Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Chapter IV: The Breaking Up

It is my chapter story about one of my short stories in I do love this chapter because for the whole of my life, I do want to make the breaking up story. It seems like my challenge, because I've never experienced it before. So basically, it was inspired by one of the movie scenes. #teehee.

It is the story about a girl named Rain. She has a relationship for two years with her colleague, Adam. But, one day, Adam met Bonita, his first love and his first broken heart. So he made her pay. He did not want to hurt Rain, so he let her cheating, too, with his beloved friend, Sam. At the time of the edge, Adam lost his mother and he became heartless. He knew his revenge would go no where with Bonita, while he looked at Sam and Rain, they are meant to be together. He was in breakdown, so he hurt Rain's heart by made she found him with Bonita on one night.

2014, December 29th

        "You said you love me." Bonita shouted in the middle of the pouring rain. "You said that you love me, Adam! That's what you said. I love you!" She cried a lot. Both of them were wet. Adam just looked so pale and cold, he took a silent. "Why you lied, Adam?" She screamed.
        "BECAUSE I LOVE HER! I DO LOVE HER AND I KNOW SHE WANTS TO BE WITH SAM!" He just screamed, too. "I thought if I lied about how I feel, it will make things straight for Rain and she will so relieve to accept Sam's love."
        "You're stupid! That's not love for Rain. That's hurt! You're going to hurt her more! And you hurt me! I love you, Adam." Bonita suddenly pushed Adam's body away, she left Adam alone, "I thought you loved me, too." That's the last thing Bonita ever talk that night. She's gone. 
        Adam was walking through the rain, with no directions. He just kept walking through the sides of street without an umbrella. People who walked through him just watching him oddly, wondering what's the matter with him. What's happening was after the night both Adam and Rain became so famous in the internet world, the lucky fans with their superstars, later, Adam realized how Rain made a different look when she's looking at Sam Whistle. At that time, Adam was being rejected so many times by Rain for Rain could spend a lot of times with Sam. That also it's obvious, the press caught how Sam really was falling in love, too, with Rain.
        Adam was in depression. By the way Rain's did to him and with the news or the press. That suddenly, last night, he's been drunk. He came to Bonita's place and made out with her. Bonita surely loved Adam, because from the start, Adam was her best friend. But, she knew Adam was Rain's boyfriend. It was Adam asked her, so she said yes. In the morning, Rain was going to Bonita's place. There, both of them were caught naked.
        "Do you love her, Adam?" Rain asked. That's the only one thing that Rain asks to him, that time.
        "I love Bonita. I love her. I don't love you anymore. You don't see me anymore." That's what Adam said. Then, Rain was running away from the room. Bonita with her body being wrapped in the blanket walked, try to chase her, but she just back to the room, and that's when the fight begun. 
        Adam was hiding his crying in the pouring rain which fallen  into his face. At that time, he thought for the second time if the moment he ever gave Rain the best gift ever, was really the best gift ever?
        Suddenly, a great Chevrolet car just stopped in front of him. Someone went out from the other side of the car, and sudden the car just drive through. It was Rain. The girl, who was standing across the parking lot, was Rain and she was holding a big giant Teddy Bear, dressed just like Adam's favorite suit. Even the sneakers just like his, that time, Adam wore it. Both of them were wet.

        "Are you crying?" Rain asked. Adam was silenced. "I came here just to give you this big present." Just slowly, Adam walked to Rain. Rain found that Adam was really just cried. But, she seemed nervous about it, "Well, there's this birthday card. For you." Rain was hiding behind the big Teddy Bear which she held it on, and Adam took the birthday card and read it by himself. 
        "Son of a bitch." He said in response they wrote in that card. It was a card from Sam. He wrote: Here's your second chance. Don't hurt her.
        "What?" Rain didn't hear what he was saying. But, it didn't stop Adam. He just took the Teddy Bear with his right hand, and he grabbed Rain by his left hand, kissed her. So deep. It turned out the Teddy Bear just fell off from his hand so he could embrace the Rain's body. 
        "I'm missing you." He held Rain so tight. 
        "I'm here." Rain replied back of his back. "Happy birthday, Adam."
        "You are my best gift ever." He looked to Rain and their eyes just look at each other. He kissed her again. With his crying. Rain could feel the salt of Adam tears. The taste moved her that suddenly made her also cried. "I'm sorry." Both of them were crying. It was the saddest moment in their relationship. 
        "You are cheating on me." She cried.
        "I'm sorry." He replied.
        "I love you, Adam. I always do."
        "I know. I do love you more. Everything is nothing without you. I want nothing but you." He hugged her.
        "Why were you cheating?" Rain replied behind his back. She also cried. "I thought we were fine. I thought we were good. We're not, were we?" 
        "I'm sorry." Said Adam. "Please, come back. Come back." Adam suddenly looked to Rain, "I love you." He smiled. He smiled to see her again, her eyes, and touch her. And saying love her. "I love you." He said it again.
        Rain has been just silence. She wiped Adam tears on his face. Then, both of them were kissing. Rain also could feel that again. That's the kiss was still great. She even closed her eyes to remember the last time they were both kissing before. At this moment, she found it was still the same. It was real. It is real. Her love story with Adam is real. But Adam was cheating with Bonita, and it was also real. And that memory made Rain opened her eyes. "But it will never be the same." She held his hands, she kissed them and put them to touch her face. "Even it's now so different, something is changing. About my feeling when your hands touch me. It's not the same anymore."
        "It hurts me, Rain." Adam cried. "To hurt you from last time. I regret it. What should I do to forgive me?" He begged.
        "There's something in my heart that even Sam couldn't replace it." She cried. She still held Adam hands near to her face. "I was wondering for last three months, I know it's you." She looked to Adam, she smiled. "To tell you how much I love you more and more, but also hate you at the same time. How much I miss you but also I should forget you, those feelings also hurt me, Adam. But I can't back with you, too." She said.
        "That's why I want to tell you, this night. Let's get over those hurts." She said. Slowly, she just let her hands off from him. "We should break up." Both of them were crying. At the time, nobody was talking anymore. They both tried to digest the word. Adam felt very the pressure in his mind when he heard Rain asked to break up. Hurt very hurt. The rain even after saying it, she cried more toned. She was also hurt. And the pains, they throw in silence and tears. Especially Adam, he tried getting pulled  himself. He realized his fault. He had been wasting his chance, that sometimes the chance does not come to return.
        "Alright." He smiled. He loves her. He did what he had to do. He got what he had to deserve. He went closer to Rain, then kissed her forehead. "Goodbye, Rain." 
        "Goodbye." Rain also smiled even she cried. They enjoyed for the last time, both looked at each other, remembering all they ever did together. Then later, Rain started it. She started to walk out of Adam's sight. She walked backwards and getting away. She then crossed the street and walked slowly toward the end of the road, which leaves Adam alone in the parking lot. He did not move at all. What is in front of him is void. Her lover has gone. He had been let her go.

Well, that it is. I made it at the beginning of July 2013. At the end of the month, I just found this story just as same as Jane Eyre's breaking up story with Edward Rochester. #welldone.


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