Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

1898, A Love Method

In the most warmest land with great green breeze, there's a good place called a dream.
Far far away from the most far in the world that we might found, but we might not see.
Some people said on the night time, it's the most darkest place in the world.
But, on the daylight, you will find some places like we might guess we wish there's no dark ever come.
There was a lady. She's going on an adventure. With her modest brown day gown, not attractive, but love to tell everyone, "I read many books."
She met this particular man. Obviously like a normal lad, with normal pale skin and black suit.
The man was so silent yet he tells things with his eyes. The most favorite eyes.
"Look at you," she said, "The most wonderful thing in the world, now a day."
"Where are we going?" asked the man, "You always know."
"I don't know anymore," said she, "I might lose you if we take another steps on this journey."
"The war will never take us." said he.
"We will," answered she, "We will take ourselves on our own war and lose ourselves then we walk apart, against each other."
"We will." The man started to not smile, the lady knew she just broke someone's heart.
"With that voice, I also won't see the real you, anymore."
But, they both were holding hands and took this single black wagon, with a horse, so brilliant horse, firm, big, and dark skin.
The only reason for the man get in to the same wagon with the lady, "I can see our future together."
The lady couldn't stop thinking about him even though he's exactly in front of her, sitting inside the wagon and saying, "I love you."
The lady wished she had a reason to be with the man. "So many dark paths." And, she can't reply that love words to him.
On this single trip, on this single timeline, "I know," said he, "I will never stop." So, he was still there, "We will, but at least I always stay in your head."
It was the most happiest day of the lady's life. She cried but the man smiled. "So confident," she said.
"There's no ordinary in you, itself." He smiled.
"I just read many books, Sir."
"Why there's such thing as war?"
"Why there's such thing as love?"
"War and love?"
"And you never be mine."
That one last time. The man ends his life because the war taken him.
Such  nothing to lose, the last conversation before the war.
She sees now in dark. She remembered the cathedral as she walks from the door to the altar.
"I walk alone and you're there."
In front of her is the coffin, and the man, the lad lie in the coffin, so peaceful and she will never see that wonderful eyes ever again.
"I take a deep breath so I manage to reach you."
It was just like a dragon. It seems like a dragon took his life from the lady.
"It's just like so many books. The most fearful dragon with the fire breath it has. So brilliant death. The dragon breathes the fire on the road that he walk. So peaceful, next to this forest. So peaceful, he walk there and imagining I was next to him. He wished I hold his hand that time and he said to the wind like, 'Remember when we're in the wagon. Black wagon. Imagine our last moment together, everyday with you.' And, I always remember."
By the time the man and the lady were in the speeding wagon, something shaken the earth. The lady was frightened.
"The death is coming." She said.
"Don't be afraid, my darling." Said the man.
"We should run, run faster!" Said she.
The screaming outside the paddle seat, the dragon took the driver. The horses do more speeding. The shadow and the heat were noticed by the lady.
"Are we going to die?"
"Of course not." He said.
The dragon shattered the wagon rooftop and see the couple with it bizarre eyes. The most enchanted green mirror, from a green breathing fire. She cried for that beauty.
It's not much time, so she knows the man will be taken right in front of her. She won't deny it but she wished the dragon took her, first.
"I love you." Said she.
And, the man smiled. Slightly, the imagine of the lady who loves read many books shadowed with the truth reality in front of her, the coffin in front of her, the death lad won't heard the lady finally realized she can say love to him. So, she realized before the man even smile, the dragon already took him.
"NO!" She screamed. She climbed up to the up of the shattered rooftop wagon. She saw everything. The dragon might came from that dark forest, no one ever told if the forest is good or bad. But, it will always dark. "What have I done to you?" Said she.
The dragon held the man with its hand, caged with the claws. The dragon saw the real enemy, the lady.
"Kill me!" She screamed. And, the dragon shoot the fire. A green big fire to her.
She felt the fire burned her. But, it didn't hurt her.
The real enemy of the dragon. The lady look straight to the eyes of the dragon, the dragon amazed with the real creature of what the lady is.
Her dark brown dress being burn with dragon fire and keep burn but nothing's burn, it's actually put her into glowing. The glowing makes dark inside the fire, turns shine. A green glowing dress.
The dragon was angry so it smack the whole carriage. Luckily, the lady already jump to one of the horse, the black horse, also with her touch, got burned with the green shiny fire.
"I'm afraid." She whispered.
"We will." Said the horse. Or maybe she wished the horse breathing could speak that. It courage her.
She realized she can do this. So, she ride the lone horse and the fire came along of both. The dragon fire the whole road behind them. The horse was so clever and makes the road seem a very short walk.
"It takes me to the safest place, you know." She talked to the coffin, "It was very a great black and strong horse." But her tears starts to fall. Those are the first talk she ever said to a death body, "It was your idea for we can take this black wagon. You said our last journey could be a triumph. It is triumph. I'm very glad."
But the lady remembered about he will always in her head, no matter what.
"So, then, I stop the horse, because I can't stop thinking, you with the dragon's hand, hang there, thinking about me if I was alive or not. I turn the horse and facing the dragon."
She jumped from the horse and shouted, "BURN ME! BURN ME!"
The dragon welcomed the knight lady, as if the lady looks kind of our real hero in this story. The dragon fire the lady, once more.
The death lad keeps dead.
"I... I don't know how to end it."
The last thing was the mourn weeping echoes on this silent cathedral. The lady cried for the lad.


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