Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Stronger Than Mind

Two faces, I hate this villain from Batman comic series. The Two Faces put me to hate the burning face of a man. Well, I was supposed to be that kind of guy. The surgery made me even forgot that I used to be like Harvey Dent, remarkable. For six months, I was afraid of my own face, later my face is returned. After the surgery and the hospitality, I was awarded by the country. I'm becoming a great public figure on this town. The warrior from the Iraq war and failed to finish the mission completed. The mission is successful. I saved the catalyst, but not my friends. I killed them, one by one. I did not deserve any medals.
"What are you thinking about?" Violet asked.
"My friends. One by one. Jack Ross, the fisherman. Mary Andrews, the navigator. Braise Moth, the photographer. Little Ben, the soldier. And, the person I've never met before, yet not remember."
"You had a head injury, my love. You will remember him, soon."
"No. I won't remember any of these people, how they could give up their lives for me, and for me, just to get this medal of honor?"
"It is the honor of your country, my dear Bayne. And you are not a failure. You are successful saving the catalyst."
"The woman. Do you think that woman would even enjoy her lifetime, now? She didn't get the medal, but I did. What is that suppose to mean?"
"What are you even arguing, Mr. Bayne?"
"Violet, is it not weird? I couldn't even remember the face of that catalyst. Did I really saving the woman?"
"You are saving me, Mr. Bayne."
"Are you the woman?"
"No. But, I met you at every your beloved friend's funeral. The last funeral, Little Ben, you've met the catalyst, you said. Well, I was almost jumping out of the cliff, you saved me."
"Little Ben, was your brother."
"The catalyst, you said that one time, she was there."

I was struggling with this illusion. The woman I love was Violet Danes. She was a strange woman, always wearing black suits. I believe it's because I always meet her at the funeral. She knew all of my friends. Jack Ross was the old man that she found a photo that he was the one who told her how to fish when she was young before the man volunteered his ship to fight the piracy at Somalia. And Mary Andrews, she was her best friend. Both of them are the funding of Mary's older sister cafe, right the end of the main street of this town. Braise Moth, she said Little Ben, her only brother, were very fond of him.
The last funeral was three months ago. She still wears the black suit.
"Do you still mourn of someone?"
"You might not know, Mr. Bayne."
"Why do you keep calling me, Mr. Bayne?"
"Because your name,  you hate it. You said you hate The Two Face, the Batman villain."
"Alright. My parents are really quiet nerd to make his only son's name just like their favorite comic book."
"But it's funny. I love it. If you still mind with the story of your name's history, I also keep calling you Mr. Bayne."
"That's not even my real family name, Violet."
"Why you are a very sensitive person, Mr. Bayne?"
"Because I'm Batman?"
We both laugh at this moment. But Violet is not that strange. She never that odd, she has always had any subject to be a conversation. She knows every subject. It is just her suit, always black.
"Do you think you should just come back to the office, asking your people about the man you cannot remember at all?"
"I'm afraid, Violet. I'm afraid to remember him, also. I'm afraid to remember all the memories of how they die. And, I have a gut that I knew all of them."
"Traumatic. Poor, Mr. Bayne. Do you mind, I have an opinion that you are actually just like Bruce Wayne. Rich man but with traumatic personality."
"Then why do you even like me, Miss Danes?"
"I can't answer it, now. Give me... No, not a minute. I need to prepare for that answer. Is that a trick question? I love you. But the reason, give me a day!" she insisted. I just laughed.
Such a sweet girl. She is the owner of the perfume shop. She is from the rich family,too. I think that is one of the reasons why I'm in love with her. I'm thinking about our both family money can work together, someday. 

Violet was right. I need to know the answer, now. I came to the office, and they help me to get their secret files. Six files. The last file is the catalyst file, so I could chat with the woman, one day. But, after I walked out of the office, get into the car, I read all the files, and the man's file, I did not have a strength again even to open that woman's file. All the memories how they were all dead, I just remember all of them. And, for finally I look again at the catalyst file. It is her name, already frightened me. 
I tried to remember the day Violet almost committed suicide. Little Ben seemed to have a lot of friends in this town. When the funeral was over, I saw Violet tried to jump off from the cliff. It was really quick, someone shouted from my back, while I had no intention to turn back, and from the parking lot, my eyes straight look to the side of the cliff, and the woman in black, I called her that once, standing at the edge of the cliff. I ran. I thought I couldn't make it, but after I arrived, I need to get one breath, my sight was a little dizzy and I looked two women. I tried to pull myself together, and I found that's only one woman. I ran before she fell down off the cliff, she had already fallen but with a luck, I've made grab her neck-coat. I pulled her back, got her up. She cried. 
"Don't you die on me, Violet!" that's what I said.
"Why do you even care?!"
"Because that was the last words your little brother said to me! He said, 'Don't you die on me. We will make it to see the light again.' And the cave just got shaken, the roof of the cave buried him alive and I let the boy die. I won't let anyone died in front of me, ever again, not even his sister."
"Is she alright?" Someone shouted from my back again. Just like the voice who shouted to get look to the cliff. She was arriving to the cliff by running, she had hard-breathing while got near me. Violet passed out. "Is she alright?" She asked again. 
"She got shaken. She passes out. You are," She is the catalyst. Now, I'm remembering again her look. I was riding to Violet's place, the memory that popped out, made me pull over the car. It made me bravery act to open her file.

"Violet! Violet!" I was arriving and I found her in the kitchen. "The reason I did not remember because of the hazard smoke that I breath at the last moment at the war. I read it on her file." I showed her file. She opened it.
"My goodness," She shouted.
" Yes. It was the smoke which makes the memories from the bad experiences vanish from our brain. The catalyst made the smoke. Brainwashed gas. The gas could be the greatest weapon if the user puts it to the wrong action."
"Bayne, listen!" She started to stop me.
"The mission was to get her before she spread the gas. The mission was failed. But, after all, the smoke made stop the local war. And, to honor my heroic action, the marine change the story of the mission. It turned out both me and the catalyst has become heroes."
"Stop it, Bayne!" She screamed and suddenly she threw the file to my face. I stop to talk. "Do you see her face?" Her face looks so pale, "Do you even look at it!"
"Yes, she is your twin sister, Vesper Danes! And that is also the reason why I couldn't remember her face, the day when me and she brought you to the hospital, with her car, she smoked us with the gas. We arrived at the hospital, but the day later after we woke up from a sleep, we couldn't remember a thing how we end up at the hospital. Nobody even recognized your sister. So we thought it might be someone random girl in town."
"I have no sister!" She shouted.
"Well, how about these files?" I gave her other files. She opened all the files. "They have a picture with you. It's obviously not you. They all met her at the marines."
"This is not making any senses." She surprised with all the pictures. "My parents never told me!"
"Because they gave her up for adoption. I read your family file, Violet. They didn't like the twin children on the family."
"You read what?" She got mad. "Do you mock my family?!"
"Yes. What a poor Vesper."
"So I'm the evil sister, now?"
"Your family is evil, Violet!"
"This is not making any sense!" She screamed again. 
"This is not make any senses because Jack Ross, Mary Andrews, even your little brother hide the facts from you, Violet."
"Why?" She cried.
"I think I know why." I gave her the only file I still hold it, "The reason why you still wearing the black suit. The reason, why I couldn't remember the man who died to save my life from the bomb who made burden my face is because he was your fiance, Allen Cross."

(So, this is about the story how Mr. Bayne *Well, you could guess his real name! * found the twin sister of Violet, Vesper. She was still alive but being classified as one of the intelligent scientists. She made a hazard smoke, that has the function to brainwash the bad memories for someone. It's the second base for the laughing gas. If you didn't understand about anything, that means we're cool. But, if you're trying to understand but not even get the end meaning, well, let me just spoil it for you: Bayne had told Violet about how he couldn't remember about the Catalyst's face at the time Violet attempted of suicide. He was frightened because her face as same as Violet. So, the frightened/stressing hormones are the positive chemical to react the hazard smoke brainwashed Bayne's mind *Vesper did spread the smoke while she and both of them were in the car on the way to the hospital*. And, the reason Bayne couldn't remember about Allen Cross saved his life, it's because he was found Allen Cross had affair with Vesper. Bayne found from the start of the mission that Allen Cross has engaged. Well, all people will know it when the man puts the ring on his hand. It's very clear that the story of how Violet also knew all the men of Bayne's team explains everyone knows exactly about Bayne's engagement. Practically, all of Bayne's team living in the same town. Bayne was the rich boy, so he might not choose to be with lower society. That could explain why Bayne not know all his team very well before the war. And, for the explanation of how it was the affair, it could be the way why all the team hide the fact of the existence of Vesper from Violet. I stated that each of the teams had a photo with Vesper at the marine, each photo was the proof of all the team members already knew Vesper before they met her on the rescue mission. I know I made that up, but, it's also because Vesper is being hunted by all the intelligence of her gas weapon, anyway, it's actually a good thing and she is a good scientist.  So, she was a classified intelligent, her existence is the secret. If you guys noticed, I staged the mission was to save the catalyst. It means Vesper was not on the team from the beginning. So, from the beginning, Bayne just learned about Allen's relationship with his fiance. There was a lot of time for the team to get to know each other very well. And, because the facts of all of the team members knew the existence of Vesper, there might be the reason why Bayne has the conclusion of Allen and Vesper affair relationship. Vesper was coming out at the end of the mission, and it could be around after they were arriving in the war zone. So, that's it. I hope you guys really got the plot of the story. And, found Bayne's true name.)


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