Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Between Ryan Fuller and Casey Halmont

Ryan never wants her. He just put her as his most beloved sister. He never try do any harm to her. He even adored her as a heroic person he ever met. In the critical decisions, she helped him. In worst moment of his life, she never leave him alone. She knew where her belong. 
Casey never told Ryan about anything but always great stories to encourage him, so random that makes him wondered how Casey looks underrated by anyone else. 

Until one day, she told him.
"I was in long relationship with this guy name Danny. You'll never know him. We're in love from the first sight meeting. I know he's good looking then he knows I like him. He was just like you, never stop talking of knowledges. But also, he never stop to hold my hand whenever we go and when he stop talking about himself, just wait for me to talk. But, I have nothing to say. So he just smiled and spent so many hours just to be with me. Until, one day I went to college, met new friends, I introduce them, also Thea, I thought it was a very fine normal day. But, this one last night, we had a fight, not our normal fights, he just mad. He said I am not suppose to get into this college, the major, that he was wrong to pursue my dream. So, that's it. Our very last odd moment and he decided to left me, broke up. He even left all his things, even his phone. He never come back."

Ryan found how Casey was afraid to disappoint her partner, because it might because it's her fault. 
"He made me to think that it's my fault."
For Ryan, it was the bravest thing she ever told him. So, Ryan asked Casey why now, she finally settle with Albert William Rymer, and she said,
"I see me in him. But then, I also see Danny,too. Well, the truth is he never lie. Just like his works, with other actresses, I was like so mad and jealous with those stories. He knew, then he asking me if I would like to accept it, until now, I said no. And, he smiled, he just did as I wish him to be. I was wondering every time I look at him from far, why this man loves me so much, why?"

Ryan answered Casey that Albert sees the real relationship with her. Ryan even concluded Albert might ask her to marry him nearer time. Casey laughed and mentioned to please let it as a surprise. Ryan also laughed saying he will tell that to Albert.
"Ryan, our friendship is too hard to tell, I must be honest to you. Besides works, I might know several things about you, and several things you knew about me. But, I believe we all hide our big secrets. I just wondered. Thea have made several accusations about you."
Ryan also said he knew.
"I never want to ask you frankly, and I also never want you ask me questions that I know, from the beginning, several you like want me to answer. It's just I want to tell you, whatever happens, I believe in you, Ryan. Because, I know the truth."
Ryan smiled and asking her what truth was she talking about, and she said,
"You're not The Next Chapter."
Ryan asked what if he's that serial killer, and she said,
"I can make myself into The Next Chapter, then."
Ryan laughed and saying Casey might a great personal assistant for him but not so clever for being a fake serial killer. Casey didn't react. Ryan then knew something's wrong. Casey said,
"Thea, she will put you on a jail, Ryan. She gathered all the evidences and hey we're all related to you."
Ryan went silent. Casey kept talking,
"Tonight, I will go dinner with Albert. And, tonight might be our last time, Ryan. Just stay at police station, and things will be fine."

That was the last conversation of Ryan and Casey before the night Casey got caught as a suspect of The Next Chapter. The evindences had proved that Case Halmont disguised herself to be the wing of Ryan Fuller and as introvert person, no one will accuse her as a murderer or central mind. Thea Mannings gathered all the evidences and just before she brought her conclusion report of Ryan Fuller, Casey sent the other draft of evidences, that looks Casey done the whole things so Ryan Fuller might had thoughts everything make senses and in Thea eyes, they were all being brought up by Ryan Fuller himself.

He did just like what Casey told him. He stayed at police station all day long and the captain came to his office, telling everything about the evidences, and make sure Ryan won't get any troubles by the arrest of Casey Halmont that night. Casey being brought to the police station, went to investigation room, and put on a jail. Ryan never went out from his office to even involve with the interrogation session also if it's just peek a look. He watched the news, Thea Mannings report from Daily Newspaper Channel 1. 

Then, it happened. He grabbed his gun from the desk, killed three officers, and shot Casey Halmont. Casey was in shock because in front of her, those three officers being shot and they were all dead. Casey, on that moment, thought Ryan Fuller might be the real The Next Chapter. Then, Ryan pulled the trigger, Casey tried to avoid the shots, and, she got shot. Just, not die. Ryan then broke the jail, took Casey's body with him. And, that's how all things left behind.

The captain was so wrong and decided to conclude Ryan Fuller as the prime suspect of The Next Chapter.


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