Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Disclosure : Intermezzo

Was the last ending of Part VI a little bit rusty? I agree. But, to make you guys a clear view, the meaning of 'Man and Wife' is like FOREVER. Tie a knot? IT COULD ONLY BEING TIE NOT CUT. So, I want to tell you  an epic one story with two views of marriage.

I put Lara as the side of being married and Dean as the side of being not married. 

As I said before, I'm trying to put marriage as A FOREVER relationship. Which means, both Lara and Dean knew about this point of view. And, they won't or ever want to break the rule. 

And, there's always a 'but' word....But, they knew they've made a wrong decisions.

First, Dean who had a child with a teenage mother. That's absolutely a very not good thing from Dean as a public figure. He wants to be responsible so he did the best for the girl and the child. But still, he decided not to marry the girl. Well, in this point, I put a disguise of his reason that he just didn't love the girl, that it's simply for caused he has a child. Which that also means he's a little bit a naive person. I get it. But, it's not just about love. Marriage is like 'two becomes one'. It's like the man or the wife is not just your lifetime partner, but also YOU. Which means, being honest comes first. Then, physically sex is only with the man or the wife for the rest of your life. On my build up story, Dean is not the character who's being taught from his relatives to not free sex, so, I put that very clear. He started to know about the point of view of marriage is from Lara. Ever since they've being steady, Dean learns that Lara was virgin. Dean respected that and he knew the way to respect it then he should respect himself. And, that's how Dean let himself to change, to be a respectful of himself.

But, as we know, after the accident, Dean found Lara's gone or Lara's being with Josh or we could see maybe Dean thought Lara was moved on, so was he. Dean decided to be wild again and he made a great big decision he must lived with it for the rest of his life. And that decision must being take with a big price, let go of Lara.

So, we come to the second part, Lara. Lara was the victim of herself as hopeless romantic of relationship she ever wish with her favorite artist. She found Dean as a person who attracted to her of just the way she was. She wants get to know him, she wants to be with him. She just not know what was Dean really wants from her. Both of them were together but still she thought Dean was some kind of far from her. And, the moment she fell in love from the first sight of Josh, she just get her second thought about Dean. Then, we got through with her accident and be missing from Dean because she lost her memories about Dean, that Dean's manager chose to not put the news of Lara's tragedy being up to the media made Dean drown far from Lara. On that time, Josh got closer with Lara, and Lara finally found her true hopeless romantic love man she ever wished for. Lara was happy she's going to marry Josh, then we found that Josh seems a very decent guy. He knew Lara, from her deep mind, she still loves Dean. So, he let Lara reunion with Dean. In here, we could see how Lara was a keeper. She really loves Dean. And, Dean was also changed. Ever since the accident he realized how he missed Lara and how deep and very meaningful of Lara to his life. The chance that Dean found Lara truly loved him made him trying to take a risk. But, unfortunately, Lara got her own point of view. She chose to broken heart. It's pretty clear, Dean that she knew was really changed, very different from the person she used to know before the accident. She chose not to be with Dean to respect herself. The end that Josh fought of their love means a lot to her. 

But, we found on the Part VI that Lara bit by bit, taste a new character of Josh. Characters of her man that never being brought up before both of them in marriage. And, things like this must be always being felt by a new marriage couple. I put the whole emotional feeling of still in love and never forget of love. Like on one day, Lara just on the day of missing Dean but she decided to put away that feeling and spend the whole day with her man, Josh. But, suddenly, Josh showed his new personality that never she thought before. Or maybe, she never found it from Dean long ago. The moment she woke up early and walked to the veranda means how she's having a second thought of regret. Yet, she said to herself, "Be brave." But, I also want to put her in dramatic situation so it could mean she wants to jump to the ground floor. 

Yet, she didn't know what's Dean situation on that time. We knew Dean was not married with Nicole, that night, they fought because it looks like both of them felt regrets for being each other and had a kid. Nicole wants Dean to love her and marry her but Dean just wants to be with his daughter. Dean was also a person who people very easily get melted, so he kind of charming and he found the way to comfort Nicole at the right moment, and while Nicole gone mad, he decided to stay for Nicole while the baby woke up and cried. Dean didn't know what he really wants, yet he's trying for both the mother and the baby. On that night, just for the reason of Nicole still wondered about Dean's feeling about Lara, Dean knew he couldn't be with Nicole. He woke up and came to his daughter, and he asked, "What will we do, now?" means a lot. He loves the baby but he never wants to marry the mother. So, part VII is going to be a more detail of the upcoming decisions for he will take. And, also, I want put them in the same dramatic situation, so, I put him first to talk then it sort of being replied by Lara's talk from far away, to see there's still a connection between this two lovers. Like, for both of them were going to make one thing that never and even won't regret it whatever it's gonna be.

So, that's my intermezzo. Disclosure is really a great experience of my storytelling short drama. I used to put a lot of characters but not showing of deep conversations, showing their characters by the describing of gestures like right now, well like I said little bit rusty. And, I will keep learning. ^^



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