Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Disclosure V: Wedding Night

"Good evening, everyone! Here we're welcoming again, our beloved handsome singer, Dean Friedrich." The evening night of Lara and Josh wedding, Dean had a concert at Governor City Hall. Dean came out from the backstage and his fans applause him. He cherished them and sat front of piano. There's the microphone set to the piano and he spoke,

"For this last song, this is new. I want to give a special present for the special. If there's someone out there, they seemed afraid of what things will in front of them after they've been done something that will change their entire life, this song will help to encourage you or them." Dean laughed a little bit and he said again, "This is for my new baby girl who came to my, well, not perfect-Dad life, and she is, the first time I saw her, she was crying, she looked afraid and weak, yet she's beautiful... and I want to take care of her, feed her, snuggle her for the rest of my life. I was thought this moment, I will not change with anything. I'm in love with her at the first sight. I don't want that moment be just the moment. So, I wrote her, our love at the first sight. For the day she will understand, she won't miss that moment, because I already keep it eternal with this song."

Everyone's cherished. He smiled, "This song called as her name, Believe."

On that night, Josh and Lara Gordon, they were on the beach restaurant. There was the dance stage and the music player of the restaurant playing Dean's most romantic song from the second album, Lara's favorite, Josh knew, Hear You.

Josh asked, "Shall we dance, Mrs. Gordon?" Lara surprised, "I will be your strength, remember?"

Lara stood up from her wheelchair, Josh guided her up the stage, he let her feet stepped his. Then, Lara rim her arms to Josh shoulder. They dance slowly.

Josh whispered to her ear, "I love you, Lara."

Lara answered, "I love you,too."

Josh whispered again, "Don't leave me."

Lara didn't answer that. She just started humming the song.

(Hear You was a song which the lyrics expressing the intimate relationship between Dean with Lara before. How smart the girl who can make a man never be bored for just chat, talk, and smile with him. The only thing Dean was always missing every day without her, is her voice. So, he called her, her voice became his music. When the girl sad, tired, or angry and stop to talk, what Dean ever wanted was she could talk to him. Tell him what she thinks, comfort her, and let the voice lead them together. For they're building relationship. It might hard, but Dean's the one who always hear her. Even, when he lost, he heard her. He wants to try this relationship. Hear You also telling the bond between them two. The words saying, "talk to me, screw them all to me, because I hear you.")

In that moment, She realized their last fight, she just not really talk with Dean. She started to feel worry.

Dean was also thinking about Lara when he sang about that Believe song.

(Believe was a song which it's true about his baby girl. He described not so literally about how he saw her for the first time, but those moments just exactly the same with his first time met Lara. And suddenly, the lyrics just flew like a romantic song. Dean put his last memory about Lara as a song about their first time met. He realized he loves her at the first time. But he afraid to hit a higher note, then he stop trying. He never told her to the end. So, the lyrics came to tell her that he really loves her as the love from the first sight even if it's already too late to tell her. Believe is his chance to fix what he had started. Sometimes, a new thing, just like he first time met Lara scares him, but now, he knows, he shall believe for what's worth. He said, "You are my worth, Believe me, this time. You always be my worth.")

Both of them just a couple who made a decision to not be together.

When Dean's song was over, Lara and Josh were already in front of their hotel room door. Josh lifted Lara with his arms and Lara held the door knob. The door was open. Josh kissed his bride and Lara just said, "I choose you, right?"

Josh stepped in to the room and hit the door so it closed. 


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