Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Dawn With Love: Chapter 2

A great stormy night as Lady Wellen was in labor. Princess Dante next to her mother to encourage her. She said she will love the baby just like any of her children if the baby is girl. Princess Dante cried as she also will love the baby and all her sisters no matter what. Meanwhile Royal Prince James was so worried outside of the bedroom with his men. Royal King and Queen waited inside their side of palace. The Queen said it doesn’t matter if the heir of this kingdom is a woman. The Royal King agreed but if Prince Kyle and Lady Blue get a son then their son shall be the next heir.
It was really long night and the baby finally born when the storm exactly stopped. It was a baby girl. Royal Prince James was disappoint. He put himself to his chamber and threw everything. Every night he prayed asking forgiveness for what he did to his beloved Bridget and to put him out from the burdens that he couldn’t give the man heir to the kingdom. Then he tried to calm himself, after a while, he back outside to see his born last daughter. He’s happy for the baby, the mother, and for the family. Then, when he seeing Dante was there, he held her hand and said, “Woman is power.” From then, Dante knows the chance for the heir is now on her hand.
Aurora Celine after the ball turned very well known by the society. Exclusively by girls. The girl is rich yet everyone learned her as not a threat rich girl. Her deceased mother’s name put her on the safest area. Aurora Celine was known as a great information resources. Perhaps because she actually a real royal maid. All the gossips and informations are very busy traffic around downstairs of society. Which put her a golden ticket in all society. Besides, her attitude is very welcome, taught by Lord Ernest. Everyone has respect with Lord Ernest, one of the greatest knight in the kingdom, surely when he died, his name will live as a legend.
Aurora Celine actually always feeling alone. Everyone came to her because not for her but for the stories they want from her. Other else was not. It’s because Aurora Celine was a half blood, or luckily she’s born with silver spoon. Just that, nothing else. Aurora Celine knows her place and that’s why she not meant to challenge Princess Dante.
But, it’s also true Aurora Celine is one of the most gay lady at that time. Young lady.
So on that day, Aurora Celine was in this cup of tea business with all girls. She’s loving this day. Learning all girls dresses fabrics, ribbons, hats or wigs, and shoes. Aurora Celine wishes that one day she could become like Lady Blue. Lady Blue helps her parent’s family business on trade all fashions of fabrics from france. The most important thing to run this business is by knowing the trend and the taste of society. What men and women love to wear to awe people.
Luckily, the tea party was at Lady Monroe’s Estate and this young lady has a handsome young scholar, her older brother, Henry Monroe. Sir Henry was a good friend of Lord Ezra of Roland and both of them were just arrived after back from brotherhood meeting.
“You’re came by, Lord Ezra?” Lady Monroe was still young and she alredy style as a grown-up.
“Dear sister, it’s quiet not necessary with your look at your age.” Said Sir Henry. Then Henry knew Aurora was there and Ezra was always talking about her after the government’s ball so he walked straight to the ladies and of course, all ladies awed that special moment. He greetings everyone and then he came to Aurora, “Forgive me, lady. But, I’m not sure we’ve met before.”
“Indeed, not, Sir. I was got invited for first time by Lady Fanny Monroe to join the tea party at Monroe’s Estate.”
“Well, it’s such a pleasure if we can greetings to one another. I’m Sir Henry Monroe, Fanny’s older brother.”
“It’s such a pleasure to be your acquintance. My name is Aurora Celine Ernest.”
“Yes. Actually I already knew your name before we met.”
“And how’s that, Sir?”
“I believe you’ve met my good and closest friend I’ve ever have, Lord Ezra of Roland.”
Ezra was not sure but he was standing still to chat with Fanny from far away because he didn’t want to meet Aurora. He was surprised she was there. Yet, his name being called. Henry totally got that gesture and he smiled about it.
“Well, yes. We met on government’s ball and I really adored Lord Ezra’s skills. He’s quite excellent artist.”
“Perhaps ladies, would you like to join us to see Lord Ezra playing his music?” Henry asked all girls and of course they would love,too.
Henry brought them to the hall of music and Ezra was surprised but Fanny always love whenever Ezra playing piano for her. And so, he played the piano. As all girls enjoyed the performance, Aurora Celine was in awed. And by the end of the note, all were applaused.
It seems like as everyone straightly get Henry’s attention, Aurora stayed at her place. Well, her place was following the others. But then, Ezra decided to make his move and came to Aurora. And quietly, Aurora greeted him first,
“Lord Ezra.” Aurora showed her bright face when Ezra came to see her.
“Lady Celine.” Ezra straightly replied by perfect smile. Ezra even lost his words. He admired that night when he danced with her, chatted with her, and laughed with her. By just looking her face, everything came back.
“I really like your music.” Said her, “It was yours?”
“Yes. I was working on it.”
“Since when?”
“Since that evening.”
“What is the name?”
“Well, I’m not ready to give it a name.”
“Was that evening sad in your thoughts?”
“What?” Ezra was in question. He believed he didn’t mean to make a sad tunes at all, “Why did you think that?”
“There’s something gloom on the tunes. Sparks of beats as it meant to present our loveable community. But then, you put the minors at the middle, but it was quick turn into delights as same as the beginning.”
“Well, that’s hard to tell by your details of critics.”
“It’s not critic. It’s kind of a review.”
“That’s a wrong review,” said him.
“Enlight me, then.”
“That minor, well, it’s suppose to be not to be review as gloom. It is not finish yet.” His tone was really higher as it put all the attentions,” It’’s...” And the sad memory of him seeing Dante and Benedict together on that night was judging his head.
“Forgive me, Lord Ezra. I must violate my own words. It’s not actual gloom. It’s ballads.”
“Yes! I want to make it far from that word. Far from that word. This song is about a magical of beauty and taste of spirits of goodness. It’s about happiness as to embrace what’s reality of this world.”
“Yes, of course.” Said Aurora.
“Ballads is the word. Yes!”
“Yes, my lord. Pardon me.” As actual matter it’s really embarrassing and Aurora excused herself out from the room. Fanny was chasing her as Henry looked back to Ezra
“What did you do?”
“I..” Ezra didn’t mean to hurt Aurora. For Aurora, she was just a foolish. Fanny tried to stop her but she quickly called her cart and brought her back home. On the way road, Prince Benedict saw the carriage and thought there might be something wrong so he followed it to Ernest estate.
While Henry talked to Ezra, “What’s wrong with you?”
“I didn’t mean anything.”
Fanny already let their friends back home and returned with angry face, “Seriously, Ezra. You gone too far. It’s just a critic. She’s not even that rude.”
“I know. I’m sorry.” Said Ezra.
“Don’t sorry to me. Sorry to Lady Celine!” As Fanny straight leave them.
“Ezra, what happen?” asked Henry.
“Did something happen?”
“Well, I’m not suppose to be like that, aren’t I?”
“No, you don’t. You should come to see her and ask to forgive you.”
Ezra got the point so he right away went to Ernest Estate. On the road, he’s picking some flowers to say sorry, and somehow he found this little pink ribbon quiet great on Aurora’s hair, perhaps she can accept it if she forgave him.
Later, as Ezra went through the gate he wondered with there’s a horse he recognized as he afraid with what he also think who has that horse. And, it’s true, as he reached the hall, Aurora Celine was sitting on the long couch with Prince Benedict next to her. He’s getting mad as he didn’t know how to react. He smashed the flowers outside the house and back home immediately. And, the butler of the house, Raymond turned to be seriously aware of it.
Raymond then picked the flowers, the good ones and put I on vase. As he really liked it, Raymond put it on tea room.
Aurora Celine and Prince Benedict chatted,
“Aurora, what’s bother you?”
“Oh, it’s actually nothing, my Prince.”
“But, you’re quite sad.”
“Well, moods.”
“Alright, then, if you’re not open up with me.”
“It’s nothing to be open up, really. Well, this is bad day. I dragged you here for worry me, didn’t you?”
“Of course, I’m worry about you.”
“Why, my Prince?”
“It is because who dare to put a sad on you face?”
“Can we not talk about it?” begged Aurora. Aurora stood up from the couch and Prince Benedict seemed realize he got wrong move.
“Forgive me, my lady. I must force you to harsh.”
“Don’t need to sorry. Well, I must get a rest, then, my Prince. Is there anything I can provide you as long as you at the estate?”
“Well, I’m here because of you. Can’t you for moments spend time with me?”
“Of course, Prince Benedict. But, perhaps, I shall change my gown, first. It’s really tight.”
Then Aurora back to her bedroom and all the maids helping her to change. Until she found the lovely flowers and she wondered, “Why they’re just a few?”
“Raymond put it there, milady.”
As Aurora finished to change dress, she walked by the flowers and went to outside to see Raymond, “Did you put these flowers for me? They are beautiful.”
“Yes, milady, but it’s not from me. It’s from Lord Ezra of Roland.”
“He stopped by when milady with Prince Benedict.”
“Oh my, where he might gone, now?”
“He just left after he saw you both, milady.”
“It’s really misunderstood.” Aurora back to her own looks to fix, “Boys.”
As the maids helping her finish her last touch,she went to Prince Benedict’s place.
“You’re beautiful, milady.” Said him.
“I’m not sure. Have you find what you’re looking for?” Aurora seemed really hurry, “I guess I really need time alone. I don’t want to keep you await. Today is not my mood.”
“Just to see you as beauty as this, you’re already put me delighted.” He kissed her hand,”I guess I really have to go.”
Then Prince Benedict left. As Aurora learned she’s facing the truth that there are two men of Dante came to her life, too. She wished she’s not in trouble.
At evening, she has dinner with Lord Ernest and Lady Ernest. As usual, Aurora just doing her best to look finest. But then, she got this cold look from Lady Ernest,
“I heard you’re asking Prince Benedict to leave this afternoon? Why you did that? Where’s your manner, Celine?”
“I am sorry, Lady Ernest. I am not feeling well this afternoon.”
“Are you alright, Aurora?” asked Lord Ernest.
“Yes, Sir.” Said her.
“You have to learn your place, Aurora. Everyone has now know who are you and of course, your background. With your manner like that no one could ever ask to marry you. Not even our royal name can help you.” Said Lady Ernest.
“Enough.” Said Lord Ernest.
Aurora just went silent as she struggled by those words from her grandmother.
“I... I spend my day with Monroe’s tea party. They invited me and they really like me to join with them for tomorrow sporting event.”
“What sporting event?” asked Lord Ernest.
“Riding horses.”
On the morning, Ezra with Henry already on the racing field.
“Where’s your sister?” asked Ezra.
“She’s coming. With Aurora Celine.” Said Henry.
“What? I didn’t know.”
“Come on, Ezra. What’s wrong with you? A day you love her, next day you hate her.”
“Hi, Henry!” Fanny came with Aurora also with their horses.
“That’s not good,” said Henry.
“The horse which Aurora ride with. It’s not right. Like it’s still wild.”
“It might be nothing.” Said Ezra.
“I think he’s still angry with me.” Said Aurora to Fanny, “You know I don’t think it’s a good idea. I got a bad feeling for this.”
“Now, now, Celine. You can just not think anything too much. Hi, everyone.” Fanny came with smile to get mood booze, “Let’s go ride!” She started as Aurora also following.
“Come on, Ezra.” Henry chasing them as Ezra after all followed them.
It was really fun. Until Aurora stopped same time with Ezra. Then they realized they just have to talk.
“I am sorry for yesterday, Lady Celine.”
“I am also sorry for everything yesterday. I knew you came to follow me on the afternoon. I am sorry if it put you misunderstood. You must saw me with Prince Benedict.”
“How did you know?”
“I...I like your flower.”
“Oh no. It’s a shame on me. I threw it and you picked it up again?”
“It’s fine. I wish I could tell you how much I need to talk to you after found those flowers. I...”
Suddenly Ezra gave her tha ribbon, “I was going to give you this ribbon as an apology.”
“Pink is my favourie color...thank...” As Aurora wants to get the ribbon, suddenly her horse runs wild. The ribbon was catched by her hand. Ezra chased the horse. And in the middle of the chase he lost her in the woods, “Aurora!”
Henry and Fanny heard the shouted and Henry asked Fanny to get knights. Henry ran to help Ezra.
“Where did it go?” asked Henry.
“She’s...” suddenly they heard Aurora’s shouting. As they chasing the voice, turns out, it was a cliff. Aurora was there, lie down on a ground. Both of them dropped from their horses, “Aurora!” Aurora’s head was bleeding.
“Oh my God,” Henry looked down the cliff and the horse was down there and it died.
Ezra brought Aurora back to Monroe’s estate to get first help. Luckily Monroe’s Estate is the finest doctor of the kingdom. Henry and Fanny’s father is a great doctor.
“How is she?” asked Ezra outside the bedroom.
“We only need to wait until she wakes up. Until then, pray.” Said the father.
“It is my fault, father,” cried Fanny.
“Oh my dear,” the mother came to comfor her daughter, “Let’s just calm down and wish for the best.”
“Where is my granddaughter?” Lord Ernest came, with Valon. They both in pale. Henry tried to explain with his father,”She’s my only one! Please, save her.” It put Ezra couldn’t see such thing. He’s out from that place and he must do something. He ran back through the woods and turns out he found that pink little ribbon. It’s already dirt and wrecked, found at bushes.
He prayed as he would treat her better, give him a chance to tell her everything of her feelings.
When he came back, he met Valon, who’s sitting on the chair, where he belongs, that in Ezra eyes, it’s not appropriate because Valon is Aurora’s grandfather but the butler and maid can not be upstairs. It was in garden.
“You...are Aurora’s grandfather?” asked Ezra.
“Well, Sir. Yes.” Said Valon, he would like to stand up but Ezra showed him the dirt ribbon, “What is it, my Lord?”
“I was going to give her this. She held it and the horse suddenly out of control and ran. The ribbon brought me to her. But, I was late.” Ezra sat next to Valon.
“But,Sir. You brought her back alive. You saved her.”
“We don’t know. She’s still not waking up,” cried him.
“Well, she’s always a lazy waker.” Said Valon frankly. It surprised Ezra, “She’s a very tough young lady. She’s smart, I know. She jumped out from the horse. She knew.”
“What should I do, Sir?” asked Ezra.
“You’re really very thoughtful of her, Lord Ezra. You’ve done so many for her.” He got up and left him. Ezra saw Valon as really very lonely old man.
Aurora couldn’t be moved, she must rest at Monroe’s Estate.
“Do you want to stay here, Ezra?” asked Henry.
“I don’t know.”
“You better go home, son. We will give you the message if she wakes up.” Said Henry’s father.
So Ezra back home, “please put it to her wrist,” said Ezra to Henry.
It was a middle of night. Suddenly everyone’s waking up. Henry also woke up as he heard the shouting, he’s running to Aurora’s bedroom, “Fanny! What’s happening?”
“She’s getting worse, brother! OH! What should we do, brother? She’s going to die.” Cried Fanny.
“Father, what’s really happening?”  asked Henry.
“She hardly breathing. I guess, she must has allergy to one of my medicines. We have to prepare everything, we must send message to Ernest’s Estate.” As his father left, Henry came to next to Aurora’s bed.
Henry put the ribbon on her wrist, he held her hands, “Come on, Aurora. Stay with us. Give her water!” Henry choked her by water, and suddenly Aurora vomited. “Good, get coconut water.” He gave it to her though she’s unconscious, “She’s waking up. You got to stay awake, stay awake.” Henry kept stay next to Aurora’s bed side.
In the morning, birds singing outside the window woke up Aurora. She felt so comfortable as she found she’s being hugged by a man, Henry Monroe. Her hand also being held by him and then he saw that ribbon’s wrist. She realized about Ezra.
Henry was also waking up and as the sun shone through the window, Henry saw Aurora’s pale-face, but the lights put her brightly and pure, she smiled as same as Aurora looking at Henry, strong, and flawless, he smiled.
Lord Ernest running with Monroe’s father, “Aurora!”
“Grandfather,” she said softly.
“She’s alive!” said Monroe’s father.
Everyone gathered her as Henry walked far from the bed. Aurora looking at Henry who walking out from the bedroom, as Henry out from the room, he found Ezra also running to get near.
“He’s awake,” said Henry.
Ezra look inside and Aurora smiled to him. Ezra got closer and held her hand, “Thank you,” she said as she showed her wrist with the ribbon.
Ezra kissed her hand and grateful.
While Henry also smiled for everything, he touched his own chest, he felt something.


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