Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Come Here.

Wade was noticing her with Persia. How Persia looks so idiotic in front of his friends and she started to walk to buffet. Wade didn't know where she might gone after that, but she came back again, sit next to him and Persia. Persia lingered his hand on her shoulder, and she tried her best to get that comfortable. Wade was just smiling to both of them, but then while she did nothing, Wade started it.
"How's the show?" Asked Wade.
"Sounds great." Said Marion.
"Is it?" Asked Wade.
"Maybe." Said Marion.
"Is it bad, Marion?" Asked Wade.
"Hmmm." Marion sighed.
"I don't think the girl up there quiet enjoying what she's singing about." Said Wade.
"Her voice is great, actually." Said Marion.
"Well, but she's not smiling." Said Wade.
"She's singing?" Marion explained.
"Yes, but well, she's singing and trying so hard to get that high pitch." Said Wade.
Persia laughed to hear that,"Yeah, you're right, Wade."
"See?" Wade also laughed.
"Yes, she might uncomfortable with that song." Said Marion.
"I think the man should change the key on his piano." Said Wade.
"He should. It might make the girl so silly if she got the notes wrong." Said Marion.
"Do you feel that, too?" Asked Wade.
"Are we in the same thoughts, Wade?" Asked Marion.
"You get it, huh?" Asked Wade.
"Really?" Asked Marion.
Persia wondered, "What are you guys talking about?"
"We talk about the high pitch might gone too high because of the key from pianist." Said Marion.
"Yes." Wade smiled.
Persia laughed, "Well, I like it when things turn so funny."
"Do you like it, Marion?" Asked Wade.
"Not a single time of it." Said Marion.
"That piano man is my friend." Said Wade.
"I know." Said Marion.
Persia asked, "Where does he come from?"
"That one? A good family." Said Wade.
"Good to know." Said Marion.
Persia talked, "What about the girl?"
"I knew about her, several things." Said Wade.
"Like what?" Asked Marion.
"She doesn't like to have competitive relationship." Said Wade.
"You seem know the girl very well." Said Marion.
"But, she always try her best to get up and up." Said Wade.
"Then, what do you think of a girl like that?" Asked Marion.
"She deserves it. She's kind of a lazy girl." Said Wade.
"That's funny!" Marion laughed.
Persia also laughed, "Tell us about her more, Wade."
"Well, like what do you want to know?" Asked Wade.
"Why were you saying that she's kind of a lazy girl?" Asked Marion.
"I don't know. It's just she thinks everything is going to be fine, but that man supports her to be better." Said Wade.
Persia replied, "I won't do that to you, Marion. It makes you frustrating, right?"
"Yes, it against what she wants. If she wants things to be cool, let her be cool." Said Marion.
"But, she wants to be better. She wishes for better and the man knows it. That's how he loves her." Said Wade.
"So, they both are together?" Asked Marion.
"Yes." Said Wade.
"They might go fight after this show." Said Marion.
"Well, not if it's you, Marion. You're funny girl. You know how to handle things." Said Wade.
"Why is it now about me?" Asked Marion.
Persia laughed, "I like it, Wade. So, if Marion is being that girl, she won't get mad?"
"Yes. Because, she knows what's better for her. And, even she's very glad it came from the man she loves." Said Wade.
"Wonderful." Marion smiled.
Persia wondered, "Yes, but Marion is such a stubborn girl. She'll do everything whatever she wants."
"I'm not so confident, that's true." Said Marion.
"You're not as smart as that man on that stage, Persia." Said Wade.
Persia laughed, "Okay, I'm not a musician. I get it."
"Hey, you're good at it. That's your job!" Said Marion.
"I mean, let's admit it. You, Marion, is not cool when you're sitting with both of us." Said Wade.
"Now, it gets better." Marion excited.
Persia wondered, "So, we're not cool, Wade?"
"Well, what do you think when Marion left us on last conversations with friends? Where did she go?"
" I can answer that. I have many friends than just you, guys." Said Marion.
"See, she's cool girl and we're just one of her friends." Said Wade.
"Hey, it's also mean that I might not cool enough to be with you guys. I guess if I'm there, I became different." Said Marion.
"Well, that obviously true. You're not a pretty girl." Said Wade.
"Yes!" Marion laughed.
"So, true." Wade laughed.
Persia laughed, "That's so funny."
"I think I need to go to bathroom." Said Marion.
She walked out from the chair, she was walking and Wade saw her gone.
Persia explained, "She's not really get it that we're just making some jokes, right?"
"You knew she's upset?" Asked Wade.
Persia laughed, "Of course, I knew. And you're right about she's so amazing to hide her feelings. Being intimidated. She's like a spy girl. Suddenly she laughed but then she's being cold."
"I know why she's upset. Not because I told her about she's not pretty." Said Wade.
Persia wondered, "Well, what is it, then?"
"Come here." Wade came to Persia and whispered.


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