Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Dawn with Love: Chapter 4

It’s swordplay. For Prince Benedict, it’s really simple. But for Henry, it’s something matter.

“Henry, please, don’t do this.” Begged Aurora but Henry didn’t listen.

Princess Dante came to Ezra’s place as she mad, “She’s coming to your house, wasn’t she?”

“Yes. So what?”

“What did you tell her?”

“It’s not your business.”

“I am your fiance! You’re suppose to be my lover.”

“I do love you! I asked you to marry me! Wasn’t that enough?”

“And what about her? Did you say you love her?”

“I did!”

“Then you lied to me!”

“How could I be the one who lied? I have loved you from first time I met you and you knew it! And how about you? Do you ever really love me?”

“What do you mean?”

“Don’t try to fool on me, Dant! You cheated on me!”

“When I ever cheated on you?”

“You! With Benedict! Do you think I didn’t know? On government’s ball! I asked those maids to not talk about your shameful affair on the bushes!”

“No. Don’t you dare!”

“You are whore! You’re not worthy to have a princess title!”

“Ezra, I...I am so sorry.”

“I will never forgive you.”

“I wasn’t thinking back there. I do love you now.” Dante got closer to him.

“Don’t you come near me!” Ezra was really in angry. Everything was so quickly and he just still in moment where he asked Aurora to off from his place which not even at once he want to do that. Then, knowing Henry suddenly brag about his love to Aurora, it’s mixing things up. He didn’t know what must he do.

“The first who got cut, lose.”

Then the duel began.

Prince Benedict waiting for Henry moves and so Henry did his move. Yet, Benedict moving really fast and suddenly he’s not in front of Henry anymore as Henry tried to catch up where Benedict might be, he almost got cut by Benedict but he straightly back away. Benedict smiled while Henry trying to breathe. Now, it’s Benedict move. He’s really fast and Henry really hard to keep away and then he fell to the ground and Benedict attacking him really fast, luckily Henry really not scared with knife and he decided to go front of Benedict. Benedict surprised because Henry kept tackled his moves and kept moving towards him. Henry realized the only thing really easy to made Benedict lose is by cut his arm and suddenly Henry just so mad about everything, he cut Benedict’s arm really deep.

“Benedict!” shouted Aurora.

“It’s over. Henry won.”

Aurora straightly run to Benedict, “I need help! Henry!”

Henry didn’t want to save Benedict but they end up at living room again and Henry fixed Benedict.

“What can I say, Lady Celine. I lost the challenge.”

Aurora went silent as Prince Benedict is standing up from chair.

“Lord Henry Monroe, you have proved your lasting love for our beloved lady and she deserves you. I give you my bless, Sir.” Suddenly they both shaken hands. Benedict even said, “I never thought I could get beaten by you, Monroe. I know you’re doing great.”

“What do you mean?”

“If it’s Ezra who cometh to challenge me, I will definitely cut his throat. He’s really lucky.”

“What do you mean?”

“You can have Celine. I just met my equal and Aurora deserves you.”

Benedict kissed Aurora’s hand and whispered something as Aurora looked at Henry and then Benedict left.

Lord Ernest look into Henry and asked to talk privately to his office. While Aurora waited alone and worried. There came Lady Ernest. She brought her a cup of sweet coffee. Aurora zipped it and she decided to embrace her grandmother. And, Lady Ernest held her tight.

“I never want any bad things happen to you.”

“Then, stay with me,”She cried.

Aurora cried until she felt asleep and later, Lord Ernest back with Henry and Lady Ernest didn’t know what to do but Henry straightly lifted her up and helped her to get to her own bedroom. He said he will be back tomorrow.

“What did you tell him?” Asked lady Ernest.


“What? Are you out of your mind? Do you even trust him?”

“Yes. I trust him and you should, too.” Said Lord Ernest, “He’s the best shot so our Aurora will get a proper name and title, even far from her biology father.”

“Oh, I’m frightened.” Lady ernest cried over her husband’s shoulder, “What if he took her and hurt her?”

“No one is going to hurt our Aurora.”

At dawn, Aurora woke up early and she couldn’t stop thinking about things, so, she walked outside of house and kept walking with her robe, it’s really cold, but in her head she’s just keep thinking of something. Until, suddenly someone appeared.


Henry came with a horse as he also couldn’t go to sleep. He got her up to the horse and ride with her back to Ernest estate. Then as they arrived, he lift her up by his arms and brought back inside as she lingered her arms around his. They both looked to one another eyes. Then, they arrived again on Aurora bedroom, he put her nicely on the bed as he sat next to her bed, kneel down,

“Will you be my wife, Aurora Celine Ernest?”

“Yes,” she cried and kissed Henry hands then hugged Henry, “You just lift up my dreadful sorrow in me, Henry. Yes, I will marry you.”

Henry also poured in tears, “I couldn’t stop thinking about it and all of sudden, I also only be peace if I just straightly ask you.”

“Yes, yes, I will marry you, Henry!”

Everyone woke up as the shouted on the estate and they surprised by Henry already back and proposed Aurora. Lord and Lady Ernest were so grateful. Even, in the day, Lord Monroe, Lady Monroe, and Fanny came to join the happiest day. Someone also gave the message to Valon secretly so no one would hear it first.

“Why you suddenly chose my brother?” asked Fanny when Henry was talking with everyone and Aurora just took rest on bed.

“Do you know, the first time I’m on same moment, in bed, dying, and suddenly in the morning, I woke up, and someone’s holding me so tight and it’s Henry. From that moment I didn’t know who’s this man, I just met him for a day on that time, bu he wants me to live. Then, something about his hands, he really wanted me to hold it at that day. I promise to myself that your brother should marry someone better than me.”

Fanny was laughing because at the end her brother asking her best friend, “You both really predictable.”


“Last night, he came to father’s room and said he wanted to marry you. We all woke up and went to the room to learn his reason. Then he said the same thing as you, that he can’t find any other woman as better than you. He said he doesn’t have much time or you will take someone else so he just not really wait for us to decide his decision, he’s just straightly took a horse and ride it at this dawn just to ask the question. He said if you didn’t say yes, he would love to be a pastour.”

Both of them were laughing.

“What about Ezra, my dear?” Asked Fanny.

“I was walking too this dawn, Fanny. I was thinking about him. I kept thinking about him, until I met Henry in the middle of the road. It doesn’t matter anymore. He chose her, Fanny. I choose your beloved brother, Henry.”

Fanny cried by the heartbroken of her bestfriend and she hugged her. While suddenly Henry showed up and joined to cheer the moods, she brought the breakfast and feed Aurora as he told about the nutritions of food which put everyone in laughing.

“Do you hear that sound, my love?”

“What’s that, Lady Ernest?” said Lord Ernest.
“A life.”


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