Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Around Girl : Drown

Day dan X-Men Uncanny

Day walks with Loki. Talks about it's really odd to be a human living as shadow. Loki says Day really good to be enemy friends. Day said she once thought she could be just Loki's partner, so she also could manipulate many things. Day said she didn't mean all of those things. They were all just her bad decisions. Loki replied how odd to see the bad decisions becomes fortunes in the future. Loki then found Day already gone. Loki said if she needs me, she will be around.

Day is ordinary person, no superpowers, but Prof. X caught her in his vision. Day saw Prof. X and because she had this skill to prevent her thoughts being breakthrough from Loki once teach her, Day prisoned Prof. X in his own mind. They talked. Prof. X never found the mutant like Day, the one who can prison him in his own mind. Day asked who is he and Prof. X answered. Day also asked what did he wants, Prof. X said Day could be one of mutant. Day laughed, she then could see Prof. X visions. In the real life, Kitty Pryde and Marvel Girl trying to breakthrough Day minds. But, Day just dragging Prof. X into more deep mind, like inception. Day said they need to stop or they won't see Prof. X wake again. Then, Prof. X asked them to stop. They're stop. Both of them talked again. Day said she could use Prof. X power. Prof. X asked Day to join the academy, but Day wants him to give a favor. Prof. X accepted. Day then saw Magneto memories, she felt pity, "You think you can stop him?" Prof. X just smiled. Day said she was sorry. She then in real life, she awakes from her sleep on a daylight. She didn't remember anything.

Prof. X woke up and asking Banshee, who can fly, to search Day. Banshee agreed. He flew to the town and found Day by Marvel Girl. Day didn't remember anything. So, when Marvel passed her on the street, she accidentally poked her. But, Day such a nice girl and she helped Marvel Girl. Later, Banshee came to Day, who sitting on the cafe. They talked. Banshee introduced himself as mutants. Day knows mutant, so she asked of what she wants. Banshee said Prof. X already had agreement with her before. Day didn't remember anything. Day also didn't want any trouble with mutants problem. So, she left. Banshee asked Marvel Girl if Day is the right one. Marvel Girl also wondered.

In the evening, they found Day came back and walked to home. Day felt people following her. It's been an odd day. Those people were bad people on street, trying to rob her. But, as she keep walking, one by one just gone. Marvel Girl and Banshee defeated them all. Then, Day arrived in front of her apartment, she turned around, she just found a little cat. She just stared that cat and did nothing. She right away got in to the apartment. Marvel Girl made the illusion of that little cat, but she knew Day not buying it.

Day went sleep. Marvel Girl and Banshee flew to the front of window. Marvel Girl came into Day's mind. In this time Day recognized her. Day did the same thing. Banshee was shocked because Marvel Girl just fainted. Day asked what did Marvel Girl wants in her dream. Marvel Girl said they were met this afternoon and Day said, "You shouldn't do that." Day then tried to kill Marvel Girl. They fought in dreams. If Marvel Girl died in her dream, she will gone to the empty dream, like inception. If Day died, she will wake up. It seemed Marvel Girl will lose. Banshee right away breakthrough the window with his roar. He came to Day, who's sleeping, "Wake up!" Banshee then, roared her. Day awoke. Marvel Girl returned. Day frightened. And, again, when Marvel Girl shows up, she didn't remember her.

Day knew they were mutants. Day didn't want any troubles. Marvel Girl told what just happened. Day also surprised. Banshee said Prof. X could help her. Day asked who is Prof. X. They told his ability and Day agreed. They went to the academy. Day is light sleeper. On the way road, she slept. Banshee asked Marvel Girl to not get into her mind anymore. And, they were arrived.

Prof. X welcomed her. He gave a tour and met Cyclops, Ice Man, Storm, Beast, and Kitty Pryde. Day said she is not mutant. She said if it's something about mind, she used once asked someone (LOKI) to make her mind won't never being possessed by anyone no more. Other else, she's simply a human. Prof. X wondered but he asked her to stay for several days. Prof. X, Cyclops, Storm, Beast, and Marvel Girl talked. They wondered if Prof. X was mistaken. Prof. X just silent. Storm said good mutants need their help. So, they were all agreed to go help them. When they went out from the meeting, they saw Ice Man fought with Day.

It was bare hands and Day just choked Ice Man neck with her arms. Banshee also couldn't shoot his roar, it could kill Ice Man. Even Day hands went frozen. But, Day not afraid with Ice or cold. Kitty Pryde cried to not kill Ice Man. Day then let go off Ice Man. Day hands went blue, Prof. X asked Cyclops to make them warm. It was found that Ice Man set the fire, first.

Day hands being bandage. Storm asked Kitty Pryde of what's going on. Kitty said, "She attacked Bobby!" Prof. X trusted Day that she won't do any harm. Marvel Girl never believed Day at all. Day looked at her hands then she remembered about her past. She came to Prof. X, "I remember. You promise." Prof. X said yes. Then, Prof. X brought her to the Cerebro. She found him. Her brother.
Prof. X said, "Your brother is mutant." Day cried by seeing her brother, "Yes." Prof. X asked what he can do. Day said, "Stop this. Let's stop all of this. Leave him alone. If I find one of your species recruit him. I will be your enemy. I will make him to be your enemy." Day was leaving, Banshee heard they talked by his mutant power on sounds. He stopped her, "Not human, but hate mutant?" Day smile slightly, "People hate each others. Title makes it easier. I never hate. I warn."

Day went back to her happy life. She works as a public accountant. She's kinda rich. But, she saving the money so she can fly to see her real family, in time, when she also ready. Day also reminds to stay away Kram and her adoptive parents. She believes bad people from the Boss allies still haunt her but they never know about Kram and her adoptive parents as long as Day never be caught near them.
As we know, Day never found her family. Because of Prof. X vision, she found them. At least, her young brother. She remembered the house, the maidservants, and the sweets. She just came back to see herself in the mirror, she's different. Then, Day remembered about Magneto memories from Prof. X mind. It's just suddenly pop out and it sicken her. She realized there's a memory of mutants invade her dreams. She also remembered about Marvel Girl and Kitty Pryde tried to get into her head. She was at the workplace and she felt not fine. She took off the work early.

Day walked through the street, then there's Magneto fought with Archangel. Day was sick, her head was spinning. She found Archangel seemed hard to defeat Magneto. Day remembered what kind of mutant is Magneto. So, she let off all of her iron or metal things that she wore. She then throw her rubber flat shoes. Magneto surprised. Day changed into a wild person. She climbed and run straight to Magneto. She was fast and all of metal things that being threw to her, she just can get through with it. She jumped and the first thing she done was pulled the Magneto helmet.

Just right at the time, Day fell asleep and get into Magneto's mind. Both of them fell to the ground. There's Raven get Magneto and Archangel caught Day. Both of them were not awaken. Raven right away with the allies ran away. Also Archangel flew with Day's body to the save place. Prof. X called Archangel to bring her.

In Magneto's mind, Day was tormented him. In the dream, Magneto was just human. Day stood still. Magneto was laughing, "Are you one of Charles ally?" Day didn't answer. "You look powerful mutant. Better than Charles or Marvel Girl." Day replied with different thoughts, "Look around you. All metals." Magneto tried to defeat Day but not a single metals move. "What do you do when you're not with power?" Magneto said, "It is all just dream. When I wake up, I will kill you." Day said, "What if I can make it permanent?" Magneto turned silent. Day came closer, "Or, I will make all mutants stop be mutants. How about it?" Day whispered, "It's your call."

Prof. X suddenly appeared. Day welcomed him, "As you wish, Charles." Said Day. She took another side. Prof. X came to Magneto, "She's something that me nor you can control." Magneto replied, "I don't scared." Day heard, "You shall wish to not be defeat by me, anymore. No second chance, after all." Prof. X then asked Day, "Release him." Day just quick push Magneto's chair, and suddenly Magneto awoke. He's already at his place. No one could get into his mind.

Prof. X asked Day to wake up. Day told Prof. X, "I don't think that's the right idea to let him go. No one will saving Day, now." Prof. X realized, "You're not Day?" Then, Prof. X awaken. Day also woke up asking, "What's going on?" Prof. X asked someone let her on rest.

Prof. X left Day with Storm. Everyone gathered. Archangel told everything of what's happened on battlefield. "He saved my life." Prof. X also said, "She almost take Magneto's power. She's having no sides." Ice Man said it couldn't be true, Day almost killed him. Prof. X believed it was not Day, at all. Marvel Girl then remembered, "She never remember anything of what she did in her dreams." Banshee also said, "Like she's different."

They came to Day and it seems like Day never seemed danger at all. She's playing with Storm, snows. Day saw all mutants look at her. Storm said to Day, "We will keep you save. There's nothing you should be worry." Day answered, "Can I back to my place?" Storm said Magneto people will hunt her. So, Day asked, "What happen to me, then?"

They gathered for dinner. Day sat next to Storm and Archangel. In front of her were Ice Man and Kitty Pryde. Banshee sat next to Cyclops, far, near Prof. X. Banshee kept look at Day. Day just trying to eat and didn't bother anything. Beast gave a news about Wolverine, Rogue, and Gambit. They need Marvel Girl. Cyclops disagreed. If she go, he must also going. Prof. X allowed them. After the dinner, Day being put the same dungeon where Magneto used to be put. No one's dream will be in danger. Day just confused but she followed everything. Banshee mad, "She's not a prisoner! Tell her the truth! She needs to know of what she capable of." But, no one listen.

On that night, Day scared to sleep. Banshee look behind the glass. So he with the microphone speaker said, "You should sleep." Day then, trying to sleep. Banshee watched her asleep. Later, he ready to take a nap, Day said, "Why you're leaving? Please, stay." And, Banshee stayed. Both of them were asleep. In the morning, Beast awoke him. Day is not inside the room anymore. Beast told him that Kitty Pryde brought her to Prof. X. Banshee knew that's not right.

Kitty Pryde bullied her. Day meant no any trouble. That in the end, Ice Man came. He made a wall of ice around of Kitty Pryde, then Kitty Pryde started to get into Day's mind. They made it. Suddenly, Day changed. She mad and wants to attack Kitty Pryde's mind. "I can see what's inside of her mind." Day started bleed out from nose. Kitty Pryde's frequency was too high and Day back to herself, she shouted, "Stop!!!" Then, Banshee roared. The wall of ice fallen and Day turned back into another again. She was ready to attack Kitty Pryde's mind and Ice Man. But, Banshee already stood in front of her, "I'm here, Day." Said Banshee. Day back to herself and comfort herself. Banshee looked into both of his friends, "Why you do that?"

Prof. X asked to Kitty Pryde and she said, "It's not a mutant power. It's not her power. It's power of not human nor mutant. And she had saved many people with Avengers." Prof. X then told the truth, "Her power is her manipulates the mind. She won't let anyone get into her mind or hypnotize. Inside of her asleep a weapon to defeat anyone who will do harm of her. By that means, she won't know but Kitty Pryde and Bobby, you're already on her list. We can't predict when she felt of the dangerous. Or when the other her awake and try to attack you."

Ice Man asked, "What does she wants, then?" Suddenly Day appeared, "No! What do you want?" Ice Man said, "You are not mutant. Leave us alone." Day answered, "I'm not mutant then why you attacked me?" Ice Man more angry, "You attacked me first!" Day confused. Banshee asked Prof. X, "Tell her the truth!"

Then, Prof. X said, "The truth will awake the other of her. She will attack us." So, they were all prepared. Day put on the dungeon and Prof. X started to tell the whole chronology. Day started dizzy. Later, the other Day appeared, "Why are you telling me all of these? She will never remember at all. I am the shield, I am the other thoughts inside of her. That's her power. She has the great strength as human and you must use them at the right time." Banshee asked, "Where's the real Day?"Day answered, "I'm still here."

Day realized the real thing inside of her. Banshee looked at Day like it's sad thing and Day knew, "It's alright." Then, it stopped. Day got out from the room and said, "Let me talk to Prof."

Day told the agreement between her and Loki. Prof. X asked, "Is it really necessary?" Day then said, "Well, teach me how to control it."

Then, Day came to this one only lesson. She's in the room with Prof. X, Kitty Pryde, and Marvel Girl. Three of them will try to get into her mind, while Day in transition to be another Day. All of three were being shield by Ice Man walls that Day couldn't get through them. And, Banshee also ready to break the walls if the lesson put Day in danger.

Beast started to tell the whole things that happened in Day's dream that she just forgot. Then, Day gone dizzy and she started to change, it started with Marvel Girl. Day still awakes and she started to control it. Day knew she never felt in danger with Marvel Girl, "It's nothing." Then, Prof. X came. Day found all the things inside Prof. X mind. She knew it's getting intense. She never trust Prof. X and just suddenly Day turned into two motions. She shouted, "I don't want to attack him! Don't!" The other Day replied, "He's trying to control you!" Then, she back said, "No!" Then, she just called, "Stop it! Somebody, stop it!" Banshee knew he needs stop it. But, Storm prevented, "That's not her. You are here if she's really going hurt by the lesson, not by herself."

Prof. X being attacked. He put in slept. Marvel Girl asked Ice Man to build more walls to Prof. X. Just that time, Day got hurt and she left from Prof. X mind. She right away attacking Marvel Girl, then suddenly Kitty Pryde attacking her first. But, on this time, the whole of Day agreed that Kitty Pryde is the danger one, then Day released Marvel Girl and, just slightly seconds, Day got out from her place and threw herself to the brick walls around Kitty Pryde. Ice Man gone mad, he just came to attack Day.

Beast shouted, "Banshee!" Then, Banshee roared Ice Man. That all the roars broke all the walls. Kitty Pryde really can get the full access into Day thoughts. Both of them were awake. Marvel Girl shouted, "Run, Kitty Pryde!" But, not Kitty nor Day moved. Ice Man was ready to frost Day if she tried to kill Kitty Pryde. Banshee couldn't do anything because Marvel Girl is on Ice Man side. She controlled him. Beast and Storm didn't do anything. That's actually a great progress, Day awaken while the power just attacking Kitty Pryde.

Kitty Pryde said, "You can control it, Day! You're not going to hurt me! You can fight it!" Banshee also said, "Fight it, Day!" Suddenly, Prof. X woke up and helped Day. It just happened, Day can talk with telepathy , "I'm okay." And, she just being herself again. The lesson is over. She made it.

Everyone was tired. Ice Man took Kitty Pryde, Storm brought Prof. X and Marvel Girl. Banshee came to Day. "Are you alright?" Day answered, "I'm fine." Beast came and gave her a drink. "You should talk with Kitty Pryde. She's the only one who could get through into your head." Banshee replied, "We can see her tomorrow." Day back to her special bedroom. "Are you alright to stay here?" Day didn't say anything. She just asked Banshee to leave her alone.

That night, Wolverine, Rogue, Gambit, and Cyclops back. They also heard the news. Cyclops came to see Marvel Girl, checking if she's fine. Wolverine just sick to see the love scene. He and Gambit were looking at Day. Banshee was like, "This is not a show. I will not allow you guys see her." So, that's how the day ends.

Magneto was so mad with Day and asking Emma Frost to attack Day. No one can really thought Emma Frost came. Day was walking to the hall of school building and  then, "Hello, Belle." Then she just attacked Day. On that time, it's so fast. All people heard the screaming from the hall, when they arrived. Emma Frost screamed, "Help me!" She became crystal but Day ready to drop her from the ceiling. Day climbed the ceiling and had a great power to hold Emma Frost and she's going to drop the Crystal defenseless Emma Frost to the ground.

Kitty Pryde right away came into Day mind, but Kitty said, "It's all her. She's really gonna do it." Marvel Girl tried to control but she said, "I just couldn't." Prof. X also couldn't do it. Gambit threw some electric cards, Day just let her got buzzed. Banshee stopped him, "She's hurt!" Wolverine asked, "How she can get that skill? She's not mutant, right?"

Day stared at Emma Frost and said, "Tell Magneto, he should've remember about there's no second chance." Suddenly Day dropped Emma Frost to the ground, that suddenly just in time, Emma Frost became normal. She passed out. Day jumped down to the ground, safely. "She's trying to kill me." She really did change. Emma Frost being secured. Then Prof. X told Cyclops, "She's human."

Day was alone. Storm came to her, "You made her into human, Day." Day didn't answer anything, "Can you bring her power back?" Day asked, "Why?" Storm couldn't answer. Day also said, "She needs to respect of humanity, for a while." At night, Emma Frost gone, for she's already being transported back to Magneto place by Azazel. Magneto ready to attacking the academy.

"Bring that young girl to us. Or there will be a war." Day was inside, Banshee asked her, "You don't need to go out. You're save here." Day smiled to Banshee, "You reminds me of someone." Day stayed inside and the both sides fight.

Raven just easily sneaking into the building, disguise as Banshee. Day showed herself, "Are you alright?" She's worried. Banshee said, "We need get out from here, Day. We're losing." Day worried, "What should we do?"  Suddenly, Raven turned herself into Day, "What should we do?" Day was in shocked. She never seen Raven before. Day got punched in the face and she passed out. Inside of Day was like, "I'm so done with these mutants," the other Day wake up and fought with Raven.

It happened again, Day defeated Raven, she brought her to the top of the building. Everyone sees it. They stop fighting. Magneto and Prof. X asked Day to spare Raven. "Complicated, huh? See both of you! Shame all of you!" Azazel came no where, then Day already knew, she just made his be human. Azazel fell to the ground and Magneto saved him. "It's easy, all I need is just get into your all heads. Thanks to the lesson, Charles!"

Then, she just drop Raven. And, just in time, what they really see, it's Day who fell to the ground. Raven break her disguise like she's been hypnotized. What everyone sees was a hallucination. Day is the one who fallen. "Why is she do that?" Then, suddenly, Day just not landed. She's gone. Everyone's keep fighting. 
That, in the end, Magneto got voice in his head while he's on the fight with Prof. X., "I told you, no second chance." Prof. X knew there's Day inside Magneto's head and he tried to save Magneto, until he came in to see Magneto mind vision, it was Day's young brother, put the sleeping Day lay down to him, he said to Prof. X, "You should've listen to her. Leave us alone." Then, they vanished inside the dream. Like it's drowning to the void.
There, Magneto lost his power and Prof. X came out back to the real life. 

There's no one can tell how to bring the mutant powers. So, Magneto, he surrender. 

When, Day woke up, she remember everything. The same sweet smells, baked and chocolates. Day woke up with her dress or gown so Victorian style. Day just took a nap on a great soft pink sofa. Day knew the room, there still four places to sit. Two other single sofas, empty, and near the window, that's new. A wood chair for paint. There's a man. Firm, no longer fat. "Welcome home, Sister Gretel." Day's brother, Hansel.


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