Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Calm and React

Albert William Rymer was on the station and people around him were so excited to see a worldwide star stood near of them. He's waiting the train but he kept his behavior by himself. No ones disturb him. He reacts nothing, just stood still. People were amazed because several of them tried to talk with him but he was like a statue, do nothing. He ignored them. So, they thought he might be on this act. His face looks so cold. His eyes just straight to the rails. He reacts when the train is coming. His face changes. People around him did the same, too. They were all waiting for the train. The train arrived and opened the doors. The passengers came out and came in, also Albert. But, he tried to walk so slowly. It made people who came out being uncomfortable. They pushed his shoulders several times from both sides. He kept walk and the remaining sounds of closing door starts. He stopped. He's not ready to take the step get in to the train. A young man as tall as him stood in front of the door step, wore a cool coat and put both his hand on his jeans front pocket. He knew Albert, but he's too cool to amaze him. They both look one another. Albert saw that look of asking if he wants to come in. He wants to come in but suddenly the door was closing. There's a moment inside the train from the left side of that young man standing. Albert sees it and his body reacts, he seems like want to jump in through the closing door, the young man reacts back to see the door, he thought Albert will get a hit, he was shock. Then, the door got stuck by a someone's bag. It was an old woman big bag, she was sitting next to the door seat that she seems find a peek of Albert still standing out from the train from that young man's facial. The door suddenly back to open for seconds and Albert made it to get in. The young man and the old woman came near help him. They're asking if he's alright, but he didn't bother them, he looked to the left side, and of course all of people, paid attentions and several made videos. The only one who just standing from far, a different react. A different from others was the walking faster to him. When Albert look through the left side, the movement stopped. 

She's the only one who standing right direction to Albert. Casey Halmont. And, Albert straight back to see different side. He hides the recognize of the girl. The girl he loves so much. He acts answering people questions around him. He smiles answering them, showing that he's fine. He was confused by the decision if he wants to get in or not, but he's fine, now. Of course, he gets what he wants. He asked them to calm and please comforting themselves on this train journey. The situasion became silent, normal like what we see inside the train daily. But, both of Albert and Casey were standing not far, act strangers. It's only a time until the next stop station. They kept stand still and the young man stands near him, just looking. An old woman back to her seat also put her big bag on her lap. The next station arrived and the doors open. That time, everyone moves. The young man and the old woman were walking out like they turned be strangers with Albert, people around him being strangers to get out from the train. Then, Albert just do the same. He straight walk to the other side, straight to Casey. While, Casey was turning back from him, stood still, she was not going to get out from the train. 

Albert just saying out loud while he walks, "Don't turn around!" And Casey listened. The door closed, all passengers unmoved. Albert standing really next in front of Casey. Now, they can look one another, whenever they want. 

Casey seems relieving. She sees the man he long time not see. She smiles at him. Say nothing.
Albert cries. He just couldn't bare it. He wants her from a long before but this time, was the only chance. He sees her as the most far he could be. He wondered of Casey's life from all this time.

The train is getting to the next stop. Albert still cries but he now hides it, he looked down, his hand was  shaking while he tried to wipe the tears. The sound of the train brakes starts, and that's how Albert heard Casey voice, "I love you, Alby." The voice trembled, she might start breaking down, too. She said again, "Don't makes him win," and the train stop. 

Albert just back to see Casey and Casey is strong-looking, she smiles, his right eye pours one teardrop. "Hide your face," she whispered. It's like a mouth lips moving and a slight breathing out to blow some airs. The doors open, Casey walked through him, she would like to get out from the train by the door after him standing. Albert back down his face, no more eye contacts.

So, their both hands, so fast, like several movement captures, Albert and Casey holding hands. They also, so easy, to let it go.

Casey walked out from the train and she moved close far from the rails, then she took a deep breath. She never turn around.

From the right side, nearer the front train, the gate to out from the station, someone's coming. He was shouting, "Casey!" And, Casey starts the act. She look to the right, smiles again, and walk.
From inside the train, Albert knows the door was closing and he starts look outside. He sees Casey moving, he knows someone's there pick her up. Someone who makes sure he won't see Casey anymore. The truth, he agreed. Albert agreed. It's just Albert was very unstable this time. As the train starts to moving, closing doors already, as Casey walks, Albert walks, too, to the more front train. He walks to keep seeing Casey.

To keep seeing Casey, the look, the hair blowing, the movement, the skin color, the eye, and the smile.

Albert again breakthrough people around them. It's more normal for them, because they were not recognize him just the same as the first passengers that came along with him before. Several people even shouted, "Easy, Man!" But, he made them like just a passing by. The train movement makes him arrived first, to see that man.

Ryan Fuller. Albert wants to see that man long enough before Casey came to him. A man with his glasses. Never change. A beard, the same cut. The same lovable touch. A cover of the dark inside. Albert knows. Casey knows. Yet, there he starts to go on. The last thing he saw was Casey standing right in front of Ryan. And, those scenes were gone.

"Are you Albert Rymer?" One of the high school girls came to him, "Are you alright, Sir?" The girl was brave enough to come to him because her friends asked her, but she knew the weeping face. She looked the sight where Albert seeing, nothing. But, the girl just back seeing the worried look from her favorite star.

Suddenly, a phone called. Albert took the answer and gave that girl much time to turn around and never let her friends to see the fragile side of Albert William Rymer. 

"It's me, Graham."
"We found her. The body. She's dead, Albert."
"Thea Mannings?"
"We found the way to catch him, Albert."
"Where she being found?"
"I might be being a suspect too, Albert."
"She was buried at one of my cottage."
"We'll get through this, Antonia. I promise. I won't let them."
"You both met, Albert?"
"I wish I can tell her how sorry I am. She saved us."
"I know."
"I must go, Albert. They will take me to the police."
"I'll bring you out."

Casey is standing right in front the murderer of Thea Mannings, but it's just she doesn't know yet. She smelling his perfume and kiss his cheek. Then, Ryan did the same, too. He was relieved. He never lose hope of Casey. And Casey, she knew Ryan is good man. She never wrong. Casey then asked, "How long we will keep running, Ryan?" Ryan suddenly just look straight to Casey, "No, no, no. We're not running. I am here to protect you. Thea Mannings was a psycho criminal mind. We hide from her." Casey replied, seems like she beg to him, "We shouldn't run. They thought you took me away. That, you're the mistake." Ryan looked around and he didn't want to make a scene, "I am the mistake. We let a sociopath to control us, we let Thea keeps writing our storylife, Casey, and now, we can back write our own, with exception without,"

"Our real name." Casey replied, "I know. Mr Gerald Stones." 
"Yes. It's just a moment of nostalgic. We can't let it fall down the wall, right?"
"Reminds me again, Stones, why we should do this?"
"So no more Thea traps haunt our lives, endanger you."
"But, why don't we go home?"
"This is now our home. Her legacies, I still need to solve it. It's not safe. Not yet."
"Ryan," Casey called his real name again, "Until when?"
Ryan didn't know how to answer it. He sighed. He knew this would always happen, every time he gave Casey a chance to travel. Alone. Then, all he could answer, "Mrs Stones, let me take your bags."
And, Casey was just stop arguing. No more.
"Alright." She gave her coat and bag.
He holds Casey hand, "your hand's wet. You washed your hand in the train?"
They both were walking through the gate. Casey smiled, "Seriously?" They both just kept out from the station.

It was a wet from Albert's crying hand. He will do everything to get back her lover, Casey Halmont, who being hostaged by a mental illness, intelligent in forensics, a colleague that used to be infamous investigator but turned obsessed with the serial killer, so random, that in the end, someone's behind all of that was an innocent newspaper journalist, Thea Mannings. 

They said, Ryan hostaged Casey because she saw him killed Thea Mannings, her friend ever since college  mates. Albert also believes that.

On the way before Antonia Graham, also a superstar like Albert, being caught by police, she texted and sent it.

It showed:

She met him.

To: RF.

She broke the SIM card and she ready for being caught. Antonia smiles.
Ryan was with Casey on this car, he's driving. There's a beam sound. Casey asked, "Do you want me to read that message?" Ryan looked into her, "Nothing's secret." He smiles. Casey read it, "It's from... Our gardener. He said he needs the payment earlier?" They both laughing. Ryan replied, "I'll talk to him. By the way, how many messages in the mailbox?" Casey asking if that means his email, then it's email and Casey said about 300, "Should I delete it?" Then, Ryan said, "No, no, no. Those are not spams. They are works." Casey got a chance to open the window, then the only thing she see was the name of the sender, the latest mail, from: AG. She thought it was from automobile service company.

Casey Halmont friend, Amber Lynn with a dog was on the living room, the dog barked and Amber was in shocked, they both looking on the television, a headline news. A reporter was in front of Antonia Graham's front gate, they capture the moment when Antonia got in to the police car. Amber sat on the couch and the do dog came to her feet, keeps barking. Amber didn't hushed him, because Casey Halmont face was on the screen. 

"Thea Mannings, one of our infamous reporter from Daily Newspaper who had been gone for 3 years, now found dead at west shore cottage, belongs to Antonia Graham, the latest hot superstar in Hollywood and the most socialite person around the city nightclubs. Until now, we wait for the press conference from the investigator to give a statement if she's the murderer of Thea Mannings all this time. The body found buried around the backyard, a constructor company found the body when Antonia Graham decided to reconstruct the cottage a month ago. The story of Thea Mannings involved with the missing of Casey Halmont four years before, the assistant investigator of policemen, the last footage of her appearance when Casey Halmont went with her boyfriend, Albert William Rymer, on the dinner restaurant and policemen came to arrest her as the suspect of infamous serial killer, The Next Chapter. The footage included Albert Rymer, well-known actor and he statements Casey Halmont was not the killer. Thea Mannings also on the footage, the person who reports the arresting. By one night, there's a news of Ryan Fuller, the lead investigator, believed as Casey Halmont partner in crime, broke the police station and shot Casey Halmont in the jail. The CCTV saw Casey is still alive and being taken until now, they both remain unknown. Thea Mannings reported the footage showed us the real serial killer, The Next Chapter, who is Ryan Fuller. She made a book, Deduction of Next Chapter, a year later and she dedicated the book to all family victims and to Casey Halmont, her beloved friend from the police division. Albert Rymer against the book by saying Thea Mannings need to apologize for her wrong story about relationship between Casey Halmont and Ryan Fuller. Albert won the case in front of the court and Thea Mannings lost $120.000 and her books being pull out from the market.  Albert Rymer believes Casey Halmont is still alive and accused Thea Mannings book as quoted, 'her own delusional deductions she wish to be real in our live. A threaten book that no one shouldn't read it if they still want to have nice neighborhood relationship'. The court decision made Thea Mannings loses her job and she decided to proof that she will show us the truth. Her last footage was her interview about her plan after being no longer allowed to be a reporter."

The dog barked, Amber poured tears, "Why they keep believe in her?" She hugged the dog, "Oh, Casey." The dog came quiet and his neck tag name Marissa's dog.

Thea Mannings was on the screen and walking with her lawyers out from the court, several reporter gave some questions and Thea Mannings stop, she said a statement, 
"My name is Thea Mannnings. I dedicate my life to deliver the truth and only the truth to the citizens that thirst of justice and righteousness. The truth is we all know who's The Next Chapter, Ryan Fuller. He is out there and capture my friend, Casey Halmont. It's been a year and the relationship between Casey Halmont and Ryan Fuller is also true. They both involved to be the serial killer, The Next Chapter. I will proof it. Even though I lose my job, I am still a reporter. Without me, no news is truth."

The reporter returned and said, "On the night of same day, Thea Mannings got a car accident with the former young actress, Amber Lynn, a friend of Casey Halmont."
Someone rang the front door, Amber wiped out her tears and got up from the couch. Marissa's dog followed her by walking through the front door, first. He barked the door and Amber set up her face to the near mirror, fix her make up looks fine. She opened the door.
"Amber Lynn and Thea Mannings were brought to the hospital. They said Thea Mannings left the hospital, first, and until then, she was gone. Untraceable."
The police came by and asking Amber to come with them. They're back with Casey Halmont and Ryan Fuller case.
"The missing of Thea Mannings, Casey Halmont, and Ryan Fuller became infamous unresolved case for last four years. But, all we know, The Next Chapter is still out there."
Amber look out bunch of paparazzi outside the gate of her house. Amber asked them to get in. They both walked back to living room and back watch the news.
"A random serial killer with the same methods, the victims killed themselves by saying The Next Chapter did it if not someone they love will be murdered. Some of them killed themselves, some of them suffering the guilt by let other innocent people died."
All those footages of news made them all sick.
"It's a massive murdering. For five years ever since the first victim, it's been 25 cases, 44 people dead, and it needs to be stop. We've lost the greatest reporter tonight, Thea Mannings and we were all have condolences to the family and friends of her. My name is Martin Owen. This is the truth. From Daily Newspaper Channel 1."

Martin Owen set out from  the camera screen.
"Is it done, Yuri?" The cameramen was a Japanese. Looks like a model.
"Yeah. You did a great job, Martin." 
They both looking the whole police cars out from Antonia Graham estate. 
"Who do you think The Next Chapter?" Martin asked.
"You're asking me?" Asked Yuri back, "I'm just a cameraman.
"What do you know?"
"Well, it's been five years. What about Thea Mannings?" 
Both of them walked to the van. The van door was opened and they were all heard the conversation.
"You're all knew Thea Mannings."
None of them answered him.
"I might new reporter of this company, but I've been a reporter five years longer than her life, knowing now she's dead."
"We don't believe her." Said an editor in the van.
"We never believe her at all." Said Yuri.
"Why?" Asked Martin.
"Have you met Casey Halmont?" Asked Yuri.
"No. All I know was she's the assistant investigator of Ryan Fuller. They both were the first suspect of The Next Chapter."
"In case you didn't know, everyone's forgot The Next Chapter came before Ryan Fuller and Casey Halmont were being exposed as great people on policemen. Casey was graduated with Thea Mannings and Ryan Fuller was chief investigator for just a several days. Casey got a job as a trainee, Thea got a cross words column. Casey helped her got a promotion because she gave her an access to the crime scene. Thea obsessed with Ryan Fuller works. She used to follow him ever since she came to one of his case. "
"And, that's how you said she obsessed with Ryan Fuller?"
"No evidence. We're bad friends, back-stabbing. We hate her got promotion. But Casey won't be The Next Chapter. She's too innocent and might be clumsy girl." 
One of the staff in van, a woman talked,"Have you read Deduction of Next Chapter?"
"It was a professional written. The red linings between all cases Ryan Fuller have solved, there's the truth inside of it."
"You remember that she quoted 'the suspects who being caught so random, and yet how did he know?'" Asked the woman.
"Yes, which she explained the suspects were the victims of Ryan Fuller traps. I checked all the footages and all of them spontaneously said they never did any crime before if it's not Ryan Fuller."
"They were all deductions. She's a reporter. She thought she could help to solve all those red linings, that turns out like gossip columns and she wrote Ryan Fuller is The Next Chapter."
"But all of her evidences were true." Martin debating.
"No." The editor, the senior of team talked, "We here, believe in Casey Halmont. The only body that never being found from The Next Chapter victims is Casey Halmont. 
"Casey Halmont is not dead." Said the woman.
Everyone turns silent.
"She's alive?" Asked Martin.
"Ryan Fuller saved her from being The Next Chapter. She being shot but alive on the footage. Ryan took her and they both were vanished." Said Yuri, "Thea Mannings set her own friend put on a jail, and that's not right."
"She was just reporting. That's what she do." 
"We believe they both are still alive and stay out from our sight. And, none of them were The Next Chapter." Yuri replied.
"If it's not Ryan, with all great deductions, and I believe it's not, because it's being proved. Then, who's the killer? Thea Mannings?" Ryan laughed, "Are you guys stupid or what? We all know it's Ryan Fuller. He might took Casey as his lover. Just like what the book said."
"That's why Albert wants to clear Casey Halmont name from Ryan Fuller."
"He made it, so what?" Asked Martin, again.
"A credibility of a reporter starts falling when one of a point from her saying is a lie." Said Yuri.
"What lie?" Asked Martin.
"Thea Mannings might being killed by Ryan Fuller," said the woman. She jumped out from the van, "But, there's also Antonia Graham. She helped Albert Rymer against Thea Mannings on the court. The body had been buried at the backyard of this cottage. Albert Rymer also could be the suspect. And, Amber Lynn, the last person who being with Thea Mannings. For five years, Amber Lynn never tell the story of that one last night with her. We never know. Whoever killed Thea Mannings, it's definitely not The Next Chapter. And if it's Ryan Fuller or others two, they're not The Next Chapter."
"What was that suppose to mean?" Martin confused.
Senior answered, "We might running to a wrong direction. Who's the real The Next Chapter?"
Martin stop argued, "I'm done. I thought Thea Mannings suppose to be our hero of this team. I'm out."
Martin walked alone from the van, he came to his car. He got in and next to seat, Deductions of Next Chapter. He opened his jacket, then there's a recording around his shirt, he took it and he rewind for seconds then replay, the voice of those people in the van then it's off. 

He started record his own, "My name is Danny Mannings. Those people are our new subjects, Thea. Our next chapter. But, the quiet interest news, Thea, you died. You never told me for past three years. Did you kill yourself or someone did that to you? Tell me!" He cried a little bit, "I love you, my sister. I always do. Whoever did this to you, they made me angry. We might not The Next Chapter, but I'll finish Ryan Fuller for you. I'll find Casey Halmont and take her away from him. And, he will be yours."


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