Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

The Scientist: "Come up to see you"

Tom and I, Rover William, are the scientists. Or maybe it is just me. I used to help the doctors and the military to solve the mystery of sicknesses. Tom Deans, he was the bodyguard of me, he use to be the combat person at the war field. Later, he just finished his duty and spend the rest of his life with drinking, until he saved me from the shots from the old sniper. We were buddies, so until he just needs another company in his life, a girl. I used to hate the plan. He was my sidekick and usual, the girlfriend thing always ruining the fun of our teamwork. Whether they're trying to be smart or put themselves into troubles and cry begging their lives to be saved. Tom usually saved them, I am just watching. Now, I'm feeling bad. 
"Tom, I know you are trying to be good to me because I'm just very special nerd that you always protect me but I did repay you with messing your personal life." 
"What do you want, Rover?"
"I will take you to this bar and you will find the woman of your life." 
It was a famous night jazz bar. Believe me, most of the people in town and even the visitors at least had one time to go to the bar. The chance of Tom to get his love of his life tonight just 50% and more. Even tonight was Saturday night. We already reserved, and we got the nice table with a pretty, Tom's type, waitress. We order the drinks and enjoy the show.
"What is your purpose, actually, Rover? You are not familiar with pick up the boys to go to the bars and hangover, fool around. This is nice."
"Well, do you find the girl you like?" 
"Well, they all pretty and varieties."
"I know. Just pick one, or not, I will pick you one person, and I promise you a great time and longest relationship you will get."
"Are you poking me a date with someone?"
"Not yet. Alright, I will just walk around and find you one." 
Nobody could defeat me how to get a girl. And I look around and I realized this one girl, I greeted her at the bar, she loves to meet Tom.
"How's the show, Tom?" I let the girl talks to him. I sit next to her, to see where's the conversation will go.
"I wonder who is the girl playing the trumpet?" Asked Tom. I looked to the stage. The girl with the too many smoky eyes make up, long hair and the trumpet. She looks dangerous.
"Her name is Abbigael Edmoure. She is actually single, you know?" Suddenly this girl just telling Tom about another girl. "Do you like her?" This is not the plan. "I can make the set up."
"What do you call her?"
"Are you the person who being picked by Rover?"
"Well, it is just so excited. I've become the chosen one?" she showed her expression to me.
"I think you are wonderful to be with Rover." Said Tom. He suddenly stood up and left the table. 
"Tom is not my type. But I think he knows your type." She smiled at me.
I look into her eyes, "I'm gay." I lied. Of course I'm lying. That girl just still smiling. She left me her number.
Now, I'm all alone at the table. I looked where Is Tom. 
"Hello, Sir?" I look around but there's no Tom, "Excuse me, Sir?"
"Yes, waitress?" I answered.
"Your friend just give you the message." She gave me the note. 
"Abby wants to go to Burger King. What kind of girl is she?"
"Oh, she is the admiral's daughter of Navy. Quiet, smart girl." 
"How do you know that?"
"Everyone works here knows. Your girlfriend might also notice." The waitress just left. I surprised and texting Tom. He replied.
"She was the girl I've been waiting to have one time to talk for 3 months. Three months? And he met her, here. At least my prediction just quite right." I always right. 


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