Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Around Girl: Memento

Day dan Once Upon A Time

Hansel has chocolate factory in Switzerland. Day was in awkward situation asking how she ever get there. Hansel said, "Magic." Hansel looks so charming and Day realized his brother also has this moment of stay away for being fat. Hansel was moving with Day's book, Flakes Memory. Hansel told everything the day his sister's gone. Hansel said it was the moment he thought it will never be the same. Hansel hate chocolate that days. Their parents thought it was the way Hansel expressing himself to mourn his sister's missing. It took years and Hansel becomes thin. Hansel asked his father to do the same and for about ten years, Hansel and his father became a change men. But, the mother died in heart attack because she's so fat and keeps eating, like so weird, she lose the taste of being a mother. When Hansel 24 years old, he inherit the chocolate emperor company from his father because his father decided to travel the world, knowing he missed his life time before marriage and without those chocolate things, he said he realize chocolate is not his thing at all. 

Hansel, now, lived with his grandmother, Grandma Briar Rose. Day was being introduced and she was surprised because she never even remember she had a grandmother at all. Hansel also thought the same but when he being free-chocolate and also his father, suddenly about a year before the father decided to leave, he brought Grandma to the house. Grandma Briar Rose looks old but there's something in her face that looks so youthful. Grandma was so happy to see Day and she said that Day looks very much like his mother. Day just pretends excited. 

There's a day that Hansel introducing Day on chairmen meeting. Day represented as Gretel. All the chairmen were very glad to know that Day was Gretel, they all read Day books of cooking and it makes Day is a worthy as being the executive CEO of the company. Day extraordinary wondered about this chairmen members. There were three old women sitting together that reminds her about three fairy godmothers, then there's this a tall quiet charming man name Marley but everything he use is all black and he did the make up, there were two fairly women who look so skinny always bragging about the three old women opinions, and there's this baker name Wans, he said he friends with Grandma Briar Rose that makes Day feel comfort next to him, then there were a man name James as the engineer of faculty looks so hard man, besides him a calm man name Volt, that for one reason Day didn't notice him there but she always remember the suit he always wear. The last is the couple Mr and Mrs Gilbert, fat just like Day remembering her parents long ago. Day thought this chairmen members are all eccentric people, she said that to the baker. Wans was laughing and knowing Day looks comfort with Wans, Hansel asked Day if she wants to work with him and Day said yes.

Day works as the inventing recipes. Mostly, Day was just a normal girl who loves to cook exactly like the recipe she read but then she decided to make it just with the limited ingredients she had. The baker said she had the same style like Grandma Briar Rose. Day toldWans about she also surprised she had a grandmother, which makes Wans laughing again. The way Wans baking is really inspiring Day because he looks so passion with his work. There was a day when the ingredients refilling came from Volt. They were all so fresh ingredients and that's the first time Day talked with Volt. Volt has this weird mustache that makes Day judged him right away. But, actually Volt is a great PR man. That's how Volt can get all those great ingredients, great channels. When they're all three got dinner, Volt told her everything about those chairmen members. The family, the children, and their works. It feels so normal. Day likes it.

She then, on one night, she talked to Hansel while she's been returned, Hansel has his own time and she also so busy with her long-time no see work, in the kitchen with the baker and Volt. Hansel said what he do always business, but Day felt Hansel drag himself away from her. And actually, Hansel just said he was tired and needs to sleep earlier. In the morning, Day woke up early and waiting, for the first time next to Hansel's bed to see Hansel woke up. Hansel was surprised and asking if Day was sitting next to his bed all night long and Day was just said, "No, I was up early and I want to spend my time with you. If you was so busy, I'll just be a thief of your time. And, now, I guess my time is up. Good morning, Hansel." She kissed Hansel's forehead and even a hug. Hansel found that strange. Day went out from the room and she felt relieved she did a right thing. That's what her adopted parents always do every morning while she's with them. 

Now, she missed her adopted parents but she remembered her agreement with Loki, then she decided to see Grandma Briar Rose. Day asked the maid, Cindy who always being the maid who served Grandma, to let her bring the breakfast to Grandma. Day and Cindy talked several things and Day found Cindy lived around the neighborhood with her young sisters. Cindy said they're not related, and actually the girls were step-sisters. Cindy parents died when she was young and she being raised by Cindy maid, Mrs Landers. But, Mrs Landers ran away with a wealth young man, turns out leaving her two young step-sisters on herself. Day was surprised and saying she loved to play with Cindy young sisters somedays. 

Then, they both came to this big library. Cindy said Day and Hansel father made this place for Grandma Briar Rose. Day asking why and Cindy said, "She loves knowledge. She wants to know everything about these whole centuries. Actually, I like to be her maid, she kept me to listen her many great thought about those books. Then, when I came home, I told all of them to my sisters so they can learn what I learned today." Day said it was a great thing ever. Turns out, Grandma Briar Rose is experiencing how to make her own dress, she said, "It is something about war between me and sewing. So weird how I need patience mucher." Day and Cindy helped her making the dress. It was a great day. They're done by afternoon, enjoying the afternoon biscuits made by the baker.Wans came and they were four chatting. And, what Cindy said is true. Grandma Briar Rose never stop talking about anything she read in this library. And, Cindy ready to went back home and Wans took her home. Grandma lend Cindy a book so her sisters could get a story for that night. 

Day helped Grandma to fix the library to get clean. Then, Day was wondering so she asked, "You said you're 89, but seriously you look like 50s. I mean my step-mother, she's 50 and looks like you." Grandma then wondered about that too but she couldn't answer that because she's so tired and she needs to be on her bed on time. Day helping Grandma to go to her bedroom and there she met another maid name Riley, a nurse, she said she always helping Grandma to clean herself because she's so old. She was a nurse for retirement house. Most people there old men so grumpy and temper. But, it was comforting for Riley to help Grandma Briar Rose, because that was the moment of her quiet zone. Day see there's a good person inside Riley and she let them both be gone. 

Day couldn't asking more love on this family. But, again she saw Hansel back work so late and couldn't even say hello to her sister who in the house all day. So, in the morning, Hansel was surprised again with Day did the same thing and even Hansel asking how she ever get into the room that being locked. Day said it was one of her secret skill. She brought apple pie and fresh soy milk. Day said they were all Volt best selection.Hansel said thanks. And, this day Day made sure Hansel ate them all. They both chatted like old days. By the end of last bites, Day said, "I wish we can have more times rather just this breakfast." Day said goodbye, kiss and hug, and leave. 

Day returned to work with Wans, that turns out she met Hansel was there. He's talking with Volt but suddenly Volt just smiled at Day and Hansel turned around, he just right away off from the place. Day asking what's that all about and Volt said if Hansel ever tell about his trip and Hansel needs Volt to prepare the flight. Day asked Volt if he's actually Hansel's secretary. Volt said he's a helper. But, Day seeing Volt so mysterious and that reminds him with Loki. Day said, "At least you reminds me with this trickiest friend of mine." Volt replied, "Trickiest? Glad to know that. So, I'm better than others." Day asked what's that suppose to mean and Volt just smiled again and the baker came. He saw Hansel went to this place of what reason. Day also didn't know and Volt said he likes the apple and he wants to see if the ingredients has the supplies for making pies. Day loved to hear that. Volt leaves and Wans joke about they don't need inventing new recipe for the month, but turns out Day left the place and went to Hansel's office. Hansel was not in the office. So, Day realized Hansel might gone somewhere else. Wans followed Day and Day met this two skinny women, they love to chat with Day. Wans was not allowed to get in to the room and that makes Wans worry. 

Wans went out to Marley's office. Marley was surprised as Wans came in to his office like never before. Wans said he couldn't get in to Hansel's office where Day is only there with the witches. Marley called the three fairy godmothers and then, suddenly popped up. Wans and all three fairies broke the door. That in the office the two witches frightened Day. Day found those fairly skinny women looks so pretty that turns out her sight blurred and saw two hideous witches and Day was in shock because the witches actually didn't know that Day could see their disguises. The witches wants to spell Day just like what they did to Hansel. Turns out, Day had agreement with Loki and no one could ever put a spell on her anymore. The door's opened and it surprised the two witches. Day suddenly could feel the fresh air and seeing Wans, she ran. Marley behind them all and she fell to Marley's arm. Marley with his cold face asked her to sleep. So, she slept. 

Day woke up and Hansel next to her, hold her hand.She back to her bedroom. Hansel afraid Day would never wake up just like his mother. Day asked how their mother died, Hansel said it was an afternoon snacks, she laughed so hard while eating and there's the heart attack went. But, what Hansel meant was when their mother died but looks asleep. Day then tell that's funny. Then Day actually didn't remember how she could be asleep all day. She even forgot about that day. Hansel lied and saying that while she cook in the kitchen, she fell and unconscious. But, she remembered about the meeting of Volt and Hansel in the kitchen. Hansel then told that it's true he wants to go trip. Day asked where and Hansel said around east Asia. Hansel will go with Marley and Volt. Day asked when they will return and Hansel just saying, soon. Hansel will put James on charge because James the responsible of the faculty, so he also could handle the main chair. But, he also wishes Day to accompany James and learn something with him. When Hansel said goodbye, Grandma Briar Rose came. When it comes to Grandma Briar Rose, Hansel just suddenly stop talking. Because he felt so strange with her yet she's someone that his father gave a responsible to take care of. Grandma Briar Rose brought her red purple milk, she said it's red dragon's fruit with milk. So, her grandchildren taste it and that makes Day buy more times to spend time with Hansel. A knock door and an open door ruined the moment. Volt said the flight is ready and there's Riley said it's time for Grandma get rest. They both gone but before Hansel leaving, Day kissed his forehead and hug, then whisper something. Hansel didn't smile or respond but he walk out. The door being closed by Volt who smiled to her. 

In the morning, Day became lazy, she never want to get out from the bed. There's something weird about this place but she couldn't remember it. She then watched a television and even computering, she found Kram's ballet of Swan Song. It made she cried when watch it. It's a tribute for one big director of ballet. She also saw the after party and there were her step-parents. She's so happy. Cindy and Grandma Briar Rose visited and found Day looks horrible but then they are all having fun together, and they also decided to come seeing Cindy's step-sisters. The name are Drisell and Tasia. Day found the sisters kind of spoiled girls. They want so many things and made Cindy kind of busy. So, suddenly Day played her tricks about cooking dinner. Drisell and Tasia then became quiet and they helped Day to cook. Grandma Briar Rose sing with Cindy, that night is so beautiful. Until, there's knocking door, and Riley and this James came uninvinted to take her and Grandma home. They went home and James is a person who wants to be a serious person. He came to living room and mad to Day, so strong words and that reminds Day about real human feeling. Day actually comforts with James words. Then she said, "Yes, James. I will see you tomorrow at work."

James found Day already in front of the Hansel office, James saying she will get Marley's office, "Because it's the safest place for you." Day didn't know what that means. Wans came by and they both still doing their stuffs to invent recipes. "Let's put a red chocolate on a bar." So they made it with several variant flavors. Day asking about James to Wans and Wans said, "He's an excellent engineer, Day. He was once a craftsman, he made toys. Then, there's this couple asking him to make a boy doll made from wood that turns out the couple were witches and enchanted the doll became alive. James didn't know but the witches locked a soul inside the doll. James tried to save the soul but there's something about agreement. After that James no longer making things, but he engineered things." Day laughed because that story sounds silly. Wans thought because Day last time knew about the witches but the exact time, those witches skinny women came in. Day eyes see nothing so she's okay with it. There were three witches visited the office but only one witch can get in to Marley's office. And, that's how Wans realized as long as Day was in the safest place, no witches allowed to spell on her. There came one of three godmothers, Miss Flora. She asked the witch went out. She came in because only elves could get in and a good-heart people.

The one witch who being gone right away was Madam Bothel, the villain. She used to be the one who can get in to that room, ruling next to Hansel. But, someone put Marley, the elves rule. Madam Bothel has invest on wine vineyard. She helped the company to get great wine for chocolate. Hansel's company is being famous by great wine from Madam Bothel. But, it's actually also an agreement between Madam Bothel and the father. Madam Bothel knew there's something different in Gretel. So, she came to James and asking James so Gretel could help her around the vineyard, teach her something. James agreed. That night, Day spent the night with Grandma and the three godmothers. There's also Riley, made sure it's alright for Grandma woke late. There's something inside of Day that the elves and Grandma singing all night makes Day feel comfort. Then, Day gets sleepy. In this time, the three godmothers bless her. Grandma Briar Rose never told the godmothers, but she saw Loki's shadow nearer them then he looked into Grandma, he came to her, Riley saw it, too. Loki whispered to Grandma and gone. 

In the morning, Wans found out about she will came to Madam Bothel's vineyard. So, Wans followed her. Madam Bothel taught both of them how to make sure the wine will get better with the flour on cooking, baking, and chocolate. The last, they went to the vineyard. At this time, Wans got spelled by the thing on the center of vineyard, a tower, something so gold made Wans being drag away from Day. Wans found a rope and he climbed it.... (guys, this is suppose to be funny, but well, I thought all the rapunzel will do this), the girl shouted and makes Wans even more wonder who's screaming. When he arrived, the girl popped out and angry, "WHY YOU PULLED MY HAIR?" Wans realized it's not rope, it was Rapunzel's hair. Wans felt sorry. So, they both chatted. Rapunzel hates her hair being dirty because how long and so gold look. She hates go outside and Wans laughed saying there's world out there that so beautiful because it's dirty rather being clean. That one time, Rapunzel adored Wans. The baker actually seeing Rapunzel as a girl who need to know things outside. But, then he realized it's already almost night, he forgot about Day with Madam Bothel. He ran from Rapunzel and Rapunzel just to scared went outside, she let him gone. Rapunzel remembered about 'Gretel' name and she felt jealous. The baker found Day is making a crushing grape juices and full of sweats, Madam Bothel did the same thing, too. When Day seeing Wans, she felt relieve and she just stop. Madam Bothel also stop like she never felt so want get to work like this before. Madam Bothel knew Wans had been gone to Rapunzel but then, Wans just took care of Day like he never fell in love to Rapunzel, it revealed when Wans being asked where he gone to, and Wans said the truth. So, Day asking Madam Bothel if she had a daughter, then Madam Bothel couldn't lie. They went home and Day just so tired. Wans helped Day put to the bedroom and Wans met Riley.

Wans in love with Riley ever since he met her as nurse for Grandma Briar Rose. Riley loves Wans apple pie. That's how they both really very close. That's how Wans never fell in love to Rapunzel. When Day awaken, she once again can't remember anything. She back to stay at her room do nothing except watching movies, Kram's ballet, and her adoptive parents photos. Recently, they'll love to go to Budapest. That makes Day wants to go there, too, but she kept her promise with Loki. That night she decided to sneak out. The wind is so cold but she couldn't feel anything because her long ago traumatized and killed the feeling of hot or cold. She walks alone by night around this fairy tale forest. Then, she could listen so many things, makes her comfort that she lives around this place is real. That nature teach her how to feel. Then, she sings.

All the animals came to her, noticing Day sings. She even couldn't remember if she ever sing. Suddenly mourning came from nearer road. Day stopped to sing. She found the couple Mr and Mrs Gilbert. They were sick and so Day helped them, drove their car to their house, nearer the other side of forest. And, that's where actually The Troll's Place. But, Marley put Day couldn't afraid because she couldn't see it. She turned being normal. Mr and Mrs Gilbert then gave Day a supper, but Day didn't eat, she just drinks. She met Phillip, a man as average as her, looks like James, a man that weird and punk. He eats and drinks, also lots of women around him. Day felt weird but the trolls couple are great people, they know everything about the forest and strangely they heard the sound that made them sick. Phillip showed what song his parents love to hear. It was a very, very sad song, full of tragic words and weird notes. But, Day feeling bad for what happened in the forest so she sang the song with Phillip play the guitar of it. Turns out Day concluded the family loves Rock n' Roll. 

Phillip drove Day back home and Day invites Phillip to get dinner in her place. Phillip accepted it. James showed up and angry again. Day seems all she could do just make a dinner for James. Day then in cleaning the dirty dishes, the sink broken. All water went all over the place. James suddenly stop angry and he became laughed. He and Day fixed the sink. From far, a wolf look Day from the window, then gone. James never felt so comfort like that. Day said, "Well, you're not good in behind the desk, James. You should stay around the machines." Next morning, Day came to the office and found Hansel shake hands with James. Then she heard, no one notice, from James, "It's very lots of pressure to work around witches, trolls, and robbers. But, I'm glad Gretel around us." Day heard that and realize the witch thing is something seriously true. James also asked, "Do you find the golden cloak?" And, Hansel said, no. In that time, Day was in shocked. That thing is the agreement with Loki. To find the golden cloak.

Then, Day back to the kitchen, she met the baker and Volt together again talking about the ingredients and spices from east Asia. Then, Wans actually had an order of warm bread to give to the retirement house. But, Wans needs to go meeting with Marley and three godmothers. Day then walk along. That day was very cold, and there's this robe, a red robe. Volt asked where she found it, she said, "It's mine. I found it on the closet. Cindy asked me if I need a robe today because it's really freezing air. Anyway, I just do what she said." The retirement house is not far and so she walked with those warm bread. Volt just look Day from far away, and until Day gone by his side, Volt came back to Wans and they were all went meeting . It is being found that Volt was the Wolf. All this time he never found the Red Riding Hood with The Grand Mother, until he realized it was Gretel and Grandma Briar Rose, also the Baker made the bread. On that meeting, he cried. Everyone was wondering why the Wolf cried. Then, Marley said, "He's gone." And Volt disappeared.

Marley said 'He found his peace. He found his story. How about us?" He felt so trembled. The three godmothers made sure he's fine. The baker then realized that red riding hood. "It's all because of Gretel." Then, they believed all hopes to Day. Day went to the retirement house and something sneaking from far. Day has this skill of combat so she decided to let that thing following her. She never felt scared. She then sing, again. Arrive to this retirement house, there were seven little old men so grumpy and stuffs. Nurse Riley seem so worried and busy. So, Day helped her. Turns out, Riley actually needs to finish quickly for she will go a date with Wans. Day said, she will take care of the retirement house. Then, those seven old men actually really old grumpy people, so annoying. Then, Day couldn't take it, Day found a great couch, she sat there watching all those grumpy people and looks kind of a mad house. Suddenly Day seeing this antique piano. Mr. Grumpy, the most happy to see the riots around him, sat on that couch,too, so Day asked, "Can someone play that piano?" Mr Grumpy said, it was all broken years ago. Then, Day knew who the one will fix the tune, James. James came in and he starts to fix it.

From far, Madam Bothel was frightened. She found Volt has gone, and she found the touch of James fixing the piano. Madam Bothel went out from her place and straight to the retirement place. At that time, James cried. He knows the piano is made by his own. The agreement between him and Madam Bothel was never again making crafts. With that, no souls will trap again and being use by those witches. But, there's this one piece that James used to make for seven dwarves and that is the piano. All James crafts had being destroyed long time ago, and now, he found the last piece. With Volt's gone, no wolf will ever watch the vineyard. If James's gone no one will ever fix the machine as best as James. The company will be ruined. And, actually, Madam Bothel took James's good heart so she can get in to the Marley's office. It's just as time as Riley and Wans arrived, James met both of them in the front door, James looks very happy. The great smile that Riley and Wans never seeing for a long time. Then, they were all saying hello and goodbye, Riley and Wans went in. James walks to the road and found Madam Bothel finished parking her car. She went out from the car, they both look to each other, and James saying, "I'm sorry, Bothel." Suddenly, James's gone. Madam Bothel lose a good-heart inside of her.

Inside the room, Riley cried. All the dwarves singing again, playing music with the piano, and Wans realize it must be the safest way to let Riley, Snow White, the nurse gone soon. Until they were all tired, the young tuck the old men went sleep to the bed that said their names. Day went home first because suddenly Hansel pick her back home. And, Wans knew by tomorrow morning, Riley will no longer be there. Snow White asking her prince, "Why you're not coming home with us?" Wans still not finish on this place. Snow White then kiss Wans, "We were all being fooled by the witches. We should be free. Be free, Wans." Then, Wans said, "I respect Gretel. Gretel needs to know before I go. And, I know I have to choose. And, that's the only way so Gretel would know what happen to Hansel. I need to be the Huntsman." Snow White cried, "But, you said, Volt has gone." Wans said, "It's not Volt." Snow White then more cried, "I'm afraid if you die." Wans hugged Snow White more tight. "I am sorry, Snow White." Then, Snow White asked him to wait, she came inside the house and Wans waiting. But, she never came back. Wans realized something and he runs inside the house, in the kitchen, there's the apple pie and a letter. Wans cried. The pie is still warm, wonder. Wans went out from the kitchen, even the piano has gone.

By morning, Marley realized James has gone with Madam Bothel could not get in to his office. But she insisted and the beauty of Madam Bothel changed into a horrible old woman. "This is the real you." Madam Bothel mad. "It's not our faults, Madam. You granted Hansel wish. So his sister could return." Madam Bothel just mocked Marley, "You're still here for reasons, too. What's in you?" Marley then just smiled. Madam Bothel said, "If this company's gone, its also because his sister ruining it." Marley said, "Wans said there still another wolf. I thought you might happy about it." Madam Bothel didn't know. Rapunzel on the other hand was asking for Wans to back visit her but Wans rejects it. Rapunzel went mad and so sad. She's so angry with Gretel. She thought Wans likes Gretel. On that reason, Rapunzel told Madam Bothel, everything. Such a spoiled girl. Madam Bothel used it to pushed Hansel.

Hansel was falling in love with Rapunzel. He was once a foolish man and he will do anything so Rapunzel can be his. Rapunzel never sees Hansel but Hansel sees her at the time he visit Madam Bothel's vineyard. That's how the first time Madam Bothel using Hansel's company to be a famous wine maker. So, Madam Bothel asking Hansel for The Golden Cloak. Hansel told his father, that time, and then his father came back with Grandma Briar Rose. The father then be gone after that. The moment Grandma Briar Rose came to the house, the three godmothers came to service her, but because they're not related, the three godmothers works at the chocolate company and buy the shares of the company. Knowing those three godmothers in the chairmen members, Madam Bothel brought all her allies: James, Volt, Mr and Mrs Gilbert, and the witches. Marley is the last person who join the chairmen members and he brought Wans, the baker. That's the truth but Hansel couldn't find the Golden Cloak even with the help of Marley and Volt. But now, Volt's gone, Hansel was frustrated. He knew it was all because of Day. He was in his office all night long, and Madam Bothel mad at him, "IT'S ALL YOUR WISH! YOU'LL NEVER BE WITH MY DAUGHTER!" 

Hansel woke up and Day was there. She slept on the desk, too. She held her brother's hand. Hansel then cried. All this time, all he wish is his sister, long before he met Rapunzel. He's been blind. By the time Day woke up, she felt sorry but Hansel said he knows what to do. He spent the whole day with his sister. He left the whole work thing to Marley. Marley knew Hansel will be gone, soon. Marley said, "I'll finish it to the last." And Hansel said thank you. Hansel and Gretel went to the playland, like brother and sister have fun with the playland. They both took the whole weekend on vacation. They went to the beach, cruise, then skiing. Until, they've made to the place where Gretel went out to the cliff. They finished the whole weekend and on the way to go home. They stop on that place. And, Gretel said, "All this time, I realize the way you made yourself being drag away from me, because you thought, that day it was your fault. Hansel, it's not your fault." 

Hansel cried. Gretel also cried, "We're just bunch of kids, fought for chocolate. We didn't know if the door suppose to be locked but it's unlocked." They both hugging. "I will find the Golden Cloak, Hansel. I will find it for you." Said Day. Hansel was surprised. He asked how did she know and she said, "Why don't we say goodbye to Rapunzel?" So, they're arrived to the vineyard. At that night, Madam Bothel was frightened because Marley said there's another wolf. She hide herself under her bed, knowing there something visit the vineyard, she thought it was the wolf, instead it's Hansel and Gretel, sneaking around to the tower.

"Rapunzel, Rapunzel. Throw your hair so I can climb and see you." That's what Hansel said. Rapunzel was wondering and it's all the same, so funny, and she wished it's Wans. But, turns out its the handsome gentleman, a looks kind of prince, "Hi, Rapunzel. Remember me?" She remembered. Hansel was the one kid who said that her hair is better if gets longer, because he said that Rapunzel don't need to be like a guy to hang out with a guy, and she realized she needs to be pretty. Hansel then said, "You're always pretty for me, with your long hair or without it. Come run with me!" Rapunzel asking why, "Look all this place, it's a jail for you. You're afraid of things outside there." And, Rapunzel cried. She remembered all the things that Wans ever told her and she wants all of it. "Come with me." And, it's just a second, when they both hugging, the hair got cutted, Rapunzel and Hansel gone. Day sees it, something inside of her just gone. She missed Hansel already.

Behind her, suddenly there's the wolf, the wolf attacked Day, Day threw the long hair of Rapunzel and wolf wrecked that hair when Day got a time to run away. Day run and run that suddenly she met Wans. They both hugging and Day said a wolf chasing her. Wans told Day to get out from the place and take his car, back to the house. Wans brought the hunting gun and all night hunting the wolf. Day went to the house and found Cindy with the sisters. Cindy said it will be the safest place. Of course, Day allow her. As Riley has gone, Cindy and Day helping Grandma Briar Rose to got clean up. 

By the morning Madam Bothel was poured down tears, had thought Rapunzel being killed by that wolf. Rapunzel hairs was the evidence. Madam Bothel came to the office and noticed Hansel has gone. She realized it was all Gretel. Day was already arrived in the office. She also cried and said sorry for Rapunzel, "I will find you the Golden Cloak as the exchange for Hansel's duty." Madam Bothel asked what she can offer to her, "My soul." Then, Marley heard that before the agreement, he against Madam Bothel. They both fought. "Like why you need the Golden Cloak?" asked Marley. Madam Bothel said, "You're all take away everything from me, the most precious thing. I will get it back!" Day didn't know what to do, and there were three godmothers. There's three wishes that three godmothers had put to Day, it is the bless for the prince who will fight for the evil, a shield of protection from spells, a strong sword of decision, and a helmet of mind. Day fought with Marley and defeated Madam Bothel. The last time, Day decided not to kill Madam Bothel. She became so old and lost her power. That's all. So, they were all brought Madam Bothel to the house. 

With the kindness from Day, the whole wrong-heart pleased with Day, they were all stay outside of the house to visit Madam Bothel. On this time, Day could see the whole truth of this place. But she kept that question. By the moment they were all got in, Marley met Grandma Briar Rose and he cried. Grandma Briar Rose surprised, "Marley, you never gets old." Marley was Maleficent.

Marley told the story of how he was so mad to Briar Rose's family and decided to put on curse to little baby Briar Rose. Turns out, he wished to be broken but it can't undo. So, after thousand years, no one remember of Briar Rose to wake her up. Until, the father of Hansel and Gretel decided to be that prince. He just lost his wife and he felt dearly to that poor Briar Rose, who keeps sleeping and yet she keeps getting old but slowly. She was looks older than the father but the spell works, she woke up. And, that's how Marley thankful to the father and he decided to keep Hansel safe until his time come. The reconciliation actually couldn't work to Marley and Briar Rose. They were all wondered. But, things gone still great. Marley and Briar Rose shared many things and the house being protected by the witches, the trolls, and the robbers. Until a week, Day kept waiting for Wans return. She kept work in the kitchen. Just she almost cried because no one ever seeing Wans. She thought the wolf might killed him.

Then, it just the afternoon, Day finished her second time baking bread, Wans appeared, "Such a great smell." He said. Day poured lots of tears and asking him where he had being gone. Wans told Day about the wolf. "I couldn't kill it. It looks like Volt. I couldn't." Day knew there's nothing all of them can do. Day took care of Wans until he's doing fine. But that time, Day listened to Marley's fairy tale of Briar Rose, if it's the happy ever after version. Marley told the tale to Cindy step-sisters. Then, Day realized, "Phillip." She went to Mr and Mrs Gilbert house and asking for the thousand years ago if Phillip ancestor of that Briar Rose's Phillip. Mr and Mrs Gilbert didn't know exactly but that fairy tale seems kind of make sense because the genetic of Philip, Mr and Mrs Gilbert became human might because long ago there's a human as their ancestor. So, then, Day asked Philip on date.

On a date, Phillip was actually a nice person. It's just he loves to listen rock songs. Then, Phillip brought her to the beach. And, Day starts singing. Phillip cried, asking for Day be his girlfriend. And, Day said, yes. That night Phillip and Day seems like (Evan Peters and Taissa Farmiga).

In the morning, she is so happy. She got woke up in her bed room, wishing to make lunch for Phillip. She seems forgot because it feels like a happy ever after. So, then she asked Phillip, Mr and Mrs Gilbert join lunch with everyone. The elves very hating trolls, because they were all the same family tree just different figures. It was a very great day. But the time Phillip arrived, Grandma Briar Rose was still in her room. And, Day seemed forgot about the whole point she brought Phillip to the house. When they were all gathering in the garden, Day came to the kitchen and making Phillip's favorite, something green slimy pudding, Day thankful for her taste gone. Phillip came in and so great to see his favorite and he said it was better than his mother's cook. Day and Phillip came out from the kitchen, and there's Grandma Briar Rose, when all the animals surrounded and Mr and Mrs Gilbert became sick because her singing. But, Phillip, he cried, "Is it her, Day?" 

Phillip went to Grandma Briar Rose and that's the moment Marley also cried. That's a heart breaking. 

Phillip said, "I have the Golden Cloak. A shoemaker and his wife was once came to our family and saying if there's one day they met the woman with the golden hair, red lips, and great singing and animals around her, give it to her. And, all this time the golden cloak is with our family." Mr and Mrs Gilbert didn't know that they were all seeking the Golden Cloak. Suddenly the earthquake made the ground apart into two and Cyclops, different trolls, gave the Golden Cloak to Briar Rose. And she said thank you. She wear it and suddenly she became as pretty as she once a princess, 16 years old. 

"Where's my happy ending, in this fairy tale, Wans?" Day cried. Wans held her hand so tight. She saw Phillip knew who's the right woman for him. By the time they both holding hands, embracing, and love to one another, they're gone. Mr and Mrs Gilbert smelled the arrival of the wolf. 

The wolf was hunting the Golden Cloak. As Briar Rose use it, she gave it rightly to the poor Madam Bothel. Everyone thought she will use it to bring back Rapunzel, but turns out, "I WANT MY BEAUTY BACK!" Just before she use it, the wolf attacked her and she being eaten. The Golden Cloak saved itself. Just at time Day, Wans, and Marley, also the three godmothers fight the wolf. 

They realized it can't be defeated. Then, all the trolls, the witches, and the robbers ran away. Also Mr and Mrs Gilbert. The Golden Cloak was with the wolf hand. The wolf decided to go but they wouldn't allow it. First, it was the Wans task to kill the wolf so he could return and bring the heart of it to the Evil Queen, the Golden Cloak was actually a gift from the shoemaker to the elves. It was the elves treasures. So they kept fought. The only thing that made Wans couldn't killed the wolf because he sees it as Volt, a good friend. Then, strength from Day saying, "Close your eyes, I'll lead you." Then, he did it and Day told to run the sword, the moves, and suddenly he just cut of the wolf's head. He opened his eyes and the wolf dissapears. There's a change into a little wood box, "Just like the box I always wish to keep that heart." As Wans walk to the box's place on the ground, everyone sees how Wans turns vanished. As he touched the wood box, they both gone.

It left the golden cloak. Day was in the mourn because all of the people she love just gone, because they were all need to return into the book, but not her.

"Who am I?", asked Day to Marley and the three godmothers. Then, Marley asked something. A simple question, "What are you looking for? You should've been gone with Hansel if you're truly Gretel. Day said, "I am Gretel." Then, Marley asked once more, "Gretel, what are you looking for?" 

Then, Gretel cried, "I have to kill the witch. I have to take the Golden Cloak because it never belong to your story, Maleficent. The three godmothers granted me three things to fight you as the story." All the three godmothers cried, "If only I didn't get the bless, I should not have to kill you."

Then, Marley knew, he transformed himself into black dragon with a green breath fire. And, Gretel with the blessing power fought Maleficent, and Maleficent died. As the story told, Maleficent changed into shimmering flashes, inside of Day, Marley said, "Thank you."

Day got the Golden Cloak. And, also the three godmothers be gone by the power has being used. She was all alone. "Gretel?" Day turned around and suddenly, Cindy and her two step-sisters were there. Day believed it's the story will end. Day gave the golden cloak to Cindy, "Find the shoemaker and his wife. There must be a great story for you." Cindy asked, "How do you know?" Day smiled, "Well, you need new pair of shoes, aren't you?"

Cindy and the two step-sisters helped Day clean the house. It was a very long day. The last night they were all together, the two step-sisters asked what will Day do next, and Day said, "I still need run the company." It means she will closed the company or sell it to someone else.

By the morning, Cindy and the two step-sisters noticed Day will go. The lawyer of the company came and Day decided to leave the chairmen members to Cindy and her two step-sisters. There were village citizens also need jobs, and they were all very thankful to Day as Gretel. 

Cindy told if her father returned, it said the father might put Cindy also the heir of the company. That time, Day went on journey out from Switzerland. She stopped by to the accident place, once more.

Loki appears, "You killed Fenrir." Day said the wolf tried to makes problem with fairy tales family. Loki felt sad but he just quoted, "Not problem. Mischief but important. Well, everything back to the story?" and Day answered, "Cindy will find her shoes, except me." Loki asked, "Who are you, then?"

"They said I am Gretel. But I still feel no-one."
Loki asked, "Who's your father, actually?"
Day returned asking, "Why you need Freya golden falcon's cloak?"

Loki said, "You know, I always wonder why you keep on this way of fights with me but yet we friends. Like once we're on the same table together and fight all the time. But, well, you know then, we're friend and foe. But, you finally know what I'm looking for. Definitely not that golden cloak, but how do you know what I've been looking is Freya's cloak?"
Day answered, "I don't have it, Loki. I don't know anymore how get that agreement."
Loki said, "Agreement, my brother Thor thanks to you for Jane so much and your step-parents seem always being his sight. Don't worry. Well, the agreement, yes, I can't believe your family tree is from fairy tales. Things went so odd in there. Especially magic. They were all just dreams, weren't they?"
Day smiled. She felt like Loki tried to comfort her. Loki smiled, too, "You still owe me that cloak, Day. Don't smile on me."
Day answered, "It's your problem actually, you suppose not lost it. Freya might very angry."
Loki answered, "My family tree actually more complicated than you are."
Day replied, "I am Gretel, and you're job is kind of sorcerer. I suppose to kill you."
Loki answered, "That's right."
Day asked, "Everything in you are tricks. So, don't tell me that you thought I have that cloak."
Loki replied, "You and your brother, Hansel and Gretel. I always think that you and your brother might is Freyr and Freya. You ask me who's your father, if it's in my family tree, he could be Njoror."
Day asked for more and Loki have thoughts, "Your mother is very bad mom, and Freyr and Freya also never knew who's their mother. Njoror said it's from a very wrong marriage. But, then Njoror used to love Skaoi, but Skaoi loves to be in the forest while Njoror wants to sail through the sea. And, I can see both of those interests in you."
Day asked, "You think I'm Freya? I am Gretel."
Loki said, "And, your father loves to be gone. Travels, might sails, gone like a wind. Njoror."
Day actually really wondered, "Why is he leaving? He and Hansel knew all this time about the book I wrote but they never came to get me."
Loki said, "Don't you remember, it's your brother made an agreement with that witch Bothel. I don't think your father will allowed witches around your family. You know, Hansel loves Rapunzel, it's really exactly like the love between Freyr and Geror. And, I also can't answer you that why you father never try to reach you. Maybe you should meet Njoror, that could be your father."
Day then finally asking, "Please, I don't want to listen you comparing my family with yours. Sounds horrible. Sounds sad."

Suddenly Loki holds her hand, Day was in shocked, "I can't return without that cloak. I'm so much in trouble, Day. Will you help me to get where's that cloak?"
Day asked, "Your family look very nude in all historical book I ever see, Loki. I don't think I can help with seeing so many nude scenes in real life."
Loki asked, "If that's the only problem, actually, nowadays, we have our own style as human in New Zealand. Of course, I can't return to Asgard except I found that cloak, so we can talk with my family around human figures."
Day asked, "Why you keep holding my hands?"
Loki said, "If you say yes, now, we can transform to that island right away."
Day said, "It's a country and no more magic."
Loki laughed, "No magic? What we shall use to New Zealand, then?"

Not a while, they both already sit in the air plane. It's really funny because Loki felt so weird, yet excited. Loki commented, "The last time I'm on the plane as the prisoner of Avengers. I'm excited."
Day replied, "Thank you for rid away your suits and helmet and being a normal passenger."
Loki said, "Oh, you don't know how human so frightened with that suit. But, look, I wear human suit, then several women seeing me sexually. Human adores me, better than Thor. I like it."
Day worried, "You should stop using word that mainstream with my ears."
Loki replied, "They thought we both a couple. I don't know what's with your spirit, Day, but they respect you for being look-a-like wife of me."
Day just answered, "I don't think we're going to be a couple. So, stop think about it. I'm here to make sure of our deal."
Loki sighed, "Why is it with all your fairy tales, a deal, agreement, and bless?"
Day replied, "That's why I hate witches."
Loki said, "Okay." He stopped talking.
And, they're gone to New Zealand.

The first thing Day did after landed was buy a drink at Starbucks. She orders two Cappuccinos. The lady asked if it's for one and she repeated for two. She brought the coffees to Loki who sat on the table set in outdoor of cafe.

Loki was excited to just sit around of people without being notice. Day was wondered, people seeing them both. Loki said to be not worry and he asked Day just drinks the coffee. Then, they started to talk. About herself, actually. "About our agreement, no one will ever mess up with my head, right?" Loki answered, "But Marley actually made an exceptional. He made you away from all the troubles. When it's about protecting  you, it allows it." Loki believed that's how the agreement will turns out. Day's kind of afraid to hear that because the outcome was her true personality will not remember anything at all. Loki just said, "You'll manage that." Day also asking why Hansel, her brother was classified as mutant while she's not. Loki answered, "He's living in fairy tales. While you went out from it and live as human. People in fairy tales are mutants for human." Day then wondered why if they were all from fairy tales then they came into human life, Loki answered, "And, when you're out from their sight, you becoming a human. That's how your father never try to reach you. You're living as human and you're human. Your story in book has changed. You're the missing puzzle and that's how all of your family issues were stuck in real life. If you're not becoming human, you will be like me. Happy as I am, stay in two worlds as we are, now."

Day then asking, "I broke the puzzle and I became human. It might happen to you, Loki."
Then, Loki went silent. Day smiled and found that Loki has interest to feel be human. So, he asked, "Can I become human, too?"
Day answered, "We just broke the code. I mean we can manage things that happened to me could happen to you. Well, You won't have any abilities. You will turn so weak. Do you have any skills if you're not a mythical person? Or, here's the big question. Will you give up all of it?"
Loki said, "There's something in you that makes me feel the humanity growing inside me."
Day said, "That's good. But, what will you choose, Loki, between became human or to keep as a myth?"
Loki answered, "I don't know. I think you need to teach me the whole way through."
Day then find a glimpse sight of Loki was hit on her. It was so weird. Day just shocked. She never want to even rise out the issue so she told about her experience to be normal person, "Realizing I'm from fairy tale, then I'm the one who won't return, I thought it will feel so lonely, but it's not. I'm human, it's relieving. I'm exist and I'm real. I write my own story. Better story."
Loki then back answered, "Well then, I also can still write my better story with still being a myth."
Day then answered, "That's the different between me and you, Loki. You'll never real."

Loki came silent, again. There's a sad moment around him but his face kept the facial that Day never thought he has this sad feeling. 
"In New Zealand, no one could see me, Day." He said, "That's why people staring at us, that mostly they were all staring at you, who talk alone with two cups of Cappuccino."
Day went surprised, but she stopped talking, then. She looked around her and people did staring at her, but she felt not alone. Loki still there.
Loki kept going, "You must find your human of me. For some reasons, you will find him."
Day suddenly hold Loki hand at the table. Day said, "I promise to get that cloak, if that's what you want."
Loki then smiled, "And when you find him, you will also stop remembering me."
Day asked, "Why?"
Loki answered, "Because it's true. I'm not real."
Day suddenly got a hint, Loki started blurring, "I don't mean that, Loki. Are you gonna be gone, now?"
"No, unless you see the human me, right here, right now."
"Is it like all of my family, you will be gone like vanished or if will be sparkles around you?"
"No, that's funny." Loki laughed.
"Then, how?"
Loki said he never at that condition, too. "I love torturing human. To be here is torturing me. No ones afraid of me."
It happened again. Day just squeezed Loki's hand. "Oh, no. I see you're gone."
Loki was also impressed with Day became worried of he's gone. Day let out her hands, "Sorry. I just, I never try to keep them, who're going to go, keep staying. I just thought you'll be gone, now."
"Don't be afraid. You won't even remember about me if I'm gone. You're not going to miss me."
Day didn't say anything. So, she back to her coffee. "Thought no ones seeing you, can you still drink that coffee? You should've told me before I buy you a drink."
"They might see a flying paper cup, is that what you want?"
"I don't know. I'm not afraid with ghost thing... actually, if you're not real, also fairy tales. Do you mean if all of my family once came to New Zealand, no ones see them, too?"
"No, no. The different about you and me, Day, you're all got stuck in real life. Me? I'm gods for them, right here, right now. I knew where I'm belong when you were all forgot who you are and where you came from. Human, you, me, not human."
"So, you're not real and not human. And we are fairy tales, human and real? I thought you're myth also just fairy tales and not real. We're all not human. What if, Loki, what if you make the same thing like me. Then, all those mythical not human or even real becomes real but they're all lost in real life, then voila, you're human. You're all forgot who you are, but the advantage for you, I'm here. I will tell you so you will find all of your family back together. Then, we will find the cloak, together."
"If I did that, the human of us will lost their memories and they might die, some of them. We choose not be like others. We manage how we can keep be in reality life without being lost in mind. So, we made our own human roles, and just in New Zealand. It's a small island against the whole big things around this world. And, here's where our myth stories still remembered by everyone. So, it makes our human roles became powerful as the real us."
"Why is it always about power for all of you?"
"Why is it you want so bad for me being human?"
"Because you're the only one who stay with me, right here, right now. I feel bad if I will forget you. And, that's just for that golden cloak. We can get that golden cloak and we can stay together."
"To be here, I also break the rule, Day."
"There's no different, Loki. You lost that cloak, you already broke their trusts, you came here to find that cloak also broke their rules. And when you return just to give them the cloak back, you will be still being punished. For once, you need to be smart. Just like Evil Queen. To be accepted, she will turn the fairy tales upside down and she became the one who stood up and act like our saint to fix her own made mess up. The advantages for her, she still can manage herself being so evil and still we will always forgive her. She won't change after that because she hates us for act as saints. And you know what, after she felt that feeling of became a hero, we respect her and she's now at peace."

Suddenly Loki stopped the motion. He's now living alone in this pause moments. Day also stopped talking. Loki just staring at this girl. This was his moment. He found someone who really know what he really wants. Then, Loki came to Day, kissed her forehead. He back to sit, looking around, drink the coffee. Warmer. And, as he put the cup back to the table, the motion starts again. Day last said, "So as you," She laid her back, "You won't stop until you get what you want. I just give you your best option of things that you really want."
"I know," He smiled, "Is it our really first fight?"
Day realized she not even care if people seems frightened because Loki talked to herself. "Now, I don't think I can even get that cloak when I don't even remember if I should get that cloak for you because I don't even will remember of you. So, when I found the cloak, how will I deliver it to you? A mail?"
"You're so funny when you mad." Said Loki, "Don't you think that people around us really scared of you, Day?"
"I don't care. Do you even know, where's the cloak?"
"No, I don't know. But that's the agreement will end. You get the cloak, and you'll find your way to your father."
"You're not even don't know about my father. No one knows."
"I know. I just want to make sure you prepare for the whole truth, Day."
"What? He's one of your myth? Oh wait, I'm not Gretel but one of your family? It makes me confusing." Loki just laughed.
He just answered, "If that's the truth then you won't even forget about me."
"Is that a test?"

They both know, that's the answer.

"I think I see someone, Loki."
Loki asked who, Day got buzzed in her head and she knew Loki got blurred even more in front of her, "He comes in. Loki..." Her head spinning.
Loki turned his back from Day and found this man, looks so gothic person. It's not Loki type, "That guy?" The man walks inside Starbucks, "Who's that guy?"
No answers.
Loki back to Day, and Day seemed dropped her head down. "What's wrong, Day?"
Day went silent. Then, she rise her head, Loki and Day seeing each other, eyes to eyes, straight contact. Loki knew. Day couldn't see him anymore. The man came to the table and sit on the chair, Loki became like a transparent thing.

Day looks stranger to this guy, actually she forgot about why she ever be there, at that time. That made her more surprise, she was wondering how she could meet again with this guy who sitting right in front of her,
"Jow Marlace?"


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