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Troubles Lovin' Her

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Well, here's the story. #KOREATIME!!!

Here's the whole recap for each eps:

Park Dong Ha and Kim Soo Joo were both freshmen in this big publisher company called, KaYu Books. 

Pilot/Episode I:

Park Dong Ha came from different background. His parents work in traditional market and he just love read books. He loves to go to local public library and read many things. He saved his money to finally go in to the literature major of one great university in the country. He got scholarship and finished his degree very well. Then, he decided to apply to KaYu Books
Kim Soo Joo was not even from literature major. She loves books ever since she's young, but her parents so strict that saying she's too a dreamer. At 16 years old, she had an accident and from then, she became a different person. Kim Soo Joo was not even her real name. She found KaYu Books as her most beloved publisher she wish to work there. 
At the first time they both applying the job, they both already looks so competitive and wish each other failed to get in. But, they both accepted.
They both had different paths. Park Dong Ha that really good in literature, always get chances to publish big biography books for well-known people and even academic historical books. While, Kim Soo Joo was very good to find talented fiction writers and novelists. She knows exactly what teenagers wants from novels sections, from mystery, thriller, and even romance. When it's about to get Editor for The Month, sometimes they both won so close. That's how they hate each other.
They both contributed a very influence for KaYu Books
For Park Dong Ha, he is being called as "Ghost Voices", he knows all the secrets from well-known people he published their books.
For Kim Soo Joo, she is being called as "Mediator", she is the one who find the most successful fantasy writer (that can be compared with JK Rowling) who hides the true name so the writer names Lee Sam Gu. 
They both became rich, now. Park Dong Ha with his parents lives in beautiful suburbs hill big house and Kim Soo Joo, she still lives alone with her secret name, but she's enough with her luxury apartment.

(jumping time)
It's been five years. And, things not very change so much.
This one night, a big New Year's Eve party. Kim Soo Joo should never be late that night to be on this party. Park Dong Ha was there with his girlfriend, Moon Na Ra. Moon Na Ra is a daughter of politician Moon Won Do. Well, things not different with Kim Soo Joo, she's dating the son of CEO KaYu Books, Choi Tae Jun. Choi Tae Jun already showed up, waiting for Kim Soo Joo. No ones know where is she. Until later, for the first time, The Old Main Chamberman KaYu Books, Choi Seung Yeon comes. Everyone is surprises. Choi Seung Yeon is a very hard person. He is Choi Tae Jun's grandfather. He said he wants to see Kim Soo Joo as Choi Tae Jun's girlfriend. Park Dong Ha is very welcomed by the CEO because Park Dong Ha actually a very well-known, too. But, at that time Choi Tae Jun tried to call Kim Soo Joo to not come. She didn't answer.
Kim Soo Joo came late, actually with the big news. Lee Sam Gu gave her the sequel draft after five years. Everyone has been looking for it, and she thought it will be her big night to defeat Park Dong Ha.
From far, Park Dong Ha looks how beautiful Kim Soo Joo, with that messy hair yet already wear party gown for tonight. Park Dong Ha mentioned that Kim Soo Joo came. Kim Soo Joo brought the soft-copy of the draft in her flash disk necklace. Kim Soo Joo came near and suddenly, her facial turns pale. 
 Choi Tae Jun wants Kim Soo Joo not to come but Choi Seung Yeon found Kim Soo Joo, and just this single night, after five years, Kim Soo Joo is being humiliated in front of the people. Choi Seung Yeon knew Kim Soo Joo. Choi Seung Yeon angry, "Why you here?" and Kim Soo Joo couldn't answer even a bit because she didn't know what the answer. Choi Seung Yeon suddenly got a heart attack and almost fell but then, he's alright and he went out from the party. The New Year's clocktime is over and that party became silence. After the CEO's gone, Choi Tae Jun suddenly flushed her face with red wine, he said, "You always a trouble for me, Kim Soo Joo. Don't show your face from me, again." Kim Soo Joo's hand protected her necklace so bad.
From then, the conflict starts.


to be continued. 
(It's because I don't have time to write it, wkwkwk! Remember my #KoreaTime and it's in Bahasa Language, that's something. #LOL "Pretty Ugly Diary" . This is will be my second project and I hope I can make it to finish it with English Languae.

Anyway, I put several list of characters, because so many Korean names make me even confusing. And, still it's just a draft. 

Main Characters:
Kim Soo Joo
She's a daughter of great politician who wants to be Prime Minister on following years, Kim Seo Joon. She's the only daughter but she's being living like a princess because her genius in politics ever since she's young. Until then, she ran away and face a normal life. She follows her dream to be a fiction book publisher. She hides her real name but she keeps her family name. She found one of the greatest fiction writer names Lee Sam Gu and from then, she became one of the known editor in the history. 

Park Dong Ha
He's a normal boy who runs a traditional market near sea-side with his parents. He works so hard to get his literature degree until he became one of the greatest editor to publish politic books. He hates Kim Soo Joo for her critics of politics because he thought Kim Soo Joo is not competent to have opinions. He doesn't know about Kim Soo Joo but he knows about the missing of Kim Seo Joon's only child. In the beginning he starts to see Kim Soo Joo as annoying partner at the office but turns out, he cares about her.

Lee Sam Gu/Song Han Seul
His truly name is Song Han Seul. He hides his name because he knew about Kim Soo Joo. They both were friends ever since young. Song Han Seul was Kim Soo Joo first love. Kim Soo Joo last appearance was giving a letter to Song Han Seul. Kim Soo Joo became love to literatures because of Song Han Seul. From then, Song Han Seul felt bad of the missing Kim Soo Joo. Until later, when he wants to publish his story to KaYu Books, he found Kim Soo Joo works there and he decided to hides his identity and made a mail package of his writings to Kim Soo Joo's office desk and put his pen name as Lee Sam Gu. And once more, Kim Soo Joo herself didn't know if he's Song Han Seul, but she still back falls in love with Lee Sam Gu and wish one day she will meet him in real life. Song Han Seul himself is a son of Minister of Culture,Sports, and Tourism, Song Han Dong. The family of Song and family of Kim are really close, that's how Kim Soo Joo and Song Han Seul were really met. Song Han Seul now became one of future successor of his father and works as younger politician.

Choi Tae Jun
He's the son of CEO KaYu Books. His father, Choi Tae Wook is a very great man. He's the one who accepted Park Dong Ha and Kim Soo Joo without seeing their background. Choi Tae Jun is actually envy with both of them and he found that Kim Soo Joo likes him so he used her to get the real name of Lee Sam Gu. Kim Soo Joo never doubts him while Park Dong Ha always hate the way Kim Soo Joo treats this silly man better than anyone else. By the end, he found the truth of the story behind his grandfather, Choi Seung Yeon, who knows Kim Soo Joo's real identity. Turns out, Choi Tae Jun helps his grandfather to ruin Kim Soo Joo's life for the sake of his grandfather try to blackmail Kim Seo Joon as the candidate of Prime Minister.

Moon Na Ra
She's the daughter of politician, Moon Won Do. Moon Won Do is also the candidate of become Prime Minister. Moon Na Ra is a spoiled girl that for the first time she didn't recognize who's Kim Soo Joo, until later, she found the secret and she blackmailing Kim Soo Joo so she rejects Park Dong Ha's feeling. Moon Na Ra is actually also smart woman who works as the successor of his father campaign. She also knows all the dirty works of her father. She once dates Park Dong Ha to use him so his father will get good name to the public, but turns out, Park Dong Ha is really in love with her. So, when she found Par Dong Ha is also care about Kim Soo Joo and too closer, she is jealous.

Choi Tae Wook
He has the same background story as Kim Soo Joo. For Kim Soo Joo, Choi Tae Wook has become her new father of her new life. Choi Tae Wook once is being forced to follow his father's path to became politician, but he decided to follow his call and build KaYu Books Publisher. Turns out his father accepted his decision but use the publisher as political vehicle. Choi Tae Wook sees Kim Soo Joo as himself long ago and he found Kim Soo Joo is the real heart he once wished of what KaYu Books Publisher want to become. He also knows of his son, Choi Tae Jun was following his grandfather's path rather than his own father. He once hope if Kim Soo Joo dating Choi Tae Jun, it could change things, but it turns out even worse. He even wish if Kim Soo Joo never date his son.

Choi Seung Yeon
Though his son is the CEO of KaYu Books Publisher, he use it as the control of public media. He never like the family of Kim because Kim Seo Joon knows the dirty works of Choi Seung Yeon with other politicians. But, turns out he finally trap Kim Seo Joon in politic scam by put Kim Soo Joo's life in danger.

Moon Won Do
He is the rival of Kim Seo Joon in candidates of become Prime Minister. He works with Choi Seung Yeon to win the campaign. 

Kim Seo Joon
He found the genius of his daughter and he is so obsessed to make Kim Soo Joo becomes the future politician. Turns out they both had a fight on this vacation to the foreign country and Kim Soo Joo ran away from him. Kim Seo Joon found there's an accident and there's they found Kim Soo Joo's identity but the body was gone. He keeps believe his daughter is alive but he always felt in full of regrets. From then, he try to be a good person for the country so one day, his daughter will return and proud of him. Kim Seo Joon also closer with Song Han Dong and from then, he try to learn about Kim Soo Joo's thoughts of loving literature. 

Song Han Dong
He's a great friend for Kim Seo Joon and knows all the troubles of the missing Kim Soo Joo's story. He supports Kim Seo Joon to become candidate of Prime Minister. He is a funny person and always smile. For some reasons, he reads Lee Sam Gu books that so famous in nationwide in front of Song Han Seul and comment so rush about too much silly romances and politics. Song Han Seul adores his father so much because he's the one who really pursuit his dream to become a great writer. Because Song Han Dong didn't know if Song Han Seul was Lee Sam Gu, he thought Song Han Seul need to stop to become a politician and pursuit his dream.

Park Ri Go and Park Suzy
The parents of Park Dong Ha. Park Ri Go once was a fisherman and fell in love with a local pub singer, Suzy. Their back story is really funny because they never thought their son will become one o the great editor publisher of the country and shown on television. They were even got a chance to be on TV as in Family Outing. Kim Soo Joo was also there on behind the scene and helping them. They always thought Kim Soo Joo is meant to be with Park Dong Ha but Park Dong Ha always rebuke their comments.

So, that's it! I also wants to put several KaYu Books workers also some secretaries secret agents. But, as soon I finish MY TRUE BIG WRITING, I will finish this story!^^ Well then, do you like this draft?)


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