Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

The Scientist: "You don't know how lovely you are."

I walked in the crowd, I don't think they're really coming here to celebrate my birthday. Most of them are my parents social partners. Well, if tonight is my birthday, at least I should look very happy about it. My parents never forgot about my birthday. They're actually a happy couple. Rich and happy couple. Rare but I love it. I just stood up besides them to greet all the guests. Not many that I knew, but if they're father best friends, I knew them like they all are my step-uncles. This smiling needed to stop. After two hours of standing, I finally sit. Enjoying the event actually a great thing to me. Just like when I was at the bar, random people come and go, but they're enjoying my trumpet performance. My sidejob. It's more relaxing rather than being inside the laboratory all the time. 
"Abby, where's your boyfriend?" asked Mother.
"I believe he's on the way, Mama. He is so exciting to meet you." Tom was really exciting to meet Madam Craile Edmoure. That's what he said on the text last night. Tom told me about Rover would come because Father invited him. Isn't odd to meet him again since that horrible lifetime working with him, that made Tom and me broke up. I don't believe him, anymore.
"Why don't you walk to the dance floor and enjoy the night? We don't want to see the girl of the night sit alone and not shine, right?" She smiled at me. "Lots of men want to dance with the lady."
"Mama, I'm not a lady." I stood up, "But I will do what you said, it's Tom's fault he came late." Mother just also stood up. She walked with me.
"How Tom looks like?" She asked.
"Well, his hair is black. Like you, Mom. His good in body, he's a trained-soldier. His tall, I bet he's good in basketball. You would think he's a model, because he's very easy to smile. I like his smile, he seems enjoying his life. I don't know Mama, he's not perfect, of course, but he always be there for me. He loves the way I play my trumpet, he said I smiled a lot while I play it."
"He's very right about it." Mother laughed. "I can see he's a good gentleman. Do you really like him?"
"We had once broke up, I felt so bad and I had no idea the reason we broke up, but I missed him. Is that mean that I like him?" 
"Well, when your father had once sent to the war, I also felt bad and I had no idea what else I should do without him, I also missed him. I think, yours counts." We both smiled. "I can't wait to see him."
"I can't wait to greet to you, Mama." 
"Well, do you see that gentleman, Darling?" She pointed far bit to the corner, "Is he sleeping?"
"I think he is, Mama." I giggled, "What kind of gentleman sleeping with the loud musics and the crowd?"
"is the party so that boring?" Mother wondered.
"It could be." 
"Why don't you ask him to dance, Darling. Boring is very fast effecting people. I don't want my party turned into a boredom event." Now, she worried. 
"Well, I never asking gentleman to dance." It's true. Most of my birthday parties just so good without me being the dancer of the night. I just thought it's not suppose me who shines, I might dance, but just when I found the right partner. And, Tom's not here. 
"I'm sure you'll be just fine." I found Mother's face urged me. Well, how can I refuse? I walked alone to that seat. And, I can't believe, he's Rover. A freak scientist, friend of Tom. I turned around, and Mother looked at me like I must woke him up. I better wake him from behind his seat. I touched his shoulder.
"Excuse me, Sir. Are you enjoying the party?"
"A lady, I believe, who asked me that silly question. I'm sleeping, don't you see?" He didn't open his eyes. "Just leave me." He's always annoying.
"I would love to, Sir. But the birthday girl of tonight wondered why not wake this sleepy man and ask him for dance?" I whispered on his ear.
Suddenly he stood up and turned around, "Abby!" He surprised, "You look... I mean, well, it's been a while to see you." 
"And I have no glad to see you,too." I'm very proud to say it. "Where's Tom?" 
"I'm not here to see you after six months we're not seeing each other and our first conversation is where is Tom. He won the game of hide you from me."
"For six months." I smiled. "That's the deal. No, I think the deal even more than that."
"Do you hate me, Abby, because I played your relationship?" he suddenly closer standing in front of my face. It's been six months since I never met him. Now, I can feel his old smell. His perfume. 
"It depends on your relationship with Tom. Are both of you still friends?" 
"That is mean, Abby."
"What you did also mean, Rover." I replied, "Where's Tom?" 
"I put him with the right direction but just long time arrival map, from airport." He smiled.
"He doesn't need any map, Rover."
"I asked him to do things."
"What things?" I'm worried.
"You said a while ago about ask me for dance, didn't you?" He changed the subject. "I would love, too." He showed me his hand. "And that's actually what he asked me to come here."
"He's not coming, is he?"
"You should have asked your father, Abby." I looked around and my father keep saying he love to meet Tom tonight, he's lying. "Would you like to dance with me, Abigael Edmoure?" Suddenly Rover was not a jerk. He's becoming so gentle. He kissed my glove. 
"Yes." I said. We came into the dance floor and the slow music lead us this gentle dance. 
"Happy birthday, Abby." Said Rover behind my back. 
"I can't believe I heard those words from you." I laughed. "My father invited you because of this project, Rover. I believe you already knew. A secret serum from the secret government laboratory has being vanished. He found the serum has being spread on one island and we need the vaccine for the relative citizens on the island. I mean, it is very dangerous. One breath  taking up the land, we already infected." 
"What's your suggest?" 
"We put the vaccine into their water tanks and let the water being through the whole island water supplies until it might entered to the sink and rivers, the vaccine also could being evaporated and being on the air. We helped it with spread the vaccine into the atmosfer, just like on the amazing of spiderman movie."
"I don't think that's a good idea, Abby."
"We don't think that Spiderman could save the world, right?"
"Shut up, Rover." I heard he giggled, "My father asked you if you could solve the case of who's behind the criminal?"
"I would take it if Tom come with me."
"To be your personal guard?" 
"I didn't ask your father permission." He replied. It took me a silent moment. I enjoyed his arm. "You're enjoying your time, right now?" I keep in silent. 
I'm thinking about Tom. Why he's leaving me on my birthday night? I started to remember. This task must be so hard for Rover himself. He's just scientist like me. Tom must be worried about this thing. His best friend being sent away to the center of the most easiest place for suicidal. 
"Six months we've been in distance and the first time we're seeing each other, we're talking about how I would let Tom go to the dangerous place in the world. He already knew I wouldn't let him." 
"I would take care of him, Abby." we're looking to each other.
"I would take care of you while he's gone, Rover." I smiled. "Thank you for coming tonight."
"Tom's right. You are beautiful."He grabbed my hand tight and swing me more. I surprised. He smiled.


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