Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

ABC's of Mind

This story starts with the idea of Dementia Alzheimer

Barn was a police forensic team who work in evidence administrator. He used to work on a field but he said things changing after he lost someone, then he started to keep his work life in simple ways.

Agnes, on the full of rain met Barn on the random cafe and fell in love. She actually knew about Barn past and that makes Agnes wants to help him, but instead she's having something incoming. Agnes used to be a cook but no longer can cook. She now needs extra learning of how to remember who she was. She learned that she needs to keep work her moments to remember things. Instead, she keeps forget about Barn. She never told Barn about her condition. Barn always confuse about Agnes while she's at the moment of lose her words, thoughts, or her control of the body. So, there's one night, Barn was totally in love with her, kissed her, and asked her to be his girlfriend, and Agnes said, "Let's just be friends."

 Ever since then, Agnes decided to not come to the cafe. For some reasons, Barn always waits Agnes on the cafe.Yet, Barn never felt be embarrassed. Agnes actually always stop by in front of the cafe, watching Barn from far. Then, it came when there's a moment that Agnes was in all forget about Barn. Just a fracture but not complete. Agnes even couldn't remember of the cafe. Agnes stopped seeing Barn. In that moment, Barn still waits Agnes on the cafe.

It's very hard for Agnes, so she met Cannes, a nurse, a young man. Cannes was in his internship practice. Cannes taught Agnes about how to survive in Dementia Alzheimer. Both of them were learning together and be a good companion. There were also moments they both were in a middle conversation, suddenly Agnes forgot who is Cannes and Cannes helps her.

The most heart-breaking thing was when Agnes remembered about the cafe and asked Cannes to came with her. In that place, Barn was there. Barn watched Agnes from far away but Agnes didn't remember him. Barn didn't know who's Cannes and Agnes seems not notice him. He decided not came to her. Every time Agnes came by to the cafe, Barn just there, fond of Agnes, her smile and her exciting chat with Cannes.  Barn for one day, he brought a note, it was a gift from his partner because of his birthday. Barn brought the note to the cafe and there's Agnes. He started to write down about Agnes. His first page started with, "There's one woman, a pretty name, Agnes. I remember her as my teenager girlfriend and now, she's beautiful." And, so on. The note just being written for each time Agnes came by to the cafe.

It happened for long time.

Until, there's a time Agnes found that lost fracture, she cried in front of Cannes, run through the crowd and arrived to the front of the cafe. And, there's Barn. She hugged him, yet Barn seems surprise.

Cannes met Barn, on that day, then things turn to be different, Cannes told Barn about Agnes condition. Then, Barn said that he wants to help her. On that night, Barn back to his place, he started to write down new things about Agnes, and a boy name Cannes.

Both of them agreed to meet again. On the next day, Cannes called him and Agnes who truly return to forgot about Barn, everyday Barn introduced himself, and they were both fall in love again, and again, and again. Cannes didn't know what to say, he was very thankful for Barn. Until, there's a day when Cannes realized Barn never showed up at the place of their meeting, yet Barn was simply in that cafe. Cannes told Barn about their meeting. Then, Barn simply asked, "Who are you?"

Cannes told him but Barn simply denying him, "I don't know you, man." Barn left the cafe early on that day. A bartender, old man, told Cannes about the past of Barn. "He's sometimes has this dual personality." So, Cannes wants to dig things about Barn.

One night, Cannes asked about Barn to Agnes. But, Agnes said, "Is he your friend who always we meet on the cafe?" Cannes knew he shall start with someone else. Cannes found Barn always walked out from the office with his partner, a captain, Harper.

Harper knew someone was following him, so he caught Cannes and almost punch him, yet Cannes wants to talk about Barn. Harper knew Cannes from the note. Cannes asked, "What note?"

Harper gave Cannes lots of notes. "I thought he made up stories. He stop to get work. I want him to be fine, this job is his only chance to live. He shouldn't mess things up."

Cannes asked, "Is he sick?" Harper told him everything about Goldfield Syndrome which Barn has.

Cannes found that night and he came to Agnes. "Do you know all about these?" He showed Agnes all the notes. "You should stop pretending you can't remember what you've done, Agnes!" Agnes read all the notes and she started to cry.

She explained, "I knew about his story and his sickness. Yet, I want to spend my last times as a normal person with him. Until I realized, his sickness made me a normal person everyday. He didn't know, of course, Cannes. He just being someone who always exciting to meet someone like me, any different of me with my sick condition."

Cannes found how Agnes used to struggle the Dementia Alzheimer alone. Until she met Barn, she found someone who truly knew how to be with Dementia Alzheimer. Goldfield Syndrome made Barn to seems living the same time every day. Cannes asked Agnes what's exactly the time of Barn was keeping to live with, and she said, "The day before the accident. It was simply a normal day. He was on the cafe, waiting someone. Nobody knows who he met but that someone was never came. Until, the next day, there's the accident. I guess it was simply just very bad day for him to go to work."

Cannes was in the situation he never thought it could be more worse.

For people who knows about the truth, seeing everyday of Barn life is heart-breaking. It's quite and sound, that for Barn, he was waiting someone. Then, he left the cafe at night, in the morning, he starts again. The same drink he choose, almost the same dress. He's always a little bit confuse about days and months, and years, but people around tried to made him comfortable. For some reasons, he could realize that he came to the cafe with the wrong date. So, he would just went out from the cafe sooner. But, the day later, he came back.

Agnes asked Cannes, "Is it bad what I just done?"

Cannes said, "No, not at all. You're the one who made his life complete, Agnes."

The last, Cannes finished his research and he presentation his research of Agnes and Barn.


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