Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Henry and Aurora: Alternate Life

Henry and Aurora: Alternate Life

         Every night, Aurora was walking through her terrace of apartment, using her telescope just to search the star she’s looking for. Then, she will be sit and somehow she will end up sleep until she feeling cold,woke up, and gets inside.
         Aurora loves to sleep on the center of her bed, wall of pillows around her, and thick puffy bed cover. With that, she can sleep  by a second.
         “What’s your problem, Ezra?” asked Henry.
         “Man! She is beautiful girl with sad daily life ever! She has different girl friend every single week!”
         “She’s gay prot?”
         “No, for god sakes!” Ezra eating his cheese snacks, “Actually, I don’t know.”
         “She’s actually never do any further than just invites her girl friend, doing make up, chat, and cooking. Mostly, telling their problems, mad at her, shouting, and made her cried, or she back mad at her, it’s like gay.”
         “So, she’s gay?”
         “No. I follow her social media. Facebook, twitter, google+, and instagram. She’s actually having tumblr and path! No snapchats, but she has youtube account. All of them are about boys she likes! They all like folders of handsome actors pictures. I’m becoming gay just to watch all of them. She’s really good person with insane moves when she got mad on social media. She’s like a puffy blue clouds with a power of Zeus’s thunders!”
         “Okay, okay, can we stop talking about this girl?” begged Henry. He’s still standing right next Ezra who’s in front of his desk and his laptop, facing the apartment’s window, “So, I was lost. So, who is she?”
         “She’s the girl who actually picking her apartment so she can be in my neighborhood!”
         “How did you know?”
         “She’s the first fan who actually came to me and told me how beautiful my random play with all her critics! She has great ears and taste. She’s in love with me, seriously.”
         “She, fakely pretend she bumped me at the bar. Or, even following my church service community. She’s always there until we have a deal to be friends on this group chat.”
         “So, you’re stalking your own stalker?”
         “But, she’s really good in pretend she doesn’t like me! Probably, she’s not even know she’s in love with me.”
         “Maybe she’s shy?” asked Henry.
         “Yes. That’s why I like her. I need you to be my friend, Henry. This afternoon on someone’s party to listen my music. I want you to be my insider.”
         “You come with your sister and your sister is going to be her friend, then we all going to have so much fun!”
         “But, she never really has any boyfriend, you say?”
         “She’s a con.”
         “A what?”
         “It’s obvious. She’s really great in society, no boyfriend but many girlfriends, totally no relationship attach? A con.”
         “But~ she’s not wearing any brands.”
         “She’s using same old stuffs.”
         “So, she’s poor?”
         “How even she can get into our society?”
         “That’s the good question.”
         Henry had to go to because it’s late morning. Henry believed what his best friend saying. They’ve been together since high school and end up in university together with Ezra went to school music and Henry went to be a doctor. Both took great few years and now, Ezra became a great musician while Henry still trying his best, though he’s really a great future as paramedic.
         “While, I, I am just a simply spoiled second child who loves to fool around but keep the family’s name great in known,” told Fanny to Aurora.
         “Really? You just can’t say that to yourself.” Said Aurora.
         “It’s true, darling. I’m a lazy lady who loves to be lovin’,” she laughed. Aurora didn’t know how to react, she laughed as well.
         “Look, she’s looking at us!” whispered Ezra to Henry. They both standing on a bar while Aurora and Fanny sitting together on table with two of Aurora friends.
         “So, tell me which one is your lesbian friend?” asked Fanny to Aurora, looking at two of her friends. Aurora was shocked.
         “Who’s telling you that?” one of her friend was angry.
         “Hey, she’s joking,” said Aurora trying to put her calm.
         “Why not? That’s what you always do, right?” said another friend, “We all love her. She’s really a good friend with good taste, Fanny.”
         “Really? Hey, I like you, Donna!” Fanny started to ask, “Tell me about it!”
         “I think my sister really push too hard.” Said Henry, “Seems like Aurora is in trouble.”
         “What? That’s what always happen between Aurora and Tess.”
         “You know her friends name?”
         “Tess and Donna. Yes, they are insane. Aurora seems really like to linger with these two devils. Or, she doesn’t have any strength to get away from them. Both are the reason she can get into this society, but she seems playing hard.”
         “Like what?”
         “Her first golden ticket was Tess. Turns out, Tess didn’t like the way Aurora seem enjoy to have another closer friend with this easy going yet snob talking Donna. So, they always mad but then they get along because Aurora really hates to pick up any more fight. Turns out, it will always be Tess. She just want Aurora to be hers not Donna.”
         “But, what can we say? Aurora will never be loved by this society without Tess.”
         “That’s really a great spirit.”
         “Because she’s really want to see me.”
         “OH, now it’s your move, Henry.” Said Ezra as they both found Fanny would like to introduce Aurora while Donna and Tess were left behind.
         “Hello, boys. I believe you’ve met Ezra Rolands.” Said Fanny. Aurora and Ezra shaken hands,
         “How are you today?” asked Aurora with a big smile.
         “Great, great party, too. Yes, Fanny, we both on same community. We always met.” Said Ezra.
         “Yes,” Aurora agreed.
         “Okay, then,” Fanny started to introduce her brother, “And this is my beloved only big brother, Henry.”
         “Hello, I’m Henry Monroe.” Henry shook Aurora’s hand.
         “Aurora Ernest. How do you do?”
         “How do you do?”
         “I’m great.”
         “Thank you.”
         “I heard you’re a wonderful person .”
         “From who?”
         “From my good friend here.” Henry looked to Ezra. Aurora also looking at Ezra with a blush.
         “Don’t be so frankly, Henry.” Ezra drank.
         “So, do you like Ezra music?” asked Henry.
         “Yes,” said Aurora, “I keep update my music shelf with his albums.”
         “Really?” asked Ezra, “Why don’t you ask me?”
         “Ask for what?”
         “Get my albums.”
         Aurora went silent.
         “Oh, dear. I knew this. Donna just told me. Aurora has one of particular innocent personality which put her totally in silent whenever she thinks she’s not wrong but it’s actually could be right to do.”
         “What?” asked Henry.
         “She never thought she could just asking Ezra to give her the albums even with the special editions and his signature.”
         “Oh, dear, I am so sorry.” Said Aurora, “I guess, I will leave, Tess and Donna are waiting for me.” As Aurora left, Henry pinched Fanny.
         “Aurora,” said Henry. He followed her, “How about we would like to hang with you and your friends?”
         “What do you mean?”
         “I guess my sister, Fanny, too too much force you and blunt to say anything she want to say and it’s  not comfort you?”
         “Well, yes,” said Aurora, “But, seriously, I just not want anymore one plus girl friend at this time. As you see,” Aurora gave a point to Tess and Donna who are still arguing each other.
         “I see,” said Henry, “But perhaps, I’m here for one reason and the reason is you.”
         “Me?” Aurora wondered.
         “Ezra would like to get to know you.”
         “So, I can give you an idea.”
         “What kind of idea?”
         “An idea that surely can stop both of your good friends to stop argue.” Henry smiled.
         Then, it ends with they all went to Aurora’s apartment. They have booze and snacks, playing Ezra’s music on music player.
         “And now, I will sign all the albums which you bought, that’s really kind of you,” said Ezra.
         “Yes,” replied Aurora. Everyone’s laughing.
         “She is such so innocent,” laughed Tess. She’s drunk, “She always saying yes for everything.”
         “Like what?” asked Fanny.
         “Like this time,” said Donna, “When she promised me that this evening she should’ve spend the dinner with me and suddenly she invited all of you to go to her apartment. She always breaks promises.” Donna never drunk.
         Henry looking at Aurora as Aurora just smiled and asking to see any more snacks in a fridge. Henry followed her slowly and suddenly he found Aurora didn’t go to see anything inside the fridge, she’s cleaning the dishes.
         “I thought you said you’re checking any more snacks?” Henry voice suprised Aurora.
         “Oh, yes,” Aurora suddenly washed her hands that covered with soaps, “What snack do you looking for?”
         Henry came to front of the fridge as Aurora was going to, “Hey, I’ll look by myself. No worries.”
         “Oh, alright,” Aurora just stood as Henry was looking inside of the fridge, then she back to the sink, “Just tell anybody if they’re asking, I will be right back.”
         “Oh,” Henry took a peek to see Aurora’s face. She’s cleaning the dishes.
         “Did you find anything?” Aurora’s talking put Henry took anything from the fridge.
         “Well, cereals?” asked Henry.
         “Yes, sure. It’s Ring-Os cereals.”
         “Colors?” Henry opened it, “Oh, yes.” He ate it, “It’s really smell. Sweet.”
         “I know.” Aurora giggled, “It’s new product I just bought. It’s not poison, I can tell.”
         “I had eaten it for three days.”
         “Good,” Henry laughed, “Yes, this blue color is no good for food.”
         “Awkwardly not good for medicine color.” Aurora laughed as she kept cleaning the dish.
         “You can pour the cereals with the milk, if you like.” She said.
         “Yes, sure.” He opened the fridge again and took the milk.
         Aurora finished her dishes, she got the bowl and both took a seat on this little diner table. Aurora took the cereals and poured to the bowl. Henry looking at Aurora as he also opened the milk bottle then like a symphony, he knew the rhytm where he just pouring the milk suddenly and the cereals start soaked. Then, Aurora already prepared a spoon for him. It’s simply an awkward smile from Henry as he took the spoon and took a spoon of cereals. He ate it.
         “Hmm. Really sweet.”
         “Yes,” Aurora giggled, “Sorry if it’s not good.”
         “No,” Henry rushed to get the second spoon and ate it, “Okay, it’s not really that good.” It put both of them giggled again.
         “I don’t like rainbow cakes,” said Aurora.
         “Really? What cake do you like, then?”
         “Chocolate cream cake, sweet pie crust, ice cream cake. I love most of the cakes. But not rainbow cake. And black forest.”
         “Black forest is chocolate cream cake.”
         “But I will feel nauseous after I ate it. I guess chocolate and rum don’t feel right on my stomach.”
         “Yeah, that’s cool. Do you feel any nausea in any food?”
         “Hmm, yes. Like ceremix and oatmeals. But, I really like them.”
         “Maybe you need diet, Aurora.”
         “A diet?”
         “Your stomach had too much dairy products. You eat nothing but dairy products.”
         “How did you tell?” asked Aurora.
         “How?” He kept eating the cereals and put Aurora in giggled to see it. Henry went to the fridge and showed what’s inside the fridge, “See here? Milk, biscuits, oatmeals, yoghurt, cheese, cream cheese, cake, and that cereals. Nothing. Nothing about fruits, vegetables, something more nutritions. You force your digest too hard and you might having lactose intolerance.”
         “Okay. Thank you for diagnose, doctor.”
         “You’re welcome.” Henry shut the fridge door, “You know what?”
         “We should go walk somehow.”
         “I can help you to buy groceries for your fridge?”
         “Are you, really?” Aurora giggled agian, “It’s soaking,” Aurora decided to eat the rest of cereals.
         “Do you really like it?”
         “Yes.” She kept eating.
         Henry suddenly took the bowl while he’s standing, “Give me the spoon.” He grabbed it quickly and finished the bowl, “No more eating dairy products. Now,”
         “I think you need glass of fresh water.” Aurora already pouring the water for Henry.
         “Oh, thank you very much.” Henry back to sit and drink it. As it finish, Aurora pouring some more. It’s like a symphony.
         “You look really thirsty.” Aurora giggled again.        
         “My tounge is numb, now.” Henry laughed, “I don’t want drink no more.”
         “I must say I am a heavy drinker.”
         “Oh, so you have a weak stomach?”
         “So why not you change the drink with juices instead milk?”
         “Milk is cheaper.”
         “Allright, then.” Said Henry, “You know, Aurora, I want to say sorry.”
         “It’s because of my idea, we ruined your diner with Donna.”
         “Yes,” Aurora smiled, “It was my fault. I just... I really want to be good for your ideas.”
         “I know. You seem really like Ezra.”
         “Well, can you see who I really am?”
         “I pick good guys. I always pick good guys. I judge people and I know when they are good guys or bad guys. You all are good guys. Sometimes I pick nice people too often to be together and suddenly, I’m becoming a bad guy.”
         “How so?”
         “Just like this. I put a good girl turns to be mean. Donna is a good person, don’t judge her.”
         “I won’t judge her.”
         “It’s not healthy.”
         “What’s not healthy?”
         “All my relationships. I need to get out, you know? That’s what I do. I’m easy to get boring so I take things really mess up and mix up. Donna know me really well than Tess. Tess is pretty mess up but her mess up put me comfortable whenever Donna criticized me.”
         “She’s criticizing you too much. It’s like she’s your burden.”
         “What?” Aurora laughed.
         “Yes. Is she your mother? Of course friend, good friend, or best friend can involve in our lives continously. But, your relationship just like gays.”
         “Oh my,” Aurora giggled.
         “I’m...possesive.... I think I kind of deserve that kind of gestures.”
         Henry went silent. He looked into Aurora eyes. This woman needs help, “You need help.”
         “Am I?” Aurora laughed.
         “I’m serious. Have you been in serious relationship with man? Like a boyfriend?”
         “Why are you asking me that?”
         “I think you just like have been in serious divorce dilemma with your very faithful marriage.”
         “Oh my goodnes...” Aurora really laughed, “I never thought of that! Seriously, stop it!”
         “You’re too wise to be this young age and you’re too perfectionist for your own life. Loose your buckle. I’m not saying you’re not good person. I’m saying your life suck.”
         “Jeez...” Aurora turned to be really laugh.
         “You need to stop thinking too much. Let people hate you then fuck them!”
         “Oh no,” Aurora couldn’t handle it, “You shouldn’t say that!”
         “I just did!” Henry also did laugh, too, “Okay, let me tell you my friendship with Ezra actually not really that different with you.”
         “I will do everything for him as my best friend. I will put someone as a foe if Ezra said someone as his foe. But, I will never blame myself as that really wrong or right in everything.”
         “We both are different person, Henry. I just have problem with commitment. I’m trying to fix myself and Donna might helping me.”
         “That’s not helping. That’s put you under-pressure.” Said Henry, “A good friend will help you to understand how not to battle with your demon but to control them. It’s in your under-control. And so commitment. Then you’re not letting you to break any promises.”
         “Okay. It is in my under-control.”
         “Your under-control.”
         “My under-control.”
         “Not even Donna and Tess.”
         “But I need help. They’re looking for me.”
         “At your age, you don’t need any girlfriends to look after you. You need a man to look after you!”
         “Where do you think I can find a man to look after me?”
         “Hang out with us. Me, Fanny, and Ezra.”
         “I’m such an easy falling in love.”
         “Yes. That’s why I can’t stick with men.”
         “Because you’re going to be so easy to fall with any man, you say?”
         “So, you’ve been on relationship with men.”
         “I’m not gay.”
         “You’re not gay. Alright, alright.” Henry giggled.
         “I’m serious.”
         “I believe you.” Henry laughed, “It’s a relieve, then.”
         “Well, it means my friend, Ezra, can come to approach you.”
         “Approach me?”
         “He has a great interest in you.”
         Aurora in silent. She’s blushing, “That’s not true.”
         “It is true. You just have to be assure, right? I’m your assurance. I won’t let anyone to hurt you, same as I see any woman. I will never try to break any lady’s heart. Not even to let my friend be play at. Ezra is really into you, right now. So, don’t hesitate if he comes to you. He’s not playing.”
         Aurora smiled, “I believe you. Thank you.”
         “Why do you guys, here?” suddenly Ezra appeared, “Did you just talk about me?”
         “You,” Suddenly Henry up from his chair and asked Ezra to walk him back to living room, “are drunk. Why would we want to talk abou you?”
         “I...guess I’m drunk. Your beverages are really good, Aurora.” Said Ezra.
         “Of course. She’s really a great taster for drinks.” Said Henry. Henry kept walking with Ezra while Aurora looking from back as she realized she just never thought how her life will be so good, today.
         “Good morning!” The next weekend, it was Ezra alone who’s standing in front of her door.
         “Ezra?” Aurora surprised. Or probably pretend to be surprised. She was expecting Henry, “So, you’re going to help me to buy groceries?”
         “Groceries? Of course! That’s what we gonna do!” Ezra smiled.
         As Aurora walked through the lift and got inside together alone with Ezra.
         “So, what you usually do on the weekend?” asked Aurora.
         “Waking up, suit up, and playing music. You?”
         “Breakfast, cleaning room, and read or watch tv.”
         “That’s not bad. So what genre of books do you like?
         “Hmmm... fantasy adventure. Mostly. But, I love classic literature. Drama and romance.”
         “I see. You’re really feminime thank I think you are.”
         “I thought you’re a gamer. You’re very active to update any game news on your social media.”
         “Oh, well, it’s one of my hobby. I like to update things that I like but that doesn’t mean I would like to be on them.”
         “So, you’re not a gamer?”
         “I am a gamer. But, I just a watcher. I play when I want to play, you know. Because, I kind of addicted and a cheater.” Both of them laughed.
         “Oh, no. That’s bad.”
         “I know.”
         “Maybe after we buy groceries, we can visit any game zones?”
         “That would be great. And, I’ll just gonna watch.”
         “What?” suddenly the lift door opened and they’re already on grocery store. They walked out.
         “I’m not a good player,” said Aurora.
         “I don’t believe you. You know these stuffs.”
         “Yes, but I never practice.” Said Aurora. They both pull one grocery cart and it’s just like a symphony, too, Ezra pushed the cart while Aurora took a booklet for promo products and read it as well while both walked inside the store.
         “Great. You are great. You won’t ever be good if you don’t practice.”
         “That’s right, Sir!” Aurora smiled.
         “Okay, what are you looking for to buy?” asked Ezra as they’re walking.
         “Hmm... fruits and vegetables?”
         “Alright,” Ezra lead the way, “Are you gonna to make salad?”
         “I’m not good with salad sauces or to mix any raw food together. I’ll just gonna make soup and juices.”
         “Oh, it sounds yummy. Maybe you can cook me for some?”
         “Today? Well, I don’t think...” Aurora started to think that’s the bad idea, “Why don’t we stick to the first plan where after groceries shopping, we’re going to play on game zone?”
         “Ah! I just have a great idea to be on exact place!”
         “What do you mean?”
         “What is this?” Henry was surprised because he found his place with so many food made, sausage cream soup, fish spicy sauce, some chinese vegetables, then juices. Plus, Aurora playing PS4 with Ezra on his tv.
         “Hi, Henry!” Ezra and Aurora right away greetings Henry, “We cook for you and I’m teaching Aurora about game.”
         “At my apartment?” asked Henry, “I was just going to...” he brought his own groceries.
         “Why you didn’t come this morning? Me and Ezra also bought some groceries.” Said Aurora, “Okay, let me help you.” Aurora grabbed the groceries and walked to the kitchen.
         “Hey, you don’t need...” He surprised, he never really has so many food on the table, “You cook everything?”
         “Well, turns out, we buy too many things to put on Aurora’s fridge, so we cook the over-groceries,here. I told her you like seafood, well, she’s really good at it.” Ezra took a chair and asked Henry to sit down, “You’re amazing, Henry. She’s really like me.”
         “Oh, really?”
         “Yes. And you know what, she’s so smart.”
         “Okay, Ezra, okay. Listen to me,” said Henry, “You just can’t bring Aurora in to my place.”
         “It’s not right.”
         “I am really hungry,” suddenly Aurora appeared with bowl of ramen.
         “Oh, god, is that ramen?” asked Henry.
         “Instant ramen.”
         “But, she put real chicken brot in it. You should try it, it’s amazing.” Ezra excited.
         “Well,” Henry tasted it, “Okay, I can eat this whole day.” Henry really eat it, “It’s really good.”     “Thank you,” said Aurora. Aurora started to sit down and grabbed the bowl to put the fish spicy sauce and the cream soup together. She ate them very well. As well as Ezra.
         “It’s really nice, Aurora,” said Henry.
         “Oh, yes,” but suddenly her phone ringing, she took it, “Hi, Tess,” then seemed like Aurora felt terrible, “Oh, but I thought you didn’t want me to be there,” then Aurora giggled, “Really? Yes, of course, okay. Bye.”
         “Where are you going?” asked Ezra.
         “I... think Tess just bought me a ticket for this fashion show, I thought I’m not invited. But, turns out I have to go.” Aurora stood up and grabbed her stuffs and bag, “Thank you for this morning, Ezra. Thank you for your place, Henry.”
         “I’ll go with you,” said Ezra, “I’ll get you to the lobby.”
         “Oh, alright.” It’s really awkward, “I just really have to go now, to fix my look, goodbye, Henry.” Ezra opened the door and both started to leave.
         “Bye, Auror...” and the door shut. Henry just staring at how kind of mess his PS4 spot and how full the table, he’s walking to the kitchen and turns out it’s clean. He saw the pot with chicken brot and still heat. She really cook for him. He look to his fridge, he remembered all his stuffs and it’s nothing gone, in fact Aurora bought him the cereals, milk, oatmeals, and salmon fish.
         “Who is this girl?” Henry shut his fridge.
         “I am Aurora Ernest.” Aurora shook hands with a new girl that Tess introduced to her.
         “Dante Royals. So, I heard you are friend of my friends.”
         “Ezra Roland? Henry and Fanny Monroes?”
         “Well, we just knew them last week.”
         “Yes, me, Tess, and my friend, Donna.”
         “Donna Rouge? You’re her friend? I heard about her closest friend, is that you?”
         “What do you mean?”
         “No one actually really close with her, except you. That’s one of the kind achievement. Are you really that noble girl?”
         “I...” Aurora was surprised with how she said that thing, like if she a topic for the gossip.
         “Well, When the last time you met Ezra?”
         “This morning. We have brunch together.”
         Aurora knew she’s alone most of the time with Ezra, but seems like she’s afraid, “We just met at the grocery store, then we have brunch.” There, she lied.
         “Good, good,” Dante’s face looks furious and seems like Aurora did a right thing at the time, “I just want you to know, Ezra is not just my good friend, we’re together since childhood. Our family are really close and we were couple on our community. Please, be careful with your attitude.” Dante whispered at Aurora. It thrilled her, “Don’t even think to get close with his friends either.”
         “Yes,” Aurora said. She’s in pale, “Tess, I think I need to go to see an open bar.
         “Sure.” Tess didn’t know.
         “Hi,” someone said hello to Aurora at the bar, “Your look is really cool.”
         “Really?” Aurora smiled.
         “What’s the color of your dress?”
         “Shocking blue metal.”
         “Yeay, yeay, like car’s metal blue color.”
         “Tell me which brand?”
         “YSL. It’s last year.”
         “Okay. But, the way you  wear it so confident in touch of it was last year.”
         “Yes. Thank you.”
         “So, how did you get it?”
         “By a friend.”
         “A friend, then.”
         “Yes. Is that mean your friend way more important?”
         “Yes. I’m not suppose to be here.”
         “But, you look so perfect.”
         “Thank you.”
         “I’m Benedict.” He’s giving his hand to shake.
         “Hi, Benedict.”
         “Alright. I need you to help me.”
         “Help by what?”
         “You see,” He’s pointing at the girl, Aurora straightly look back.
         “No? But I just thought you talk to her?”
         “Well, I just met and I don’t want to see her ever again.”
         “Are you one of friend of hers?”
         “On a scale 1 to 10.”
         Aurora hands up from the bar. She’s walking.
         “Hey, hey, wait,” Benedict followed her, “I can’t see the problem.”
         “Yes, there’s the problem.”
         “Like what?”
         “It’s better not even to talk about her.” She’s going to dance floor.
         “Alright, let’s dance.” Benedict took her hand and gripped her body. And Aurora was shocked. She’s right away going to slap his face but turns out Benedict saw her move and held it. Her face went closer to Benedict as he really smiled.
         “Please, get off me.”
         “Okay.” Said him in the crowd of great sound of music. He get of her and she straight walking. Then she was getting to get her phone, until she realized her phone was missing and she looked back, Benedict got it. Aurora was really mad, she’s coming back.
         “Please, give me back my phone.” But Benedict seemed open her phone, “Wait! How did you know my phone password?” Benedict still didn’t say anything until, suddenly he got his phong rang and he showed the screen, it’s her phone calling, “Thanks.” He gave it to Aurora.
         “Do not call me! I don’t want to get involve with her anymore!” She’s straight walking as she’s really scared. She’s calling Donna.
         “Dante! Why are you here?” asked Ezra.
         “I’m looking for you,” said Dante, “Hi, Henry.”
         “Hi.” As they all walking to the party, Henry seemed seeing Aurora. She’s going away. Henry kind of following her faster where Ezra engaged with Dante on the dance floor, “Aurora!” Henry caught her.
         “Henry.” Aurora surprised.
         “What’s happening?” Henry got more shock as he saw her crying.
         “Please, I need to go,” then Aurora walked faster. Henry decided to follow her, “Stop following me.” They already out on lobby.
         “Are you getting a taxi?” asked Henry.
         “No need,” Aurora kept walking out to the street.
         “Where are you going, Aurora?”
         “I’m going home!”
         “With what?”
         “By walking!”
         “Damn it, Aurora,” Henry ran and caught her hand again, “Stop!” Aurora started to be more crying and Henry decided to hug her, “Hush, hush,” said he. Aurora really turn down her guard, her body was shaking.
         “I…guess…” Aurora would like to let go her hug.
         “No, don’t,” said he again as he held the hug, “I’ll get you home.”
         “Where is Dante?” asked Ezra, he’s just getting the drinks for them both. People pointing there, there, and there. Ezra kept moving until he realized Dante was dancing on the dance floor with someone else. Then, of course Ezra knew who’s the man, Benedict Thomson.
         It’s one of crazy thought for once Ezra didn’t trust Dante. Ezra kept to look for her from far and it ended as Benedict and Dante went to a car and bang.
         Ezra couldn’t believe it, he straight back home. But, on the way home, he asked his personal assistant to look for any photos and shots which captured their affairs and bribed them. What Ezra knew, Dante Royals is still one of important member of important family in this country.
         On the next month, all of them went to their own lifes. No one’s crossing anyone. Aurora stayed with Donna and kept away from Tess.
         “You know, Aurora. I have someone that perfect for you. This man has the similar profile with your grandfather. You will have similar interests. Do you want to meet him? It’s not blind date. I mean, if you both have things to go further then it will be great. But, if not, I assure you, I’ll protect you from broken heart.” Said Donna.
         Turns out, it’s Benedict. Aurora was in shock as she had to stuck for conversation with Benedict on this lunch break. Donna turns out has an emergency call and she asked Benedict to take care Aurora.
         “I miss you,” Benedict held her hand on the table, “I mean, we’re now at hotel’s restaurant.  We can do it quickly, if you want,”
         “Hey! What’s wrong with you, asshole!” Suddenly Ezra showed up and punched Benedict’s face. Ezra held Aurora’s hand and both of them went out from the building. Aurora was surprised.
         “Are you alright?” asked Ezra.
         “Yes.” Aurora smiled, “Why are you here?”
         “I was… well it sounds like fake… but I believe it’s coincidence… you know what, I didn’t mean to punch.. well, I had wish for the chance for a long time.” It seems like Ezra was speechless.
         “Ah, your hand, it got bruise.” Aurora saw red bruise and she took her scarf and put it on his hand, “Because of me, you might not play piano anymore…”
         “What? That’s silly. It’s just bruise. I had fights most of times with this fist.”
         “At least, let me treat your bruise.”
         Henry was working at the hospital, he’s really happy treating the children. Fanny visited him on lunch as she decided to open topic about Aurora,
         “You’re the one who saw her the last time.”
         “Why are you obsessed with her?”
         “Well, not me. But, it’s Tess.”
         “You’re still with that woman?”
         “What?” Henry didn’t say anything, “Tess was so mad at Aurora because of her disappearance put her in bad look. Then, it’s very easy to spread that Aurora is a bad person. Which we both know she’s far from that title! Oddly, Dante was the prior voice. I mean, we never really saw her with Aurora or even around our community.”
         “Dante Royals?”
         “Dante is Ezra’s closer girlfriend.”
         “Oh, no. How I didn’t know about that?”
         “Ezra didn’t know. He thought she left him suddenly.”
         “But you’re with her last time!”
         “Yes. But, it’s not my decision if Aurora doesn’t want to see Ezra again.”
         “What? Did you tell about what happened with her last time you saw her to Ezra?”
         “Ezra was busy, Fanny.”
         “Yeah! But you didn’t tell him if you’re with her that night!”
         “Aurora asked me to not tell him.”
         “What? What’s wrong with her?”
“That’s why I thought she didn’t want to see Ezra again.”
“Oh my…. Aurora is so much in trouble!” Fanny excited but also frightened, “Do you what this means?”
“Dante Royals is looking at her.”
“Dante is looking for… because Ezra’s seeing her?”
“She was seeing Ezra.”
Henry couldn’t stand what Fanny just said, “I need back to work.”
“Well, damn you, Henry.”
Henry decided to work late at hospital. He’s looking at this girl who her parents were out of town and she’s been alone for three days and he decided to stay for a while with her. But, at the end, the nurse asked him to go back home and let her stayed with the child. Henry drove back home but he turned around and decided to see Ezra.
“Aurora?” it was Aurora who opened Ezra’s door.
“Henry. Come in,” Aurora was going to back home, “I got to go now.”
“What, what were you doing here?” asked Henry.
“Aurora!” Ezra shouted from far, “Who’s coming?”
“Well, it’s,”
“Henry.” Ezra walked out from the bathroom with just by his towel dress.
“Hi, Ezra.”
“What’s up?”
“I…” Henry looked at Aurora as Aurora tried to put back her coat and pretend she didn’t want to go, “I’ll just go to fix dinner.” She back inside and passing Ezra straight to the kitchen.
“Henry, why you come?” Ezra walked to the door, “Come in!”
“She’s here?”
“Yes. We just met this morning and something happened and here we are. She decided to make dinner. What a good time, Henry. And, I thought it’s pretty late to come to my place. What’s wrong?”
“I came to talk with you. But, seems like you’re with Aurora.”
“Does it need private talk?”
“No, no, it’s nothing. Its just really nothing. I just need someone to hang with.”
“Sure, I’ll go shirt up.” Ezra decided to go and Henry decided to walk and seeing Aurora in the kitchen.
“Hi, Henry.” Aurora was preparing the table. Everything already set, “Come, sit.”
“You’re about to go back home, weren’t you?”
Aurora giggled, “Secretly, but you caught me.”
“Sorry,” Henry smiled at her. Both of them decided to sit across the table and face one another, “So, you finally met Ezra.”
“Really? Since that last night?”
“Yes.” Aurora looked straight to him, “You didn’t tell him, did you?”
“I was gonna. Tonight.”
“What? Don’t.” Aurora seemed worry, “I mean… why? Why now?”
“I just knew.”
“It’s all because of Dante, wasn’t?”
“Please, don’t tell him anything.” Aurora begging.
“I…I won’t. Relax. I’m here not to drop down any moods.” Aurora seemed glad but her face still not fine, “Aurora, I’m not going to tell him.”
“But… you’re gonna do it, anyway. You won’t keep any secret with Ezra.”
Henry then sighed, “You’re right. Maybe I should tell him. But,  not now.”
“Alright,” Aurora seemed really pale, “Dante did nothing to me.”
“But you’re afraid of  her.”
“That’s her job. My job is stay away from her society.”
“And Donna is your answer?”
“Donna?” Aurora didn’t understand.
“If you want to stay away from Dante and her society, you need to be on above level of her society.”
“I’ll just disappear.”
“Well, on that case, I won’t allow it.”
“Because you’re not going anywhere.” Henry said it clearly and firm. Aurora went silent, “I… I mean… Ezra needs you.”
“Ezra?” Aurora put a little smile on her face. Henry caught it and he’s glad.
“He’s really into you. You should know that. I never seen him truly adore someone. And, I believe you’re into him, too.” Henry looked all the food on table, “You both should get marry and have kids. These foods truly deserve for your both children.”
Aurora laughed, “You’re dreaming too much.”
“Well, guys, you not start without me, right?” Ezra suddenly showed up. Aurora and Henry smiled and joined him to enjoy the food. Ezra sat next to Aurora and Henry could see how they both meant to each other. That evening put things in clear how Henry and Fanny decided to help Ezra makes up his mind.
“Do you think she will say yes?” Ezra asked Henry. It was a great day, four of them were playing at the beach.
“Of course. Don’t be stupid.” Said Henry, “Do it, now!”
“No, I think… I’m kind of nervous, I…”
“Fanny! Come here! Mom calls you!” Henry showed his phone from far as Fanny bought his lie and left Aurora alone on a sand, “Go!” Henry pushed Ezra and Ezra decided to go.
“Hi, Aurora.”
“Ezra, do you want to swim?” asked Aurora, she’s sitting on a sand, “I will join you, if you want to.”
“Well…. No, no, I’ll just,” Ezra was ready to go back but Henry and Fanny, who already knew what just happened, both gave the signals to keep to stay. Ezra then back and said, “Well, let’s go.”
“Alright.” Aurora excited as she opened her covered dress and went to the water. Ezra also got excited and he chased her.
“What is he doing?” asked Fanny.
“They both swimming.” Said Henry also wondered.
“He’s asking her to swim together?” Fanny laughed, “Heuh.”
Aurora and Ezra were swimming together and suddenly Ezra went inside the water. It’s great wave gone to Aurora as Aurora couldn’t see Ezra after the wave, “Ezra?” Aurora was worry, “Ezra!” Aurora went down to the water and she couldn’t find him. She out of air so she went up to surface, “Ezra!”
“I’m here! I’m here!” Ezra suddenly right next to her, “I’m here.” Aurora straight to hug him, “I’m here. Where were you swimming?”
“I lost you. I thought you’re drowned.”
“No. I’m good swimmer.”
“Good.” Aurora held his body so tight.
“Aurora, do you love me that much?” asked him.
Aurora was silent but she’s not looking Ezra because she’s hugging him, so she let go of his body and now she’s looking at his face, “I love you.”
Ezra kissed her. Both of them were kissing on the sea and it’s very deep.
“Look, they both are kissing.” Fanny pointed them from far.
Henry smiled and he decided to walk. Fanny followed him.


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