Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Favorite PLOT TWIST MOVIES that Make Me Scared

I hate the slashy stupid Final Destination and Saw or so on, even though they gave a good plot on it. I am, "NOPE! LOOK AT THE FLOWERS!" But it's not actually pure just paranormal movies. I just put it as MOVIE THAT MAKES ME SCARED!

So, I choose several my favorite specific movies that makes me scared so hard until I thought they were all real. Just, hard to explain. I just scared!

1. Really? ALIEN 1979.
We can compare this movie with The Thing 1982. Yes, that's the same level, guys.
I was on 4th grade or 5th grade, and my school teacher gave me and my classmates this freakin' movie. I was like, "THIS ISN'T REAL!" That's my really, really my first time alien movie. So, after that, I did saw E.T., beautiful movie. BUT I DON'T BUY IT, SPIELBERG!
#huaaaaaaaaaaa (I should've not see it. I should've not see it!)
Think, guys? What if that ALIEN is actually exist? We're all gonna die! We're all gonna die! We're gonna be more stupid than The Walking Dead survival or Cloverfield survival, like I better being killed by JIGSAW, that makes me happy. Like I should kill myself at that time, in force, you know. I do nothing wrong. Still, hate slashy, but better than being used to be the breed of those alien eggs. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I better being in The Ring movie and when Sadako/Samara gets out from the TV, "THANK YOU!" , and we live happily ever after.
But first, if it's truly happening, I pray to God, "God, take me now."

2. The Grudge 2004.
I like the Sarah Michelle Gellar version. We all love her. The best thing of this movie, it makes me wonder, "We can't survive with the curse, can we?" Until we watch the sequel, we realize we never will survive with the curse. And, after you watch the JAPANESE VERSION, YOU REALIZE THERE'S NO WAY THE CURSE WON'T TAKE THE WHOLE NATION OR THE WHOLE WORLD! It's like zombie disease on The Walking Dead (why it keeps connect with references?) that everyone is actually got the disease. But, it's full of great plot, back story. I feel bad to the woman but Sarah did the same thing like me on the movie, that turns out, a wrong turn. I was so stupid to think the ghost might have a good thing, but she's back-stabbing! This movie is terrified, like "Someone! PRAY!"

3. Sinister 2012.
I love Ethan Hawke, he's so smart. This movie being suggested by my great friend, he was like, "You should see how the ending really scary." Then, I watch the movie and I thought, "Did my friend just gave me the real The Ring videotape?" This is really scary. I also like The Conjuring, the way about local news or something. But, Sinister was a smart horror movie. It's not like we watch the movie for stand up with the heroic main character, but Sinister gave us, "Here's your new villain. Beat it." And, we're terrified. Then, there's also Oculus and Woman in Black movie. Such a brilliant how now, horror movies, the ghost gave us a new whole level to never stop, never stop until the whole town burns down. I hate my friend gave me the movie, I watched it all alone. Like, "I should to show this to someone before seven days!" Turns out, I'm fine.

4. Dawn of The Dead 2004.
This is my first time zombie movie on cinema. I knew about 28 Days Later, but I was so young! There's no way I watch that 28 Days Later. #hahaha, but I did watch 28 Weeks Later on cinema. Well, but I have time to watch The Lord of The Rings on cinema. Dawn of The Dead, the reason I watch the movie because Kevin Zegers on it. No, actually I came to the cinema to find what's good to watch and I saw the poster, I was like, "Is this the movie where people will die?" And, I found one of the name on that poster, little font: YOU FAVORITE AIR BUD BUDDY!, yeah! I'm so nerd of movies that time, that poster was the only way for me to get to know of everything. Like, there's no wifi that time, so we have to get phone cable to go on internet? Yeah, that's awesome time. The worst idea of it was I watch around 6/7 pm on cinema at this local mall, and the movie was the survivals trying to save their lives with hiding at this local mall. The ending was so twist and haunted me for several weeks, then I came out from the studio, I've got to face this closing mall, empty stores, and dark roads. Great time, zombies. Please, don't jump out from anywhere one of the walls! After that, I realize I'm in love with this zombie idea. There's no other zombie movies as good as Dawn of The Dead. I like 28 Weeks Later, that blew my mind. But, for sure, what I know, because of Dawn of The Dead, I keep believe there will be the way zombie issue's gonna be a hit if someone's out there really thought about it. And, it happened! THE WALKING DEAD TV SERIES!!!!!!! #yeaaaaaayyyy that was basically Dawn of The Dead thing, try to survive. I cried on this movie. And, I cried all the time for The Walking Dead, "There's no way, guys, we're gonna see them survive on the clock countdown being stop. Where do you think the cure will be found?"

5. Nightmare on Elm Street 1984.
That was like the best thing for me who really loves to sleep. Like, "FREDDY KRUEGER's HERE!" And I woke up, check out all of my bodies if now burns or scars. #hahaha I love this movie. You won't know which one is real or not real. Which give us the best experience of everything. All the kids in town are scared and the parents were sobbing for their teen kids died for no reason. Think about Woman in Black and Silent Hill, Freddy Krueger done it before anyone. 80's so brilliant! Also 90's! Akhhh! This now, all horror movies are just showing how psycho of the killer/ghost and how limited the girl clothes now. So stupid. Even though in 80's also do that, but we didn't so really focus on the thing. Aren't we? Maybe in 80's people just like me, "Why they have no good clothes to wear?" That will be funny. But, I do like this movie! It's so good like I hate the pink bubble gum, you know? We're just so happy because we never know what Freddy will do next to mess up someone's dream. "Funny, I should feel sad, but I'm really scared."

6. Poltergeist 1982.
It's basically like the origin of Paranormal Activity. Right? RIGHT! If you marathon all the sequels, that's even better. Well, because it's really old movies, turns out the first movie won't be enough. It's basically like how people now so excited with Insidious. Yeah, Insidious is really good to storytelling behind the ghost story. I was once mistaken that think Poltergeist is the same thing with Amityville House, though they look the same. It's just Poltergeist was really a powerful movie. And it's 80's. People loves an adventure! Adventure to another world. Yeah, I guess this movie was the great one to telling us about the other world. With an adventure. And, there were kids there! Cute, aren't they? "Let's make them being confused!" Said the ghost. #LOL So good.

7. The Shining 1980.
We've just got to put a serial killer on this list, right? And, Stephen King and Jack Nicholson were the best! I said were because it's true. Well, I do really like it's 80's and the cinematography, also the storyline put us in this dimensional things. "What did I just see?" So strange, yet beautiful. It's really full of passion movie. You're just going stop do anything and being enchanted. It's about a mad man and the whole movie shows up the mad man's head. How can't this be so awesome? People just so dumb to put razzie awards of this great point of views from Stanley Kubrick! If he put this movie on this year, guess what? Nightcrawler is everyone's favorite! Also you, Kubrick! Maybe people thought that it will be like so many people died. But, the way the killer was seems like a ghost, makes the movie turns full of twist. It's just like the book! You open what's gonna happen on the next page, but actually you're scared to know. Then, the movie nailed to put you on this "Please, don't make me see!" Yupp, you won't see nothing. What kind of critics in that time? It's not politic! It's entertainment! I hate Stephen King.

8. 1408 2007.
Looks like just numbers. Well, it's the story about John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson in confusing hotel. Which one is real and not real, idea, again. I watched it on cinema and I was amazed how the movie was so good. It's not scary but it gave a smart twist. It's even better because the real main plot was to show people, sometimes the urban legend needs to be solved. I like this movie. I mean, I love Silent Hill so bad because it's confusing town then you get your confusing hotel. Then, you remember about Labyrinth, our confusing garden. I like the way they made the alternate ending. I'm kinda missed those things, where a movie made two endings. So brilliant. I also like all the ghosts appearance in the movie, feels like Ghost Ship. But, well, I like 1408 to be on my list because I love Identity, and all these confusing idea makes me smarter. The best thing, I guess because you'll find a lot of stories in one movie. And, the movie gave us an epic package so we're not gonna get boring. It's a quote from  Abby Hoffman:
"I like the movies intended ending where he survives and destroys the evil. I like the idea of second chances and the idea of a person getting letting go of selfishness. That's what we need more of today! 85% of everyone today thinks that only they matter and the world is only for them! It used to be only yuppies acted like that. Now even broke junkies act like that! It's amazing!"
Everything is awesome, every single ending is awesome!

9. I've got to say that I hate The Exorcist so bad, and yeah, I'm scared. But. I'm not gonna talk about it. Because, I'm not actually really watch them, because I thought, "This is so brilliant. Just, not gonna watch it. Look at the flowers....."

10. The Happening 2008.
This is the real M. Night Shyamalan movie that I really like. Like to be scared. People killing because nature force them to. Whaaaaaaaattttt? That' a good story. Inventing new thing. I also watch The Invasion from Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig, but it's just about that Nokia good phone and puke in anywhere. The Happening was so scary because I thought, "Well, that's how global warming gonna stop." So great to know that there's also Devil! Yeay, that's really a great movie, too. Horror? Well, yeah! It brings back old times movies! I love it. But turns out he made the worst movie ever, later.

So, people will go to hate me. But it's true. 10 best SCARY PLOT TWIST:
1. Alien by Ridley Scott.
2.The revenge that cost unbreakable
3. The videotape
4. Zombie
5. Dream kills you
6. Child talks alone
7. The Serial Killer's head mind
8. Real or Not Real.
9. The Exorcist
10. Nature kills you.



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