dante, Aurora is wild weed. Lord Ernest introduced Aurora Celine to the Royal King and Queen and Aurora already knew them, of course, but she pretended not to. She’s funny girl and put the Royals smiled.
Prince Kyle knew Aurora also will be introduced to Royal Prince James, his brother and of course, truly Aurora’s birth father and he wants to stop them but Lady Blue held him as it’s the time for Aurora to stand her life. And, as Aurora greetings Royal Prince James for the first time, James decided to embrace her. Lord Ernest didn’t welcome by it but he held his guts. The Prince could feel the same smell of Bridget from Aurora. But, so fastly and strong, Aurora let off the embrace and leave with Lord Ernest. Dante seen everything and it put her in jealous, her father never embracing her, just because she’s not the son his father was expecting before.
Lord Ezra was wondering of Dante’s attention of dancing and Dante asked to stop. Meanwhile Prince Benedict already reached her stand and would like to dance with Aurora. Lord Ernest knows Benedict because he’s a young knight as well. Of course, he let Benedict dancing with his granddaughter.
Then, the first dance of Aurora Celine was began. Aurora could feel the glove of Benedict’s hand and the firm of his shoulder while one of Benedict’s hand gripped her hip gently. Benedict really liked how shy Aurora’s smile. Then the first thing he asked her while in dance, “Can I see you again?”
“Of course, my lord.” Said Aurora.
After the dance was over, as Aurora back to her grandfather, Benedict found his mother asked him to dance with Dante as Dante has waited.
Aurora Celine then saw the dance, for her, all royal family are handsome and beautiful including Dante. Aurora also grew up by the royal’s environtment but she promised to Prince Kyle to never involve with Royal Prince James’s family and she keep the promise. Aurora is smart and as she found the look of Dante dancing with Benedict, she knows it will be a trouble. Then so, she decided to take a walk around the ball.
Her favourite of the ball was the saloon. She loved to hear all the chats and gossips, women. And there, she found a gentleman, playing a violin so beautifully and deep. Very passionate and enchanting, he’s Lord Ezra of Roland.
“I can’t be crying.” Aurora hid her tears. As the finish of his play, Ezra straighly embraced all the wave of applaused and as he bowed to his audiences, he caught Aurora Celine’s crying. Aurora hurried walk away as put Ezra a lot in curiosity.
Aurora walked through out the door and found the stairs to butler’s chamber, as she went down all the maids and butlers bow down to her and Aurora smiled because she knew most of them. Without their masters, they were all lazy. If she had enough with all the chats from the upstairs, she would go down to find a new topic to talk about.
“Lady Celine, you can’t be here. This is government’s ball, different from any other you’ve been. It’s not proper to see a lady hang out at butler’s chamber.”
“It’s fine, Maggie. Besides I just really need want to check up all of you if you’re all lazy or not.”
“Oh, come one, Lady Celine. I know Lord Ernest taught you to blend with us, the helpers as to spy our activities. Please, not toay, Lady Celine.”
“I’m just kidding, Diane. Alright, alright, if you’re all insist, I’ll go. But, I was curious what are you guys talking about before I was appeared?”
“Oh, Lady Celine. We can’t tell you.”
“It’s a bargains. If not, I’ll stay here and you’re going to be in troubles. Where’s Aurora Celine?”
“Alright, Lady Celine. But please, don’t mention us.”
As Aurora ready to learn, the maids and butlers agreed and put Diane to whisper to her ear. As she heard, “There has been said that Lord Ezra of Roland is going to propose Princess Dante to marry him.” It’s so whipered that Aurora actually already excited for whoever the Lord Ezra is. Until, Lord Ezra was appearing right behind her.
“Lord Ezra of Roland!” Maggie shouted as all of them were bowed. Aurora turned around and surprised the man who playing violin wonderfully is Lord Ezra.
“What are you doing here, Lady?” asked Lord Ezra.
“Oh, I was... I was looking for restroom and oh my, I guess I’ve lost.”
Lord Ezra suddenly gave his hand and Aurora with shy smile held the hand and let him guide her to out of walk. They’re back at the hall as Aurora learned another path of this delicious triangle love.
“What are you smiling about?” asked Lord Ezra. As Aurora heard that she get blushed, “Last moment I saw my lady was watching my violin performa and shed a tear.” Aurora was surprised. She believed no one actually seen it.
“It was really beautiful, my lord.” Said Aurora, “It moved me.”
“Well, that’s a relieve. I was scared if I ever broke your feelings or something.”
“No, of course not,” Aurora smiled, “This is our very first met, I believe.”
“Well, of course But I know you. The heir of Ernest’s Estate. You are as the one of socialist young lady around the saloon. Most people learned how great you are to make any relationship in any condition and that’s why people came to you to put you as mediator.”
“Wow, I must be famous to be learned by a lord. Perhaps it’s not disturbing you, my lord? As some people also see it as woman power. They said it’s very dangerous thing.”
“It’s not really. Without woman, there’s nothing of man. Woman is a man inspiration to live.”
Aurora blushed again. Then suddenly Lord Ernest found Aurora and asked where she had been. Aurora said she’s walking around and talked with one of famous artist of the kingdom, Lord Ezra of Roland. Ezra was surprised because it was the first time he face to face with retired knight, Lord Ernest. Lord Ernest is best at hating feminime man, which Ezra considered as one of them. But, the way Aurora representing him was really convincing. By the end of the chat, Lord Ernest greetings Ezra, “Your parents must be proud of you, son.”
“Yes, my Lord.” Said Ezra.
Then, Lord Ernest and Aurora left him as they joined the ball again. Ezra felt relieve and suddenly he remembered about the proposing. But, Princess Dante was not in anywhere. Ezra was looking for her all around until suddenly he ended up at the back yard garden and there were two maids and a butler seeking of things roughly inside the bushes. Ezra knew them, they’re the people who wanted to help her to make the condition secure.
“Hey! What do you guy doing here?” as Ezra giggled, “What are you looking?”
“My Lord, no!” cried one of them.
It was Princess Dante and Lord Benedict were making out in bushes. Ezra was in pale. He stepped back and the maids asking if he’s alright, but Ezra just said, “Forget of what you have seen. There’s nothing here. Do you understand?”
“Yes, my lord.”
“Or someone knows about this, I will look for you.”
“We will not tell anyone, my lord.” Said them.
“Don’t let anyone coming here until they’re gone.”
“Yes, my lord.”
Lord Ezra came back to the ball as he was trying to be fine. He’s sitting around the men and all the pictures kept repeat inside his head and it’s hurting his head.
“She’s dancing again!” shouted one man, “Lady Celine.” Ezra heard it and it put him in disturb, “Look, she’s really beautiful. How come we never seen the girl?”
“Who’s the man dancing with him?”
“Don’t you know? It’s Valon, The Royal King’s butler.” Everyone was shocked, “It’s true. Valon is his grandfather from the mother’s side.”
“Oh, dear. It means she’s not really the blue blood, after all.” Everyone has losing their affection to Aurora, “That’s why no one really knew her.”
Lord Ezra felt in hurry walked through the dance floor and came to Valon and Aurora, “Excuse me, Sir. Can I ask your granddaughter for dance?”
“Of course,” as Valon smiled and Aurora also accepted. Then, everyone’s looking at both of them. All knew about the propose gossip but seemed like Ezra has change his mind. Aurora actually a very talkative girl. She loved art and music, and their dance became so intimate as both of them chatted and laughed in between.
Dante and Benedict came back to the ball and pretending there’s nothing happen. Both of them also knew about the proposing but anyway it’s embarrassing for Dante because the man who’ going to propose her tonight is actually having intimate public movements with someone else. Not just someone, but specifically, Lady Aurora Celine.
It’s not really official about that proposing because none of royal family know about the gossip. No one really want Dante to marry the heir of Roland. They’re cousins. But, for Dante, it was shameful.
As the dance was over, turns out both of them kept holding hand and suddenly Dante already in front of them, “My dear Lord Ezra, aren’t you the date of my night at this ball, or did someone without my permission asking for your attention?” And, Dante learned about the tone, “Let’s go, my Lord.” As Dante pulled Ezra from Aurora, it’s like Ezra didn’t want to let go Aurora’s hand but as Ezra had to go, Aurora let the timing of Ezra’s hand let go her hand. As Aurora looking Ezra’s gone, she realized it might be not really the best first evening ball for her but she learned it’s better to not keep going of the relationship which involved with the royal family. Ezra looked at Prince Kyle and Lady Blue. They learned about the view and they asked her to join them. Aurora now felt safe whenever she’s around Prince Kyle, Lady Blue, and both of his grandparents.
“Have you find the right man from you?” asked Lady Blue.
“Well,” Aurora whispered as Lady Blue listened, “It’s better for me to be alone, now. But don’t tell anyone, my Lady. I want to keep as mysterious girl.” Both of them were laughing as Prince Kyle asked what were they talking about. They enjoyed the evening really well.
At the end, Aurora and Lady Blue got the wagon to leave first to back home. As they back home, Prince Kyle would like to talk with some of the merchants and will come back with Lord Ernest. As Lord Ernest waiting, there goes Prince Benedict, Earl of Thomson. It’s no doubt the high title in knights put Lord Ernest in respect.
“It must be very reluctant move to do but I would like to see your granddaughter recently.” Said Benedict.
Lord Ernest was surprised.
Meanwhile, as Ezra took Dante to her wagon, Ezra asked her, “Am I not enough for you?”
“my Lord, it’s already late.”
“Why you couldn’t see me? Why?”
“What’s wrong with you? Are you drunk?” Dante got away from Ezra and asked the guards to keep him away from her, “Please, send him back home safely. We’ll see again after you’re sober.” Then Dante leaving without Ezra.

Ezra’s butler was next to Ezra, “My Lord, let me take you to another cart.” Ezra let him got helped. He’s really weak. He needed rest. Afterall, the ball has still another place and time to be made.


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