Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Are You Ready?

She wondered from far, but she couldn't do anything except looking at Wade and Wade smiled at her. Wade came to her and she didn't know what to do. Wade knew she's looking something else, from far. Their friends.
"So, here we are." Said Wade.
"Yes. I guess we made lots of mistakes." Said Marion.
"You're a good woman, you know. You are better than this." Said Wade.
"But I like them. I care about them." Said Marion.
"How about me?" Asked Wade.
"I care about you, too. But, it's not the same. The first time we met, we never want to go further." said Marion.
"You right. We cool about it then we keep it that way." Said Wade.
"I don't think I can stand about it." Said Marion.
"If you not with them, are we still remain as close?" Asked Wade.
"No. But, ask me another time. Maybe the answer might change." Said Marion.
"You're still funny." Said Wade.
"And you're still driving." Said Marion.
"I know both of them. They're good people, too." Said Wade.
"I know. But, I don't think they're good to be with me. I was like a mad person. A wild, too." Said Marion.
"Mad? Wild? Yes, I can see that. But, it's all your fault. You hurt then you get far from them. Then, you thought things will back normal, you give them hope, but they made mistakes again, you reject them again." Explained Wade.
"Yes. They made mistakes again." Replied Marion.
"But you want them. That's your fault, too." Said Wade.
"And, yes, that's true." Said Marion.
"I guess they're not right for you." Said Wade.
"They're not." Said Marion.
"All good memories remain?" Asked Wade.
"All good memories remain." Marion smiled.
"He used to love Queen, you know." Said Wade.
"I always thought he is better with Queen's best friend." Said Marion.
"Why?" Asked Wade.
"She's prettier." Said Marion.
"Yes. She's also my type." Said Wade.
"Yes. Your type." Said Marion.
"And do you think you're not my type, too?" Asked Wade.
"I don't know. You guys seem nice to me, all the time. I thought we're just friends." Said Marion.
"Well, people always seeing you a funny girl. People, everyone wants to be friends with you." Said Wade.
"Really?" Asked Marion.
"I think that's why. You put everyone around as your friend, then you never thought one of them might actually like you more. But, you still keep them as friend." Said Wade.
"I also have a thought about that." Said Marion.
"So, I'm right, then." Said Wade.
"Yes. It's just I have my own style to love someone." Said Marion.
"What is that?" Asked Wade.
"I'm actually open to show my feelings if I really like someone. Touch them, hug them, and hold hands, or waiting." Said Marion.
"Kind of cheap." Said Wade.
"Yes." Marion laughed.
"So, you're normal." Said Wade.
"Do you think so?" Asked Marion.
"No, I mean, you're normal when you do that to everyone around you. All of them. No one would ever see that. You put everyone as your lover, then." Said Wade.
"Did I?" Marion surprised.
"I guess you need to find someone that knows exactly who you are." Said Wade.
"I also have a thought about that several times." Said Marion.
"But, it's very rare." Said Wade.
"Like you?" Asked Marion.
"But, I like someone else." Said Wade.
"See, that. I'm not enough for someone that knows exactly who I am." Said Marion.
"You also said that they're not enough for you because you know them." Said Wade.
"I did." Said Marion.
"I guess you're all the same." Said Wade.
"Tell me, then. How can you get a relationship with her? I wonder." Asked Marion.
"I tell her, I love her." Said Wade.
"Is that so simple?" Asked Marion.
"Yes. And she said, yes." Said Wade.
"Why so easy?" Asked Marion.
"Well, that's love." Said Wade.
"No. I think that's honest." Said Marion.
"Well, if you say so." Said Wade.
"The greatest thing from everything. Don't care for the answer, just telling the truth." Said Marion.
"Yes, that's true." Said Wade.
"I wish I can be like you. Because, it's relieving." Said Marion.
"It's true." Said Wade.
"You are so normal person than others." Said Marion.
"And, you are the only normal person than others. Yet, you choose not to love me." Said Wade.
"I must." Said Marion.
"You must." Said Wade.
"I'm not that kind of bad person, am I? I mean, if I love you, too, long ago, I might turn to be the enemy of the year." Said Marion.
"You're so funny girl." Wade laughed.
"I like it." Said Marion.
"And, that's good, Marion." Said Wade.
"I don't think I can handle to be good." Said Marion.
"He will come around." Wade smiled.
"Even better than you?" Asked Marion.
"Better than all of us." Said Wade.
"That's good to hear." Marion smiled.
"Rome is not the only one that people wish to be with." Said Wade.
"I'm not even suppose to be with Persia." Said Marion.
"I was there when we first met." Said Wade.
"I know. I remember you, only, even though Rome's there." Said Marion.
"See, that? You actually like me." Said Wade.
"It's true. The moment I knew you with someone else, there's something inside of me that saying, Well, this feeling might not the only just one time. There will be others." Said Marion.
"So, you know this day will come?" Asked Wade.
"Yes." Said Marion.
"You knew exactly about everything." Said Wade.
"Not exactly." Said Marion.
"You asked me if she's really the one. Then, there's inside of me telling me about there must be something wrong that you thought about her." Said Wade.
"I just knew. What's wrong with that?" Asked Marion.
"Why you never told me? I told you about Persia. I told you about Rome!" Said Wade.
"Well, you love her. And that's why. People against you. But, I stand by you." Said Marion.
"I will hear you than others." Said Wade.
"But, I knew you love her. The way people push you, makes me, you know, I just want you to be you. If you want to be with her, then, let it be. You're not belong to people. You're not belong to me. You have feelings and you want to be true to yourself, so I let you." Said Marion.
"But, I knew it hurts you." Said Wade.
"Well, it used to hurt me. But, I get along." Said Marion.
"What if that day, you telling the truth about how you feel?" Asked Wade.
"I told you. We don't need another war world II, do we?" Said Marion.
"You are really wild, Marion. It's just people around you will never know exactly about what you think." Said Wade.
"But, you know exactly about me. I mean, we keep debating then we laugh at the end. You can predict me, all right. You know me." Said Marion.
"And, you locked that knowledge from the beginning. I thought you really wish we never get further." Said Wade.
"Yes, I wish that, until now." Said Marion.
"Well, then. You won." Said Wade.
"I won." Said Marion.
"Am I more handsome than others?" Asked Wade.
"No. But, now, yes. Luke is more handsome, now." Said Marion.
"Your first love?" Asked Wade.
"You knew?" Asked Marion.
"We always joke about him, how he looks like a girl." Said Wade.
"Yes, that's irritating." Said Marion.
"And, you never stop smile at him. Whenever he gets closer." Said Wade.
"Last time we both chat, seems like I talked with a celebrity." Said Marion.
"Funny. See, you know exactly what happen next. You knew Luke is better than all of us, you see his future. And, don't forget about Paris. You helped him so much. You're a good strategic planner." Wade laughed.
"But not as good as Rome's helper, now." Said Marion.
"Do you know what you need, Marion? You need someone better than Rome. Rome is a child." Said Wade.
"You're his best friend. You're also a child!" Said Marion.
"Well, lets say we're all childish. You no need to be so jealous about it. You know exactly what you really want. You don't need a title, you don't need his money, you don't need his fame or his good family wealth. You're not Johanna. You're better than all of that." Said Wade.
"What do I need?" Asked Marion.
"Even though she's really pretty than you." Said Wade.
"I know! Just tell me, already!" Said Marion.
"Who cares about you." Said Wade.
"Just that?" Asked Marion.
"Have you ever found someone that really cares about you?" Asked Wade.
"One or two. They look smarter than me, then kind of a little bit perfectionist, and possessive."
"You know why?" Asked Wade.
"I don't like those things. Smarter, perfectionist, and possessive." Said Marion.
"Competitive?" Asked Wade.
"YES!" Said Marion.
"Well, because they know how precious you are." Said Wade.
"What?" Marion didn't understand.
"You're smart and you know exactly what's best of anything. And, the last, you care about everyone." Said Wade.
"And why so competitive?" Asked Marion.
"You thought it's competitive. But, the truth is they're trying to be better. So, they can be with you." Said Wade.
A moment of silent from Marion.
Wade smiled.
"I see, now." Said Marion.
"You'll find your way." Said Wade.
"Wade, you are the best." Said Marion.
"I wish you're mine." Said Wade.
"You're smart but not try to be smarter. I never see you perfectionist, too." Said Marion.
"I never want to be." Answered Wade.
"And, well, you seem possessive. But, you never show it." Said Marion.
"Just like you." Said Wade.
"That's why we're so easy to be jealous!" Said Marion.
"Or you thought it's competitive." Said Wade.
"Thank you, Wade. I never feel better." Marion smiled.
"Good to know." Said Wade.
"Well, tell me then, something." Said Marion.
"What?" Asked Wade.
"You must have thoughts if we're actually can be together, if we met by other circumstances." Said Marion.
"Yes, of course."
"Tell, what do you think about it?" Asked Marion.
"What do I think about what?" Asked Wade.
"About us. How is it feel if you and me, from the beginning, you know." Said Marion.
"You're still not pretty." Said Wade.
"Thank you to be so frankly about it." Said Marion.
"You're welcome. But, you know even though Rome and Persia not there. There's still Luke and my old friend, Tail." Said Wade.
"Oh my, I forgot about that guy." Said Marion.
"Really? Really?" Asked Wade.
"I am so sorry, Wade." Marion laughed.
"Yes, you'll get along with Tail." Said Wade.
"Yes, I can take care of that one." Said Marion.
"He's really hard to tell." Said Wade.
"Yes. Can we moving on?" Asked Marion.
"Alright. I mean, how can you love me if there's Luke?" Asked Wade.
"Yes. I might try everything so Luke likes me." Said Marion.
"I told you, you're a wild girl. You can do everything to get what you want." Said Wade.
"You think I might success to get him?" Asked Marion.
"Of course. People laughed him when he's freshmen. But, you adore him, so much. There's no way Luke didn't like you." Said Wade.
"Awww, that's cute." Said Marion.
"We won't even know each other, Marion." Said Wade.
"We won't?" Asked Marion.
"No. You with Luke? We will mock you, until now." Said Wade.
"You will." Marion laughed.
"But, we will see how pretty you'll be." Said Wade.
"You will?" Marion asked.
"Of course. And we will say, Luke is very lucky man. They're meant to be." Said Wade.
"I even don't know anything about Luke except his looks and his well-known." Said Marion.
"You will know him better if you with him. And, you will still like him." Said Wade.
"Really?" Asked Marion.
"He's your type." Wade laughed.
"Yes. He is my type." Marion blushed.
"See, you're so predictable. It's just you chose a wrong path. And, things made you to be stronger and looks unpredictable. The wild. But the truth, you're a good woman." Said Wade.
"Thank you, Wade." Said Marion.
"You're welcome." Said Wade.
"But, what if, if no Luke. And, I also not take the option to not like you. I mean, we're getting along, and what will happen?" Asked Marion.
"You're not pretty. At first, I see you as a lost child. You're not mature enough. But, when I see you love someone, I can see how precious you are." Said Wade.
"I don't understand. A lost child?" Asked Marion.
"Yes. You're just too good to be true. And, I can't take my eyes off." Said Wade.
"Is that a song?" Marion asked.
"You'd be like heaven to touch." Wade kept going.
"Oh, I love you so much?" Marion laughed.
"No. It's suppose, Oh, I wanna hold you so much." Said Wade.
"Awww. That's cute." Said Marion.
"When you laugh, everything seems brighter." Said Wade.
"Thank you." Said Marion.
"I like to make you smile, like everyday. You're better than my girlfriend." Said Wade.
"Am I?" Marion smiled.
"Nope. You're horrible." Wade laughed.
"I knew it!" Marion shouted.
"But, still, I will try to hit on you." Said Wade.
"Really?" Asked Marion.
"Are you ready?" Wade smiled.


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